God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 20

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Book 1 Chapter 20: Star Python Record (2)

“…..once you reach True Master level, the benefits of talent will slowly diminish. You need to find your own road which will truly let you experience this big world.” (*Puttty: Credit to Filip for the change from Real master to True master.)

Only the old man can provide these kinds of experiences that would help XinFeng’s future, this fact is clearly known by XinFeng. He is not truly a 16 year old — this is one of his biggest advantage, knowing that the old man’s painstaking efforts and these kinds of experiences are like gold, which he will forever remember.

“Grandfather, after I go out into the world myself, then……the training methods…..”

“Don’t worry, just look at my Star Python Record and you will understand. It is filled with information of my special Lei Lunli practice methods.”

XinFeng could not help but look at the Star Python Records again. Of course, he only saw the short sentence in the beginning, but he did realize a problem. “Grandfather, what is Lunli armor?”

“Lunli armor is an ability of Thousand Lun Masters. Any attribute is able to compress a Lunli armor and it can greatly increase attack and defense. En, a Thousand Lun Master can condense ring armor while a Mi Lun Master can condense Mi ring armor, I have already explained it in detail in the Star Python record.”

XinFeng nodded and the old man stood up. “We have been in Tiger Cliff Castle for so many years. Take them out to hunt and bring back food enough for the Castle to pass the winter. It would count as a token of our appreciation for them. Without their help, we would have had a harder time.”

“Don’t worry, wait until I manage to compress a Lunli armor and we will go to the patriarch’s house.”

“Maybe we will leave this place during winter. I never thought I would see the day where I recover, hoho. So, we don’t need to stay here anymore, after all it is too remote and won’t help your training much.”

“Grandfather, I also want to train!” Xinyao said as she walked in.

The old man laughed. “Okay, okay, but Yaoyao is too young now, she needs to first train her body. Wait until you are 16, then Grandpa will send you to a place and find a good teacher to teach you, okay?”

Xinyao said sassily “No, I want grandpa to teach, en, brother can too.”

“Yaoyao don’t be too inpatient. You can let your brother teach you to train your body, boxing, and archery, okay?”

“Okay.” She answered. Actually, she had already started training, but only the most basic ones. Her 6 year old body already had the strength of a few hundred jins, much stronger than other children her age.

(Puttty: 1 jin is 0.5 kg)

“Grandpa, I’ll go try Lunli armor.”

“Go yourself, en, if you have any questions you can just check the Star Python record, you should be able to solve it.” The old man said, relieved to know that XinFeng was able to rely on himself.

XinFeng gave a sound of agreement and, after instructing Xinyao, left towards the Cliff.

Only Thousand Lun Masters are able to compress a Lunli armor on their body.

XinFeng thought back to when he first started training, at that time he only had a dozen Lei Luns and he had them allocated to his body and limbs. Now, he had practiced up to having almost 4 thousand Luns. Compressing Lunli and then arranging them to for Lunli armor is a very fast process as long as you have the formula in your mind.

In the Star Python Record there were 3 types of Lunli armors. One had great defense but weak attack, the next had high attack but low defense, the last one had both attack and defense on equal standing but with neither remarkable when compared to the first two.

XinFeng thought for a while. He already knew that defense was not what he wanted. What he wants is the strongest attack. This was related to Lei Lunli — after he started practicing Lei Lunli, he favored offensiveness, not defensiveness. If he chose according to his old personality, he would have loved to build a tortoise shell for himself, but after Lei Lunli he would decide on attack without hesitation. Thinking back to his fight with Dafei — to that blood boiling feeling — he knew that, to him, attack is the best defense.

The amount of Lunli allocated to the head and torso is less than that in the limbs.

After allocating all of the Lunli, the next step is to compress it into armor.

XinFeng thought that Lei Lunli is really miraculous. It is something unimaginable in his old world.

The process of binding together the already compressed Lunli is not actually manual but is triggered by picturing it in the mind. The most miraculous part of it is that if he did not think about it, Lei Lunli would stay in its initial state.

