God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 19

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Book 5 Chapter 19: A Luxurious Life

This was a Chinese garden, similar to the jiangnan gardens of his previous life, with a small bridge over a lake, white walls with black tiles, painted beams, it was a traditional building. Once the construction was finished, even Aiba was shocked, the building was extremely beautiful, especially the man made hill and lake, along with trees and plants, making it exceptionally beautiful.

The entire construction took less than ten days, gaining XinFeng’s respect. The people here had great efficiency, to the point where he couldn’t even imagine it. Once he had provided the ideas, the foundation was already built in a day, and in less than eight days, the entire construction was complete, while the last day was spent on furnishing. Their speed was simply unimaginable.

Once the Chinese garden was complete, even master was shocked, even senior master went to explore it, and was similarly shocked.

XinFeng didn’t expect that with a simple construction from his past, he would get so much fame.

But once it was complete, XinFeng immediately regretted his decision, the building brought back too many things of the past, therefore only after a few days, XinFeng moved to a house in another area from it, leaving it empty, causing Yin Yao and Qi Mei Yun to visit regularly, the two of them especially loved this building, causing endless fights amongst them.

And in a short frame of a few days, XinFeng gradually got to understand the general situation of this hidden space.

The aforementioned hidden space was a completely different thing from Hidden Lun space, the Hidden Lun space followed its owner, but a hidden space remained immobile after its creation. It could be used as a place for living, and for this hidden space, it housed tens of thousands of people.

This hidden space was inherited by Guqi, it had been under the management of multiple generations, becoming a place extremely suitable for living, a place senior master frequently stayed in for long periods of time.

This senior master’s name was Wuri, an extremely mysterious fellow.

In total Guqi had seventeen direct disciples, excluding XinFeng, his youngest disciple. He also had three thousand preparatory disciples, while there were only three hundred retainers. Their positions far surpassed the preparatory disciples, only slightly below the direct disciples. Of course, retainers required extremely high strength.

The guards were more plentiful in numbers, reaching three to four thousand in total, while the servants were innumerable, with at least ten thousand. There were also normal humans who were even below servants, their numbers even higher, tens of thousands of them lived outside of the hidden space.

Amongst the direct disciples, there wasn’t any difference in status, other than listening to Guqi, the others were ignored. Every direct disciple was considered a master here, their status basically at the top of the pyramid.

Despite senior master Wuri having the highest status here, Guqi was the one managing everything, some things were left untouched by him. One must know that Wuri had a decent amount of disciples. His reason for living here was that the surroundings were more to his liking here, and that Guqi who had extreme respect for him, making his life extremely comfortable.

Amongst the disciples, only five of them were present, fourth senior sister Qi Mei Yun, senior sister Yin Yao, seven senior brother Teng Yuan, eight senior sister Miao Ling and XinFeng. As for the eldest senior Feng Chen Zhong, second senior Yu Kou, third senior brother Xin Zhao Lun, and fifth senior brother Bai Tian Ming, they were all out with their own missions.

Within XinFeng’s understanding, the other direct disciples at least had four true ring bodies, and that was senior sister Miao Lin, the others had higher cultivations, amongst them not a single one could he afford to offend. However, this senior sister Miao Lin was thirty years old, while XinFeng was only seventeen, definitely in the young brother category.

With his two lives combined together, he had never lived comfortably, this was his first time experiencing servants listening to his beck and call, anything he requested would be settled by someone immediately, he completely did not need to do anything.

Quickly, XinFeng adapted to such a life, this was the best place for relaxation. No wonder senior master continue to stay here, it was far too comfortable, but if he wanted to raise his cultivation, to find grandpa and his sister, he could not continue relaxing.

After pondering heavily for a few days, XinFeng decided to leave, but before he did, he needed to learn to use his cultivation level to its max potential.

“Uncle Ai!”

XinFeng’s manager was a short middle aged man with a constant strained face, his expression extremely stern. His name was Ai Shan Er, which basically meant thirty second Ai. All the managers had the surname Ai, the first to seventh already died, and the eighth Ai was the main manager, according to the numbers, XinFeng’s manager was the thirty second Ai, his formal name Ai Shan Er.

(Puttty: Shan sounds like three in Chinese and Er sounds like two.)

Ai Shan Er walked over and greeted, “Ah Feng.” He had originally called him owner, but being called with such a term made him too uncomfortable, and after persistent dissuading, Ai Shan Er called XinFeng as Ah Feng in private, but if there were anyone present, he could call him owner.

