God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 17

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Book 5 Chapter 17: Secret Hidden Space

XinFeng spoke, “There isn’t really anything different……e, that’s not right……it seems my body is heavier.”

Tanya laughed, “This little fellow is quite slow, en, that’s right, you should be a True Lun Yin Master, xixi, such little weight shouldn’t be too much for you. In the beginning Mei Yun and little Yao Yao were sprawled on the ground when they first came, haha, hahahaha!” She suddenly burst into laughter, as if remembering something.

Guqi spoke, “Alright, alright, be careful or you’ll choke.”

Tanya was originally fine, but after hearing him speak, she suddenly choked and coughed, “Keke, keke…..you meanie, you bullied me again! Keke!”

Guqi patted her back gently, “Look, you choked, I told you to be careful but you won’t listen!”

Tanya madly pounded at Guqi’s chest, her sassy actions causing a chill to run down XinFeng’s back, this was too cheesy. In the meantime, the two senior sisters pretended to see nothing as they looked afar, as if there were a beautiful flower before them, capturing every bit of their attention.

Guqi gently grabbed Tanya’s waist, “Alright, alright, it isn’t good to show these things to children.”

Black lines filled XinFeng face, he was the only child here, was this sentence for him to hear? He should just act dead and stare forward as if there were a pile of gold waiting for him.

The two lovers bickered lovingly a bit more as their status in XinFeng’s heart dropped substantially before they started moving yet again, with XinFeng silently following behind them. This path was not too hard to follow, but what he didn’t know was that all of Guqi’s disciples have walked this very path, but all those talented disciples were crying as they did so, with their body weighing a few dozen times over, they had to walk for half a day.

As XinFeng walked, his heart was extremely confused. He had no choice but to take a master and no choice but to follow his master, he felt extremely lost, in a God knows where place while his grandpa was God knows where as well as his sister. Originally on Wannsee Island, he still had hope of finding them, but now, it was practically hopeless.

XinFeng knew that unless his strength grew even larger, he wouldn’t get to leave this place, for now, he could only stay here, he thought as he silently sighed yet again.

As for the small boat he had promised to give Zhou Xin, it had been burned, and he himself couldn’t return either, he could only wait for another chance in the future to repay him.

Quickly, XinFeng noticed a large mountain in front of him, the mountain was extremely weird. It was simply by itself, occupying a large space with a tall peak, the four surroundings filled with hills.

After getting a bit closer, XinFeng noticed how big it was, quickly losing sight of the two ends as they entered a forest. The forest was also very strange, originally the trees surrounding him were small and thick, but as they walked deeper inside, the trees around them were taller as the weight on him got lighter, slowly getting back to his original weight.

Guqi grabbed XinFeng’s arm and spoke, “Alright, we’ll fly in!”

They all immediately rose up and flew towards the large mountain.

As they moved with incredible speed, XinFeng noticed actually how far away this mountain was, and how big it actually was.

Even after nearing it, the mountain still seemed endless, there were actually five peaks that seemed to only be one when seen from afar, only after closing in on it did XinFeng notice how it was a five peak mountain with the main peak reaching into the clouds. XinFeng could not help but speak after holding his mouth wide open for a while, “This mountain….it’s too big!”

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “It’ll be bigger when you enter.”

Stupidly staring, XinFeng spoke, “Oh……”

Yin Yao spoke, “Hmph, rubbish…”

Qi Mei Yun pouted, “You’re small too, don’t nitpick when I call it big……”

Yin Yao’s faced changed and as she was about to say something, Guqi interrupted them, “The two of you, do you want to anger your master to death!”

The two of them immediately shut up, with XinFeng dazedly listening, not knowing what they were doing.

The only thing XinFeng registered was the chuckling sound Tanya made as she stifled her laugh, but she quickly shut up as Yin Yao’s face turned red while Qi Mei Yun had a pleased look on her face. Anyways, XinFeng was completely dazed, the only thing he could do to get used to this place was to treat the things he couldn’t understand as though it were meaningless chatter.

They flew with great speed along the mountain towards the top.

Quickly reaching a ravine, XinFeng suddenly noticed houses at its bottom, a line of houses going along the ravine. He asked curiously, “Under there……who lives there?”

Tanya explained, “It’s the town for the servants, we live further up front.”

As they flew, XinFeng not only saw a few towns, but also quite a few farmlands. In a moment, as they continued to fly forward, they reached the main peak.

The main peak was extremely steep, each cliff was very precipitous and could not be overcome without flying.

Quickly, a huge platform came to their view.

The few of them landed on the empty platform without a single human silhouette on it. Guqi spoke, “Alright, we’ll enter.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “Enter? Enter where?”

