God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 11

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Book 7 Chapter 11: Explosive Fight

That practitioner nodded, “Yes, practitioners from the outside must register. Right, we are the practitioners of Ripple Origin City.”

XinFeng asked, “What would you guys do if I don’t cooperate?”

That man laughed, “If you don’t register, we’ll ask you to leave, even true masters have to register, En, this is standard procedure at the territory of any large sect, we mean no ill will.”

XinFeng knew it was true the moment Feng Ying nodded, he spoke, “Alright, I’ll register, my surname is Dou, my name is Niwan.”

(Puttty: His name sounds like 逗你玩, which means playing with you.)

Shi Hu and Feng Ying did not know what to say, he changed his name? From Lei Xin Feng to……play with you? Shit, this little fellow was playing around again, the two of them could not help but find it funny.

That man nodded, “En, his surname is Dou, alright, I’ll write it down, ai, why do you not know anything, stopping halfway.”

XinFeng thought, “Halfway? What did I leave halfway…….” before he suddenly reacted, “Oh, I didn’t get the chance to say, I’m a Milun master.” the opponent was merely a Milun master, he wasn’t able to see through XinFeng’s cultivation.

That man was shocked, “Little brother, you’re not bad, being a Milun master, how old are you?”

XinFeng replied, “I’m over forty, hehe, it’s just that I look young.”

Feng Ying and Shi Hu watched with their mouths open as XinFeng spewed bullshit, not a single sentence of his was true.

That man understood, “No wonder, ai, brother, I’m also over forty yet I look sixty, the two of us can’t be compared. Oh right, these two……are also practitioners?”

XinFeng spoke, “No, they’re both mortals, my employees……”

That man laughed, “You’re not bad, to spend so much money to bring along mortals, you’re rich.” he said as he finished registering, “Alright, keep this this little plate well, Milun masters enjoy a lot of benefits in our city, but remember not to kill mortals randomly, I know you people from small places treat mortals badly, but this place is different, the mortals here may have true masters in their families, randomly killing will just get you killed, remember that.”

A white plate was hung on XinFeng’s waist.

The three of them left the Lun spot area and easily mixed into the crowd.

Shi Hu laughed, “That registering man is such a gullible fellow……why would Ripple Origin City use these kind of people.”

XinFeng did not understand, “What do you mean?”

Shi Hu spoke, “Where would there be mortals that dress like us? What a joke.”

XinFeng knocked his forehead, “That’s right……hehe, anyways it’s not our problem as long as we don’t get involved.”

Feng Ying spoke, “They probably sent a signal and are watching us.”

Shi Hu laughed, “Hehe, that name, play with you, can be understood by anyone with a brain, they probably will watch us, but it’s just watching, they won’t do much.”

XinFeng immediately noticed how many practitioners were in the crowd, there was one practitioner out of every three men. The practitioners gathered and walked together on the street wearing extravagant clothing, obviously in groups.

XinFeng spoke, “Such a rare sight to see so many practitioners, but, why isn’t there a true master expert?”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’s normal, if true masters wanted something, they need not come out personally to get it. True masters in large sects are at least the middle tier with countless underlings.”

Shi Hu also added, “Those that become true masters would spend most of their time cultivating or creating their weapon, when would they have the time to shop.”

XinFeng spoke, “Right, I haven’t gotten the chance to make my weapon, when I have the time, I’ll definitely do so.”

Shi Hu laughed, “No need to do so, the strongest weapon of true masters are just their stamps, only true monarchs really need a weapon, in this place…….there isn’t any particularly strong enemies.” the words he spoke were rather shocking to XinFeng.

XinFeng asked, “What do you mean? By there isn’t any strong enemies?”

Feng Ying explained, “These few continents are very peaceful, the strongest people having their ninth True Ring Body, true monarches almost never appear here, since to them the resources here are too lacking, they go to other places……the truly dangerous ones, En, once you get your ninth True Ring body, you’ll understand, no need to worry about it now.”

