God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 16

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Book 1 Chapter 16: Internecine (2)

“Grandfather Hu, nothing, it’s a pity we can’t continue hunting anymore” (Feng)
(*Puttty: I’m just gonna add some quick recap notes, okay? Hu is the surname of Canyu)

Canyu nodded “That’s good, haiz, we’ll have more chances in the future….let’s return.” Standing up, he continued “DaShan, you carry Feng back.” He had already seen that XinFeng is far to exhausted, while he spoke, his eyelids was already drooping.

DaShan nodded “No problem, I’ll do it.” Squatting down, Shi helped XinFeng onto Dashan’s back.

Cangyu instructed everyone to collect the bodies and save the injured hunters, within a short time, everyone gathered and walked back, this hunt was a complete failure, and it even resulted in multiple causalities.About 14-15 hunters also died, as for the amount of injured people there was even more, for Tiger Cliff Castle, this incident is something very concerning but this was a problem to be discussed in the future.

To Tiger Cliff Castle this kind of battle, even if win, it is not a joyous occasion, their hatred of Lead Eagles increased and also at the same time, their fear of them increased, they were too strong if it was a small hunting team that met them, the result would be disastrous, not even one would be able to escape, if XinFeng wasn’t here this time, they understood that no one would be able to return to Tiger Cliff Castle alive.

XinFeng lay on DaShan’s back, falling asleep immediately.

No one spoke a word while returning back to Tiger Cliff Castle.

Dafei dragging that man ran for his life, quickly disappearing in the forest.

That man struggled to be released from Dafei’s hand, slowly sitting down, he retrieved a small glass bottle the size from a finger from the interior of his armor filled with a pale green colored medicine liquid, he pointed at the small medicine bottle and the wound at his mouth, staring at Dafei.

Dafei took the small bottle, his heart filled with shock, this was actually a high grade healing potion, this small bottle was very hard to obtain and also is very expensive, a bottle like this is worth at least a dozen Lun rings, while a thousand gold rings in secular society, one must know, a single bull is only worth 10 gold rings, these kind of potion was practically unobtainable by commoners.

Using Lunli, he carefully dripped the potion on the wound using the Pianke skill, the wound gradually scanned, Dafei noticed a serious problem, his wound was a hole throughout his cheeks, half of his tongue cut off, even speaking would pose a problem in the future,

That man half muttered, noticing that he could not clearly express himself, he angrily jumped on the ground, Dafei comforted him “Uncle, it’s fine, it’s fine, slowly practice and it’ll be fine!”


Dafei held his face, spoke as if wronged “Uncle, why did you hit me?”

Pia! Pia!

Two harsh slaps caused Dafei to see stars, he was completely shocked, he could not understand why uncle would want to his him, he did not dare to speak and looked stupidly at that man.

Under great anger, that man could not find someone to vent on and could only vent on Dafei, slapping him 3 times, his mood instantly better.

Mumbling another heap, the confused Dafei could not even understand a sentence, he stared stupidly at that man, still not daring to speak.

That man got angry again, his eyes glaring, leaking out anger that could burnt a man to death, the scared Dafei retreated, he spoke softly “Uncle, uncle…..cool down, cool down…..don’t, don’t hit me!”

That man almost drew out his hand, under Dafei’s pleas, slowly regained a bit of his intellect and put down his hand, gurgling yet another few sentences.

Dafei almost cried, this was too tormenting, how could he understood what this guy was speaking, even the cries of a bird would be more easy to interpret.

That man had no choice but to walk under a giant tree, and to write with a branch “I Ying Xiao, will exterminate Tiger Cliff Castle or I am not a man!”

Dafei nodded “Yes, yes, no resting without exterminating Tiger Cliff Castle, but, but that kid….”

Ying Xiao laughed coldly, but because of the holes in his mouth, that sound was extremely awful, causing a chill to appear on Dafei’s body this sound was really too pitiful, Yong Xiao continued to write “I will ask a old friend to help, who is a MiLun master!”

Dafei laughed gleefully “MiLun master! Uncle, you actually know a MiLun master?”


Ying Xiao viciously slapped Dafei, causing him to see stars and continued to write “Idiot, if I don’t know then how can I invite?”

Dafei said happily “Yes, yes I’m a idiot, idiot!”


Ying Xiao continued to write “You are a idiot, what am I?”

Dafei’s tears was almost hit to the point of flowing, it was you who called me a idiot, I’ll get hit even if I agree or not, until this moment, he noticed that his own uncle was abnormal, his heart suddenly racing.

