God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 3

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Book 1 Chapter 3: Leilun Li

The old man laughed happily, “Good! Good! Very good!”

Feng sulked, “Good? I can’t even move, and you still shout good………..are you even my grandpa!” How was Feng to know that he had just gotten a really good deal, for free? The lightning stamp was on an unimaginable level, and it even went into his body! Even though right now Feng could only access to a bit of that power, it had already given him a huge advantage. Even though Feng did not know, the old man understood in his heart.

The wrinkles of the old man were like a bloomed flower, and now, he could finally put down the biggest stone weighing on his heart. After doing so, he felt many years younger.

The girl headed towards Feng to help, however she was immediately stopped by the old man, “Don’t touch your brother!”

“But…but Brother is still on the floor…”

Even though Feng had been shot half to death by lightning, seeing the worry in his sister’s eyes, his heart clenched, “Yaoyao, don’t be afraid, I’m fine……just now, Brother danced, was it nice to see?”

The girl sighed, which was then followed by a giggle. After the reassurance of her brother, she remembered the scene of her brother dancing, and could not control her laughter, Brother was too funny.

Seeing Yaoyao’s laughter, his spirits lifted, “Grandpa, when can I move? Do I need to do something?”

“Just lie there, now, no one can touch you, whoever that does so will be hit! Your body needs to get used to the stamp, hmm, maybe one day, or even 3 days, it’s up to your own potential, however, your potential has already shocked me once, if it can do it again, hehe, that would be perfect.”

Feng smiled bitterly, “Potential….haizzzz…..”

The girl ran into the cave, and quickly brought out a pelt, “Grandpa, give this to Brother as a blanket.”

Feng was moved by this girl’s sensibility. In the previous world, the 6 year old brat he knew knew of nothing, not even mentioning of taking care of somebody, she could not even take care of herself. However, the lady of this world was already like an adult.

The old man gently covered Feng’s body with the blanket, “Don’t worry, after taking in the stamp, you can finally start training. Before, you were just training your body, but after this, you have now stepped into new land.”

Feng was also excited, “So if I can master Lunli, would that mean that I can leave the mountain to the outside world?”

“Haha, of course, unless you want to be like this old fogey, dying in this god knows where place!” In that moment, Feng understood, this old man was not to be belittled, he was a man with a story to tell.

After going through this mess, the little lady felt tired, leaning on Grandpa with her head threatening to fall downwards at any moment, Feng said, “Grandfather, bring Sis to bed, we can talk more.” As Feng could not move, he was unable to do so.

The old man nodded and carried Yaoyao into the cave. After placing her on a stone bench, he returned, sitting next to Feng, “Ask what you will.”

“Grandfather, do you have Lunli?”

After a long sigh, he answered, “I had Yinli, not Lunli, however….I am merely a normal old man now.”

“Yinli? What’s that?”

“You need not know, mhm, let’s say it like this, Yinli is something too far away from you now, you don’t need to know.”

“Why did your Yinli disappear?”

A shred of bitterness appeared in the old man’s eyes, “Why did it disappear….it was hit out of me, haha. I hid here to try to make a descendant that can bring me pride, just like that, my enemy….unless you can reach that level, which would be practically impossible…..so, I don’t have any hope for revenge.”

Feng thought for a while, “Lunli……what is that really?”

The old man was shocked, he had never thought of this question. Lunli was simply something that you need to practice to obtain, but for what it was….he had never thought about it. After thinking for a while, he answered truthfully, “What is Lunli, I don’t know, but…..what I do know is that after mastering the first level, you would have grasped the beginnings of Lunli.”

Feng laughed with no happiness, now what is the first level of Lunli? “First level of Lunli? Then is there the second level of Lunli? Or even the tenth level?”

“You are really savvy, aren’t you? Level one is merely an introduction to Lunli, after that you can master even more, the hundredth level and even the thousandth level. And once you get the to ten thousandth level….haha, you would be a Wan master, and then you’ll become the Milun master.”

