God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 11

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Book 3 Chapter 11: Mojin City

Sha Luo Nei was stepped to the ground by Qi Tian Yao, he had already lost all ability to resist, he said “Are you a ten thousand Lun master?”

Qi Tian Yao laughed “Qi Tian Yao, Milun master.”

Sha Luo Nei scolded in his heart, a Milun master hidden in a merchant group, this was too unlucky, he said “Senior, I didn’t know senior was a Milun master, I, I…..”

Qi Tian Yao said smiling “Aren’t you very powerful? Wanting the woman to stay and the men to strip, hehe, how f*cking impressive! Let your underling immediately put down their weapons! And strip!” As he spoke, he released his foot and hugged his elbows, as if looking for fun.

Sha Luo Nei’s legs became jelly and attempted to bargain “Put down your weapons…..remove your clothing, can we not do it, senior, this..this, is too unsightly.”

Qi Tian Yao viciously kicked his leg and said “Unsightly? You understand what is f*cking unsightly? You, a practitioner with the status of a Thousand Lun master, stronger by who knows how much compared to sand bandits, is a sand bandit……I don’t care if it’s unsightly, strip!”

XinFeng could not contain his laughter, he did not expect the strict Qi Tian Yao to have such a expression and speak such words.

Sha Luo Nei could not refuse, his life and death was decided by his opponent’s single thought, he could very clearly feel that his opponent did not have a large killing intent from his expression which was seeking fun, if he refused, then he would not benefit from it, he did not have a choice and could only shout loudly “All of you out down your weapons and take off your armors and clothes….senior…..I say the armor and be clothes, can we just leave the clothes…..”

Qi Tian Yao said “What with all the bullshit, strip!”

A group of men threw down their weapons and started to strip, but Yan quickly said “Don’t strip!”

XinFeng remembered that his little sister was still behind, watching, and also shouted “No need to take off your pants!”

Sha Luo Nei heaved a sigh of relief, though stripping entirely did not pose any life threatening danger, but for a thousand Lun master, it would make it hard for him to raise his head in the rest of his lifetime, it was too unsightly.

Qi Tian Yao was originally only pranking them, which was why after Yan spoke, he did not continue to insist but instead waved his arms in agreement, waiting till Sha Luo Nei took off everything but his grey pants, he kicked him and said “Follow me!”

Sha Luo Nei followed him uneasily, reaching the crowd.

Qi Tian Yao said “Go, meet the three elders!”

Only then did Sha Luo Nei notice the three old men, his heart started thumping, Qi Tian Yao was a Milun master, what could be the strength of the men he called elder? He had already viciously scolded Tuo Ta Shi in his heart, he respectfully saluted as he spoke “Sha Luo Nei has met the elders, Sha Luo Nei did not know the elders were here, and offended you.” He was scared to the point of breaking into cold sweat.

Lei Bao and Qi Xuan did not speak, instead Hong Chen did “The stupid matters you all have, we don’t care about it, but you shouldn’t have attacked us.”

Sha Luo Nei wanted to cry but couldn’t, his unluckiness was caused by not only his underlings, but also the merchant group, he already understood that these men definitely did not belong to the merchant group.

“I did not know about elders, I, I apologize, I, I’ll, I’ll pay for the damages….”

Hong chen said “As for how we will settle this, you and the merchants can discuss among yourselves, alright, retreat.” He rarely spoke with a tiny Thousand Lun master, he could not just massacre them, killing all these Sand Bandits would not even give him the slightest feeling of accomplishment.

Sha Luo Nei said in disbelief “Elder….you won’t, won’t pursue this matter?”

Hong tong laughed scoldingly “You want me to pursue this matter that much?”

Sha Luo Nei was instantly elated “No, no, thank you elder, thank you for your magnanimity!” He kept retreating non stop as he spoke.

Using this chance, Tuo Luo Niao had already brought his men to surround all the Sand Bandits and collected their weapons and armor, facing a group of sand bandits that lost their weapons, he specially ordered his men to catch Tuo Ta Shi.

After separating from this group of scary practitioners, Sha Luo Nei headed towards his own group, although the merchant group was the winner, they did not dare to go overboard, after all he was a practitioner and they did not even have the ability to have a single thousand Lun master to say.

Tuo Luo Xiao brought a few low leveled Lun masters and came before Sha Luo Nei, he said “Your men have already been captured us, what do you intend on doing?”

Sha Luo Nei did not want to continue, this time he met with misfortune, he was too unlucky, he glared and said “What can I f*cking intend to do, I lost, you say, what can I do?”

Tuo Luo Niao really did not dare to do anything and said “Leave me one person….”

Sha Luo Nei understood upon hearing his words “You can have Tuo Ta Shi, that bastard, he gave me such a misfortune, even if you don’t take him, I wouldn’t have let him go.”

Tuo Luo Niao said “Other than that, you have to pay for our losses!”

