God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 16

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Book 3 Chapter 16: Manslaughter (2)

Jin Da Pang said overly pleased, “This is one of the best specialties in Xi Rong land, it is only produced on the boundary line between the desert and the oasis. There was only this one SandThorn chicken, if it was a live chicken in the capital of Xi Rong land, a single one would be worth a gold ring, unless you’re rich, you definitely won’t get to eat it.”

Xinyao smacked her tongue, “Wa, so expensive! I want to drink more! Xixi.”

This was a joyous meal, even the soldiers drank a large bowl of SandThorn chicken soup each, though they could not get along with him, following this General Jin Da Pang, in terms of food, they could definitely enjoy eating all kinds of odd delicacies.

Though Jin Da Pang frequently rebuked his underlings, his underlings were all very loyal.

After a night of rest, the crowd continued their journey.


After a few days, a group of men entered Stellar Night Fortress’s area. Without even walking a long distance, they had already met with a wave of robbers, moreover, they were all practitioners, most of them were hundred and thousand Lun masters who were killed by Qi Tian Yao, XinFeng Feng and Yan as they pissed themselves.

Not knowing why, after entering Stellar Night Fortress, they continuously met with attempted robberies, after killing a group of people and walking another small distance, they would be assaulted yet again.

Jin Da Pang said curiously, “Stellar Night Fortress was already said to be in chaos in the past, but this is my first time truly learning about how messy this place is, it is too strange to outsiders, why are there so many robbers? Are they in need of money?”

The old man replied, “If you’re curious, then don’t kill them all, catch a few of them and ask, you’ll get your answers then.”

Qi Tian Yao nodded, “That’s right. Feng, sis, later let’s catch a few then kill the rest!” After being together for a period of time, they had stared to become used to each other, casually calling each other brothers and sisters, seemingly very close.

XinFeng replied, “Big brother Qi, Sister Yan, I’ll take care of electrifying them, you guys will catch them!” He had used this trick to slow down enemies, it could also cause them to lose their strength, actually, he had a lot of Lei Lun Li tricks that he hadn’t used yet. It’s not that he did not want to, but the old man had asked him to not use it too much, as once he had gotten used to them, he wouldn’t be willing to engage in close combat anymore, losing the purpose of going into battle.

Jin Da pang was the reserve of these three people. Normally only the three of them fought, but if there was too many attackers, he would have to assist them. As for the wipe out team, they were commanded to take care of the Sand Tuo beasts by Qi Xuan, who did not allow them to fight. He had already noticed that the old man Lei Bao wanted to train XinFeng, Hong Chen had also agreed as he wanted to let his disciple fight.


2 days passed yet again.

As they were reaching Stellar Night Fortress, XinFeng assumed that they would not be in anymore danger, but they yet again met up with a robbery by practitioners.

XinFeng said, “No wonder no normal human would dare enter this place, robberies happen too frequently, strange, are all these people mad?”

Jin Da Pang said unsatisfied, “I don’t know if they’re crazy, but I’m already going crazy, is there an end to this….so annoying.”

XinFeng said, “Brother Pang, no one forced you to fight, it was always me, brother Qi and sister Yan who fought, what’s being an annoyance to you?”

Jin Da Pang said, “Annoying!”

Xinyao kept laughing, she liked to see Jin Da Pang’s troubled expressions, it was fun. Within this few days, Jin Da Pang kept sucking up to the little lady, giving her all sorts of snacks non stop, he knew that if he gained the favor of the little lady, he would benefit from it as the old man doted on the little lady a lot, he could tell clearly, that was why to him, sucking up to the little lady was equivalent to sucking up to the old man, this was definitely true.

Jin Da Pang took out a bunch of special jerkies and passed them to Xinyao, “Yaoyao, eat a bit of these meat sticks as you watch your brother kill people.”

Xinyao took them without modesty and said, “Thank you brother Pang.”

Jin Da pang laughed non stop, “Good girl Yaoyao!” From the start, every time he shouted Yaoyao, the little lady would roll her eyes, after a whole journey of sucking up, the little lady finally accepted it.

This time the robbers did not even ambush them, they instead blocked the way, daringly attempting to rob others with a total of 7 people. No one knew why they were so daring, the strongest of them was only a thousand Lun master. They actually dared to attack a group consisting of people that surpassed the thousand Lun master level.

“Put down your valuables, your Sand Tuo beasts, en, and also this woman, after that the rest of you can leave!”

Qi Tian Yao was angered to the point of laughing, “These fellows must have some problems in their brain?”

Yan was angered by the sentence of leaving the woman, she walked forward laughing, “You want me to stay?”

That group of men laughed mockingly, “Yes, yes, leave the lady!”

One of them even said vilely, “Master, I, am lacking a lady to warm my bed, you’ll just have to take on that role, haha, white and tender, fitting to my taste!”

