God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 19

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Book 3 Chapter 19: Suspicion

Lei Bao said, “That old bastard is also coming?”

Yan Wu said, “En, he also brought a good amount of people, all powerful experts, my father wants Uncle Lei to be careful, this man is very tough.”

Lei Bao replied, “I know, I know, I’ve fought with him countless times in the past, after so many years, I wonder if that fellow has improved…..”

Tai Long said, “Old brother, Yi Da Tong has been in the limelight for quite a while, I heard that he had a break though ten years ago and has already condensed a True Body, he’s now a rarely seen True Yin master.”

Lei Bao said, “Ten years ago……then, he has already consolidated his training, how troublesome, this old bastard…..” Slight resentment was present in his tone, he seemingly was very unsatisfied.

A Silan said, “Old foggy Lei, ignore that fellow, if he dares to irk us, then we’ll beat him up.” As she spoke, she revealed an expression of making peace, she then continued, “Old foggy Lei………that……….old brother lei, this kid…….I like a lot, I want to take her as my disciple, is that alright?”

The old man hesitated, he did not speak, causing A Silan to become worried, she spoke, “Old foggy Lei!”

XinFeng’s expression changed, he actually did not want A Silan to take Xinyao away, but he did not know how to stop her.

The old man said, “Old sister, Yaoyao is still young, she doesn’t need to train.”

A Silan tightly hugged Xinyao and spoke, “No, I want to take in this disciple, when she grows up, who knows how many fellows would want to snatch her! I’ll only be at ease if I take her, I’ve searched for so many years and haven’t met a person with good qualifications, especially someone like Yaoyao.” Her attitude was extremely firm.

Lei Bao thought for a while, he was actually tempted, although A Silan had 4 True ring bodies, her status was extremely prestigious and her sect was very strong, if Xinyao has her as a master, she wouldn’t suffer.

Xinyao did not seem to dislike A Silan, she had not understood what a master and disciple relationship signified and thus so, she merely looked around happily.

Lei Bao was also unable to make a decision right now, he said, “Old sister, let’s talk about this after this incident, also, you need Yaoyao’s consent, if not I won’t agree.”

A Silan replied, “Alright, within this period, I’ll take responsibility of Yaoyao’s life.” She also understood that she couldn’t rush her, you could not force such a genius.”

Tai Long said, “Brother Lei, let’s go in.”

The old man Lei Bao nodded, “Alright, let’s go in, oh right, we still have some people outside, help me take care of them.”

Tai Long waved his hand to call over a few men, after instructing them quietly he brought the crowd towards the residential area. During their walk, XinFeng noticed that a lot of practitioners have residential houses here, there were all kinds of practitioners except for human here, for people to survive here, they had to be at least a thousand Lun master.

The strength of Hundred Lun masters were within the range of normal humans, they were considered powerful humans, but were not considered as an unbeatable existence. Thousand Lun masters basically had no opponents within the range of normal humans, unless under special circumstances, they could win against all normal humans.

Thus so, thousand Lun masters are thought to be standing at the peak of the normal humans, while they are also the on lowest level amongst the practitioners. There are quite a few of the thousand Lun masters saw no hope of promotion and were more than happy to mingle with the mortals, with their strength, none of the mortals would dare to easily offend them without reason, even the rich were polite with them.

In Stellar Night Fortress, thousand Lun masters are the lowest leveled residents, it also signified you needed to reach the level of a thousand Lun master to reside in Stellar Night Fortress, as for hundred Lun masters and little Lun masters, they had the right to enter Stellar Night Fortress but not the right to reside in it.

As Tai Long walked when seen by practitioners, they would immediately move to the side, automatically offering the road to him as a sign of respect.

XinFeng did not understand and asked softly, “Grandpa, why do they only take in practitioners here?”

The old man Lei Bao laughed, “For mortals to come……for what? The reason why practitioners wanted to come to Stellar Night Fortress was because they could receive pointers from experts, there was lectures about practicing by experts occasionally and they would discuss questions within the aspects of practitioners.”

XinFeng was dumbfounded, “Lectures?”

The old man nodded, “Thats right, lectures, the most important thing is to develop your own influence, after a while of teaching all the practitioners will be able to absorb some people and advance to give higher leveled lectures, for the practitioners without sects, this was a very good chance for them to raise their factions strength.

XinFeng was moved, this was considered a school? Of course there wasn’t the concept of a school here, but it had the various functions of a school, no wonder it attracted a large amount of practitioners.

Quickly, the crowd passed through a patch of the residential area, they entered a 3 floored brick building.

