God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 18

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Book 3 Chapter 18: Stellar Night Fortress (2)

They quickly packed up their things and destroyed all of the traces. Jin Da Pang did not dare to continue guiding them through the original route and instead went the other direction, they needed to at least enter Stellar Night Fortress through another direction.

Jin Da Pang specially ordered for them to try their best to not murder during this route, as well as to not scare anyone.

Weaving through the main route, they entered a thin forest, upon entering they already noticed someone heading towards where they had just came from.

Carefully and swiftly hiding, they softly trekked through the forest as long whistles resounded outside of the forest, that was the unique communication method of this place. The old man Lei Bao’s expression was obviously bad, with his temper, he certainly wasn’t one to care whether he was found out or not, he would just kill them and get over with, whoever got in his way would just die, but after taking a look at XinFeng and Xinyao, he sighed softly, nevermind, after all he wasn’t alone.

They rushed through the entire night until the second day before reaching another main road, entering Stellar Night a Fortress through this road would erase most of the suspicion on them.

Jin Da Pang suddenly understood, he immediately gave orders to let his soldiers change into normal clothing. No wonder they were mistook by the disciples in training on that route, it was because they came from the direction of the Barbarian tribe. That route was deserted, no one would come from there, so naturally they were mistook to be enemies upon appearing.

Originally they were already close to Stellar Night Fortress, after a night of rushing, they reached another road and the sky was already bright. On the road they could see a good amount of people walking and motorcades, there was also teams formed with Sha Tuo beasts.

XinFeng laughed, “This road is for people, the road earlier didn’t even have a single silhouette, hehe.”

Jin Da pang said, “Of course, we were the ones to walk it, other than us, who else would walk that road? Hehe.”

XinFeng said, “Grandpa, is there a specific address we should go to in Stellar Night Fortress?”

The old man Lei Bao nodded, “En, I have an old friend there, and some other friends……maybe they have already arrived.” He spoke with a rather emotional tone.

XinFeng thought for a while before understanding why the old man was emotional, after he was hurt, he did not plan on meeting his previous friends, now that he had come out once more, he could meet his old friends again, feeling emotional was normal.

Noon the same day, this group of men had finally entered Stellar Night Fortress.

It was a large empty space, there were countless tents and simple dilapidated cottages, it was similar to MoJin city, this place was very dirty and the air was polluted, rubbish filled the ground without anyone cleaning it, there was also a large water hole that gave off a putrid stink.

XinFeng watched on with disbelief and said, “Grandpa, this is Stellar Night Fortress? My god, it’s too smelly!”

Xinyao also punched her nose, “Grandpa, brother, smelly!”

XinFeng smiled and he picked up Xinyao, “Your brother, me, is not smelly, Yaoyao, bear it for a while.”

Qi Xuan and Hong Chen were both astounded, this place was too messy, they had just entered and were already greeted with a corpse that seemed to have just been chopped to death.

The old man Lei Bao smiled, “Even though this place is messy and smelly, to these people, this place is a good one, hehe, this is the outer ring of Stellar Night Fortress, we need to go through this place and the forest inside it, at the front there should also be a river.”

XinFeng slightly observed their surrounding and said, “Eh, shouldn’t this place be free of normal humans?”

The old man Lei Bao laughed, “Of course, they are not considered normal humans, all of them are fugitives, as the officials cannot care for them in Stellar Night Fortress, while the practitioners could not care less, thus this place was outlawed. In this place, if someone irked you, the only thing you can do to them is to kill them, of course, if you are weak, you will be killed instead.”

Yan said, “Senior, that should be the killings between normal humans, it doesn’t concern us practitioners.”

The old man Leo Bao replied, “It’s roughly the same thing with the practitioners, there really is no difference, it’s just that the strength displayed is different as well as the killing capabilities of the practitioners.”

Quickly this group of people weaved through the messy residential camp site, on their way through, no one dared to irk them, if the people here lived in this place without observation skills, then they would have already been killed, those that weren’t blind could tell this group of people were dangerous.

The forest was not vast, within a dozen minutes, they had reached a small river which had a small stone bridge built across it, there was a building on the other side, this structure was completely different, it was made entirely of masonry, it was a small yet beautiful building, the ground surrounding it was very clean, giving an impression to XinFeng that the poor residents belonged to the other side while this was the area of the wealthy.

XinFeng said, “This is Stellar Night Fortress?”

The old man Lei Bao replied, “That’s right, this is the real Stellar Night Fortress, those that live here are all practitioners.” As he spoke, he turned around and shouted, “Jin Da Pang!”

Jin Da Pang walked over and said, “Senior, I know, I will let my underlings pitch their tents in that forest, they won’t cross the bridge.” Normal humans were not permitted to enter Stellar Night Fortress, if they insisted on entering, then their deaths would be their own fault.

The old man Lei Bao said, “En, leave our Sha Tuo beasts here, let Wei Zheng Long stay here too, also, leave some of the others, their strength is too bad, if no one stayed here to guard, perhaps when we return, there will be nothing left.”

Jin Da Pang nodded.

