God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 7

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Book 6 Chapter 7: Testing

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Brother Fei is willing to give me some of his talented recruited disciples, you want to go?”

XinFeng didn’t understand, “You’re going to take in disciples?”

Xin Zhou Lun snorted, “As if, don’t you need servants for your underlings? Gaining some people with good potential to nurture, won’t you have more helping hands?”

XinFeng rejected, “It’s not like I’m lacking underlings.”

Xin Zhou Lun could not help but smile bitterly, “Feng, don’t you understand? The men master gave you cannot compare to men you nurture yourself, and if anything were to happen on master’s side, you’ll still have your own men.”

XinFeng was moved, “This, to nurture your own men? Will master permit it?”

Xin Zhou Lun, “Rubbish, of course he would, he would even encourage it. So are you going or not? If not I’ll just go myself.” He was slightly impatient.

XinFeng laughed, “Of course, why won’t I, hehe.”

XinFeng instantly understood, this was to train your own influential force, why would he just reject a chance to improve his strength? Though he did not know if he could gather enough rings, he knew that nurturing a few underlings should be no problem if he started now, with about ten years he’ll have a group of capable men under him no matter what.

Getting on Tai Meng’s car, they quickly came to Tai Meng’s estate.

The once a year recruitment was a grand activity in Tai Meng, every year they would gather a bunch of people within the controlled areas of Tai Meng, the total population amounting to millions. Within them, even only one percent of those above the age of 16 with the ability to cultivate amounted to ten thousand men, and those who are recruited may not even reach the thousands, but hundreds were definitely enough.

Within those few hundred people, a few extremely talented ones would always appear.

Fei Lun’s plan was to exchange that batch of talented disciples for a few of his needed Lun rings, Lun Yin rings and also Yin rings  a pity that even exchanging these disciples wouldn’t be enough for a Yin ring, only if an absolute genius were to appear would he have the chance to obtain a Yin ring.

Both XinFeng and Xin Zhou Lun got off the car and XinFeng asked, “Where’s the senior sisters?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “Who knows, maybe they went somewhere to pick a fight, ai, it’s not like I can take care of them, as long as they’re not dead, master won’t blame me.”

XinFeng could feel his scalp go numb, he was a victim of their fights before. These two senior sisters would go crazy fighting. Upset, he snorted, “Who knows what kind of grudge the two of them have……”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “They don’t have any deep grudges, they just find each other to be displeasing to the eye, and adding a few small grudges here and there, they became like this, fighting when meeting. If master wasn’t present, the two of them would fight madly, nevermind, let’s not talk about this……it gives me a headache every time I think about it.”

Fei Lun brought about a hundred men in welcoming them, with a loud voice he greeted, “Brothher Xin, hehe, Ah Feng, come here.”

XinFeng noticed the group of men behind Fei Lun, each of them looking at him in curiosity.

Xin Zhou Lun nodded, “Brother Fei, how’s the preparations going?”

Fei Lun laughed, “We can start soon. Brother Xin, Ah Feng, let me introduce you,” pointing to an old man next to him, he continued, “Tai Meng’s big boss, Han Tian Zhan, boss Han, hehe, our Tai Meng’s True Yin master.”

XinFeng thought to himself, “True Yin master, a True Ring bodied expert is already enough to take care of this large sect, though there was also Fei Lun the old elder, he probably is quite important in Tai Meng.”

Xin Zhou Lun nodded with a straight expression, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Fei Lun spoke, “This is my old brother, Xin Zhou Lun, True Ashen Yin master with a True Ring body.”

The surroundings suddenly became chaotic, this group of men were all experts mostly with their first or second true ring bodies, while a small majority has their third, fourth or fifth true ring bodies, the next highest being Fei Lun, Tai Meng’s important expert as a True Heart Yin master with his eighth true ring body. They hadn’t expected the ordinary half bald old man before them to actually be a True Ashen Yin master with his True Ring body, this was too terrifying.

Fei Lun shouted, “Silence!”

The crowd looked towards Xin Zhou Lun with respectful gazes, something extremely obvious for every on looker. XinFeng also knew, this world was a place where the powerful were revered, it was just like how money was revered in his past world. However, this world did not care much for money, after all this world was extremely large, obtaining food was easy.

Fei Lun continued, “This is……Xin senior’s Junior, Lei Xing Feng, a seventeen year old True Lun Yin Master with his third True Ring body.”

Yet another bombshell was dropped on them as the crowd once again burst into commotion, only silencing themselves after a while

XinFeng did his best in keeping a faint smile on his face while he cursed in his heart, he did not want to obtain such fame.

