God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 4

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Book 3 Chapter 4: Consequences of Loss (2)

Chen Zhi was instantly angry, with his status and position, no matter where he went he was the focus of the crowd, no one dared to show disrespect, but he ever expected that the great elder of Hong Tong had shown him a face of belittling, casually treating him as though he was a nobody. He was displeased in his heart and fumed silently, giving a fake smile, he said “True Master Xi, how courageous!”

Qi Xuan did not stand and said “If a guest had come to my door, then I of course would be polite, but are you my guest!”

An Shi Zi felt as though there something was wrong, Qi Xuan was too confident, along with the fact that when they first entered, there was a few guards but no more after that, it seems that there was a problem.

Chen Zhi was also thinking of the same thing. Similar to himself, Qi Xuan was also a True Lun Yin master, there wasn’t a reason to be so proud, which was why he tried speaking “Alright, I am not your guest, but I guess you too, don’t want to make a enemy?”

Qi Xuan said blandly “Trash talk, you are not my guest so why are you here.”

An Shi Zi had finally lost his patience, his original temper was already explosive “Stop the pointless chatter and hand out though two little bastards!”

Qi Xuan slowly stood up and made a confused face “You want two little fellows?”

An Shi Zi said “If you hand out the two little bastards, then maybe we will still have chances of reconciliation, if not then don’t blame me for being unfriendly.”

Qi Xuan turned his head around “Feng, you come out.”

A young man and a young girl came out, behind them was a humble looking man, the three of them slowly walked to Qi Xuan’s side.

Upon seeing Lei Xin Feng, An Shi Zi’s eyes turned red “Was it you who killed Anke?”

Chen Zhi scanned Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Yao uninterestedly, but his nostrils instantly flared and could not help but say “Single Lun attribute? Wu, Single lightning attribute……e, Life Lun! Single attribute……” He rubbed his eyes, this was too unbelievable, two single Lun attributes had suddenly appeared, it was like two pieces of gold that had appeared within sand.

An Shi Zi hadn’t reacted in time yet “What single Lun attribute?”

Chen Zhi pointed at the two children and said shocked “Look at these two children carefully…..they are all f*cking single attribute luns!”

Only then did An Shi Zi notice, these two children had terrifying potential, but this thought was immediately thrown to the back of his head, no matter their potential, they were the killers of his great grandson, so what if they were single Lun attributed, he was going to kill them anyways.

“So what? I won’t let them go just because they are single Lun attributed!”

Chen Zhi was very hesitant, who was he kidding, people with a single Lun attribute was very hard to find, but the problem was that he was invited by An Shi Zi, although he had other ideas in mind, but it wasn’t good too cause An Shi Zi to loose face, after all he was a true master, although he and himself had a difference of a level, but it wasn’t very much of a difference, at least not a difference of a realm, if it was the difference of 3 true ring bodies and 4 bodies then it wasn’t merely a difference of a level.

Qi Xuan said “Old brother, you should understand now.”

The old man standing next to Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Yao also nodded, a slight smile appearing on his face, a smile of ridicule “En, those that wants to kill my grandson and granddaughter, old brother, if they were to be dead, would it be troublesome for you?”

Qi Xuan nodded “Yes, my headache for him isn’t only for a day or two, a guy with the blood of barbarians, his strength is tough while his personality tyrannical, I can’t be bothered to bear with it again anymore, it would be good if you killed him.”

The old man said “Alright, it’s been a long time since I killed, today I’m opening shop.” He then continues “Protect Feng and Yaoyao, leave the rest to me, en, let your men surround them and don’t let them escape.”

Hearing the old man’s words made An Shi Zi furious, taking a step in front, he said “Where did this crazy old man come from, if you want to die….I’ll grant that wish for you.”

On the old man’s face was a wide smile, he was extremely calm as he indifferently “Kiddo, you want to kill my grandchildren, and I as the grandfather, shouldn’t meddle?”

An Shi Zi laughed loudly “Good, very good, you three grandfather and grandchildren…..are just right to be killed for my great grandson, haha, I won’t let you die too soon, I’ll will slowly give you the taste of death bit by bit, I will make you regret coming to this world…….” He said gritting his teeth.

The old man was still very calm “O? Really?”

An Shi Zi nodded “Brother Chen, please help me hold back Qi Xuan….leave the rest to me! I want to crush them bit by bit!” He cracked his fingers, creating a string of Ka da Ka da sounds.

The old man could not help by smile “Feng, killing is to kill every last person siding to the opponent, so that…….no one will even know you killed them, if not it’ll be troublesome, look….you killed a small guy and how his family members ran out, and you cannot win them, it is truly troublesome, remember in the future, if you want to kill then don’t let anyone find out, if not then you’ll have to kill everyone they have.”