Qi Tian Yao ordered the entire Wipeout team to stay, these thousand and ten thousand Lun masters was a rather formidable force even in this place, even if they were a small group, no one would dare to attack them as they please, as for the people at the campsite outside, they wouldn’t even think of it.

Jin Da Pang ordered his men a bit few more before he left.

The old man Lei Bao led them across the small stone bridge.

A total of eight men; Qi Xuan, Hong Chen, Yan, Qi Tian Yao, Jin Da Pang, the old man Lei Bao and the siblings, entered Stellar Night Fortress.

Upon stepping foot onto the other side, ten practitioners suddenly appeared from who knows where, the head which was a Milun master said, “Who are you people looking for?”

The old man replied with an indifferent expression, “I’m looking for Tai Long.”

(Puttty: Tai Lang = 泰朗 = Stellar, his name is literally the Stellar of Stellar Night fortress.)

XinFeng only understood now, the stellar of Stellar Night Fortress was actually someone’s name.

That Milun master’s face revealed a shocked expression, however he did not care to be careless, for him to directly address the head of Stellar Night Fortress, it showed that he was definitely not a simple man, he said, “Please inform me of your name, we will pass the message.”

The old man Lei Bao said, “Lei Bao.” And did not speak afterwards.

That Milun master bowed in respect and turned to leave, the others kept their eyes on them but obviously did not have any signs of aggression.

After a short while, a group of men ran towards them, the leader of them was an old man, he laughed loudly from a distance, “Old Brother Lei, master, haha, you’re finally here, I was already wistful.”

It was a robust and hearty old man who was very famous here, he was very powerful with 5 True ring bodies, Bao Lun Ying True master, he raised a large group of practitioners, in Xi Rong land, he was a tyrannical existence.

Tai Long walked in front of the old man Lei Bao and took a closer look before spreading his arms with a big smile, the two of them hugged for a while and Tai Long asked, “Old brother, you’ve became more youthful, look at me…..my hair and beard is all white, haha.”

An old lady whose hair was entirely white came from behind Tai Long, she laughed, “Old foggy Lei, you’re not dead yet?”

Lei Bao looked carefully and could not help but shout loudly, “It couldn’t be, you….didn’t you die?”

The old lady scolded, “Stupid old foggy, cursing me when we meet!”

The old man Lei Bao laughed loudly, seemingly extremely happy, he said, “Alright, alright, I did not expect old sister to still be so full of energy, haha, hahaha.”

The old lady said, “Of course, I’m no worse than you, stupid old foggy, you left for a few dozen years without leaving a single note, what were you doing! We were worried.”

The old man Lei Bao sighed, he said, “It’s a long story, come, come, come! Feng, Yaoyao, come and meet grandpa and grandma.”

Tai Long asked, “Grandpa, grandma? E, you already have grandchildren, I didn’t know you had a wife?”

The old man Lei Bao replied, “I never had a wife!”

Tai Long said confused, “No wife? Then where did your grandchildren come from.”

The old man said, “Damn it, what’s with all the useless chatter, these are my real grandchildren!”

XinFeng walked forward, “I’ve seen grandpa and grandma.”

XinYao said with a gentle and delicate voice, “Yaoyao pays her respect to grandpa and grandma.”

After nodding towards XinFeng, the old lady’s attention was attracted by Xinyao, she reached her hands out and hugged Xinyao as she joyfully spoke, “Aiyo, I like this kid, Yi……what’s this, this child has a single Lun attribute! Lv Lun……this is amazing, old foggy Lei, you actually have such a promising granddaughter!”

Tai long was instead interested in XinFeng, he said, “A Silan! You….you look at this kid, single Lei Lun attributed, wa……wa…..Ten thousand Lun master, that’s right, you’re called Feng right? How old are you?”

XinFeng replied, “Grandpa, I am 16 years old.”

There were only experts here, they of course understood what a 16 year old Ten Thousand Lun master implies.

A Silan did not let go of Xinyao, she inspected XinFeng for a bit but her attention was yet again stolen by Xinyao, she said, “He should have been personally taught by old foggy Lei, a 16 year old ten thousand Lun master is indeed not bad, however, I like this little girl more.”

A scrawny youngster smiled as he looked at them, he walkd forward and spoke, “Uncle Lei, your nephew, I, has carried out your mission without fail, however, a few of the seniors have not arrived yet.”

The old man Lei Bao smiled, “You run faster than I do, hehe, Yan Wu, is your father coming this time?”

Yan Wu shook his head, “Father is not coming, but has specially sent me here to follow uncle Lei’s orders.”

XinFeng had noticed that the surrounding people were very respectful of Yan Wu, even Tai Long and A Silan who were seniors were very courteous towards Yan Wu, he could not help but feel curious, he did not know that Yan Wu was an expert that had condensed 4 True Ring bodies, a Great True Lun Yin master, his father was more so powerful, even Lei Bao the old man had to call him Old brother, that was a true super expert.

Yan Wu continued, “Uncle Lei, my father let me tell you that, Yi Da Tong…..maybe returning.”

Lei Bao’s expression immediately changed.

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