God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 18

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Book 5 Chapter 18: Hidden Space (2)

The aquarium acted like a wall, its purpose similar to a screen, walking around the tank, XinFeng noticed a person seated on the floor, before him was a short table.

Wearing a large red robe made of unknown materials, it was a gaudy red color infused with fine gold thread that could be seen after careful observation, in the design of many flowers. Black hair flowed from his head, covering a flirtatious, beautiful face with thin fine brows and long eyelashes, her beauty was at the peak of perfection, definitely surpassing master’s wife Tanya, that face was definitely one of a young woman’s. Tender, yet white as snow.

XinFeng was once again shocked speechless, was this a man or a woman? Was senior master a woman?

Guqi and Tanya both kneeled, the two of them speaking in harmony, “We pay our respects to master.”

XinFeng dared not to just watch, he similarly kneeled in respect, “Disciple pays his respects to senior master.”

That person slowly opened his/her eyes, lazily glancing at the three of them as XinFeng felt a chill, but in an instant, the discomfort suddenly disappeared.

“Alright, get up. Is this your new disciple?”

That voice was very attracting and soothing to the ear, but still the owner’s gender was ambiguous.

Guqi spoke respectfully, “Yes, master, this is my new disciple.”

Senior master spoke, “Decent potential, little guy, what’s your name?”

XinFeng answered, “My name is Lei Xin Feng.”

Senior master spoke, “En, this name is fine, your master’s original name was so bad I had to change it when he came, alright, you can leave. Little fellow, if you have the time come and visit senior master, okay?”

XinFeng nodded in agreement, he had been looking at this strange master the entire time, as he had finished speaking, he actually winked at XinFeng. His appearance alone could definitely bring countries to ruin, with just a wink, he made XinFeng dizzy. XinFeng could not help but think to himself, “Senior master actually winked at me? Shit, this senior master……is it a guy, or a girl……could it be a trap who’s neither?”

(Puttty: At this point the author uses he to refer to him.)

As the three of them left, XinFeng’s mind was still in chaos.

Quickly, the three of them walked forward and immediately a large group of servants kneeled in welcome. Guqi asked, “Where’s the manager?”

Immediately someone reported, “The manager went to another courtyard, he will return immediately.”

“When he’s here, bring him to me.” Guqi instructed.

Bringing XinFeng, Guqi came to another large yard, an extremely simple one with only grass decorating it, without a single other plant. The house was also very simple, empty on all sides, with four jade columns holding up a rectangular platform with a single room in it. That was the bedroom of the master and his wife, with no stairs leading up to it, the only method of reaching it was flying.

XinFeng was finding it hard to contain his curiosity, but he eventually lost and asked Tanya softly, not daring to ask Guqi, “Master, senior master……that……this, he……her……” He didn’t know how to ask.

Tanya laughed, “And here I was estimating how long you could bear it, so even you have times when you act like this!”

Guqi spoke, “Don’t ask, ah Feng, even I don’t know……master’s gender.”

XinFeng could not help but cuss, f*ck! This senior master must definitely have a gender.

Tanya smiled, “We have a word to describe your senior master, you’ll understand when you hear it.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “What?”

Tanya spoke, “Your master……a manly woman, womanly man……”

XinFeng was speechless, thinking in his heart, “Isn’t this the stereotypical trap! Shit, my senior master is actually a trap, e, isn’t he a character surpassing DongFang Bubai, this fellow….could he be…a player for both sides?” Thinking up to here, goosebumps appeared all over his body as he thought sadly, “What the f*ck is this place, what he f*ck is with these people!”

(Puttty: DongFang Bubai is a famous Chinese character for having a castration and a gender ambiguous face.)

Guqi scolded, “Don’t speak nonsense, master can hear us!”

Tanya laughed, “Master won’t punish me for this, xixi, master is the best.”

XinFeng decided to forget this, no matter his gender, he’s still a person. He’s here to pay his respects to his master, not date, he’ll be done with this soon, since he’s here to learn, not figure out genders, this matter doesn’t have to do much with him.”

Master’s room was very simple, yet big. Its floor was similarly made of white jade, extremely flat and even with servants surrounding every direction, all of which had decent strength that even XinFeng couldn’t see through. He shockingly noticed that everyone here probably had four true ring bodies and even more shocking, they were actually acting as servants.

A servant announced, “The manager is here!”

