God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 3

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Book 2 Chapter 3: Big Panther Trouble

XinFeng saw a barbarian carrying a gigantic ax cut off the head of an incomparably giant bull. He inhaled sharply. “What the f*ck…that’s too exaggerated.”

After a few minutes, only 30-40 of the bulls managed to escape. The other half of the bulls were killed by the barbarians. Every Tiger Cliff Castle hunter that saw the sight before them grimaced in pain, as if everyone suddenly had a toothache. This is too harsh! One assault and the reward was 40+ bulls. This kind of loot really made everyone feel jealous.

Cangyu sighed in relief. “If the barbarians have a good gains, then…they would not need to care about us.”

There was a proverb in their home: do not be afraid when the barbarians are many, only fear when they are hungry. The hungry barbarians are the dangerous ones.

XinFeng said, “The barbarians are not unbeatable either…I saw two wounded barbarians. En, there should be one of them with a serious injury.” Using his eyesight he found some injured barbarians. One of them was unable to react in time, and a bull’s horn made a hole in his chest when it pinned the barbarian against a giant tree.

The gang of Tiger Cliff Castle hunters all looked at the leaving barbarians with red eyes.  Ke Zizhong said, “The barbarians really are strong. Ze ze, they are the real hunters around here.”

(Puttty: ze ze, the sound of clicking your tongue, the Chinese word 啧啧, ze ze is the pronunciation.)

The hunters discussed the leaving barbarians amongst themselves, jealousy filling their conversations.

Then Cangyu spoke up. “Okay, enough. No need to envy them, we can also hunt bulls. Only…now is not that time. We need to wait for the barbarians to leave, then we can start.”

XinFeng sighed. “We can’t hunt today.  We’ll go back. There are so many bulls the barbarians will take the day moving them.”

Cangyu sighed. “Right, let’s go!”

The group of hunters that had gained nothing left, scared away by the barbarians. XinFeng had no options. He was not afraid of the barbarians, but of the hunters around him not one was willing to fight. Without being forced into a dead end, no one would be stupid enough to challenge the barbarians.

Actually, after seeing the barbarians’ attacking methods, XinFeng also felt a bit scared. That raw strength they showed overwhelmed him.

The people of Tiger Cliff Castle continued to hide in the giant trees. The giant trees were plenty here. According to XinFeng’s calculations, without a few thousand years, they wouldn’t have grown to be so tall and strong. Even with a hundred people in a giant tree, if they are careful their shadows will be not even appear.

Even so, being in the trees wasn’t very safe, as many beasts can also climb trees and there are also beasts of the sky. Without caution they could be taken by surprise.

The hunters quietly continued their discussion about the barbarians’ loot, while XinFeng chose a giant tree and climbed it. He did not stay with the other hunters because he needed to train. Now, every time he trained, he could improve by 40-50 Lei Lunlis and his strength would increase bit by bit as well. After being struck by lightning he realized that his speed of improvement decreased greatly without that explosive rising feeling, but he was still very patient.

There is a sentence from Grandpa that XinFeng remembered: any type of training requires great patience, perseverance, and hard work. Especially for the practitioner in this world, with the age limitations, if they cannot raise their own while young it would be too late.

His Lei Lunli slowly increased. Actually, his speed was already very fast, as he had a piece of Leiyin in his body. Even another single attribute practitioner couldn’t increase even by 20 Lunlis a day, while XinFeng reached 40 or even 50.

Purely practicing to increase Lunli is not enough though.  XinFeng also needed to refine the Lei Lunli to reach his own standards.

The sky gradually darkened, XinFeng had already finished practicing. He quickly left the tree, climbing to where all the hunters were. He did not want to spend the night alone in a tree. Cangyu, seeing XinFeng had come back, said, “Feng, you go rest, we don’t need to you to keep watch tonight. Hoho, after all you’re our main hunter. We anticipate a great performance from you tomorrow.

XinFeng nodded in agreement. The numbers of helpers were enough: he did not need two of anything. Climbing to where DaShan resided, he sat down. “Uncle Ke, I’m back.”

“Quickly, go eat. Soon the sky will darken. Nanshan found a tree hole, go sleep there after you’re done eating.”

