God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 3

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Book 6 Chapter 3: Pitiful Senior Brother

After entering the city, both Xin Zhou Lun and Qi Mei Yun dispersed their guards, allowing them to freely go their own way. After cultivating in the hidden Lun space for so long, they have been longing to leave, but since they were different from direct disciples, they weren’t allowed to. After receiving such a rare chance, they wanted to enjoy it as much as they could.

Only Shihu and Feng Ying had to stay behind because XinFeng’s strength was too lacking in comparison to everyone else. They needed to stay behind to ensure his safety. In all honesty, XinFeng’s cultivation was not bad, he belonged in the stronger group of cultivators when looking at the whole Hui Ye continent. Of course, at master’s place, he was nothing.

The five of them slowly entered the city. Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Feng, what do you want, go ahead and tell me, I’ll pay.”

Qi Mei Yun asked, “What about me?”

Xin Zhou Lun snorted, “Are you lacking in money?”

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Of course not……why would lack something like that?”

Xin Zhou Lun glared at her, “Then what are you cutting in for? This is a present for Feng, since he just arrived and doesn’t have any money, as his senior I’ll help him buy the things he wants.”

Qi Mei Yun laughed, “I’m your junior too!” As she started dishing out unreasonable requests.

The city was quite crowded, yet still lacking when compared to the big cities form XinFeng’s old world. As they uneventfully walked down the ordinary roads, sewage water flowed endlessly causing a distasteful smell to permeate the air. This city was quite far behind, with no laws or regulations.

On the sides of the streets were all kinds of little shops so unexpectedly close to each other. XinFeng spoke, “Why are there so many shops?”

Xin Zhou Lun was seemingly extremely familiar with this area. He replied quickly, “There’s a lot of little shops here, most of which are run by husbands and wives, with the wives tending the shop while the husbands transport the goods, selling and buying goods, they make a living like that. There are at least dozens of thousands of people living like that.”

XinFeng was actually quite uninterested in this, his range of interests only involved things related to cultivating. As for the foreign culture and society, he was content with just watching, it wasn’t like he was aiming to become a governor. Randomly choosing a small store, he walked into it with the others outside waiting on the streets and only Feng Ying following him.

This was an extremely small store, on small shelves were everyday necessities, most of which were clothes and seasoning, one of the big pots on the floor containing salt while the rest contained dried food, threads and needles. In the store sat a woman and in her embrace was a child, staring at XinFeng curiously as he entered, she was immediately scared silly by Feng Ying who followed behind him. One must now that Feng Ying was easily over two meters tall, while his aura was not something mortals could withstand, scared, she backed away.

XinFeng only glanced around with complete disinterest in his eyes, noticing the scared woman, he turned to leave immediately.

Most stores sold all kinds of things, followed by clothing stores, food stores, and shoe stores. This store was completely filled with these kinds of completely ordinary items.

After passing this street, they were met with many large stores, but XinFeng was still uninterested. He spoke, “Let’s go senior, is there anywhere that’s fun? Senior, senior……oi, wake up! Why are you in a daze……”

Xin Zhou Lun was dumbly staring forwards.

Following his gaze, XinFeng noticed that not far away was a crowd, and amongst them was a woman that caught his eye. Turning back to Xin Zhou Lun, he suddenly understood. He asked, “Is it that woman? The one that harmed you?”

Qi Mei Yun was instantly excited, she spoke, “Who? Where? Where?”

However, they didn’t expect Xin Zhou Lun to grab them both and turn in the opposite direction, confusing them greatly. XinFeng asked, “Senior, what are you doing?!”

Qi Mei Yun was more agitated. She spoke, “Ai, senior, why are you hiding?”

With such a commotion, the group of people had noticed them, and with a laugh, the group of them headed here.

Not only was XinFeng shocked, even Qi Mei Yun was. They had never seen people as arrogant as them, they had actually chose to charge over and surround them instead of running away.

XinFeng glanced at them coldly, there were a total of twenty men, while all of them were at least True Masters, their strength was too lacking. Most of them only had their first or second True Ring bodies, while there were a few of them that had their third True Ring body and three of them had a cultivation XinFeng couldn’t see. If these people were experts, then was the title of True Master that worthless?

Xin Zhou Lun stared at that woman with an ugly expression, his eyes darted around as his lips pressed against each other tightly, he was actually afraid of staring at her.

XinFeng felt that something was wrong, but he just didn’t know what was wrong. At that moment, Qi Mei Yun was set off, “Oi, who are you? You actually dare to surround us?”

