God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 20

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Book 2 Chapter 20: The Urge to Kill People (2)

XinFeng did not know the old man’s worries, he felt that such a life was not bad, he could visit many places, see many wonders of this world.

Xi Quan and the old man exchanged a few more sentences, only then did he leave, satisfied.

Waiting after Xi Quan, Hong Chen and his disciple left, XinFeng asked “Grandpa, Xi Rong land and the place we originally wanted to go…..are they close?”

The old man laughed “It’s two different directions, hoho, however you need not worry, we can find a Lun spot at Xi Rong land, it won’t take much time.”

XinFeng felt shocked, there were Lun spots, and ancient Lun passages, perhaps traveling in this world wasn’t a hard thing to accomplish, the only problem is that there must be a expert with 4 True Ring bodies at his side, if not even if there was a Lun spot, it cannot be used, let alone opening a ancient Lun passage.

The old man said “You bring Yaoyao to play in Hong Tong City for a few days, I have things to do and will have to leave for an amount of time, it won’t be long, here you have Grandpa Xi to take care of you, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

The second day, the old man left instructions for Xi Quan, letting him assign guards to XinFeng and Xinyao, especially when the 2 children were playing in Hong Tong City, there must be people protecting them, this assignment was left to Hong Chen and his disciple.

Upon hearing about shopping, Xinyao was instantly happy, she was different from XinFeng who had memories of his past life. Until now, she had not went to a city before, let alone shopping, although she was young, girls took a natural liking to shopping, adding the fact that she was sensible, capable of taking care of the house and that all the clothes and food were under her care, she had nurtured a housewife personality.

At home, she could instruct her brother and grandfather to do things, at home, she had the highest position, everyone had to listen to her.

She had tied the pouch of gold rings onto her waist which created a “Ding” sound as she walked, especially so when she skipped, Xinyao enjoyed the sound very much, with every sound, she would feel assured, because she knew that these gold and sliver rings can be exchanged for various types of food and items in this city, even though she had not used them before, she could not help but like it.

When Hong Chen and Wenyan reached the outside of their room, XinFeng and Xinyao had already finished preparing, following the 2 of them to the streets.

The place they wanted to go, was the place with many small stalls that they had seen as they just entered the city, the amount of items there had the most variety, the best place to shop.

As Xinyao had never used money, she tightly grabbed on to XinFeng’s hand, looking curiously at the stalls, the miscellaneous items placed here were all very simple, but as Xinyao had never seen these items before, she carefully inspected all the stalls, rarely buying anything.

Reaching a stall that sold cloth and silk, Xinyao stopped moving, the beautiful patterns on the cloths catching her eyes, she stared at it, causing XinFeng to laugh “Yaoyao, buy some of them.”

Xinyao nodded, but she did not know how to buy things as she had never had to do so.

XinFeng walked in front and asked “This big brother, how much is the cloth?”

A skinny teen wearing a fur coat answered invitingly “Little bro, this satin of mine is from Mylar country, you know, this satin is the specialty of Mylar country, it has bright colors and is used for making clothes, it’s quality cannot be better , little bro….how much are you willing to pay?”

Xinfeng said “I asked you how much is the satin? What’s with all this useless talk!” He was obviously annoyed.

That skinny teen was shocked, hearing the annoyance in XinFeng’s voice, he hurriedly said “A gold ring for a inch…..if you buy a bit more, I can reduce the price.”

Xinyao did not understand the concept of bargaining yet “A inch for a gold ring……” She silently calculated how many gold rings were left in the pouch.

XinFeng did not understand the range of acceptable prices, which was why he turned to ask Wenyan “A inch of satin for a gold ring, is it this sort of price?”

Wenyan nodded “The price is roughly there, there isn’t many people who would buy this satin, especially this season, if it was the summer, then they would have better sales.”

Xinyao did not know how to sew clothes, she merely liked the gorgeous color of the satin and the soft feeling of it, it was a pure liking to the satin, after thinking for a long while, she did not buy it and pulled XinFeng to leave, walking down the road, many things caught her eye, but she did not buy almost any of it, at last she only bought 2 fur hats and 2 pairs of fur socks for brother and grandpa, but nothing for herself.

But at last XinFeng could not bear it and bought some trinkets and a few silk flowers which made the little lady extremely happy.

Holding the silk flowers, the little lady skipped in front of everyone, the pouch on her waist jingling, suddenly a few young men walked in front and stopped her, one of them even spoke “Aiya, this little girl is rich, where’s the adults?”