Fei Lun unhurriedly introduced the upper levels to the two of them, turning them into the two most important guests of Tai Meng. With Xin Zhou Lun’s strength, he was undoubtedly a senior to them, and with XinFeng stealing some of his limelight, he was similarly revered as a senior.

After settling the commotion, XinFeng’s was already sweating. Secretly glancing at Xin Zhou Lun, he noticed that his senior was also annoyed at such a spectacle, all of this was simply to give Fei Lun face, and he was merely just bearing the annoyance he felt. Seeing an expression of stomach pain on his senior, XinFeng suddenly felt better.

After all, XinFeng had a whole past life’s full of experience, he wasn’t unfamiliar to social interactions, if he were really from the mountains, he probably would have just turned and left.

Seeing XinFeng chat with the other people, Xin Zhou Lun felt extremely curious, it was as if this child had experience with the world, he carried himself patiently as if a noble despite his youthful appearance, no matter it his speech or expression, he carried himself the way a True Lun Yin master would.

As he talked, XinFeng had already started sweating, he could not remember a lot of the people, there were simply too many of them, almost all of Tai Meng’s important figures were here.

Other than remembering the boss of Tai Meng, Han Tian Zhan, Xin Zhou Lun remembered no one else, and he didn’t want to either, since he wouldn’t come here often, making friends with the extremely important people was good enough.

Finally, the meeting session finished, and only then did Fei Lun bring the crowd to the estate. On the way there, they met with many other cars heading towards the estate, there were all kinds of cars, some pulled by horses, some pulled by cows, there were even push carts, camel pulled cars, it was extremely lively here.

Large amounts of Tai Meng’s disciples were dispatched to keep order, and quickly Fei Lun and the others came to the back of the estate, most of the people in the large group dispersed to do their own tasks, leaving the ten most important figures gathered here.

They all gathered in a room to chat, waiting for the people to first go through the first screening. Sitting around in boredom, XinFeng spoke up, “I’ll go look around.”

Immediately, Fei Lun instructed a few Tai Meng disciples to follow him, all of which were the main disciples with statuses that are quite special. Of course, their status was incomparable to XinFeng’s, the leader of the group was the brother of the boss of Tai Meng, Han Yao, who was twenty five and a Milun master, a step away from condensing his first True Ring body, a famous genius disciple in Tai Meng.

Han Yao knew that XinFeng was a seventeen year old True Lun Yin master, if XinFeng were only a bit older he would not be impressed, but XinFeng was almost eight years younger than him, he simply couldn’t imagine what heights XinFeng would achieve in eight years. The two of them were simply incomparable.

Therefore Han Yao was extremely polite to XinFeng, leading him to the estate’s courtyard.

The courtyard was very big with large plains of grass, occupying a thousand square meters. It was filled with people.

XinFeng had never seen the recruiting event of large sects, he asked, “Brother Han, these are all the recruited disciples?” The reason why he called him Brother Han was because XinFeng was indeed younger and did not have the habit to against any elder of his, it didn’t mean much for him to do so. Of course, he called Han Yao’s master Han Tian Zhan with the term brother Han similarly.

Han Yao felt comfortable in his heart, no matter who it were, which world they were in, no one would dislike pleasant words, being called Brother Han had made him feel extremely good, extremely extremely good. He replied, “Brother Lei, hehe, these people are not confirmed to be able to join Tai Meng, most of which will return home, only those with single attributes can definitely stay, the others simply required good luck.

Calling him Brother Lei was a form of respect, even though XinFeng was younger, he did not want to make himself bigger.

XinFeng nodded, “How many disciples do you guys take in yearly?”

“Not many, it depends on their potential, the most we took in one year was a few hundred, among that few hundred, one hundred of them were single attributed. Who knows why there were so many of them that year, but we sometimes don’t even have a hundred single attributes, usually there’s only seven or eight of them.

“Where are they being tested?”

Han Yao lead a few other disciples, he spoke, “Follow me, please, Brother Lei will know if he follows me.”

Quickly, they came to a large testing hall. Gathered outside was an extremely long line, and walking in flamboyantly, Han Yao was greeted by the practitioners guarding the entrance. It was obvious to see how high Han Yao’s status was amongst the low leveled disciples.

There was a row of chairs in the large hall, and seated on them were all true masters of Tai Meng who XinFeng had seen before. Seeing his entrance, all of them stood up in welcome. XinFeng laughed, “I’m just here to satisfy my curiosity, don’t mind me, you guys do what you were doing.”

Puttty : XinFeng, run.

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