Sha Luo Nei said “Pay for what losses, I also have a lot of losses here, you think that you were the one that defeated us? Without those men, do you think you can stand before me now? Don’t go overboard, if not, I’ll fight you…..”

Tuo Luo Niao’s heart thumped, he knew that if he had offended this person, he would definitely be done in by him in the future, and at that time it won’t be fun for him, he said “So many men of ours died, we will have to spend a lot on the pensions…..you cannot leave without paying anything!”

Suddenly a leather pouch appeared Sha Luo Nei’s hand, he flung it towards Tuo Luo Niao and said “This is three hundred gold rings, I only have that much, but in return you give us back our clothes, armor and weapons!”

Tuo Luo Niao’s mind was in a mess, was he kidding, return the, the weapons, if a conflict was to arise, there would be another battle. He said “You can have the clothes, but not the weapons and armors!”

Actually, Tuo Luo Nei was only saying it for the clothes, not letting his underlings leave naked had already accomplished his goal, that group of practitioners being there for him was already a great amount of stress for him, the earlier he could leave, the better, he did not want to continue to stay here.

He said “Alright, return us our clothes, we don’t want the rest.”

Tuo Luo Niao also did not want to continue the conflict, he said simply “Alright, deal!” With three hundred gold rings, it already could subsidize a bit of the loss, of course their loss was not merely three hundred gold rings, but to reach this point, he could only accept his loss, it was because of his lack in strength, this ending was already satisfactory for him.

Sha Luo Nei came to his surrounded underlings and said “Wear your clothes, let’s go!”

Within a few moments, the sand bandits retreated as if flowing water, quickly disappearing.

Tuo Luo Niao watched as the Sand Bandits left, sighing in relief in his heart, he said “Bring me Tuo Ta Shi!”

He certainly will exact revenge on Tuo Ta Shi, of course, Qi Xuan and his men did not care.

At this moment, white line flooded the sky, the night has passed.

This oasis was not where Xi Rong nation was at, this was a very small oasis, passing it and walking for another 2 days, they would finally enter the giant oasis where Xi Rong nation was, actually it cannot be called a oasis anymore, a large green land would be a better name for it, filled with hills, swamps and rivers, entirely different from the desert.

After Qi Xuan and his men entered Xi Rong land, they immediately separated from Tuo Luo Niao’s merchant group.

They entered a border city in Xi Rong nation, it was a very small city, because of the quartering of the border troops in Xi Rong kingdom, this places had just started prospering, with a fifty thousand population and roughly three thousand garrison. This place was called Mojin city, although it has a small population, but with its gold production, it had a lot of prospectors.

This day, a group of people with two large horned bulls and three Sand Tuo beasts, entered the city.

XinFeng looked at this city with curiosity, it was different from Hong tong city, this city was very messy and dirty, animal feces filling the ground, the roads were even more of a mess, rubbish coming together in piles, insects flying everywhere, the houses on the roadsides rundown, a foul smell causing people to retch. As it was close to the desert, the weather here was also incomparably hot, however most of the people wearing robes with their head wrapped.

Xinyao said curiously “Brother, why are they wearing so much, isn’t it hot? How strange, why are their heads wrapped?”

XinFeng said “Wearing robes…..probably to block the sun, en, wrapped heads….look at all those insects, it’s purpose should be to block them.” He was only guessing.

Yan said “This place is really dirty….and smelly!” They were used to living in the forest, not only were the air there good, it was also clean, they did not have any chances to see such a dirty place.

There were mostly gold shops on the streets, their signs all stating the exchange of money for sand gold, there was also shops that sold food and brothels, all of which that aimed at prospectors and solders.

Yan said “Master, don’t tell me that we are going to live here?”

Hong Chen said “I don’t know, let’s listen to everyone’s opinions, however, this place doesn’t seem to have a lot of inns.”

The old man Lei Bao said “The atmosphere here is hot and there isn’t a lot of water, pitching a tent in the wilderness is enough, actually we don’t even need a tent, if we find a clean place and light some deworming grass, we can sleep anywhere, who would want to live in a inn.”

Qi Xuan laughed “We don’t need to live in the city, hehe, this place…even if I’m easygoing, I can’t bear this, it’s too dirty.

Hong Chen nodded “That’s right, this is my first time seeing such a dirty place, if you let me live here, I won’t be used to it.”

The old man said “Let’s not stay here and go through the city.”

Just as they were about to walk out of Mojin city, they were stopped by roughly a hundred or so solders of Xi Rong city.

As for the solders of this place, XinFeng was very interested, this was his first time seeing the solders of this world. There wasn’t a country at the mountainous range, it was merely some influenced areas that was different from countries, each influential force did not have a strong organizational structure, the formation of factions was according to the fluctuations of strength, once conflicts arose, factions could come together to discuss and then join together to solve the problems.

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