God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 1

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Book 8 Chapter 1: Ruins

XinFeng laughed, “True Treasure Lun Yin master, Lei Xin Feng, also, uncle Feng and uncle Ying are both True Heart Yin Masters.” He introduced.

Hao Xiao felt his scalp go numb, three true masters, two of which were eighth ringed, and that man who hasn’t even matured in appearance actually had his fifth True Ring body. This existence was already top tier even in the Hundred Unity Sect, while he was just the lowest existence amongst the practitioner circle who could only guard a door.

Meeting with these three powerful fellows made him respectful as he followed the three of them personally in.

As there was already someone sent to report that there were top tiered true masters at their door, the news immediately spread through the top tier of the sect, a few elders came immediately to welcome them.

As long as they didn’t bear malicious intent, top tier practitioners were always welcomed by sects.

As time passed, more true masters appeared as XinFeng entered the large guest hall of the Hundred Unity Sect.

As both Feng Ying and Shi Hu were True Heart Yin masters, Hundred Unity Sect would not dare to offend them, and sent the old ancestor of the inner sect out to accompany them, also a True Heart Yin master with his eighth True Ring body, his name was Zhi Bao Cheng, he didn’t manage anything in the sect, and was meant to be the secret weapon of the sect, if it weren’t for them being too terrifying, he wouldn’t have come out.

Zhi Bai Cheng was too old and couldn’t continue cultivating anymore, he mostly relied on the sect to continue living for a while.

With just one glance XinFeng knew he was almost dead, his face was filled with age spots and deep wrinkles, his body was bent and he held a walking stick in his hands. His words were unclear and speaking only a few sentences while seated already left him breathless.

This kind of an eighth ringed true master was something even a seventh ringed true master could kill, of course, XinFeng couldn’t ignore his strength, the difference between their cultivation was too large.

Another expert of the inner sect was a great elder, a True Yin master with his sixth True Ring body, Hou Zhen Guang. In the Hundred Unity Sect, the Hou clan was a rather important group, especially because of Hou Zhen Guang’s existence, he was extremely powerful in the Hundred Unity Sect, his cultivation being the main reason for respect.

Hou Zhen Guang was a very intelligent man, his observations were very specific, and with just a small amount of interaction, he could already tell that XinFeng was the leader amongst the three, as when they sat, XinFeng sat in the leader’s chair while the two eighth ringed experts actually sat behind him. This made him sure that XinFeng was the one with all the authority.

In this world, for a weaker man to be the leader meant only one thing, this person had an extremely high status and that there is stronger experts behind him. This made Hou Zhen Guang wary and he did not dare to treat XinFeng as a junior in his speech, even if he was weaker than him by a level, even if his age was younger.

XinFeng asked, “Old Hou, coming to the Hundred Unity Sect this time, there’s something we have to trouble you all with.”

Hou Zhen Guang felt his head go dizzy, old Hou? This was an unfamiliar term. He laughed, “What is it, please speak, if we can help you, we definitely will do so.” this meant that if they couldn’t help him with it, they wouldn’t.

XinFeng nodded, “En, I’m here to find someone.”

Hou Zhen Guang, “Who? What’s that person’s name?”

XinFeng spoke, “A Silan, a fourth ringed Great True Lun Yin Master, en, a rather old woman with the green attribute, skilled in medicine creation.”

Hou Zhen Guang revealed an expression of shock, “A Silan? Nanliao Mountain’s A Silan?”

XinFeng could not help but feel excited, “Nanliao Mountain? Where?”

Hou Zhen Guang spoke, “Nanliao Mountain……is not a sect, but a gathering location for practitioners that is divided into various factions that battle endlessly, En, I know A Silan, but I don’t know if she is the one you’re looking for. She is indeed a fourth ringed true master and a famous medicine maker belonging to a neutral and carefree faction that has a large number of followers and a group of powerful friends.”

XinFeng’s face was full of smiles, he had finally found A Silan, but he didn’t expect her to not be from a sect, but a carefree medicine maker, he asked, “How do I get there?”

Hou Zhen Guang spoke, “Nanliao Mountain isn’t too far, I went there last year to visit friends, on boat……ten days, on foot……fifteen to twenty days, through the ancient Lun passage, hehe, three days.”

XinFeng was elated, “So close?”

Hou Zhen Guang nodded, “That’s right, very close……however, Nanliao is very chaotic, but of course, to you guys, there shouldn’t be a problem. With their strength, they could arrogantly stay at Nanliao Mountain, no one should dare to offend you.”