Tai long walked in front to lead the way, he did not stop at the small building, but instead kept walking, there was a field for activities and behind it was multiple large courtyards, the structure was very interesting, it was like a hive, every courtyard had the shape of a honeycomb hole, they took quite a big amount of space and had short walls as well as trees for separation, there were all identical, simple wooden bungalows.

XinFeng noticed that there were a good amount of practitioners in the courtyards, they were either mediating by themselves or discussing in a group together, he could see about a dozen of practitioners sitting together surrounding an expert who stood in the middle, they were in mists of a lecture. This gave XinFeng a larger shock, as this place seemed to be more like a research institute of a university, it had a thick atmosphere of learning and discussion.

Tai long brought the crowd to the largest courtyard, in the middle of the courtyard was a large shaded green house made with wood, it seemed extremely spectacular and it took up roughly a few hundred meter squares and had the height of roughly two dozen meters. The surroundings were completely empty, with a hundred or so humongous round wooden pillars, on it was beautifully carved ornamentation while the inside was incomparably cooling, the wooden ceiling did not completely block the sky, there were a lot of empty spots that allowed the skylight to enter.

There were wooden platforms on the ground each of different height, there were quite a lot of wooden railings surrounding it and there was also a pond on the ground with colorful fish in it swimming around.

Entering it, even XinFeng who had seen all kinds of things in his past life, could not help but praise it. This wooden hut was built too extravagantly, there were veils hanging in the surroundings gently swaying in the wind and the wooden floor was polished smooth.

“Welcome to Night Fortress!”

This structure was called night fortress, the place where Tai long resided. The central area of the structure was a three floored building, it was built into the middle of the wooden villa, it was also built with wood and similarly extremely beautiful, after entering the wooden building, Tai long spoke happily.

XinFeng was astounded, this building was extremely unique, it was like a humongous umbrella, the handle was the wooden building while the umbrella surface was the wooden hut, the terrain under it was not flat, it had circular porches with railings, artificial fish ponds and was also dotted with vegetation and swaying veils, it was very beautiful, as for why is was called Night Fortress, he still didn’t understand.

Bringing out a banquet, the crowd sat down and ate, Da pang was extremely excited by this, this was the feast of Stellar Night Fortress. Seeing the presented dishes on the banquet, Tai Long was also a man that favored good food, the specialty dishes of all kinds of places were presented, Da Pang praised himself, it was a win for him this time.

Tai long also invited a few of the important figures of Stellar Night fortress, they were mostly experts with one or two true Ring bodies, XinFeng counted for a while, there were five of them, no wonder Stellar Night Fortress had such a large influence on Xi Rong land, these men were enough to oppose a large scaled sect.

XinFeng did not care about the lengthy discussions they had, he merely brought Xinyao to eat the various weird foods available while A Silan sat beside her, she wanted to please Xinyao, a genius with good potential was hard to find, she knew this fact well, at her age she still hadn’t found a disciple that pleased her.

This world contained many talented disciples, but once they were found, they would be fought over crazily, to obtain a talented disciple, none of the practitioners would let go easily, upon nurturing this kind of talent, it would be hard for others to meddle, for example XinFeng who were being nurtured by Lei Bao, even if others were to be more powerful than Lei Bao, they couldn’t meddle.

Which was why upon seeing Xinyao, A Silan did not take a step away from her, while Xinyao did not understand and stuck to XinFeng, as long as she had the chance, she would follow XinFeng, giving A Silan no choice but to follow the two siblings.

A Silan kept placing dishes in front of Xinyao whilst looking lovingly at her, the more she looked at her, the more she was pleased, this little lady was definitely  her inheritor, she was determined to take this girl in even if it meant that she needed to stubbornly pester them, if anyone were to attempt to snatch her away, she would fight them risking her life, no matter what she was an expert that had four True Ring bodies her medicine were also famous, the medicine she made was hard to buy even with thousands of gold.

No one wished to fight with people like A Silan, she did not only know how to make medicine, she also were an expert regarding medical treatments, an expert of Lv attributed Lun, she was the point of focus no matter where and also one that could easily make friends, in this group, A Silan had the most friends and most of them were real experts.

Xinyao ate until oil dripped from her mouth, A Silan wiped his mouth nonstop with a handkerchief while a smile was on her face the entire time. One must know that she was an extremely powerful woman with an unyielding personality, even the old man Lei Bao did not dare to confront her.

Although the old man Leibao was speaking with the crowd, his attention was occasionally attracted by the siblings, seeing A Silan, he could not help but laugh, he did not expect the mighty A Silan to have such a gentle expression.

Although the old man Lei Bao had the highest level here, he was always alone and did not understand anything about coordination and commanding, which was why in this operation, Tai Long was the leader, he was the commander in charge of commanding and coordinating.

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