Feng was shocked, ten thousandth level? Then what was the first level compared to it? Thousands! What does that mean? Feng’s spirit was fired up.

“Milun master?”

The old man nodded, “If you can reach that level, you can walk out of this place, this mountain, and explore the outside world.”

“This…this how long will it take? Now, I can finally start practicing Lunli, but that is merely the first level…..how long will it take?” Feng had no confidence in himself.

“It is not that hard, especially for outstanding people, with the right training, you can improve very fast, let’s wait till you reach the hundredth level, and then you can learn the greatness of Lunli, and you would be titled as a Bailun master.”

With that amount of information, Feng could handle no more, “Okay, after I can move, let’s start training.”

“Then rest, I am also tired, I’m heading to the cave,” the old man said as he left for the cave.

Feng laid on the wooden floor, with the thick blanket on him. He felt so tired, within moments, he fell asleep.

He slept for a total of 2 days, and finally woke up. Upon opening his eyes, he saw a small head and a pair of big pure eyes, and he laughed, “Yaoyao, why are you here?”

The girl jumped into his embrace and called out, “Brother….you slept for 2 days…….I was afraid…”

Gently petting her back, he answered, “Don’t be afraid, see, ain’t I awake now? Haha.”

The girl didn’t speak but just kept on hugging him.

“Feng, since you have already woken up then get up, I’ve cooked meat stew, come and eat, after that start training, Yaoyao, don’t bother your brother.”

The girl nodded, “Brother, wake up, I’ll go cook some water.” With a spring in her step, anyone could see that after the recovery of her brother, she was in a good mood.

Feng sat up. He felt refreshed, the numbness the stamp brought had completely disappeared. He could only feel the unlimited power in his body, which he had never felt before. Standing up, he stretched his body, and his whole body let out a cracking sound. He could not help but sigh, even though he trained everyday, he had never felt so refreshed, so powerful.

Walking out of the house and into the yard, he saw the old man standing under a tree, who smiled upon seeing Feng, “Come here and have a bite.”

A stone table with a soil pot on top was placed under the tree. The young lady brought a big wooden bowl with tapioca pancake on it, which was a local speciality made with rice, tapioca and a type of plant. After baking, the taste was nothing to scoff at, and it was something that made Feng feel that it was better than those in his previous world.

Feng felt no restraint. After sitting down, he started to chomp down the food, he was simply too hungry, after starving for 2 days, he was both hungry and thirsty.

A voice came from the outside of the yard, “Yaoyao….Yaoyao…”

Yaoyao ran to the gate, and seeing a 10-year-old girl standing at the door, she smiled, “Xiangxiang sister, why have you come?”

Xiangxiang was the child of their neighbor, at Tiger cliff castle, she was her only friend. Yaoyao looked back, seeing Feng giving her permission to go out, she smiled again, “Grandpa, Brother, I’m going out to play with Xiangxiang….” And then, she gave off the liveliness of what a child should have.

The two girls held hands as they left.

Feng sighed, “The girls here that can play with Yaoyao is far too little.”

The old man did not reply.

Feng suddenly thought of something “Grandfather, can Yaoyao practice Lunli?”

He nodded, “I’ve already tested, she can, however, she is too young and needs to first train her body, only when she has reached 16 can she start practicing.

“Does she need the lightning stamp?”

The old man didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Did you think the lightning stamp is something so easy to obtain? Also, Yaoyao’s affinity is different from yours, you are practicing Lei Lunli while she is practicing Lvilun, not Leilun.”

“Lvilun? What’s that?”

“The lun of life, a rare kind, totally different from yours.”

“Grandfather, exactly how many kinds of luns are there?”

“Countless, like Huolun, Yinlun, Jinglun, Fenglun, Guanglun, Yinglun, etc. Also, the rare types like Binglun, Lvilun, Yuelun, and yours is the special Leilun”

“So many luns……..damn….I thought everyone has Leilun!”

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