XinFeng spoke, “I’m heading to master’s, prepare my transportation.”

Ai Shan Er nodded and brought a few servants with him. XinFeng had ten guards, and two of them followed him 24/7, both of which were extremely powerful experts, with eight true ring bodies, they were actually only guards here. With this kind of strength, they would be absolute experts of sects outside.

As for the four retainers, they professionally took care of the matters of the house. Once XinFeng established his area of influence, these four retainers would be very important, but now they simply lived in his house, without much to do.

There were two shifts for the guards, every shift with five guards. Four of them had four true ring bodies, Great True Lun Yin masters, and one was a True Heart Yin master with eight true ring bodies.

Two of which followed him around constantly, both True Heart Yin masters with eight true ring bodies, one named Shihu, the other named Feng Ying, both of which XinFeng dared not to command around. One he called uncle Hu, the other uncle Ying.

Today was uncle Ying’s turn to guard him, leading four guards as they followed XinFeng.

Retainers did not follow their owner around unless ordered, but XinFeng had no use for them currently, he actually did not want to bring the guards around either, but he couldn’t refuse them and could only get used to it.

Ai Shan Er came before him, “Ah Feng, your transport is ready, will you leave now?”

XinFeng nodded, “En, I’ll go now, uncle Ying, let’s go together.

Feng Ying nodded as four guards silently appeared, as he was a bodyguard, he was always at XinFeng’s side. At the height of two meters, taller than XinFeng by a head, XinFeng would always mumble in his heart, ‘What’s the point of growing so tall?’, standing beside this fellow was quite demeaning.

The aforementioned transportation was simply a seat above a cloud beast with a cover. Such a thing was not too foreign to him. The cloud beast was a beast who flew very slowly, its existence unknown to XinFeng until he had come here, even in the hidden Lun space, such a beast was extremely rare, only a few people were capable of riding it, it symbolized identity and status.

Seated on the cloud beast, the cloud beast slowly floated forward, despite its lack of speed, it was rather stable, moving with two rows of servants flanking it.

And in ten minutes, the cloud beast reached Guqi’s residence, and since someone already reported their arrival beforehand, Aiba had come to welcome them.

Aiba greeted, “Ah Feng.”

XinFeng smiled, “Uncle Ai, I’m here to meet master.”

Aiba nodded, “Enter please.” He was very friendly to direct disciples.

XinFeng’s manager led his servants to enter from the side while XinFeng, Aiba and Ying Feng who was behind them, entered.

As XinFeng entered the main hall, Aiba had lead Ying Feng to leave. Such a place did not require a body guard, since if he were to still be in danger despite being with master, then there wouldn’t be a safe place anymore.

Guqi sat by himself, and seeing XinFeng’s appearance, he smiled, “I already estimated you would come here, so how is it? Have you gotten used to this?”

XinFeng shook his head, “I haven’t.”

Guqi was shocked, “What? Is anything not to your liking?”

XinFeng shook his head, “No, it’s just that it’s too much to my liking, it’s so comfortable…..I don’t feel like doing anything. Master, I don’t wish to stay here for long, it won’t be helpful to my training.

Guqi burst out in laughter, “Good, you reacted so quickly, haha, you’re quite interesting, you little fellow.”

XinFeng sat down cross legged, “Master, I wish to learn.”

Guqi nodded, “The things you’ve learned about the lightning attribute are not bad, but it’s extremely crude. En, this Star Python Record, take it and learn from it, absorb its information of foundations, you can keep it but without my permission you cannot give it to others, remember, this is crucial.”

XinFeng hesitated before nodding, “Okay, if I were to wish to give it away, must I ask for your permission?”

Guqi asked, “Who will you give it to? If you’re thinking about taking disciples, your cultivation is still lacking.”

XinFeng really wished to give it to grandpa, but he still didn’t know where he was. XinFeng nodded, “En, I’ll study it first, if there’s anything I don’t understand, I’ll come to ask for guidance.”

Guqi nodded, “Alright, you can come anytime. Also, if you wish to leave, tell your manager, he will arrange it.”

XinFeng nodded, “Okay, master, I’ll be back in a few days.” And without staying any longer, he took the Star Python Record and left.

This star Python record was completely different from the one he had taken from Lei Bao, it was a huge volume of books made with Star Python skin, its content far richer than the one Lei Bao gave him. This was not simply a book about training methods, it included many other aspects like medicine creation, herb identification, weapon creation, most of which XinFeng had never touched in his life, but those that he did touch, were far too lacking compared to the information provided by this book.

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