God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 8

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Book 3 Chapter 8: Mantra Firm (2)

The crowd reached where the merchants was and immediately saw a few corpses at their first glance, there was also a dozen or so sitting on the ground, a good amount of them had broken limbs, it showed  how intense their fight with the barbarians were.

Tuo Luo Niao said “Luckily you people came, we were just surrounded and all of you appeared, if your arrival was delayed, then we would have lost even more people.”

XinFeng noticed that no matter Qi Tian Yao or Yan, the people in this group was all very prideful, other than him and Qi Tian Yao, the others did not even speak a single word, they merely curiously looked around, even Lei Bao, Qi Xuan and Hong Chen were even silent at the back.

This was probably the natural barriers between normal humans and practitioners, in this world, practitioners did not have much respect for normal humans.

Tuo Luo Niao’s attitude could already prove that normal humans, despite his large influence and being a lineal descendent, he treated the practitioners with great respect.

Qi Tian Yao turned back and discussed with Qi Xuan for a bit and decided that, they will follow the merchants.

Tuo Luo Niao immediately arranged for a few sand boats for them to sit in.

XinFeng noticed that these sand boats were very interesting, there were wheels on both sides but these wheels did not touch the ground and was placed diagonally, he then understood that these wheels could be placed down, which meant that these boat slid on the sand and could become a wheeled car upon leaving the sand, these boats had a elaborate design.

These sand boats were dragged by Shatuo beasts, these Shatuo beasts were special animals that belonged to Xi Rong land. Their characteristics were somewhat similar to the Camels of XinFeng’s past world, but it’s outer appearance was entirely different, it resembled a tortoise and it moved as if an tortoise, pushing forward from its two sides, it had thick and strong limbs, and of course it did not have the hard shell of an tortoise, instead it had thick long fur on its large body, a simple movement of it brought it further by five meters.
(Puttty: Sha= sand, Tuo is a letter in the Chinese word camel.)

A few dozen desert hunting dogs was scattered in the group, these dogs were used for warning, their noses extremely sensitive, upon catching a barbarian’s scent, they would go crazy, they were among the best dogs in the desert.

Under Tuo Luo Niao’s instructions, the corpses were burnt, XinFeng asked curiously “Why don’t you bury them?”

The members of the merchants all made a astonished expression, this question was a bit stupid, Tuo Luo Niao did not dare to reveal a disdainful expression, he explained “You cannot bury them, because the nose of the barbarians are also very good, if you bury the bodies, they would dig it out and eat it.”

XinFeng felt disgusted and shook his head with a bitter smile, these barbarians are not picky at all, they eat anything.

Quickly, the merchants continued their journey.

Sitting on the sand boat, Xinyao seemed to be elated, this was her first time sitting on such a car, the sand boat slid on the sandy ground, creating a light ‘Sha sha’ noise. They did not even feel a bump seated on the sand boat, it was very steady, the boat was also very wide, at the two sides was the two large wheels that served as railings.

There was practically no sounds of footsteps from the running of the Sha Tuo beasts, it’s feet was soft and huge, soundless even as it reaches the ground, the long sand boat team looked very spectacular, with a few desert hunting dogs running back and forth.

The sky gradually darkened while the oasis in the distance became clearer.

Tuo Luo Niao came rushing over riding on a horse, reaching the sand boat XinFeng was on, he said “We’re very close to SuYing land, it’s just forth of us.”

XinFeng nodded “Okay.”

Only then did Tuo Luo Niao confidently urge the Sand Tuo beasts to run as he loudly commanded his team.

XinFeng said “Grandpa, we reached Xi Rong nation, is that place in the inner parts of Xi Rong nation?”

The old man sat cross legged, hearing XinFeng he laughed “Of course it’s not inside Xi Rong nation, hehe, Xi Rong nation was the meeting point I set, I have a few friends coming. With only my strength, it’s not enough, especially when we are competing for such a treasure, if we go unprepared, then that definitely suicidal, also, I have to arrange some things for Xinyao, you can come with me but Xinyao is too weak, if anything happens, we won’t be able to deal with it.”

Xinyao immediately gave up, she repeatedly said “Grandpa, don’t leave me behind.”

The old man LeiBao gently touched Xinyao’s head, bitterly smiling “Yaoyao, you cannot distract grandpa and brother, we’ll die…..”

Xinyao was scared stiff, she said “I don’t want grandpa and brother to die.” Tears already started to fill her eyes. XinFeng immediately hugged her and said softly “It’s fine, brother and grandpa won’t die, grandpa is so strong, Yaoyao don’t cry.” He glared at the old man LeiBao.