The aforementioned person was a tall and extremely handsome man, wearing a sky blue robe. With his head held high he walked over. He was different from the other servants, instead of kneeling, he bowed in respect, “Master, I’m here.”

Guqi nodded, “Aiba, this is the disciple I’ve taken in, en, direct disciple, Lei Xin Feng, you can call him Ah Feng.” He turned to XinFeng, “Ah Feng, this is the manager here, Aiba, a True Yin Ashen Master, you can call him Aiba, he isn’t a servant, but a retainer.

Aiba revealed a warm smile, “Congratulations master, you’ve taken in a good disciple again.”

Guqi spoke, “Inform XinFeng of the rules here, also, arrange a yard for him to live temporality, and build a new one to his liking in the meantime.”

“Give Ah Feng four retainers, two hundred and forty servants, also choose ten guards with at least a true ring body, en, prepare two with eight true ring bodies for around the clock protection.”

Tanya spoke, “Give Ah Feng a manager, with so many people appearing suddenly, he won’t know what to do.”

Guqi nodded, “Get a smart manager, Ah Feng’s still young, don’t let him suffer.”

XinFeng looked on blankly, a road full of amazement and shock had made him numb, but here, he was still shocked again. He, one person, had actually been assigned so many servants, guards, and even a manager and retainers. Luckily, he was a man of two worlds, though he had a shocked expression in his face, he still controlled himself well, with a steady outer appearance, but he was actually shocked to no end.

The presented information was abundant and out of the range of his knowledge, he needed time to digest it.

Aiba made a sound of agreement and left with XinFeng, but not before Guqi shouted from behind, “Ah Feng, when you’re all settles down, if there’s anything, just ask your manager to do it!”

XinFeng nodded, he was extremely grateful to this master.”

Aiba brought XinFeng to a courtyard, there were countless courtyards here, which XinFeng estimated to reach numbers of a hundred, each of them were very beautiful, surpassing the villas of his past life.

This courtyard was much simpler, just a house and a large neatly cut yard with trees, flowers and grass. Aiba didn’t lead XinFeng to a room, but to the grass, ordering servants to place a rug, a short table and a plate full of fruits.

Inviting XinFeng to sit, Aiba started to introduce the general situation of this place, like what was the position of a manager, a guard, a servant, a retainer, all of which XinFeng was at a loss on. In his two lives, he never had a servant, much less a guard or a retainer.

Simply said, a servant had no status, their life and death depended on the whim of their owner. A manager had the highest position, followed by the retainers, and lastly the guards. Everything here was under XinFeng’s command, unless they heard from Guqi or Tanya, they would never disobey him, even the senior disciples were ignored, and of course, the senior master had the highest authority.

This made XinFeng feel happy, he didn’t wish for too many people to command him, to be able to live freely was the best.

Aiba spoke, “This is a Hidden Space, opened by the old owner, it is extremely safe, but to leave one must achieve cultivating a True body.”

XinFeng was anxious, this place wasn’t suited for training, he needed lightning storms so he could grow quickly.

He asked, “If I want to leave without the reaching the cultivation of True body…….what should I do?”

Aiba spoke, “Just inform your manager to take care of it for you.”

XinFeng suddenly thought of a question, “Right, forth senior sister and senior sister, why didn’t they bring their retainers and managers?”

Aiba sighed, “The two of them……really like arguing, of course they won’t bring their retainers and guards……if they brought them to fight, then it’s just a waste of lives, of course they would choose to not do so.”

XinFeng was speechless, they simply liked fighting each other. In the reed marshes, they had easily killed thirty thousand men and burnt his boat, if it weren’t for the lightning storm that helped him power up and the lightning stamp grandpa gave him, then even if he didn’t die, he would have lost half his life.

Aiba asked, “What kind of a house would you like to live in? I can arrange for people to build it.”

XinFeng shook his head, he didn’t have such a plan, simply having a house was enough, even living on the small boat, he could sleep peacefully, ignoring the state of his surroundings. He spoke, “It’s fine, this is decent, I don’t need a new house.”

Aiba replied, “Ah Feng, here, your housing is a type of status, only those without status would not choose. You’ll be looked down on.”

XinFeng asked, “If it’s that……the more luxurious, the higher the status?”

Aiba shook his head, “Not that, the more unique, the better.”

XinFeng thought, “What’s that? Alright, it’s not like I don’t have preferences, I may not know about a lot of things, but when it comes to unique, I’ll definitely be better!”

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