Guqi smiled slightly, “You’ll know if you follow.” Pulling Tanya, he took a step forward as the space before them contorted suddenly, in an instant, Guqi and Tanya disappeared, dazing XinFeng as he stepped forward too.

His silhouette became a bit sluggish as light appeared before his eyes as a whole new world appeared before him.

Turning back, XinFeng saw a grassland. He had actually appeared on a grassland, with many flowering trees and flowers around him, the sky clear and clean. He then noticed Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao suddenly appear on the grassland, as if they appeared from thin air, scaring him to the point where his heart thumped loudly, this had already transcended all of his knowledge. At this moment, he suddenly thought that paying his respects to this master may not be a bad thing.

Qi Mei Yun laughed, “Little disciple brother is scared stiff, xixi.”

Guqi smiled faintly, “When you first came, you were no better than Ah Feng.”

Yin Yao spoke, “Master, did she piss herself?”

Qi Mei Yun spoke loudly, “Yin Yao, you’re the one that pissed herself! You, you……” She turned around and ran towards Guqi, grabbing his arm, she shook it as she spoke, “Master, look, she’s the one starting it!”

Guqi laughed, “Aright, you naughty two, can’t you let me relax.”

XinFeng felt a headache coming his way, these two senior sisters, were they enemies or not, this stupid relationship they had was too puzzling.

Walking out of the grassland, they saw two rows of white robed men standing at the sides of the road, seeing their arrival, they all knelt down to pay their respects, “We respectably welcome owner!”(Puttty: 主人 can be interpreted as master, but I want to reserve that word for disciples-master relationship.)

XinFeng sneakily observed and could not help but be shocked, these were not normal humans, but practitioners, the weakest amongst them was a thousand Lun master and the leader actually a Milun master.

Guqi spoke, “Rise up and lift the sedan chair.”

(Puttty: It’s 托椅, Google isn’t giving me anything, google image it and you’ll know what it is.)

The aforementioned throne chair was similar to the bamboo chair, a chair carried by two.

(Puttty: this time it’s a chair with horizontal bamboo sticks on both sides used to be lifted.)

XinFeng sat down and immediately two men clad in white lifted it, the five of them all sat on it as they went along the road, as they moved, XinFeng saw countless white dressed men who would all kneel upon seeing them, only after they left would they stand up and move. Such a sight made XinFeng dazed, where exactly was he, he was still wondering, why was this place so strict?

As if sensing XinFeng’s thoughts, Tanya spoke, “Feng, don’t find it strange, they’re all servants, here……we are the owners.”

XinFeng was even embarrassed, where exactly was he?

Guqi spoke, “Don’t think so much, you’ll get used to it soon, hehe, it’s very comfortable here.”

XinFeng slowly quieted down, he needed to understand, to get familiar. This place was too foreign to him, he understood nothing and knew nothing, it was better to just shut up.

A large building quickly came into his sight as XinFeng was shocked once again, it was made from large pieces of white jade with a beautiful design, XinFeng couldn’t use words to describe such a building, it’s design was completely foreign to him, it gave him a feeling of intricacy, most of the materials of the building foreign to him. However, there was one he was familiar with, the large pieces of glass. Who knew how they made it here, but it actually was an extremely high quality clear glass wall.

XinFeng could only mock himself silently, “Alright, alright, I’m just a country bumpkin, a sack of dirt who knows nothing.”

Guqi spoke, “Alright, Mei Yun and Yin Yao, go back. Remember, don’t fight anymore, you’re not allowed to leave for now!”

The both of them nodded with a bitter face and left.

Only then did Guqi speak to XinFeng, “Alright, Ah Feng, follow me to pay your respects to senior master.”

XinFeng was shocked, “Ah? Ah! There’s also a senior master?”

Guqi slapped the back of XinFeng’s head, “Rubbish, of course there is a senior master, I too, have a master!”

Tanya laughed nonstop, “Don’t find it so strange, xixi, this shouldn’t be strange at all.”

XinFeng smiled bitterly yet again, “This was strange enough!”

Passing through a few arches and hallways, they came to a large yard. During their journey, they walked past countless strange trees and flowers, most of which XinFeng couldn’t recognize.

Following the white jade stairs, they came to a huge glass house, even the roof was made of glass. It was extremely beautiful, with long white veils hanging from above. They quickly entered the glass house, the smooth white jade floors were inlaid with gold and silver lines. Attendants in the four surroundings of the house, with their arms laid at their sides as they stood straight. XinFeng came to notice a large fish tank, making him feel weirded out, there were even such things in this place.

The few strange fish swam in the tank, all of them were quite beautiful, with multiple colors flashing throughout their entire one inch long body, from head to tail, they swam like a flag in the wind, leaving a line of air bubbles behind them.

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