Another fellow said, “Hey, why is it your’s? It belongs to all of us!”

That group of men laughed, each of them gearing up eagerly.

Yan’s face had already became green, she suddenly laughed coldly once.

After this period of fighting together, Xinfeng knew clearly that Yan was furious, he smiled at Qi Tian Yao, “Sister Yan is going to kill people.”

Qi Tian Yao nodded, he also knew Yan was furious, he said, “Alright, letting them experience a bit is also good, I just don’t understand why these people would come one after another to rob without caring about their lives.”

Yan viciously pounced out, she did not speak anymore and directly ran out to kill.

As the opponents’ strongest was only a Thousand Lun Master, and a majority of them were hundred Lun masters, they could not compare to a Milun master and she instantly killed one of them, the opponents were almost scared silly, shouting nonstop, “Stop, stop!”

Yan shouted loudly, “Stop your f*cking head! Kill!”

Qi Tian Yao said, “Interesting, these robbers always shout to stop when the battle starts, hehe, asking to stop after the battle started, isn’t that too dumb….” Before he could finish, Yan had already killed three men, the opponents had no strength to resist, as there was a large distance between them, even XinFeng did not get to participate in the battle.

Yan easily killed four men within a few moments, XinFeng who suddenly remembered, shouted loudly, “Sister Yan, leave a few alive!”

As he spoke this one sentence, Yan killed yet another 2 people, leaving only one man left, if XinFeng did not shout at that moment, then perhaps she would have already wiped out everyone.

Kicking the last man to the ground, she stepped on him and said, “Luckily, there’s one left, my rationality was almost blurred out by my anger.” Using strength to step on that man, she lowered her head to his level and asked, “Do you still want me to stay? Hmph, even if I did, would you be able to live?”

That man was already crying a due to the shock, he said, “Spare my life….you guys, you guys didn’t follow the rules!”

The crowd surrounded him, XinFeng squatted down and asked curiously, “Follow the rules? We need to follow rules?”

That man said with tears in his eyes, “We guard the road, you people attempt to pass us, just by beating us, you can already pass through, is there a need to kill us!”

XinFeng and the others looked at each other, completely incapable of understanding this fellow.

Yan viciously stepped on him again, “Then what’s with wanting me to stay?”

That man cried, “It’s just a joke, anyways we’re not allowed to kill anyone, taking a bit of advantage from others shouldn’t lead to our deaths!”

This time everyone noticed a problem, Qi Tian Yao said, “You guys…..aren’t allowed to kill anyone, what does it mean?”

That man cried, “We are the disciples of various sects sent out for training, killing each other is not allowed, in return we can get each other’s equipment after the fight, of course things in their Lun Chang space can not be touched, not that we can in the first place….but, but you guys…..come and kill….you, you guys didn’t follow the rules…”

Suddenly that man trembled, seemingly remembering something and said, “You….you guys aren’t disciples that had came here to train?” Now did he react, these disciples did not understand the dangers of the outside world at all, they even took on the image of a villain, not dying was difficult.

The crowd then understood, no wonder there was so many robberies, no wonder they were so weak, no wonder when they started the fight all of them chickened out. With Qi Tian Yao, Yan and Xinfeng’s strength combined to massacre, they did not even have the time to explain the situation.

With their battle experiences, once they started battling, it would become a battle where one side would definitely die, there would not be the slightest of mercy, adding in the fact that they were strong and did not take any captives, of course they did not know that there were a large group of disciples here.

XinFeng said, “This part is weird, don’t you see that we’re different from other training disciples? Why would you attack us?”

That man cried even more, “There are disciples that hide among other groups, trying to sow discord and create confusion, so we…..”

The old man Lei Bao coughed and said, “What are the sects involved in this activity?”

That man counted with his fingers as he spoke, “There’s Golden Sand Faction, Great Eagle Sect….Sand Tuo Group, Green He alliance, Great Tranquility Sect…” Within a single breath he reported the names of roughly 20 sects.

Lei Bao nodded and with a flip of his finger, a silver light flashed and that man died instantly on the ground.

He needed to kill him. On their way, they at least killed off hundreds of men, if this was revealed, it would be very troublesome, although the old man Lei Bao was not scared, but these kinds of this are best kept a secret.

Actually they had already poked the hornet’s nest, so many disciples in training died on their way here, luckily they had a habit of burning the corpses, but with the passage of time, those sects would eventually notice something suspicious.

A few sparks of fire flew out and the seven corpses were burnt to ashes within seconds, the old man Lei Bao said, “Let’s go, we shouldn’t stay here, Pang, we better scorch the ground to clear away the traces of our presence here.”

And at that moment, two men ran speedily towards them from afar.

Trouble had come.

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