The old man Leibao smiled bitterly yet again, he raised his hands and said “Alright, alright, I’ll stop speaking, you convince her.” He knew that XinFeng doted on the lady more than himself, refusing to let her experience even the slightest of unfairness.

However, XinFeng agreed to place Xinyao temporarily somewhere safe, he feared for the girl who hadn’t even reached the age for training, a young child weaker than a normal human, if she went with them to fight for the Lunchang space, it would be too dangerous, even if the old man Leibao was even stronger, there are always moments of carelessness, it was better to be safe than sorry, he would definitely go crazy if anything were to happen to Xinyao.

While comforting Xinyao, he looked for the Lunchang space, according to the Star Python records, the growth of a Lunchang space can reach unimaginable proportions. The most miraculous thing was that after the death of the owner and upon it’s emergence, it could become a small world, of course, these small words are not everlasting, basically after ten thousands of years later, it would start collapsing.

When a small world starts collapsing, many precious stuff would appear from it, for example a gold attributed super experts’s Lunchang space upon emerging will form into a small world, and after years of erosion, collapse, large amounts of rare gold attributed ores, even large pieces of gold attributed minerals, for gold attributed people, that was the best sort of treasure they can find.

Similar for the other attributed Lunchang space, which was why various treasures of this world was found in emerged Lunchang spaces, with every newly emerged lun change space was a rain of blood, with countless experts appearing, many of which rather old freaks, their training reaching unimaginable levels, to compete for such a treasure without strength was similar to courting death.

There were the smart people who waited for the fighting to cease and picks up the remaining leftovers, even by this way, they could find a good amount of good items.

Finally, the sky darkened followed by the lighting of various fires while Tuo Luo Niao urged for more speed.

Xinyao was sweating buckets, she said “Brother, it’s so hot, I want to drink water.” She had already madly drunk large amounts of water, XinFeng was also sweating, he replied “Yaoyao, this place is different from our house, the desert is all like that….just wait a while more, it’ll become cold.” The climate of the desert was what he knew about, upon night, it would become rather cold.

Some shouts were heard from the front and the old man LeiBao laughed “We reached, hehe, luckily we followed the merchants, if we walked here ourselves, it would take even longer.”

Xinyao said elatedly “Brother, I hear the sounds of running water! There’s water! I wanna take a bath!”

There was a large pond along with a small river, on the ground was large amounts of growing shrubs and weeds, under the glowing fire, they could clearly see the reflections on the water.

Under Tuo Luo Niao’s instructions, the members of the merchants started to organize the sand boast and Sand Tuo beasts, they needed to feed and hydrate the sand Tuo beasts, then organize the sand boats into a defensive formation, only after that could they take care of their food and drinking situation.

Qi Xuan’s team did not need to settle any sorts of food problems as all of them had brought enough food and drinking water, quickly, they lit a bonfire and the people from the small team sat around it.

XinFeng walked to the water and brought back a bucket of water for the old man and his sister to wash their face.

A few of the members took out some of the freshly pickled meat and started to roast it, the others had large amounts of rather delicious bull meat, it was very nutritious and could energize the body.

When the merchant group of Tuo Luo Niao finished with their work and started to prepare their food, XinFeng had already started eating.

The merchant group purposely prepared tents, XinFeng noticed that only a few merchants with high positions had tents, the others slept outside near the bonfires to keep warm.

The old man, XinFeng and Xinyao slept in a single tent, Xinyao was still young, thus she had always slept with Xinfeng.

Reaching dawn, the old man suddenly woke up, he shook XinFeng awake who softly said “Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

The old man softly replied “There are people headed our way, a lot of then….wu, there’s seven to eight hundred of them….but they are not barbarians.”

XinFeng was not as powerful as the old man, naturally he would be incapable of detecting them “Are they heading our way due to coincidence or are they against this place?”

The old man with a cold snort “I reckon they have a grudge against this place, they are all holding weapons while moving stealthily, only a few hundred meters away from us.”

XinFeng sighed “It’s dangerous everywhere, do we remind them?”

The old man laughed “We’re all together now, I believe that they won’t let anyone go.”

XinFeng said “Alright, then I’ll do it….” He carried Xinyao out of the tent, looking upwards, he shouted “Enemy attack!”

Instantly, chaos struck the campsite, most of them were sleeping outside which was why they immediately jumped up, wielding their weapons shouting “Enemy attack? Where? Where!”

Actually, another person had also noticed, Qi Xuan was only a bit later than the old man, after all he was an expert with three true ring bodies, no matter how careful they were, they were still heard, hearing Xinfeng’s warning cry, he could not help but laugh “Interesting, this merchant group’s leader’s luck…..it’s too bad.”

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