God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 20

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Book 3 Chapter 20: Suspicion (2)

Tai Long said, “This time we have old brother Lei, me, Old brother Yan Wu, old sister A Silan, old brother Qi Xuan, old brother Du Hong Chen and also the experts of Stellar Night fortress; 12 true masters. Other than that, Old brother Lei also invited a few experts that haven’t reached here yet. I suppose that we can have about 15-18 True masters, enough to snatch the Lun Chang space, at least we can grab the biggest share of it, even with the three strongest influential forces of Xi Rong land, we should be able to occupy the best spot.”

“We need to decide on how we split it, do we go according to the old rules or do we set new rules?”

The aforementioned rule was to split the things according to the amount of effort put in to finish the job.

The old man said, “Anything’s fine with me.”

A Silan said, “I’ll give my share to Yaoyao.”

Yan Wu laughed, “Old auntie, you haven’t even taken in the disciple and you’re already trying to please her?” A Silan was good friends with his father, even if his level was the same as hers, he still called her old auntie.

A Silan said, “Please her? Yaoyao is my precious!” As she spoke she hugged Xinyao, laughing as she spoke, “Yaoyao, are you my precious?”

Xinyao gave her face and replied, “Yes, A Silan granny.”

A Silan smiled and said, “Our Yaoyao is so sensible, Yaoyao, next time don’t call me granny, call me master, okay?” She started to bewitch the little lady.

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But who knew that Xinyao wouldn’t fall for her words, she said honestly, “Grandpa said, Master isn’t a term to be used easily……granny A Silan.”

A Silan was not discouraged and spoke whilst still hugging her, “Aiyo, Yaoyao, why are you so smart, I like.” No matter what Xinyao said, she would all like it, causing Lei Bao and XinFeng to become dumbfounded.

Yan Wu said smiling, “Little sister, come with me, I’ll help you find a better master, what do you think?”

A Silan was instantly enraged, “Yan Wu, you sure are daring, how dare you poach my people!”

Without waiting for Yan Wu to speak, Xinyao said, “I won’t go with you!”

Upon hearing her words, Silan smiled, her rage gone.

Yan Wu asked curiously, “Why?”

Xinyao replied, “Brother said, I can’t go anywhere with male strangers!”

Yan Wu choked and could not speak while A Silan laughed loudly, “That’s right, that’s right, we don’t go with stinky, male strangers.”

Xinyao nodded with strength, “En!”

The old man Lei Bao asked, “Old sister, you are serious?”

A Silan replied seriously, “Of course! I am definitely serious, don’t worry, if you leave Yaoyao with me, I would definitely put in all my effort to nurture her, I definitely won’t mistreat her!”

The old man thought for a while before speaking, “She is too young now, wait till she is about 15 years old before we decide.”

XinFeng also did not wish for Yaoyao to leave right now, he had brought Xinyao up, for her to leave would be an uncomfortable thing for him, but he knew that if Xinyao were to follow A Silan, it would be better than if she followed him, there was hesitation in his heart, he did not know what to do.

A Silan spoke sincerely, “You too, know that if Yaoyao starts following me now, she would already have many things to learn, it would be better than starting her education at 15.”

Lei Bao knew this too, it was much better to start early like how XinFeng did, occasionally, he would not know the benefits of doing certain things, but as long as he just went with it, when he truly started training, the benefits will show themselves.

“Let’s talk about this later, we need to first settle on how to split things.”

The old man Lei Bao changed the topic.

Yan Wu replied, “Let’s wait until everyone gets here, if we do it now, it may be a bit too early, they should be here soon.”

After thinking for a bit, Tai Long also agreed, “Alright, let’s put this topic off for a bit.” He then continued, “The time when the LunChang space will appear…..I already know it, there’s quite a few people there guarding it, but it isn’t time yet.”

Yan Wu asked, “Have we already sent people?”

Tai Long replied, “En, I already have a few groups of men out, they’ll report to us if anything happens.”

At this moment, a ten thousand Lun master came and walked to Tai Long’s side, after whispering at his ear for a while, Tai Long shouted, “What? How daring!”

Lei Bao already stood up, he asked, “How many people came?”

XinFeng raised his head and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

A Silan replied, “Your men….they appear to have been attacked.”

Jin Da Pang instantly became worried, he stood up and asked, “Who are they?”

Xi Quan understood, their killings have been found out. Hong Chen’s expression changed slightly, however he wasn’t too worried, with the large amount strength of these people here, it probably shouldn’t become a huge matter.

Tai Long spoke with a heavy tone, “How many of them are there?”

That ten thousand Lun master answered, “There’s 7 true masters, hundreds of Milun masters and a lot of thousand and ten thousand Lun masters.”

Tai Long asked, “How many of them are from sects?”

That ten thousand Lun masters replied, “A dozen or so small sects are involved, they are the ones that were training in our territory, they say that…..a lot of their disciples were killed.”

