God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 2

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Book 3 Chapter 2: The Fury of An Shi Zi (2)

Those preparatory students were brought in by men who had pale faces, they who still were tied at their hands and feet, were thrown thrown in as though they were rubbish.

An Shi Zi said “Tell me the whole process, if anyone lies, hmph, one sentence….I’ll chop of one leg, two sentences I’ll chop off two.”

Those few preparatory disciples were terrified, quickly, they spilled out everything that had happened, not daring to hide anything, after all, this incident happened too suddenly, the leader was An Shi Zi’s great grandson, this guy was used to being tyrannical, snatching the money purse of a little girl was normal, not something serious at all to them.

An Shi Zi said “Just for this, they killed the young master?”

Those few people nodded.

An Shi Zi suddenly said “The young master had died, how are all of you alive?”

Those few people trembled violently, causing them to be incapable of speaking and they could only look pleadingly at An Shi Zi.

An Shi Zi said flatly “Men, drag them out and hit them, you are not allowed to kill them, but if they don’t die, you all die!” With his order, all his underlings were stupefied, what did he mean, not allowed to kill, if they don’t kill them, then they die? What the f*ck is this order?

But this was An Shi Zi’s order, no one dared to defy it, immediately those few people were dragged out, they had decided that they would first beat them half to death and do as the situation calls later.

An Shi Zi turned a few more rounds and wore his skin coat, bringing a few underlings with him, he left from the huge door.


After reaching home, Xi Quan invited them to his living space, which was a 7 floored building with a huge garden, when Xi Quan found out XinFeng killed An Zi Shi’s great grandson, he immediately ordered that XinFeng and Xinyao to be brought back, he did not dare to leave the both of them in the important guest’s building, if these two children were killed by An Shi Zi, then that would be terrifying.

After asking about the incident that happened, Xi Quan was also angry, these rascals were too daring, robbing in broad daylight in the streets, their target was even a little girl, he said “It’s fine, the both of you can first stay in my house, en, I’ll let someone bring you there.”

XinFeng left with Xinyao.

Hong chen said “Elder, what do we do now?” He was scared in his heart, he was a outer sect elder, against a inner sect elder that had strength and influence that greatly surpassed his, his future was entirely black and he even had a thought of leaving Hong Tong, An Shi Zi’s revenge would mean his death, he who didn’t have the strength of elder Xi Quan, cannot stop An Shi Zi’s revenge.

Xi Quan said “Don’t worry, you can join our faction, I don’t believe that An Shi Zi would be so daring.” He said as he took the opportunity to incorporate Du Hong Chen.
(Puttty: the faction is used can also be sect, I’m highly doubting that people have sects in sects, so I’m leaving it as Factions.)

Hong chen’s face changed, he had been trying his best to create a faction of his own, but now if he don’t join the faction of Xi Quan, he would be in trouble. He said gritting his teeth “Big elder…….okay, okay!” He wasn’t too willing.

Xi Quan laughed loudly “Don’t worry old brother, I won’t mistreat my own people.”

Although Hong Chen wasn’t content, but at this point, he must make a choice, since he was a Real Mi Lun master, his strength was counted as proficient, even if he left Hong Tong’s area of influence, with his strength he still can get by pretty well, but after managing this place for so long, he did not want to abandon everything and leave.

A man came to report “Big elder, inner sect Elder An is here.”

Xi Quan said “Please come to the living room, Old brother Du, you come too, this matter must be solved eventually.”

The two of them brought a number of underlings with them and quickly reached the large living room, it had been a long time since Hong Chen seen An Shi Zi, he had been venturing out a lot, which is why his influence are all outside while it’s rather weak in Hong Tong City.

An Shi Zi wasn’t very young, he was bald while his face filled with a prickly beard, his stature reaching 2 meters. It was said that this guy had barbarian blood in his veins, he had a extremely sturdy look, wearing a black skin coat, his eyes similar to one of a falcon’s, staring at Hong Chen, a feeling of hatred pouncing towards them.

Xi Quan said “Elder An, how are you so free to come here? Is there something wrong?”

An Shi Zi said “Not bad, I indeed am here to find big elder about something.”

Xi Quan said “Please sit and tell me, what’s wrong?” His face had a expression of cluelessness.

An Shi Zi did not sit but stood in the middle of the living room “I am looking for a young man, I heard that he is living in your house.”

Xi Quan said blandly “I apologize, there isn’t the young man you are looking for in my house.” He already understood that it was hard to be nice to An Shi Zi, which was his why his words was not polite anymore.

An Shi Zi said “Is that true, I am here to remind the big elder, that young man is called Lei Xin Feng and he also has a sister, called Lei Xin Yao, I want this pair of siblings, I wonder if big elder is willing?”

Xi Quan said “An Shi Zi, what do you mean?”

An Shi Zi replied “These two little fellows killed my great grandson, does Big elder want to shelter them?”