Ying Xiao wrote “Go! Let’s go!” His voice unclear, along with the two holes on his cheeks, his appearance terrifying.

Dafei shivered “Okay, let’s go!”

XinFeng woke up 2 days later.

Opening his eyes, he met another big pair of eyes, he asked confused “Where is this?” After hearing a shrill shout, he woke up instantly in shock.

Xinyao shouted with a shrill voice “Wa, brother woke up, Grandpa, brother woke up!”

XinFeng gently touched Xinyao’s head “Sis, you go and sleep for a while, your eyes are already red.” He did not need to guess and already knew that his sister had been protecting him the whole time.

Xinyao shook his head “Brother, I’m not tired, I’ll go and heat the soup, you should be rather hungry.”

As if on time, his stomach grumbled, as if he was only hungry, his whole body felt like jelly due to his hunger “Okay, I really am hungry.” without eating for two days proved too much for the peak of his growth.

Leibao walked in “Feng.” His eyes showed a trace of worry.

“Grandpa, it’s fine, I am rather lucky.” (Feng)

“What do you mean?” (Leibao)

“I am very close to reaching the level of a thousand Lun master.”

Leibao coughed “What?”

“While fighting with that man, I got shot by lightning twice, strangely it gave me a great amount of Lei Lunli.” (Pikachu, wait I mean Feng)

Leibao spoke unbelievingly “This, how is this possible!” He could not help but smile bitterly, the fore-mentioned practicing in the rain is the best for Lei Lunli, but that absolutely is not getting strikes by lightning, especially like the newly introduced into the world of Lunli XinFeng, a strike will kill him easily, but this kid not only took it as a small matter but his power also explosively increased, this was hard to believe for him.

“Ah? I can’t be shot by lightning? But….but I……” He did not know what to say, his understanding towards Lunli is like a hundred and eighty thousand kilometers, completely incomparable.

Leibao fell into deep thought.

At this moment, Xinyao entered with a small wooden bowl, she said “Brother, the soup is here.”

That was a bowl of bull meat stew that added a lot of tapioca, this thick stew was like a bowl of porridge, waving a wooden spoon, she said “Brother, I’ll feed you!” When she was sick, what she enjoyed most was XinFeng feeding him food, she would definitely not waste this rare opportunity, of course she would learn to feed XinFeng.

XinFeng laughed “Good, good, our Yaoyao feed me, bro here will be lazy for once.” He was used to gently touch this little lady’s head, he loved this sister very much, he actually treated this girl as his daughter, he also had a daughter in his previous life, coming to this world, having another sister made him very happy.

Feeding XinFeng a spoonful at each time, the little lady had a serious expression, quickly, a bowl of thick stew was finished, she than had a satisfied expression and laughed “Brotherm wait a moment I’ll get another bowl of stew to feed you! Be good!”

XinFeng almost spitted out his last mouth of stew, this was what he would always say after feeding his sister, he did not expect to get the sentence back in his face naturally by the little lady.


Leibao smacked his thigh “Oh yeah, this explains it! Haha,hahahaha!”

Xinyao put down the small bowl, hugging his arm, she asked “Grandpa, what happened?”

Leibao laughed “Haha, grandpa understood something, Yaoyao, grandpa is fine, Yaoyao be good.”

Xinyao relaxed and picked up the small wooden bowl, leaving the room.

XinFeng asked curiously “Grandpa, understood what? Thunder bolts? Oh yeah, grandpa, have you been shot before?”

The old man shook his head “I have never been shot by lightning….lightning.” It was like he was turned stupid, looking at XinFeng, he suddenly shouted “Feng!”

XinFeng jumped “Grandpa, what is it now?”

A smile appeared on the old man’s face “It’s worth a try! Worth a try, hahaha! This is a genius’s idea!”

XinFeng stared stupidly, it was like the old man regained his youth, his while aura changed, while he used to have a feeling like dusk while now he was like the sun, his energy able to compare with a young man’s.

“Grandpa, what’s worth a try?” (Feng)

The old man smiled mysteriously “I can’t say not Feng, hoho, I’ll tell you after I try, hoho….hahaha!”

XinFeng raised his eyebrow “Grandpa! Grandpa!”

The old man stopped laughing “Feng, what?”

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    I believe that what Feng is saying here is that considering he’s much older from his previous life than 16 years old here, having spent 3 years (or 1500+ days) having to literally raise and care for his sister, he sees her as a daughter instead of a little sister. As in he’s become the parent of the family.

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