Tai long spoke, “How does the death of their disciples concern my guests, f*ck, let them enter! To dare to detain the underlings of my guests, they’re too daring!” He felt shamed.

Lei Bao spoke indifferently, “If my men were to be injured, old brother, you need not meddle in this matter.”

Tai Long felt a chill, he knew the old man Lei Bao’s temper and personality, this guy would find faults with someone who did not even anger him, now this group of idiots actually dared came to pick a fight, it was terrifying to think about what would happen, some people weren’t to be angered and Lei Bao was definitely that sort of person.

“Don’t worry, old brother, I’ll take care of it.”

Tai Long had relations with these small sects, he did not wish for Lei Bao to do anything, if he did, it was hard to even have a few survivors.

Jing Da Pang couldn’t sit still, this fellow treated his soldiers preciously, last time he was enraged after two of them died, he spoke, “Let me go take a look!”

Qi Xuan and Hong Chen were worried too, “We’ll go too.”

Lei Bao definitely could not stay out of this matter, he also said, “Let’s go together!” Although he wasn’t a commander, he still had the highest rank in terms of identity, as well as his strength, which was why his words weren’t treated lightly, Tai Long replied, “That’s good too, let’s go!” He softly instructed his underlings and brought the crowd there.

They quickly reached the bridge.

There was a confrontation between Tai Long’s men and the experts of the small sects, neither of them relented and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

Jin Da Pang and Qi Xuan’s underlings as well as their Sha Tuo beasts were captured by them, their ten thousand And thousand Lun masters were tied up, a few of their faces were beaten black and blue.

Tai Long took the lead and split from the crowd, walking to the bridge, he saw the tied up men and his expression became glum as he spoke, “Let them go!”

XinFeng had also followed them while Xinyao was carried by A Silan, XinFeng noticed that there were a lot of people at the opponent’s side, as for the seven leaders, they were silent and had an imposing aura, it was obvious with one glance that they belonged to a generation of power, not only was their strength fearsome, they also had high ranks, that sort of pressure was rather big, upon closing on to them, their imposing aura pressurized him, causing him to stop in his tracks.

Lei Bao stood behind Tai Long, not that he didn’t dare to come forward, but he needed to save some face for Tai Long and let him settle this, he would only step up if Tai Long couldn’t do it. He wasn’t urgent at all, this was also an after effect of his injury, after a dozen or so years of steeling himself, his personality became rather stable, unlike his previous bad tempered self, which would explode in anger easily.

Tai long felt uneasy, he was afraid that Lei Bao would not be able to hold it in and attack, he used to associate with the old man Lei Bao for a while, that period of time was extremely thrilling, many things would happen inexplicably, practitioners could glance at Lei Bao with a bit of disdain and be beaten half to death by him, as for those that irked him would definitely be killed.

But it was different this time, Lei Bao who reached the scene did not speak, he merely squinted his eyes while his thoughts were unknown, not only did this make Tai Long sigh in relief, even Yan Wu and A Silan did the same, they all knew the temper of Lei Bao and did not expect that in this meeting, this fellow actually became calm.

Upon seeing Tai Long, the seven of the True masters’ enraged expressions lightened slightly, an old man that seemed to be the leader spoke, “Old brother Tai Long, I am incapable of releasing them right now!”

Tai Long asked, “Why?”

That old man replied, “Because, we lost eighty of our training disciples…..I suspect that it was them who did it!” With this sentence of his, Qi Xuan, Hong Chen and Jin Da Pang exchanged glances and sighed at the same time, they did not have conclusive evidence, however, even if they did, they didn’t care. Although, that would cause a large scale battle.

Though Tai Long was not sure of what had happened, upon hearing the deaths of so many disciples, he could not help but be shocked, but he did not think that it was the old man Lei Bao who did it, it wasn’t logical. He thinks if these sects offended Lei Bao, with his temper, none of them here would be alive now, where would there be anyone here to catch anyone?

Yan Wu spoke with a heavy tone, “You suspect? With only suspect…..you dare to catch people?”

The alliance of twenty or so small sects were actually a rather large force, Tai Long suddenly experienced a headache, using strength to oppress them would be a bad decision, before he could speak, the old man Lei Bao tapped his shoulder lightly and walked forward before the crowd.

The old man Lei Bao spoke indifferently, “Everyone slap themselves ten times and let my men go, and I will then let you go!

The opponent were all shocked, where did this crazy old man come from, did he not see the ten True masters here and the countless experts? His words were too mean, to slap themselves ten times? Who did this old man think he was?

After a while, that group of men suddenly burst into laughter, someone even commented, “Is this old man crazy?”

Someone even shouted loudly, “Old man, you slap yourself a hundred times…..haha, then I’ll let you live! Haha!

A hint of a mocking smile appeared at the sides of the old man Lei Bao’s mouth.

The sides of Tai long and Yan Wu’s mouth dropped, they knew what was coming, Lei Bao’s temper was something they knew well, this ironical smile signified that he was about to do something.

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