God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 18

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Book 6 Chapter 18: Meeting With Misfortune (2)

Ever since XinFeng came to this world, it wasn’t that he had never met with massacre, but seeing a woman running out of a burning house with a child in her hands being stabbed by a spear that took both lives at once, a strong surge of anger unknowingly filled his heart as his eyes turned red in an instant.

Tanda spoke, “It’s fine, as long as we reveal our statuses, I believe they won’t do anything to us.”

The black bow appeared in XinFeng’s hands as he spoke, “Fuck statuses! Kill them! Kill all these bastards!” he didn’t care about gaining any benefit, this reckless massacre had greatly enraged him.

Ping! Ping! Ping……

Sounds of metallic collision resembled the sound of heavy rain.

Though the black bow had long lost its effectiveness, with XinFeng’s strength as a Great Rue Yin master it simply couldn’t compare to him. But it still had merits, it specializes in long distance attacks and also does not use his Lun Yin Li, it was enough to deal with low leveled practitioners.

In only moments, arrows flew out. XinFeng had focused on aiming at the further practitioners, as for the two practitioners pouncing his way, he simply couldn’t care less.

Sighing, Tanda’s body flashed as he moved to block in front of XinFeng. He couldn’t just do nothing. He shouted, “You’re courting death!”

Wu Zhen also took out his steel spear and protected XinFeng’s back, and immediately engaged in a battle with a masked fellow that pounced his way.

With Tanda’s strength, dealing two hundred Lun masters was nothing, and with two slaps, he easily killed them before turning to Wu Zhen and sending a gold flashing punch his way, killing the thousand Lun master by exploding both his head and his mask. While shaking the blood off his first, he spoke, “Fuck, where did these fellows come from?”

XinFeng speedily shot at those practitioners, killing a hundred or thousand Lun master with each arrow, his attacks were unavoidable.

As they headed to the pier platform, he continued shooting nonstop, any practitioners that appeared in XinFeng’s line of sight were shot dead without exception, with his strength as a Great True Lun Yin master, his attacks were unavoidable or blockable. To him, killing these people was like killing mortals.

From an alley way, a group of mortals escaped as they dispersed in attempt to avoid death. Behind them were seven masked men laughing strangely as they killed those that lagged behind with only a stab or a slash.

Staring at the alley, XinFeng immediately shot his arrows upon seeing the group of practitioners appear, and in an instant, three of them fell, scaring the rest of the practitioners into retreating as they shouted words of warning.

The streets were quickly emptied of live masked men, and laid on the floor were about twenty of them. The three of them stood on the pier, and many of the lucky mortals all ran towards it, avoiding the three men as they got onto their boats and left with pale white faces.

Scanning the pier, XinFeng noticed about a dozen boats still docked and empty, it was obvious that their owners did not survive.

At that moment, the hill facing the river also abruptly burst into flames, cries of fighting following the destruction.

XinFeng shook his head, “We came at the wrong time…….”

Tanda laughed bitterly, “That’s right, I didn’t expect Hugo’s enemies to come. I wonder if he’s home, it not, then we have wasted our time.” the three of them entered the house. With his personality, he felt that it would be the best if he didn’t rush in, even if he was bullied he did not want to fight with random people, however since XinFeng didn’t care and killed as he pleased, he could only do the same.

As Wu Zhen lived in the village for most of his life, at most he only killed marine life. Though he was not scared, seeing such ruthless killing was still uncomfortable to him, especially the killing of mortals which scared him. It was too cruel.

XinFeng spoke, “Who knows what enemy it is, that fucking bastard, pulling mortals into the fights of practitioners? They even dared to attack me, they’re looking for death!” he was full of anger, “I believe that they’ll send experts.”

Tanda spoke, “I’ll go explain to them the situation……that we’re passerby practitioners, they won’t act so overbearingly.”

XinFeng laughed coldly, “Explain what? We’ll just kill them as they come!”