Xi Quan said “Shelter? Haha, how interesting, your great grandson is…….just dead, what do I need to shelter? If I was there, he would similarly be killed by me!”

This was Hong Chen’s first time seeing the big elder’s mightiness, not even taking notice of a inner sect elder, directly speaking his thoughts.

An Shi Zi was fuming to the point where he shook, gritting his teeth, he said “Xi Quan! You’re great! Great! You……”

Xi Quan interrupted him “I am always great!”

An Shi Zi was itching to use his hands, wanting to pick a fight. Xi Quan said blandly “Just you and you dare to fight?”

Hong Chen took a step back, not wanting to be caught up in the fight of these two.

An Shi Zi suddenly calmed down and said “Good, I’m also very good, you watch out, I don’t believe that you…..can keep sheltering them!” He turned to leave, bringing his gang of underlings with him.

The both of them were against each other now, without any chance of returning to their peaceful relationship, this was also normal, as how would Xi Quan dare to hand over Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Yao, unless he was suicidal. With the temper of Lei Bao the old man, if someone touched his grandchildren, then most likely Hong Tong’s whole area of influence would be doomed.

Hong Chen smiled bitterly “How is this good?”

With these two men’s strength, if they are on bad terms, then the whole area of influence of Hong Tong would be in turmoil. Then if they fought, then no one can guess how many would die.

After An Shi Zi left, Xi Quan’s face sunk, he had heard the threatening tone in An Shi Zi’s voice. He contemplated for a while and immediately gave orders for his underlings to prepare for battle, the most important thing is that the siblings are safe, if not then it would be a disaster.


XinFeng did not care what happened outside, even if he had a chance to do over, he would still kill those few. Settling down Xinyao, he started to practicing in the room.

Within these time, XinFeng had been learning the contents of the star Python records, diligently building his foundation, which was why his training speed slowed down, but even so, he still could improve by hundred of luns everyday, this speed was terrifying already.

Using this few minutes, his Lun Li had increased by a few hundred, after that he started to practice Lei Lun Li, diligently purifying Lunli while starting to practice some secret methods in the Star Python record, this was the condensed knowledge of the old man Lei Bao, most of them were for boosting a person who just started practicing.

This helped Xin Feng build a great foundation, he had a lot of patience and carefully polished his Lei Lunli, if in the practiced Lei Lunli in the beginning had any problems, after his training, those problems had been fixed.

If a ten thousand Lun master wanted to become a Mi Lun master, then one of the requirements to do so was that one had to have at least ten thousand Lunli, only then will one have the possibility to do so, of course, this was only one of the requirements, to level up to a Milun master, there are other requirements, which were written down in the Star Python Record, when bored, XinFeng would mull over it.

After about half a day, XinFeng completed his training. At that time, a knock was heard, it was Xi Quan that wanted to visit the.

Xi Quan and Hong Chen walked over, XinFeng walked in front to pay his respects “Grandla Xi, Grandpa Du.”

Seeing XinFeng’s relaxed look, Hong Chen was astounded, a disaster was going to happen but this fellow was still ignorant.

Xi Quan laughed “Are you used to it, hoho, you’ll live here only for a while and leave after that.”

XinFeng nodded “En, living here is not bad.” Actually he knew why Xi Quan was here, however, he did not care, there was his grandpa backing him, he wasn’t afraid.

Xi Quan said “That’s good, ah Feng, don’t go out recently, just play at home.”

XinFeng said “That Elder An came?”

Xi Quan laughed “It’s fine, with me here, they won’t dare to do anything, as long as you don’t go out, it is still safe at home, wait until your grandpa is back, them everything will be safe.”

XinFeng nodded “I’ll be troubling Grandpa Xi.” He needed to say his thanks, actually he knew that he killed a great grandson of a inner sect elder and that it’ll be troublesome, but he did not care. He believed that if grandpa was here, then no one would dare to touch him and his sister, because grandpa was mighty, capable of flying up to the sky with a charge, a expert like him was able to protect the both of them.

Xi Quan felt rather at ease, he noticed that Lei Xin Feng was not a child that knew what was important and what was not, he said “Good, if you want to eat anything or use anything, just call those servants, no need to be modest, understand?”

XinFeng nodded “Okay, we will not leave the house for these few days, don’t worry grandpa Xi.”

Only then did Xi Quan leave with Hong Chen.

At that night, XinFeng slept under Xinyao’s heatable brick bed, anyways the ground was cushioned with thick beast skins, adding in the warmth from the Heatable brick bed, he did not feel cold.

For the next 2 days, XinFeng slept in Xinyao’s room, but he did not dare to slack, on the third day, XinFeng noticed some activity outside the room and he couldn’t help but laugh coldly, when he really could not bear it anymore, he stood up and gently woke Xinyao, signaling for her to not make a noise.

He carefully hid Xinyao inside of the large wooden closet and then tidied up the blanked, so that when seen, one would assume that someone was under it sleeping.

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