Shi Hu spoke, “These places are for maturing, not where real fights happen, the fights here are for you to gain experience, this place is just somewhere to train, this is why we follow you around until you mature, you should know that true masters are only the beginning.”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, I know.” he did not know why but he felt his blood rushing.

Shi Hu spoke, “We may be strong now, but once you obtain your ninth True Ring body, you’ll understand that we’ve used up all we had to reach this point, this is…….something we know, once you become a true monarch, you may be able to help is obtain our ninth ringed body, any higher……I don’t know.”

Feng Ying spoke, “You should barely be able to enter once you obtain your sixth ringed body, En, you can move around the edges. Right, many people go there within our group.”

“You two went before?”

Feng Ying spoke, “We did, we went together when we only had our seventh True Ring bodies and got to the eighth, we came back at that time to become your body guards.”

XinFeng spoke, “Where is it, to be so secretive?”

Shi Hu spoke, “It’s not for you now, it’ll just make you restless, once you obtain your sixth True Ring body, I estimate it’ll take you about ten years, which is an impressive speed……hehe, I’m envious.”

XinFeng thought to himself, ‘Ten years? Impossible……I need to find somewhere suitable, I can’t take too long to get my sixth, or even seventh True Ring body. Hey hey, with the trick my grandad invented, how can I cultivate so slowly.’ with the experience of leveling with the help of lightning storms, as long as he could find a suitable place, it was not a problem.

No matter what, his first priority was to find his sister and grandpa before he could go cultivate without any worry, he couldn’t leave now.

The small street quickly led them to the island edge, the entire island was surrounded by shattered stone piers where boats docked in large amounts, ranging from large sail boats to ferries and small paddle boats.

Shi Hu quickly hired a boat and the three of them got on, this place was not too far from Ripple Origin City, just about half a day’s travel. While they were here, both Shi Hu and Feng Ying chose to not fly, it was too eye-catching and they would lose their freedom, no large sect would ignore these types of powerful experts.

The three of them humbly got onto the boat, anyways, it was only half a day’s trip, it wouldn’t waste too much of their time.

This boat was owned by a young and old man, a trip to Ripple Origin City was only three silver rings, a cheap price to XinFeng and the others, but to mortals it was different. No mortal would pay that kind of money, every household here had a boat of their own and no one would use so much money to hitch a ride, only practitioners could ignore such a cost.

These two people were very respectful to them, though they had shown a trace of fear, since there were so many practitioners here, and this place was different from villages, the mortals here know that as long as they did not offend practitioners and were respectful, the practitioners would not harm them.

Though the boat was small, it had decent space at the front of the boat, on it was a square table with reed chairs, on the table was dried fish, prawns and fruit.

Quickly, the boat left the pier and headed to the Ripple Origin City.

Feng Ying spoke, “If we’re going to Ripple Origin City, those Fake Masked men wouldn’t dare to follow, they’ll probably follow after we leave.”

XinFeng nodded, “I want to go to Ripple Origin City to find a few true masters for some information, once I get my answers we’ll leave.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Large sects……they’re all very proud, you must be prepared to be rejected.”

XinFeng smiled faintly, “It’s nothing much, we’ll just abduct, it’s nothing much.”

Feng Ying glanced at Shi Hu and laughed, Shi Hu spoke, “Alright, if you want to do it that way, we’ll support you, hehe.”

XinFeng knew that no matter what decision he made, these two guards would comply, they could only act without any hesitation, even if his task for them was to die. Of course, he wasn’t dumb enough to waste his two powerful guards.

Chatting along the way, the small boat quickly entered the area of Ripple Origin City.

It was afternoon when the small boat docked at the pier of the city, it was an extremely large pier and the two ends could not even be seen, there was only a small distance between each boat docked here. XinFeng spoke, “We’re finally in the city.”

From the island’s edge they could already see countless houses, the end of the buildings could similarly not be seen, from the pier into the streets, they were finally considered to be in Ripple Origin City.

Puttty : Text that takes five minutes to read takes me an hour to translate, I’m dead.

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