God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 9

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Book 2 Chapter 9: Offensive and Defensive

As there were many people around, they quickly found three different points they could climb from. However, after Hong Chen and Chiya’s verification, two were proven unsuitable, and the last one was barely acceptable. This last climbing point was very close to the stone fort.

Hong Chen and a few of the men hid behind a big tree. This spot already allowed them to see the stone fort on the cliff. Chiya said, “No, they will notice us easily!”

Wen Yan said blandly, “Be careful. As long as you can reach the top you will be fine, the hunters up there wouldn’t be a threat.”

Hong Chen nodded. “After you reach the top, you can even ignore them, go to the side, and throw the rope down. Then, when the wipe-out team reaches the top, they’ll take control of the stone fort, and we can easily invade Tiger Cliff Castle.”

Chiya felt a bit of regret. This route was too dangerous. Even though he had Mi ring armor, if he fell, then he would at least suffer heavy injuries. However, thinking back to the conditions Hong Chen had given, which was leaving Yibai village and going outside to manage an area, the reward was much better than staying in Yibai village. He said “I’ll try.”

Hong Chen nodded. “Go, be careful, is the rope prepared already?”

Chiya nodded. The rope was already placed in his Lun Chang space. This enabled him to not need to carry the heavy rope. He did not directly run out, but instead walked along the line between the forest and the cliff, escaping from the light of sight of the stone fort, coming under the cliff. At this point the height of the snow had reduced, so his vision became better.

Hong Chen nodded. “Chiya is still rather cautious.”

Wen Yan said, “Master, if we succeed this time, then perhaps master could enter the inner sect and receive a better position.”

A trace of a smile appeared on Hong Chen’s face. “I hope they didn’t make a mistake.” His gaze swept across Ying Yu and Da Fei, scaring them.

Chiya climbed up along the Cliff. This route was something he had checked repeatedly. There were a few crucial parts he had to be wary of, especially the two places where icicles hung. He needed to break them. These icicles were actually not his worry, but rather he wanted to avoid alarming the guards positioned at the stone fort. Taking care of the icicles without making noise was a huge challenge.

Relying on his strength, Chiya quickly reached the first problem. After all, he was a Milun Master. That was an existence above the Ten Thousand Lun Masters. Originally, this kind of mountain was not even worrying for him, but this time it was different. One reason for which being the snow falling from the skies and the bad weather. The second reason being that he had to avoid alarming the guards. He could not make any loud noises. These were the restrictions stopping him from unleashing his full power.

The first problem was a ice wall about 2 meters wide. He needed to move sideways to get through and continue his way up in an instant. Chiya used one hand to hold onto the ice wall and, after a flicker of fire which lasted for a few minutes, one of his hands passed through the ice wall. After testing it for a bit, his whole body was hanging from above.

The position of the ice wall was at the 1/3rd point of the Cliff. Chiya quickly passed through the ice wall and let out a breath. Relying on Huo Lunli, he easily melted the ice wall and found a foothold.

Hong Chen praised “Clever guy, hoho, easily passing this difficulty.”

Chiya secretly felt proud for a while and continued to make his way up, his speed gradually slowing. He had reached the 2/3rd point of the Cliff, reaching the second difficulty. This was a whole series of small ice walls. Under the snow was a very small Cliff created by the flow of the water.

Wen Yan said, “By the looks of it…it’s not a problem. Chiya should be able to handle it.”

Chiya, though, had run into a problem. The cliff was slightly bulging out and he could not find anywhere to climb up further, something he had not seen when he was in a lower position. If he still could not find a way up, then he would need to forcefully break the cliff open, but doing so would definitely alarm the guards at the stone fort. At this time, he saw something and could not help but feel happy.

It was a gold ring. The first thought Chiya had was that this should have been left behind by the ancestors of Tiger Cliff Castle. Using a bit of strength, he pulled at it and noticed that this ring was securely embedded into the rock, a happy expression appeared on his face and he wondered “Even god wants to help me destroy Tiger Cliff Castle!”

His whole body hung from the ring. Chiya noticed that the ring was still firm and relaxed. To conserve strength, he naturally used Lunli.

As his Lunli passed through his arm, the ring suddenly gave off a glow. Chiya reacted in an instant and shouted miserably. This was too f*cking unlucky — this was the most basic trap, a Lunli Ring Trap. If Chiya had not used Lunli, and instead relied on his own strength, this would not have happened. If it had been a normal person, this would have been a safe ring for them, but once Lunli was applied, this kind of Lunli Ring Trap would activate, shattering within moments.

You must remember that Chiya was hanging from the ring, and the Cliff was inclined out, leaving him no other place to grab, the scariest part being that he had relaxed while hanging on to the Ring, and it had suddenly activated when he was not cautious. Even if he was even stronger, or even is Hongchen was here, the result was probably the same, this was too sinister.