Zhi Bai Cheng spoke carelessly, “I heard……Nanliao Mountain has not been peaceful recently, a few waves of people……e, en, has been killing, it’s better……better to go quickly, kekeke……” He covered his mouth and coughed, his voice hoarse, “En, I’m too old and my body is uncomfortable, I won’t be able to accompany you all.”

XinFeng and the two of them stood up, they were rather respectful of Zhi Bai Cheng, he was still a eighth ringed expert despite the fact that he was dying of old age.

Zhi Bai Cheng nodded, two disciples stepped forward to help him up and escort him, reaching the door, he turned back, “I have an old friend in Nanliao Mountain, you can find him for help, En, he’ll bring you to find A Silan, he’s a local and should understand the situation there.”

Hou Zhen Guang originally wanted to accompany them, but with Zhi Bai Cheng’s words, he changed his mind, he could tell the meaning behind his words.

XinFeng spoke, “Thank you, grandfather.” He could call Hou Zhen Huang “Old Hou” but he couldn’t call Zhi Bai Cheng “Old Zhi”, that would be too disrespectful.

Zhi Bai Cheng revealed a smile and left with the help of the two disciples.

After a while, a disciple came over, he spoke, “Senior, old ancestor left an address and name for senior.”

XinFeng spoke, “En, Bi Shi Ji? What a special name……”

Hou Zhen Guang spoke, “Bi Shi Ji, I know him too, a generous and hospitable third ringed true master with a lot of friends, he knows A Silan as well, they have a good relationship, hehe, with him, you’ll find A Silan easily.”

XinFeng was in a great mood, he finally could find A Silan, this meant that he could find his sister and then he could go look for his grandpa, and therefore reunite with his family, as for his parents in this life, he didn’t want to find them, he only cared about his grandpa and sister in this life, it would be hard for anyone else to leave a mark in his heart.

Feng Ying spoke softly, “It’s rare to see Ah Feng so happy.”

Shi Hu nodded, “That’s right, I wonder who this A Silan is, to make XinFeng so happy.”

XinFeng turned to look at them with a laugh, “Hehe, I’m not happy because I can see A Silan, but finding A Silan meant I can find my sister, my little sister……”

Both Feng Ying and Shi Hu were shocked, the two of them did not know XinFeng had a little sister. They nodded, understanding XinFeng’s happiness now.

XinFeng did not want to stay in Hundred Unity Sect anymore, he stood up, “Let’s go now!”

Hou Zhen Guang sighed in relief, these people were great threats, even though XinFeng was weaker than him, the two other eighth ringed masters were very terrifying to him, if they were to be enraged, then Hundred Unity Sect may be doomed.

Hou Zhen Guang spoke, “Alright, I’ll send someone to bring you to the Lun spot.”

As the three of them left the guest hall, Hou Zhen Guang spoke again, “Hou Xiao, bring the three seniors to the Lun spot, En, the one leading to Nanliao Mountain.”

Hou Xiao had been guarding the door the entire time, he answered, “Yes, yes, I’ll bring the seniors there.”

After XinFeng had expressed his goodbyes, Shi Hu squatted down, “Ah Feng, get on, I’ll carry you there.”

Grabbing Hou Xiao, Feng Ying brought him to the skies while Shi Hu followed up with XinFeng on his back. Feng Ying spoke, “Give me directions!”

Surveying the surroundings, Shi Hou pointed, “That direction.” this was the first time he had been taken to the skies and he was rather shocked, but he managed to remain calm.

In a while, the four of them landed at the Lun spot, this place was guarded by Hundred Unity Sect disciples as well, with Shi Hou, they easily entered with Feng Ying opening the Lun spot.

Bi Shi Ji lived it the west area of Nanliao Mountain, Nanliao was not a mountain, but an island region. The reason for its name was because it was a mountain in the past, but after being shattered into countless pieces and because of the rising water level, this place was submerged and the shattered stone became countless small islands.

These small islands were uncountable, the largest only had a circumference of a thousand meters while the smallest was just a boulder peeking out of the water. The islands here were inhabited by practitioners as long as it was slightly big.

Carrying XinFeng, Shi Hu followed behind Feng Ying.

The three of them flew in the skies like that above the islands.

Of course, a few practitioners noticed the three of them flying and we’re all terrified, those who could fly was at least a sixth ringed master, a terrifying existence. Even in the Nanliao Mountain, the true master population was still limited, perhaps only a few thousand, but most of them were low leveled, sixth True Ring masters amounted to only a few dozens, and all of them were tyrants.

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