God of Thunder

Alternative Name: 霸天雷神
Author: Xiao Qian (萧潜)
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Status: Completed
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: puttty translations
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After being transported to another world, Lei XinFeng must struggle to survive. His village is settled in a forest, far away from any major cities.

The simple hunter’s life is the norm. The village struggles every year to gather enough food in summer to store for winter.

However, this world is not as simple as it seems. After just turning 16 years old, his grandpa is ready to begin Lei XinFeng’s LunLi training.

Just what is Lunli, and what past did his grandpa have? Will the new training help improve his current life, and what obstacles will the coming winter bring?

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Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Chapter 1: Coercion
Chapter 2: Coercion (2)
Chapter 3: The Best Spot
Chapter 4: The Best Spot (2)
Chapter 5: Thousand Lightning Strikes
Chapter 6: Thousand Lightning Strikes (2)
Chapter 7: Heavy Casualties
Chapter 8: Heavy Casualties (2)
Chapter 9: Descend of the Space
Chapter 10: Descend of the Space (2)
Chapter 11: Bountiful Rewards
Chapter 12: Bountiful Rewards (2)
Chapter 13: The Plight of the Greedy
Chapter 14: The Plight of the Greedy (2)
Chapter 15: Great Bloodshed
Chapter 16: Reign of Terror
Chapter 17: Solitude
Chapter 18: Solitude (2)
Chapter 19: Scaly Crocodile
Chapter 20: Scaly Crocodile (2)

Book 5
Chapter 1: Water Town, Rich Man
Chapter 2: Water Town, Rich Man (2)
Chapter 3: Pointers
Chapter 4: Pointers (2)
Chapter 5: Hunting the Star Lake Python
Chapter 6: Hunting the Star Lake Python (2)
Chapter 7: The Churning Lake
Chapter 8: The Churning Lake (2)
Chapter 9: The Search for Lightning
Chapter 10: The Search for Lightning (2)
Chapter 11: Madly Leveling
Chapter 12: Madly Leveling (2)
Chapter 13: Vicious Little Lad
Chapter 14: Vicious Little Lad (2)
Chapter 15: Master is Very Powerful
Chapter 16: Master is Very Powerful (2)
Chapter 17: Secret Hidden Space
Chapter 18: Secret Hidden Space (2)
Chapter 19: A Luxurious Life
Chapter 20: A Luxurious Life (2)

Book 6
Book 7
Book 8
Chapter 1: Ruins
Chapter 2: Ruins (2)
Chapter 3: Killing Your Way In
Chapter 4: Killing Your Way In (2)
Chapter 5: Hope and Disappointment
Chapter 6: Hope and Disappointment (2)
Chapter 7: Hanya Castle
Chapter 8: Hanya Castle (2)
Chapter 9: Secret Door
Chapter 10: Secret Door (2)
Chapter 11: Hammer and Axe
Chapter 12: Hammer and Axe (2)
Chapter 13: Knife-like Snowflakes
Chapter 14: Knife-like Snowflakes (2)
Chapter 15: Trekking
Chapter 16: Trekking (2)
Chapter 17:
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:
Chapter 20:

24 Responses to God of Thunder

  1. nelus4blood says:

    At the moment of this post, i’m greatly surprised that the reedetet chapters from book one (which where only 3 chapters yesterday) are completely updated, together with all the chapters of book 2.
    i am thank you guys, for translating this novel !
    greetings from a dutch nutcase

  2. A Wandering Cat says:

    The link to chapter 4 book 2 isnt working. T.T

  3. witcher says:

    A very awesome novel .
    I like this novel plot.

    Thank you very much for translating this novel,hats off to you guys

  4. God says:

    Book 2 chapter 4 is missing

  5. Anonymous says:

    Book 2 chapter 7?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Book 2 Chapter 7 still not found.

  7. Jas says:

    How often do you do new chapters?

  8. Anonymous says:


    Great Work this Translation!
    BUT! (yes a but) there are some Chapters/Books missing…
    Book 2 Chapter 7
    after this Book 3 and 4 complete…
    and lastly Book 5 Chapter 1 – 16…

  9. ImperialSky says:

    Book 2 Chapter 7 missing…
    Book 3 and 4 went missing too…
    Book 5 seems to forgotten most of himself… (Chapter 1-16 missing)…..

  10. readingadictt says:

    plz fix dying of reading deficency

  11. nelus4blood says:

    Just finnished reading book 3, and the first 2 chapters of book4, and it was a great ride.
    can’t wait for the next re editing books update.

  12. Vaako says:

    when is book4 and the earlier chaps of book 5 gonna be here i dont wanna read the later chaps without reading them

  13. lonelyhobo says:

    book 2 chapter 7&8 are the same chapter you need to replace chapter 8 with the right one.

  14. Iff says:

    If only i culd use bitcoin to donate

    • Puttty says:

      I’ll take your want to donate into my heart, thank you. But please don’t, I have no idea how to use it and it is even for.

  15. LeechingLurker says:

    The donation is kinda weird in my opinion since I haven’t seen it before. Seeing as each “item” is 1 dollar I had to buy 30 of them XD. Don’t know what the billing address if for but I hope I did it correctly.

  16. Alvin C. says:

    so i just got caught up and donated $30 so ill get 3 chapters this week right? and is there any mtl sites where i can read the novel at?

  17. Jello T says:

    Please fix book 4 and book 5. Most of the chapters are missing.

  18. Jo says:

    Started reading this ages ago. Lost it when you moved sites and forgotten about it. Nice to see that you are still translating ^_^. keep up the good work and thanks.

  19. Surya says:

    whole book 4 and almost whole book 5 missing 🙁
    please help!

  20. Red Reaper says:

    Hey, awesome story so far I’m really loving this. Unfortunately books 4 and 5 seem to be missing still. Is there an ETA on when they might be back up?
    Keep up the awesome work!

  21. Fishy says:

    I’m very grateful that this is being translated, but is there any idea on when we will be able to get access to books 4 and 5 on this site?

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