God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 16

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Book 7 Chapter 16: Lingering Vengeance (2)

Both Feng Ying and Shi Hu also had cooking equipment in their Hidden Lun Space as well, but since XinFeng had already took his out, they didn’t need to worry. Furthermore, the two of them were not familiar with cooking, even if the one cooking was their little owner, they still wouldn’t be able to help, their skills were too lacking.

Braised fish, fried prawns, another plate of salted beef and a large pot of rice was quickly cooked with XinFeng’s speed. His culinary skills was not extremely good but with his experience from his past life, anything he cooked would better than Feng Ying and Shi Hu’s. Jin Da Pang from Xi Rong Land was a true cook, even XinFeng was respectful of his cooking skills.

That simple dish combined with absolute freshness made it rather delicious, and with the three of their appetites far surpassing mortals, they easily cleaned all the dishes in a flash.

Wiping the oil off his mouth, Feng Ying complimented, “Delicious!”

Shi Hu sighed, “Old Ying, let’s just eat this ready-made food……it’s much better than the food we cook!”

XinFeng felt rather gloomy, was he the owner, or were they the owner?

After the meal, the three of them lazed at the boat’s front as XinFeng used the chance to ask about his master and senior master.

The first four days were consecutively sunny days, but XinFeng was extremely patient, the good thing was that they did not lack food, so they would either cultivate, chat or swim, spending their time leisurely.

On the fifth day, dawn was similarly clear, but after XinFeng woke up, the skies were dark and foggy, their vision only clear up to a few meters. He was instantly excited, was it going to rain?

But who knew that at noon, the fog had disappeared as the sky became bright again, making XinFeng’s face go green as he complained, “I must be going crazy, isn’t this place supposed to be a lightning storm area? The weather is perfect……even sunnier than the skies at Ripple Origin City, are you going to rain or not……”

Seeing XinFeng’s mood go bad, Feng Ying and Shi Hu tried to pacify him, despite not knowing why he was angry.

At noon, XinFeng lazily sat at the boat’s side, his two legs submerged in the lake water as he looked afar, thinking in his heart, “I wonder where did grandpa go……wu, grandpa is strong, he should be fine, but little sister……who knows where she is. A Silan……A Silan actually took her away, I wonder if the people of Ripple Origin City can find her sect……”

Feng Ying suddenly flew to the skies as Shi Hu followed him a moment after.

XinFeng was instantly interrupted and looked up, “Uncle Hu, uncle Ying, what’s wrong?”

Quickly, Feng Ying landed, “There’s six large boats coming.”

XinFeng asked, “Towards us?”

Shi Hu also landed, “That’s right, towards us.”

XinFeng asked, “Are they just passing by?”

Feng Ying shook his head, “Not sure, but they shouldn’t be a threat. Hehe, if they decide to be idiots, it’ll be fun.” the three of them were bored of this lifestyle, and having something interesting to do would be nice.

XinFeng laughed, “It’s only been five days, let’s wait a bit longer, ai, nothing comes when I wait and……what does comes is what I hate.”

Shi Hu spoke, “That’s a mysterious sentence……I don’t understand.”

Feng Ying also spoke, “I don’t understand either, hey hey, it’s too deep.”

XinFeng was on the verge of hitting them but a pity that his two guards were much stronger than him. Snorting, he spoke, “Idiot! It’s such a simple sentence, in layman’s terms, it means that you can’t get what you want but you get what you don’t want.”

The two of them purposefully angered him and shook their heads, “Don’t understand!”

XinFeng scolded, “Go die! Anger me to death!”

The two of them laughed loudly as XinFeng could not help but join in, he sighed, “Ai, how troublesome……hehe.”

Quickly, the sail boats could be seen, and with some careful inspection, he spoke curiously, “It seems to be aiming at us, strange, there shouldn’t be boats here, we didn’t even see one after staying for so long yet six of them appeared suddenly.”

Suddenly, the skies darkened as dark clouds appeared in it.

Looking up, XinFeng was overjoyed, “Yi, the sky’s dark! It’s about to rain, haha.” he was excited in an instant.

Both Feng Ying and Shi Hu did not understand, what was so good about rain?

As sounds of thunder travelled over, XinFeng became even more happier and the Lun Yin Li in his body started circulating furiously, his cultivation had actually increased by a bit.