Tanda dared not to speak anymore. This young man’s origin was extremely mysterious. Not only was his cultivation extremely powerful, his soul was as well. Therefore, he revered him very much in his heart, he spoke, “Alright, let’s kill them together.”

XinFeng nodded, he knew Tanda was an extremely timid practitioner, the type of person capable of living longer than the rest. But if Tanda were only a bit rasher, he wouldn’t have become his underling, but now that he was, he had no choice but to become rasher. As long as XinFeng wanted to fight, Tanda must follow. This was a fact Tanda recognized.

Wu Zhen didn’t have any choice either, he couldn’t just do nothing as XinFeng fought, could he? Even if he were in the middle of dying, he still had to fight, this was the price of following XinFeng. He needed to give in order receive.

Occasionally, XinFeng would shoot out an arrow, killing the practitioners that appeared. At this point, there weren’t any more mortals running around, other than those that escaped into boats, most of them had been killed, while all of the Hugo’s disciples were killed.

A black shadow appeared on the lake as Tanda smiled bitterly, “Who knows who Hugo offended, to actually incite so many people to come and ruin his place, senior Lei, look……”

At least four large sailed boats were heading down the stream, this lake was extremely wide, it’s width about five hundred meters. With the rushing current, it was possible to use large sail boats. With those large sail boats in the lake, the small boats could not escape and could only return to the pier.

XinFeng spoke, “We……must kill all the practitioners here!”

Tanda immediately understood what XinFeng meant, by killing all of them, afterwards they could pretend to be passerbys, or they would be chased if they were recognized.

Tanda nodded nonstop as he spoke, “It’s useless, those people are still here.” he pointed to the small boats coming their way, he knew it was impossible for XinFeng to kill mortals, and these mortals were the ones that witnessed him killing.

XinFeng nodded, “Hehe, now that we came to this, there’s no use regretting, kill with me!”

Even without other reinforces, XinFeng believed in his own ability. The opponent must have come here with Hugo’s cultivation in mind, they had only prepared themselves to deal with one Great True Lun Yin master. Furthermore, these people wore masks, which probably signified their uncertainty in winning. This made Xin Feng sure that this group did not have adequate strength, and he became resolute in killing them all.

The large sail boats needed around another twenty minutes to reach them. Without waiting at the pier, he spoke, “Tanda, stay here with Wu Zhen, if someone comes, just kill them.”

Tanda and Wu Zhen nodded, they had no say in this matter at this point, if they didn’t kill, they would be killed. To survive, they would work hard.

Keeping his black bow, a steel spear appeared in his hands with the flick of the wrist. During his life in Tiger Cliff Castle, he had familiarized himself with spears and bows, and even as a true Master with all kinds of cultivating skills, he still preferred fighting with spears. With a spear in hand, it made him feel strong and sturdy. He spoke, “I’m going!”

The small town was in reality just a small street, other than the directory at the port, the other places were very simple and small. The entire town was set ablaze, and as the houses could do nothing to hide people, the only place the masked practitioners could hide at was the town entrance.

Therefore, XinFeng ran over with his spear in hand.

Gathered at the entrance was about eighty masked men, all of them were terrified and could only gather together. Their task was to kill the people in the small town and starve out the people in the hill, but this abnormal fellow had appeared with just a black bow and easily killed twenty of them, breaking all of their courage in one go.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “He’s……he’s here! He appeared!”

In an instant the place turned into chaos. One of the Milun masters shouted, “Fuck, calm yourselves! Form teams! Don’t fucking mess yourselves up! There’s only one person, we’ll manage him!”

Within the eighty men, the strongest was a Milun master and the weakest was a hundred Lun master. With that Milun master’s shout, they became calm. Luckily, XinFeng took his time in coming, giving them ample time in lining up and getting into a battle formation.

Seeing such a large group at the town’s entrance made him wary as he moved slowly there with his spear in hand, afraid of scaring them away, since chasing them all would be a hassle.

That Milun master shouted, “Prepare yourself! All of you gather your energy, there’s only one of him, and even with three arms he won’t be able to kill us all!”

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