God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 3

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Book 3 Chapter 3: Consequences of Loss

Within these 3 days, An Shi Zi prepared his troops, his son wasn’t in Hong Tong, but in a large sect from another place. His son was only a Mi Lun master, he was not counted as mighty but his master was a True Lun Yin master with 3 True Ring bodies, a existence similar to Qi Xuan, which was why he wanted to have his son’s master to help them with keeping Qi Xuan in line.

At that moment, An Shi Zi would then kill Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Yao himself.

When An Shi Zi’s son heard of this news, he almost did died fainting, he only had one son. He wanted to explore outside but his strength was not enough to protect him, which was why he placed his son at An Shi Zi’s place, but he unexpectedly died. He immediately found his master, true Lun Yin master Chen Zhi, without caring about his fortune, came back for revenge.

After receiving a big gift from his disciple, Chen Zhi promised to come along with An Danai back to Hong Tong, as An Danai had invited his master, he had opened a Lun Spot and used the ancient Lun passage.

Before waiting for Chen Zhi, An Shi Zi could not resist the urge to fight anymore and on the third day, he had brought a team of humans and horses, within the team was Mi Lun masters and 7-8 ten thousand Lun masters in an attempt to sneak attack hoping to kill Lei Xin Feng and Lei Xin Yao, thinking at Qi Xuan could not do anything to him after the deed had been done.

There were large amounts of men protecting the house of Qi Xuan, even Hong tong and his disciple was living at the huge yard, the same building at where Lei Xin Feng was residing.

After 3 days of carefully collecting information, An Shi Zi found out the room where Lei XinFeng and his sister rested and on that night he had attacked.

An Shi Zi practically brazenly attacked, which is why he did not bother to conceal the noise. XinFeng hid Xinyao and also hid next to the cabinet silently waiting, a dagger in his hand.


As An Shi Zi’s underlings tied up Qi Xuan’s guards, he charged without caring as he remembered the report he had been given about the whereabouts of Lei Xin Feng, he charged from the window and smashed the heatable brick bed twice with his hands, as the hong sounds resonated, the entire heatable brick bed collapsed, if there was someone on it, then that person would definitely be smashed into meat paste.

Success! As this thought ran through An Shi Zi’s mind, he noticed so,ethinf wrong and overturned the heatable brick bed only to realise that there wasn’t anyone on it, without thinking too much, he slammed at wall.

A large hole appeared on the wall, using that hole, An Shi Zi charged into the living room looking at the room where Lei Xin Yao was in, with a cold smile, he rammed towards it.

With a crashing noise, a man came from the outside and shouted “How daring! Attack!”

The two of them attacked, this man was Du Hong Chen that had arrived, An Shi Zi’s speed was too great, as Hong Chen was a bit late, he followed An Shi Zi’s method and smashed open the wall that was blocking him.

After a few attacks, Hong Chen realized that he was no worthy opponent though he was still able to block a few attacks, he knew clearly that he had already lost, he whistled without hesitation.

An Shi Zi was furious he shouted “Bastard, go die!” At that moment, his whole body was covered in a grand gold light.


Qi Xuan had also smashed his way in, he was similarly furious and roared “An Shi Zi!”

The two of them collided together.

Xin Feng hid next to the cabinet, hearing the string of crashing noise along with Qi Xuan’s roar, the next moment a earth shaking sound that caused the whole house to shake violently, as if an earthquake. He was shocked, this was the first time he felt that he was so little and also the first time he had this want to become stronger, without strength, he could only hid at the side, incapable of protecting his family.

This fight between An Shi Zi and Qi Xuan caused him to suffer, looking at Qi Xuan and Du Hong Chen’s taking an attacking form, he knew that he could not go on recklessly anymore, he laughed coldly “I don’t believe that, you can keep guarding……..” He suddenly rammed to the wall the back of him creating a large hole which he left by.

With a whistle, An Shi Zi retreated with his underlings.

Qi Xuan laughed coldly “You will regret in the future! Men!”

A underling came and said “Great elder!”

Qi Xuan said “No need to follow them, all of you go guard the yard!” He did not want to attack them as they retreated, he only wished for his men to continuing to protect Lei Xin Feng and his sister, other matters are not important.

Du Hong Chen ran into Xinfeng’s room and surveyed it “Feng isn’t in the room, old brother, someone within you underlings betrayed you, if not then he would easily find out Feng’s room.”

Qi Xuan nodded “En, it seems so, since he had first smashed in Feng’s room.”

At that moment, XinFeng carried Xinyao out of the room “Have they retreated?”

Qi Xuan nodded “Yes, luckily you were not in the room, if not….then it would have been too late for us to help.”