The woman who was the leader glared at Xin Zhou Lun, “You’re not dead?”

Qi Mei Yun was enraged, “You’re courting death!” As she readied herself to attack at any moment, yet she was held back again by Xin Zhou Lun. He spoke, “Junior sister, wait.” He then turned to the woman, “Lu Yuan, enough, I’ve already been harmed by you, there shouldn’t be anything between us anymore!”

XinFeng instantly understood, these two must have some sort of problem between them, if not, Zhou Xin Lun wouldn’t speak in such a manner.

Lu Yuan was not a great beauty, to XinFeng’s surprise, this woman was extremely big and had a big ass and chest, her skin was snow white, yet her appearance was very ordinary and her aura different from usual. XinFeng thought to himself, “Senior has a heavy taste, to like these type of women……” Actually he knew that these woman were very attractive to some men.

Lu yuan’s voice was very loud, “We’re finished? You wish, I’ll never let go of this hatred……until you die!”

XinFeng couldn’t help but ask, “Senior, did you……do that?”

Xin Zhou Lun didn’t react in time, “Do what?”

XinFeng rubbed his nose, he was embarrassed to ask too, hesitantly, he repeated, “That……do that……”

Qi Mei Yun instantly reacted, and with a red face, she slapped XinFeng’s shoulder, “You kid, you’re thinking too much! How could they do that……that…..” She couldn’t say it either.

Xin Zhou Lun understood, sighing, he spoke, “That’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t……Ai, it’s impossible to explain it……”

Lu Yuan’s face was incomparably red, enraged, she shouted, “You Bastard!” She was insulting XinFeng.

At this point, Feng Ying and Shihu could not just stand there anymore. The two of them took a step forward at the same time as an oppressive aura washed over the group, the two of them shouting simultaneously, “Silence!” With this one word, their first impression was completely changed. With their auras, the group of people were actually forced to take a step backwards.

Lu Yuan’s face became white, she knew that these two were extremely powerful people.

“Don’t think that with experts behind you, you can do anything you want!”

Lu yuan shouted, “Send a signal, gather our men!”

Without stopping them, they quickly went to send a signal, causing Xin Zhou Lun’s expression to harden further. He had been controlling his anger as he tried to place himself in her shoes, but he had his juniors next to him, he simply couldn’t just endure anymore.

And in an instant, two people came.

An extremely skinny woman and a strangely large headed man.

Seeing that woman, Lu Yuan pounced into her embrace as she spoke sassily, “Master uncle, they’re bullying me!”

That woman’s sharp gaze swept over them, and with only a glance, her expression changed greatly, with her cultivation she couldn’t even see Xin Zhou Lun’s cultivation, as for the other four, she could tell that there were two with eight True Ring bodies, one with seven True Ring bodies and even the small kid had his third True Ring body, such a sight was quite scary.

Lu Yuan continued, “Master uncle, kill them! Kill them!”

XinFeng shook his head slightly, “Senior, she wants to kill us!”

That woman let go of Lu Yuan and came before the five of them, “Lu Wei Hu, eighth True Ring body, True Heart Yin master!”

The man next to Lu Wei Hu also took a step forward, “Ba Tong, True Yin Body, True Ashen Yin Master!”

XinFeng couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seems that True Ashen Yin masters were worthless too, they were everywhere, and to think he thought so highly of it in the past. Now, true masters weren’t much, they filled the streets and many of them were True Ashen Yin masters, no wonder Master didn’t allow him to run around by himself, this world was too dangerous.

As they were very formal, Zhou Xin Lun could only act accordingly, “Xin Zhou Lun, True Yin Body, True Ashen Yin master.”

Lu yuan was shocked, “You……you……”

Xin Zhou Lun shook his head helplessly, “True Yin Body……there’s nothing much about it, you don’t need to feel so surprised.”

Lu yuan had always assumed that he was only a bit stronger than himself, yet he actually had a True Body, since she had always belittled him, this was an eye opener.

Xin Zhou Lun sighed again, “This is our grudge, the others should not be involved, let my juniors leave.”

Lu yuan laughed coldly, “Let them leave? With your cultivation? Stop dreaming, surrender!”

Xin Zhou Lun sighed yet again, “If so, then we shall settle this once and for all. Hehe, you’re so certain of winning?” The moment he finished speaking, he loudly whistled.

At that moment, a total of thirty men appeared from all four directions, and in only moments, they surrounded the men. A group of high tier true masters, some with seven True Ring Bodies, gathered around the men if Lu Yuan.

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