The sound of the Lunli ring exploding was not loud, but Chiya’s miserable shout was too loud.


A string of shouts followed his way down the Cliff.

Hong Chen cursed and pounced out. He could not just watch Chiya fall to his death. He did not mind being held responsible for the deaths of a few Hundred Lun Masters and Thousand Lun Masters, however the death of a Milun Master he would rather not be responsible for. Milun Masters are middle ranked powers: losing one was a big matter.

Chiya’s decent from the cliff was rapid. Luckily, there were no stones that bulged outwards. If he had collided with the cliff, he would not have had to wait to reach the bottom to lose half his life.

Hong Chen gave off a surge of wind in an instant. That surge of wind was very special: it was like countless rings, from small to big, quickly wrapping around Chiya. He speedily spun in the wind, making Chiya feel light headed as he gave off a deafening shriek.

However, this mad surge of wind allowed Chiya to escape the momentum of the giant fall.


Chiya fell head first onto the ground. Relying on his Mi Ring Armor, he easily took the impact from hitting the ground. However, when he stood up he could not walk properly, and walked as if drunk. His steps all over the place. “Motherf*cking bastard…I’m too f*cking unlucky…ah…I’m dizzy…bastard!”


Hong Chen raised his hand and slapped him.

Covering his face, Chiya was a bit sobered, and immediately understood that it was Hong Chen whom had saved his life. Shaking his head he said, “Thank you…Master Du…” After being slapped, he still needed to thank Hong Chen.”

“What happened? Why did you suddenly fall?”

Chiya was fuming. “F*ck…there were traps up the cliff! A Lunli Ring…too unlucky!”

“Lunli Ring? This type of thing…Without a Milun Master, it couldn’t be used. Could it be that Tiger Cliff Castle has a Milun Master?”

Da Fei wanted to say something but did not dare to interrupt.

Wen Yan said, “Speak!”

Da Fei answered. “It is impossible for Tiger Cliff Castle to have a Milun Master….we from Lead Eagles and Tiger Cliff Castle have been fighting for a few hundred years. We have never encountered a Milun Master from Tiger Cliff Castle.”

Hong Chen stared at the top of the cliff angrily. Once sneak attacking was out of the window, he would need to forcefully invade. However, with this kind of terrain, it would be a hard thing to accomplish.

A sharp whistle sounded from the cliff top. That was an alarm whistle.

Chiya’s face became extremely ugly. This kind of whistle was something he could understand: everyone, gather and occupy the land. A normal person could easily give out the strength of a Thousand Lun Master. A stone appeared from above. Without a real expert, no one could block.

Quickly, there was shuffling in the shadows at the cliff top.

Cang Yu had brought a group of humans and horses and asked, “Why did you whistle?”

The two guards positioned at the fort were Hu San and Ke Dao. Hu San answered, “Patriarch, there was someone who attempted to climb up, but fell down!”

Cang Yu looked down and saw a few human shadows in the forest below. “Where did those people come from?”

“Don’t know, these people should be rather powerful, he fell….and we saw someone giving off a surge of strange wind, which was why that man did not die from falling, and then they retreated into the forest.

Cang Yu’s faced changed. “Lead Eagle’s men? Or Yibai Village’s men?” Those were the only two places that knew the location of Tiger Cliff Castle. The Lead Eagles men were still provokable, but Yibai Village men were definitely not.

“Don’t know…”

Cang Yu quickly decided. “Prepare rocks and mobilize everyone to throw down the rocks. Also, heat the water…”

These were already prepared by Tiger Cliff Castle, by the ancestors. At that moment, the top of the Cliff became lively. The whole of Tiger Cliff Castle was mobilized except for those below five and above sixty. The rest of them had to hide. Children 5-8 years old only had one task, which was to keep the fire going and fill up the hanging pots with ice. With it being winter, they did not even need to look for a water source.

Hong Chen thought for a while. “Da Fei, go tell everyone! Let the people of Tiger Cliff Castle surrender.”

Da Fei could only listen and, using his Lunli, shouted, “People of Tiger Cliff Castle listen: I am Da Fei of Lead Eagles. I, together with the experts of Yibai village, want you to surrender! Immediately let down your rope basket!” He shouted without stopping.

Quickly, an loud sound appeared from the top of the cliff. “Leave!”

Everyone had said the same word at the same time. Al of their hearts were filled with straightforwardness. These people may be simple, and may not know much of the world, but the only thing they did not lack was a thirst for blood. With their enemy on their doorstep, how could they surrender without a fight?

Coldness appeared on Hong Chen’s face. “You fail to appreciate kindness!”

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