XinFeng was momentarily stunned, at that moment where he killed Anke, he wasn’t in control at all, which is why he killed, but if it was his past life’s temper and personality, he definitely wouldn’t have killed Anke.

Qi Xuan smiled bitterly, this was the style of the demon, if he wanted to kill he would kill everyone, not leaving any one behind.

An Shi Zi scolded “Looking for death!” He could not control himself any further and pounced.

Chen Zhi also pounced towards Qi Xuan, but who knew Qi Xuan would take a step back and protect Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Hao, he had never thought of wanting to fight, whistling, he summoned many men who surrounded the underlings An Shi Zi brought.

A eye piercing light shone followed by a sound of thunder, causing everyone to become dizzy and blind momentarily.

A lightning ray and a human shadow, a sudden sound of two lightning strikes and two pitiful cries, everything was too fast, no one could tell what had happened.

As the radiance disappeared, on the ground was two humans while the old man was still at his original place, he said “With such weak training, you dare to bare your teeth at this old man?”

The old man had beaten down two experts with two slaps of his hand, it wasn’t that they were weak, but rather it was that the old man was too strong, their difference was like heaven and earth, entirely incapable of being compared.

An Shi Zi had the blood of barbarians in him, his skin corse and meat thick, if it wasn’t for it then he would not have dared to challenge Qi Xuan, his defense terrifying, even experts that has a higher level have difficulty harming him, but he wasn’t able to block the old man’s slap, this slap actually caused his whole body to convulse, as if his bones were also slapped, his body felt like it was on fire as he laid paralyzed on the ground.

Chen Zhi was also lying on the ground paralyzed, his eyes full of disbelief, his mind was like a puddle of paste, all his life he hadn’t be slapped to the ground before, this was too scary and weird.

The men brought by An Shi Zi was all shocked silly, their two most powerful leaders had been flipped to the ground, seeing this sight made them all terrified to move.

Qi Xuan was also in a similar state, he was too, scared, originally he assumed that as the old man was going 1 against 2, the fight would take a while, but who knew that with only one attack, the two men would fall to the ground. This was too exaggerating, he knew the old man was very strong, but he didn’t know he was so strong to this point.

The old man continued his lecture “Feng, when fighting, if possible….end the enemy’s life with one attack, if you are confident, you can do it like me, get them on the ground and then, you are free to do whatever you want.”

Hearing his words, a chill ran down XinFeng’s back, he suddenly noticed that his own grandpa was rather evil, however, he did not have any opinions.

Qi Xuan then became the fox borrowing the tiger’s ferocity “Will you surrender without a fight or hold on to the end?” Using the prestige of the great elder, how would the underlings of An Shi Zi continue to resist, one after another surrendered, among them was the son of An Shi Zi, An Danai.
(Puttty: it’s an idiom originating from this story where the sly fox walks in front of the fooled tiger who scares all the other animals.)

The old man slowly walked tot the side of An Shi Zi and Chen Zhi “What did you say? Something about…..wanting me to try the taste of death, en, also……crush us bit by bit? Hoho, I like to…..do what other people says.

Xinyao said softly “Brother, let’s go back.”

The old man said “Don’t go back first, Yao Yao come here.”

XinFeng looked worriedly at Xinyao as he brought her to the old man, he said softly “Grandpa, Yaoyao is still young, don’t show her these kind of acts yet.”

The old man shook his head and sighed “Alright, I only wanted her to know that if the both of you were to fall into their hands, the consequences would be very heavy.”

XinFeng nodded “I know, I know.”

Qi Xuan said “Old brother, how do we take care of them?”

The old man said “Cripple their training first, for the rest, you shouldn’t need me to remind you, I don’t hope that their alive.”

Qi Xuan understood that the old man would definitely not let people threaten his grandchildren.

XinFeng left with Xinyao, not wanting her to see the cruel sight, however he did not disagree with grandpa’s decision on how An Shi Zi and his men be taken care off, the best enemies were the dead enemies.

Chen Zhi’s face became pale, he did not expect that he would lose his life while earning some quick money and that there would be such a terrifying expert here, the large sect he belonged in practically did not have experts like him, it seems that it would be hard to keep his life, he said “Senior, I am from Boan Gong.”

Qi Xuan’s face slightly changed “Boan gong?”

Chen Zhi answered “Yes, I am a member of Boan Gong, don’t kill me.”

Qi Xuan knew of Boan Hong, it was a large sect with power that greatly exceeds Hong Tong’s, he became afraid and looked at the old man, not speaking.

The old man Lei Bao said “Boan Gong…..I don’t care, those that dares to kill me grandchildren will die.”

Chen Zhi shouted with despair “If you kill me, Boan hong won’t let you go!”

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