Xinyao looked vigilantly at them and said “Move!”

Those few young men surrounded her, one of them grabbed fiercely at the pouch, pulling at it attempting to take it, but he did not expect that Xinyao had tied the pouch tightly to herself, at the same time she also grabbed tightly at the pouch, shouting loudly “What are you doing!”

A few of those young men gleefully grabbed at Xinyao, another one even forcefully pulled apart her hand, at that time, Xinyao cried loudly “Brother, brother!”

As XinFeng was speaking to Hong Chen, he did not notice until Xinyao called brother, hearing so, he immediately felt that something was off and at that moment, a surge of unknown fire rushed into his head, he was indifferent to other things but when it came to his little sister, it was his absolute bane, someone that no one should harm, giving a roar, he charged out.

With one of his hands, he grabbed one of the young men’s neck, his other balled into a fist and punched open that young men’s head, the anger of a ten thousand Lun master how can these young men who had just started to train and weren’t even a hundred Lun master, block his attacks. With a few attacks, XinFeng had already killed one of them and stepped viciously on 2 others.

Xinyao cried as she jumped into XinFeng’s embrace, she had been terrified by the sudden robbery.

“Don’t cry, Yaoyao, don’t cry!”

That surge of anger had already caused XinFeng’s eyes to turn red, he had entirely lost his reason and took out his dagger, so be it if he killed, he didn’t care at all, at this moment, his personality from his past world suddenly disappeared.

A whistle sounded and a group of patrolling hundred Lun masters came, one of them shouted “Put down that weapon!”

XinFeng shouted “F*ck you!” And directly stabbed a young men to death, he did not care whether the team was there or not, he was too mad at this point.

Hong Chen was also shocked, he did not expect XinFeng to be so bad tempered and was capable of killing on the streets.

There was 8 hundred Lun masters in a team, each of them welding a spear that was pointed at XinFeng, if XinFeng continued to to kill, then they would kill him without any hesitation.

Hong Chen shouted “Stop!”

XinFeng suddenly turned his head and said “You want me to stop?”

Hong chen’s heart leaped for a moment, he had noticed that XinFeng’s eyes had became red and hurriedly said “I want them to stop!” As he spoke, he took out a gold sign and raised his arm for everyone to see “I am the elder of the outer sect! Let your leader come over! Also, catch these brats, f*ck, robbing in bright daylight, outrageous!”

After stabbing 2 young men who touched Xinyao, he finally calmed down by a bit and hugged Xinyao, asked “Yaoyao, are you hurt?”

Xinyao hugged back at XinFeng’s neck and replied softly “I’m fine, brother, they snatched my money! Wu wu!

(Puttty: wu wu=crying sounds.)

XinFeng said as his heart ached “Don’t cry, don’t cry, brother will help you.”

Wenyan felt a stab of jealousy, this brother really doted his sister, he even killed 2 people that attempted to rob his sister, but she thought of the old man Lei Bao and could not help but shudder, as she knew how much the old man doted on them.

Hong Chen was slightly scared, silently blaming himself, if Xinyao had been injured, then he would be in deep trouble.

The few young men were terrified, they were disciples that just joined Hong Tong, they would always come to the market and steal from people, the patrolling teams would always let them go as they were preparatory disciples, as long as they could escape, then the guards would pretend as though nothing happened, which was why these young men became even more daring.

The person in charge of the patrolling team, which was also a disciple of the outer sect, a Milun master, hurriedly rushed over and asked “Who killed?”

As he cooled down, XinFeng became shocked that he would be so furious, unable to control himself, his mind only filled with thoughts of killing, it was practically impossible to control, adding the fact that his strength now was rather good, he could not help but to kill.

If it was XinFeng’s personality from his last life, he would merely just give these kind of people a beating if he was capable of doing so, he would absolutely not want to kill anyone.

However, this world was different, killing wasn’t a taboo thing, if anyone had killed then nothing could be done, it was the fault of these preparatory disciples to choose Xinyao to bully, but it was already good enough that XinFeng had cooled down before he killed them all.

XinFeng said coldly “I killed them! What are you going to do about it?”

That person in charge was immediately angry, how dare he kill in Hong Tong city, he was not putting the power of Hong Tong city in his eye “Men, catch him!”

XinFeng said blandly “You can try to catch me?”

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