XinFeng walked into his own room and felt shock, the whole heatable brick bed was collapsed while the beast skin on the group was in pieces, the floor had multiple cracks and the wall had two large human shaped holes.

Qi Xuan said “This guy truly had Barbarian blood in him, attacking and leaving without hesitation.” He knew that he would not chase him, if he wasn’t here to guard and a few more experts came then XinFeng and his sister would truly be in danger.

XinFeng became more vigilant, a single attack of his opponent was something that he could not even block, if he had to face him, then he would surely die, no matter the strength of grandpa, he could only get revenge afterwards, but what was the use of that.

Qi Xuan thought for a while and said “Feng, these few days you and your sister will live with me, I don’t believe that he would dare to attack me directly.” He was betting on that he could hold on till the old man Lei Bao come back, at that time everything will be settled. He could even borrow the old man Lei Bao’s power to kill An Shi Zi and take his underlings and influence, it was two birds with a stone, the only condition to fulfill this was to keep Lei Xin Feng and his sister alive.

As long as these two siblings were alive then the last victory would be Qi Xuan’s.

Within these few days, XinFeng and Xinyao moved into the main building, the main building was extremely robust, it was impossible for An Shi Zi to enter without using the door or the windows.

The security was extremely tight, although Qi Xuan was stronger than An Shi Zi, Qi Xuan could not kill him instantly. Lei Xin Feng and his sister was his weakness, as long as An Shi Zi was able to grasp this weakness, then Qi Xuan would lose. But after this attempt at sneak attacking, Qi Xuan already understood.

Qi Xuan was actually lying, he said that he would bring the siblings to his room but actually he brought them secretly to a hidden room made for training, which was also his underground room.

Xin Feng was rather reluctant but he understood that to keep his life, then this bit of unfairness was worth it.

The hidden room was very small, only about a dozen square meters. Qi Xuan made his men place thick furs on the ground and also bring bedding and short tables along with daily necessities.

XinFeng was greatly shocked by this experience, the want to grow stronger floated in his mind. He finally understood that relying on the strength of his grandpa was not enough, he can only be truly strong when he relies on himself, he needed to start practicing.

Xinyao also noticed that something had gone wrong, which was why she was extremely obedient.

Qi Xuan had already exhorted a few of his underlings to search for the old man Leo Bao, he did not know where did the old man go, but the old man Lei Bao had said that he would come back quickly when he left.

After 23 days, Chen Zhi brought his disciple An Danai had rushed over, at that moment, An Shi Zi’s overall strength increased greatly, with Chen Zhi here to take care of Qi Xuan, even if he cannot kill him, they can at least make him immobile, at that moment Lei Xin Feng and his sister would be like pigs in a slaughter house, there to be killed by him in any way possible.

They rested for a day as An Shi Zi urgently invited Chen Zhi, this time he would not let Lei XinFeng and his sister off, he also wanted to suppress Qi Xuan or even better, kill him, if not then a grave injury would suffice, he could then chase Qi Xuan out and take the position to Great elder, taking this influence.

This time they need not attack sneakily, they would just charge into Qi Xuan’s yard and attack the guards there and subdue them, if they fought back vigorously then they would just be killed.

An Shi Zi practically brought all his experts, which were all at least a Ten Thousand Lun master that amounted to over 70 people and charged into Qi Xuan’s yard.

Qi Xuan was sitting in the yard while the main building was behind him “An Shi Zi, do you plan on destroying Hong Tong.

It was difficult for practicers to leave offspring, An Shi Zi had one son and one grandson, his grandson died ten years ago, leaving only one great grandson, after being killed by Lei Xin Feng, his line would be severed, with his temper, he wanted to kill everyone that was involved.

An Shi Zi laughed coldly “In Hong Tong, only a few are in power, amongst them you belong to the top, I have tolerated you long enough since you have decided to shelter those two little bastards, then you shall pay the price!”

Qi Xuan said “Oh, then what you mean is that you are against me?”

An Shi Zi replied “If that’s what you think then, it isn’t wrong, I believe that you cannot stop me today.”

Qi Xuan said “You called for help? Shouldn’t there be an introduction?”

An Shi Zi was smug, he was capable of finding a true Lun Yin master with 3 true ring bodies, which was quite a feat “Of course, this is the master of my son, Chen Zhi true master, he is a True Lun Yin master.”

Chen Zhi appeared amongst the men and smiled blandly “I’ve heard so much about Qi Xuan True master from Hong Tong, we have finally met.”

Qi Xuan lazily waved his hand “Me too, me too…” His tone was without a bit of respect, his expression halfhearted.

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