The Star Python Record stated that before the binding process, once Lunli is compressed, the changes are irreversible when forming Lunli armor. You cannot reverse the changes and bind it all over again before reaching Ten Thousand Lun Master level, which is why the first choice is the most important. After choosing the characteristic of your Lunli armor, it will accompany you in your time as a Thousand Lun Master until you reach Ten Thousand Lun Master level. At that time another choice must be made deciding the attribute of the Ring armor.

Pieces and pieces of Lunli armor started to form and surface, XinFeng neither choosing his own armor nor thinking too deeply, but following the already planned out choices from the Star Python Record. He was very cautious, a habit brought from his past life. He would not take big risks before familiarizing himself with Lei Lunli, as it would be too stupid.

XinFeng believed that, after he familiarized himself with Lei Lunli, he would be able to make his own special practicing methods. XinFeng knew a lot about electricity in his old world. Compared to him in this world he was much better, but this world had its own special characteristics for him to learn. He believed that if he could combine the two, it would be very unique.

Lunli armor slowly formed.

Pieces and pieces of Lei chains formed, becoming pieces of eye pricking, shining fragments. Gradually linking together, the pieces becoming bigger and bigger, the armor formed on XinFeng’s shoulders, followed by his torso, then his limbs, and lastly his head.

A bright light shone on XinFeng’s body, he knew that it would appear in the beginning and after successfully binding a Lunli armor, this light would not appear again. When triggered by Lunli, it would stick on his skin and wouldn’t appear outside on his clothing.

The light slowly diminished, and XinFeng said excitedly “Success!”

After his Lunli armor formed, it would accompany him till he reached Ten Thousand Lun Master level, and at that time he would be able to bind a Ring armor.

After pondering for a while, XinFeng thought of making his own Lunqi. Normal Lunqis can barely withstand being used by a Thousand Lun Master. Other than his black bow, other Lunqi are far too lacking. It would be good to ask Grandfather about it.

Yibai village, the north of Tiger Cliff Castle, is like a trade market, an important road, the sphere of influence of the southern Hongtong. At Yibai village, a Mi Lun Master’s presence is a tyrannical existence to them.

(Puttty: No idea what Hongtong is, maybe it’s a name, I tried using google images on it, it was ineffective. If I find out I’ll be sure to say it.)

The surrounding human’s gathering point is Yibai village, especially when the cannibals attack human settlements. At that time, Yibai village has the authority to gather hunters and send help.

There are only three human settlements in this area: Tiger Cliff Castle, Lead Eagles, and Yibai village. Yibai village’s strength is not something Lead Eagles or Tiger Cliff Castle can compare to, the reason being it is the sphere of influence of Hongtong, a place where Mi Lun Masters reside.

Yibai is also one of the only place merchants visit, an intersection.

An old man looked at the rabid men in front of him with a solemn face.

“Yingxiao, what happened? This appearance not like a human or a ghost, who hit……your face.”

Yingxiao answered with garbled sounds, the old man answered impolitely “What the f*ck are you speaking? Shut up, you, you speak!”

Dafei, on the brim of tears, spoke. “Sir, my, my uncle was hit my a person, a person from Tiger Cliff Castle.”

This man is the master of Yingxiao, a Milun master of Hongtong, Yingxiao was orignally from Lead Eagles but was sent to Hongtong to learn when he was younger.

“Die….his….die submit…”(Puttty: garbled words that I have no idea what it’s about.)

Hearing this sentence, the old man angrily smashed on Yingxiao’s head with his kick “Your mother can die!” Yingxiao laid on the floor — it was not that the kick was very heavy, it was that Yingxiao was too ashamed to stand up.

“You speak!”

Dafei truthfully spoke about the whole incident without daring to lie, but he dare not speak about XinFeng.

“Then, it was you guys that picked a fight”

“Sir, we Lead Eagles are enemies with Tiger Cliff Castles, it not about who picked the fight, it is just purely you die or I die when we meet.”

“Tiger Cliff Castle…..who is backing them?”

Dafei hesitated, shocked. “No one is backing Tiger Cliff Castle, they are just a bunch of hunters.”

“Bullshit! A team of hunters can harm Yingxiao?”

“It was a young man that harmed uncle…..he, he is lightning attribute….and also a single attribute at that…..”

The old man stood up abruptly “What? A single lightning attribute!”

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