God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 7

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Book 1 Chapter 7: Eagle Lead Hunters

The bulls slowly made their way here, stopping to eat some vegetation at their feet. The natural enemies of the bulls is not few, however, those that would dare to attack directly are few, normally they will wait for a lone bull or find an old one that could not catch up to their herd, even beasts understood their incompetence to bulls.

DaShan asked “You using the bow?”

Feng nodded “Yeah, I’ll try shooting it.” He had great confidence in this bow, as it can not be pulled by normal people, actually attacking with it would definitely be shocking.

Nanshan and Shi both smiled, as two men who both successfully hunted a bull before, they had not thought a single person can kill a bull, but they are also men who are like frogs in a well,as they had not left the cliff in their life, the would never have imagined that there are an another type of humans, those that can control Lunli.

The bulls took about half an hour to finally reach the bottom of the tree, looking down from the platform shows you the sight of their backs, the 3 men looked at Feng laughing “You can shoot now haha.”

Feng nodded, placing one of his feet on the platform and another on a branch, he took his bow and pulled it’s string.

The bow made no sound. Nanshan, who is also an archer, was shocked, staring at the bow, he silently said “What a good bow!” If it was a hard bow, it would definitely make a sound, but Feng’s bow does not make a single sound, and Nanshan believed that Feng would not be so stupid to bring a soft bow which can only shoot small animals like birds and rabbits.

Within seconds, Feng had already locked on the weak spot of the bull. His eyes were known in the castle for being the best, he can see something very far away, this was his gift.

Suddenly a sound was heard “Ping!”

The three men did not even had a chance to recognize the arrow, not even the shadow, who knew how powerful the show was.


An special arrow is about a meter, and most of it went to the dent in between of the cow’s shoulder bone, with a anguished cry, it feel onto the ground, entering the state if death.

DaShan, Nanshan, Shi all saw that scene, Nanshan rubbed his eye and clutched his chest “You…you…how….how is this possible?”

Feng did not reply, but shot another arrow “Ping!”.


Yet another bull feel to it’s knees.

Dashan’s eye almost popped out, when had the did bull’s skin gotten so weak? They were all speechless, looking at the two kneeling bulls and at XinFeng they were a shocked.

Just about Feng was to shoot his third arrow, DaShan hurriedly stopped him “Feng! Stop! Don’t shoot, 2 is enough, anymore and we will not be able to bring it back.”

Actually 2 bulls were already impossible to bring back, a single bull is already a few tons, how can these 4 men bring them back?

Feng sighed “Such a pity.” While talking, the bull herd had already passed, leaving the bulls he shot panting heavily on the ground.

After a while, DaShan said “Let’s go down!” His voice was filled with excitement, just counting the price of the horns and hide was already a small fortune, but there was also the large amount of meat.

The 4 men excitedly climbed down the tree, everyone knew to move fast, despite the fact that shooting reduces the amount of blood loss, it in return increases the stench, which will bait many powerful beasts, which is why the four men rushed to the bulls.

When they reached the bulls, they had already died, Nanshan looked at the back of the bull and saw the feathers of the arrow, of the whole arrow, only the feathers are outside, he coughed “The ****? How much strength did it take?”

Danshan shouted “Hurry! Tie them up and hang on the trees!”

As the scent grew stronger, the danger increases.

Feng pulled out the arrows, these kind of special arrows are not one he can waste, after some cleaning, it could be reused. Grabbing the leg of the bull, he called out “Uncle Ke, tie that bull up first, let me try to carry this.”

Feng used a bit of Lunli “Ugh!” And actually dragged the bull heading to the giant tree.

DaShan shouted “What is this sorcery?!”

Nanshan held his chest “This kid….how does he have so much strength?”

Shi shook his head “Monster!”

Then, what made them speechless was the sight of Feng dragging the bull up the tree. One bull was about a few tons, seeing Feng being able to carry it alone shocked them, suddenly Feng called out “Uncle Ke, hurry up!”

With the activation of Lunli, Feng felt as though his whole body is filled with power.

Uncle Ke shook his head, Feng is too crazy, he actually dragged the heavy carcass of the bull up a tree, this kind of power is too terrifying.

Nanshan said “okay, stop staring, this kid isn’t human, let’s move faster.”

Shi also said “Faster!” Him and DaShan climbed the tree with speed that exceeded Feng’s, reaching the tree, the hung up the bull.

Scaling the tree with the bull is actually very tiring for Feng, using Lunli, he dragged the bull to the platform, but due to the platform being unable to handle it’s weight, Feng, with the help of DaShan, hung the bull before the platform snapped.

The four man lay in the treehouse sweatily, and sighed in relief, even though beasts can climb up the tree, they are no match for them,

After resting for 10 minutes, DaShan said “Nanshan, let’s do it, since Feng killed the bulls, he’ll get the skin and the horns, we’ll split the meat.”

Feng said “No need to split like that, everyone gets them equally, if it wasn’t for Uncle ke’s willingness to bring me out, I won’t be able to kill a bull at all.” Most of the hunters in the castle are reluctant to bring a newbie, as it would decrease their bounty.

DaShan replied “How about this, just take a set of skin and horns, we split the rest, stop haggling.”

Nanshan and Shi both nodded, with Nanshan keeping a lookout, the three men started to carve the bodies.

Nanshan suddenly shouted “Be careful! A leopard is here!”

Feng looked down to see a black leopard on a nearby tree staring at them, shockingly, this leopard was different from the ones in his previous life (Putty: Duh) (Puttty: he used to refer as previous world but now he changed XC) it looked sturdier, longer. (putty◐‿◑) what is he describing?) He knew this fellow is a climbing expert.

DaShan called out “Don’t worry, throw some innards down, if they have food, they won’t come to disturb us.”

Feng nodded and followed to throw the organs down, “Pi pa!” A large sound was heard, with a few hoarse calls, Feng realized that there was not only a leopard but many other kinds of carnivores, sounds of battle could be heard.

After taking care of both the bulls, the three men started to hang the meat piece by piece.

They worked till evening, with Nanshan continuing to keep a lookout, as this was the active period of many beasts, with these pieces of meat tanning, this was the best place to ambush.

Feng did not stay in the treehouse but climbed up to practice Lunli, of course, he kept this from DaShan.

Feng sat on a huge branch and started to practice.


On the daybreak of the second day, the 4 men got up, there were many beasts under the tree making all sorts of noises while Feng practiced along the night, luckily Feng had Lunli to nourish his body to allow him to stay energized.

DaShan laughed “How was your first night in the wilderness?”

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