At daybreak XinFeng climbed from the tree hole. He did not sleep too well last night, as many kinds of beasts howled practically the whole night. He got out and immediately saw the DaShan standing guard. “Uncle Ke, did you sleep well?”

DaShan scolded, “Last night…I practically didn’t sleep at all, motherf*cking beasts have gone crazy, crying non-stop.”

Looking at Dashan’s dark eyes, he had nothing to say. He also did not sleep well.  DaShan said, “I rarely see the nights being so lively. It is as if the beasts went mad.”

Cangyu climbed up “What are you surprised about? The barbarians killed so many bulls that they must have been skinning and taking care of the meat. With the smell of fresh meat, it’ would be no wonder if the beasts went mad.”

XinFeng said understandingly, “No wonder, no wonder, the smell of blood spreading would have baited the beasts.”

Hu Yi speedily climbed onto the tree, reaching Cangyu’s side. “Patriarch, not good!”

“What happened?”

Hu Yi answered hurriedly, “The group of barbarians are heading to where we are. they are already very close!”

Cangyu’s face instantly paled. With a deep voice he said, “Hurry, tell everyone not to make a sound. Send the women into the tree holes to hide!”

There were many holes in the giant trees, big and small. The big ones could hide a dozen people while the small ones could hide four or five. Quickly, the women hid in the holes while the hunters hid among the branches. No one dared to speak or move. The barbarians finding them would spell trouble. You must know that hunters are also prey to the barbarians.

All of the hunters gathered in a giant tree. Once discovered, they would be better prey than the bulls as the barbarians liked to bring the captured hunters back alive. Not only can they be put to use for labor, but they can also be used as food when it is scarce.

Sometimes barbarians would rather give up large prey for a hunter, but, of course, they would rarely go near human settlements to hunt, as it would bring back a painful consequence.

XinFeng could already hear the heavy footsteps of the barbarians.

Don’t assume anything from the larger barbarians. When they move in the forest, they would be soundless. But, after a successful hunt, and during the transportation of the prey, they couldn’t care less. Not only are their footsteps loud, but they also occasionally gave off a threatening shout to scare away the surrounding beasts that were preparing surprise attacks.

The strength of the barbarians is indeed perverse. XinFeng saw a single barbarian carry 2 bulls, walking steadily. This group had more than 30 barbarians carrying 40 unskinned bulls. They were carried whole by the barbarians, but with the injuries of the bulls and the large amount of blood leaking out them it was no wonder they attracted many beasts.

There were many beasts following the barbarians, one of which was a group of big panthers .They climbed through the trees, preparing to attack at any moment.

The scariest part was that the barbarians had already walked past the trees where the hunters hid. Seeing the barbarians below them, the hunters’ heartbeats sped up and they held their weapons tightly. They were pleading in their hearts that the barbarians would walk past them without noticing their presence.

The barbarians did not notice them, but the beasts did unfortunately, specifically the group of big panthers.

A few of the panthers immediately pounced.

A flash of darkness passed Cangyu’s eyes. He was mad to the boiling point, his limbs were icy cold, his face green. He knew they were doomed: it was a group of at least 20 big panthers.

Beasts are also afraid of the strong but evil to the weak. They dared not attack the barbarians, but upon noticing the hunters, they immediately got excited. Who would care about what the prey is? If it was something easy to kill, they would definitely not let it escape easily.

XinFeng’s face was also not good. He is the main hunter, and he was responsible for the safety of the hunters.

With such a commotion the barbarians immediately noticed the hunters in the giant trees. The situation became dire. The fight with the big panthers immediately gave away their location.

At this moment, everything else became less important. The most important thing was to keep their cool. If they mess up they would be very close to death.

XinFeng shouted, “Some of you hold the panthers back, the rest…follow me to kill the barbarians!” They had no other choice. Barbarians seeing hunters is like perverts meeting beauties, or hungry ghosts seeing meat: they would pounce without hesitation.

Seeing the hunters in the trees clearly, the barbarians all showed their sharp teeth and shouted. The noise was very loud, scaring even the women that hid in the tree holes.

A barbarian let go of the chain he was dragging a bull with and grabbed the short spear on his back. The weapons of the barbarians are similar to the hunters’, the only difference being that they were thicker than the hunters’.

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