Both Feng Ying and Shi Hu had felt that something was not right, but they did not know where. Looking at each other, they both heightened their senses.

The large boats were only a few hundred meters away as they suddenly dispersed to form a surrounding formation, closing in quickly.

Changing his view of the skies to the large boats, XinFeng easily spotted a few people on the boat as he cursed, “It really is a lingering vengeance!” he had actually spotted a few masked men.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu both saw it as well. Feng Ying asked, “Fake Masked Men?”

XinFeng nodded, “I don’t know what they did to me to actually be able to chase me all the way to this place.”

Shi Hu spoke, “En, since they chased you all the way here, they need not leave anymore. Old Ying, think of a method to catch their boss and destroy their organization!” to dare to pursue their little master meant that they had to face his two bodyguard’s merciless killing.

XinFeng nodded, “This organization is very annoying, they’re like a mad dog, not letting go after biting down.”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’s alright, leave it to us.”

The large boats quickly surrounded the small boat, all six boats were thirty meters long, each carrying up to two hundred people. This showed how important XinFeng was to them. The people on the boats this time had another different color again, one was wearing a gold mask while two wore silver masks, accompanied by a group of red, blue, black and green masks.

Feng Ying’s faced changed slightly, “The enemies seem to be rather strong, to have seventh and sixth ringed true masters, I wonder if they have an eighth ringed true master?”

Shi Hu spoke, “There isn’t, the strongest one is the gold masked fellow, seventh ringed, you’re right.”

XinFeng spoke, “Fuck……they really want to kill me, hehe, to send seventh and sixth ringed true masters for a fourth ringed master, they really think highly of me.”

If Feng Ying and Shi Hu were not here, XinFeng would simply not be their match, but one thing the Fake Masked Fellow overlooked was that they never expected XinFeng to have two eighth ringed guards, and that even if XinFeng were to look for help, the strongest person he could find would be a sixth ringed expert. But who knew that XinFeng was not a disciple of a large sect, but a direct disciple of a Master Sect.

A seventh ringed true master expert was not a tyrant at a large sect, but a destroyer of large sects. To him, killing a true master with his fourth ringed was a task impossible to mess up on, that also meant that the hatred of the Fake Masked men had towards XinFeng was deep to their bones, or they wouldn’t have sent such a powerful expert.

Feng Ying spoke, “This organization should be very strong, to easily send seventh and sixth ringed experts, they should have more experts. En, we also have to gather our experts to ruin their organization, we need preparation.”

Shi Hu spoke, “Just borrow a few experts.”

Feng Ying spoke, “En, after this battle ends, I’ll go back.”

“That’s him! That’s him!”

A blue masked man pointed at XinFeng as he shouted at the gold masked man.

Hearing that voice, XinFeng laughed, “You still have the face to come back after running away?”

The gold masked man took a step forward as he coldly spoke, “Little fellow, you’re really gusty, I’ll give you a chance to live, surrender, you can’t escape. Hehe, your potential seems not bad, if you follow our organization I’ll let you live.” he spoke condescendingly.

XinFeng could not help but laugh, “Haha, you think you’ll definitely get me? Will you kill me, if I do not surrender?”

The blue masked man spoke, “You’re definitely doomed!”

XinFeng spoke, “It’s not sure yet who will die, I let you escape last time but it may not end the same way this time.”

The skies turned darker as a bolt of lightning flashed, shaking sounds of thunder coming from afar as rain started to drizzle from the sky.

XinFeng reached his hand out as a few drops of water fell on his palm, “It’s raining!”

Seeing how unconcerned XinFeng was, the gold masked man was furious, “Men, catch him!” a silver masked fellow from his side spoke, “I’ll do it, hehe, the little fellow is rather strong.”

This was a sixth ringed true master, to him, killing XinFeng was like killing a chicken with a cow’s knife.

The silver masked man flew from the boat and pounced towards him.

Though XinFeng could not see his cultivation, for him to be able to fly, he knew that the silver masked man was at least a sixth ringed true master, someone he couldn’t defend against, so he didn’t even bother fighting, he wasn’t that dumb. He spoke, “I’ll leave it to you!”

Hearing his voice, Feng Ying pounced over.

Shi Hu spoke, “Don’t worry, Feng Ying will take care of it.”

XinFeng laughed, “Of course!”

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