God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 17

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Book 6 Chapter 17: Meeting With Misfortune

Passing through the Lun passage and exiting the ancient Lun spot, XinFeng, Tanda and Wu Zhen all came out to see actual land. This was the first time XinFeng had seen real ground in the Wansee continent, even so, it was covered in small rivers and had little trees and plants on it. There were large amounts of houses near the river bank, all of which were made with dirt and their roofs made with reeds, a boat accompanying each house.

On the land, it became obvious that there were a large population here. All along the road, XinFeng came to notice that most of the mortals lived rather difficult lives, their houses and clothes were all tattered but they seemed to have a surplus of food, living next to lakes. Adding in the warm temperature of the Wansee continent, the men all here bared their upper bodies and decorated their chests with markings.

On the road, the only ones they met wearing satin were all low leveled practitioners, all of them ordered people around and acted extremely tyrannically. In this world, practitioners were like the members of royal tribes, they controlled the lives of mortals as they control their lands.

Tanda spoke, “I came to this place multiple times before.”

XinFeng was shocked, “Why did you come here?”

Tanda spoke, “The sect wass taking in disciples and they go everywhere for talent. Hehe, every time it would become a large event, and to the normal humans, it is a life changing opportunity.”

XinFeng nodded, “Indeed, as long as you become a practitioner, even hundred and thousand Lun masters could come back and become small land owners.”

Tanda spoke, “With the large population, there’s a lot of practitioners among them. It’s much worse in the large lake, the Wansee continent has very little land and many people prefer staying on land instead of the large rivers, same thing goes for the practitioners.”

XinFeng spoke, “So you chose to go to the large lake to take a few markets as your land.”

Tanda smiled bitterly, “That’s right, who knew I’d meet you instead.”

XinFeng laughed, “The result isn’t too bad for you, isn’t it?”

Tanda laughed, “Of course, I’m rather lucky. If I had met with an unreasonable expert, I probably would have died there.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “You wouldn’t, practitioners aren’t that crazy.”

Tanda spoke, “Crazy? There’s no need to be crazy, true masters don’t have to go mad, as long as he had a reason, he would just kill them unblinkingly without care, so what if he killed?”

Wu Zhen was instantly dumbfounded, but thinking about it, even if a true master were to kill him, what could anyone do? If he were dead, no one could take revenge, not even his master.

XinFeng spoke, “Unless you’re strong enough or you have a strong enough backer to deter the opponent from killing you, you’d just die.” Tanda instantly understood. The reason why he was so careful was also because of this, he had avoided death last time, if he had come to attack XinFeng at that time, he definitely would have died.

Wu Zhen spoke, “Then us low leveled practitioners are too pitiful.”

Tanda laughed, “Forget it, how are you pitiful? Look at those mortals, they’re the problem ones, at least you have strength from cultivating, and perhaps you could even escape from someone like XinFeng with it. Don’t be too greedy, to be able to cultivate is already a blessing. Normal humans are nothing to you.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “I’ve never killed normal humans before anyhow.”

XinFeng spoke, “That’s because you don’t want to. If it were an asshole practitioner, his mass murdering of mortals would probably be met without any resistance at all.”

We Zhen spoke, “Ai, home is a much better place, at least master can protect us.”

XinFeng laughed, “Don’t think too much, just take care of yourself.”

Wu Zhen nodded, “Senior Lei, can I still improve?”

XinFeng spoke, “You can, just continue onwards and you should be able to become a Milun master.”

Tanda felt as though a bucket of cold water was poured on his head. He spoke, “Milun master is our limit, without outside help, we would only be Milun master’s our entire lives. Your potential is too lacking, but with the help of Lun rings, perhaps you could become a true master, but you……don’t have any.”

Wu Zhen felt as though he was dealt a heavy blow by XinFeng, he spoke, “I will do my best to do your tasks and gather enough Lun rings.”

Tanda shook his head, “It’s obvious that senior Lei won’t be staying with us for long, also……how many tasks do you think senior Lei would leave for us?”

XinFeng could not help but laugh, this fellow was definitely an intelligent man, most of his guesses were on the mark. He spoke, “It isn’t as bad as you’d think, after a while, I’ll most likely take you guys out of this place, if you guys are willing.”

Tanda did not hesitate to speak, “Of course.”

Wu Zhen also spoke, “I also agree.” such a thick leg was in front of him to hug, why wouldn’t he? He wasn’t an idiot.

(Puttty: He basically means that XinFeng is like his legs that’ll carry him to above and beyond.)

XinFeng was secretly pleased, he had unintentionally created a large area of influence, but he needed men to gather information and things, all by himself, he couldn’t accomplish it. Only with a group of men could he do those things, this was something he learned after meeting his master.

Two days later, the three of them came to a hill, it was a hill surrounded on all sides by rivers. It was a rare piece of land that laid around wide rivers, and on it was a house XinFeng could clearly see.

XinFeng asked, “This is the place that guy lives?”

Tanda spoke, “Yes, that’s his house.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “Does he have a sect? What’s it called?”

Tanda spoke, “He had one in the past, but like mine, his sect had been destroyed by its enemies and he escaped here. Since this place’s location was rather special, he chose to live here to cultivate, taking control of the surrounding area in all four directions, he formed an area of influence, his name is Hugo, an intelligent fellow.”

(Puttty: 卢镐 = Hu Gao = Hugo.)

XinFeng spoke, “Like what you said last time, he’s a Great True Lun Yin master?”

Tanda nodded, “That’s right, he is.”

Wu Zhen spoke curiously, “Mister Tanda, you’re familiar with him?”

Tanda’s face became slightly red, “Not really, I came here because of a sect task to recruit disciples, I met him twice, but it was a thing that happened ten years ago, I don’t know if he still recognizes me.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “E, you’re not familiar……”

Tanda kicked him and spoke, “So what if I’m not? As long as we get some explanations from him it’ll be fine!”

Wu Zhen only remembered that Tanda was a true master after that kick, his guts had gotten bigger. He wiped his sweat as he spoke, “Yes, yes, as long as we could use him.”

XinFeng spoke, “How do we get there?”

Tanda spoke, “Around here……there’s a ferry there.”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, let’s go.”

As the four sides were surrounded by rivers, if one wanted to go to Hugo’s house, you needed to use a ferry. Of course if you had your True Ring body, you could fly all the way up to the hill.

The three of them quickly found the entrance to the hill, this was a small town with better quality over all. It was made up of wooden houses, but of course, these type of houses were also too simple and crude to XinFeng. As this town was also built near a river, each house had a small boat of their own.

At the river was a platform made of stone, and near it was countless docked small boats. Tanda spoke, “It’s this place, that house up there, there’s Hugo’s disciple, we need to pay for our visits at that place to go across the river.”

The three of them stood at the side of the market. Wu Zhen spoke, “Who’s that? Hehe, he’s still wearing a mask. ”

XinFeng turned to the side and saw ten or so men come to that Hugo’s disciple house, but the strangest thing was that they were all wearing masks.

Tanda’s face revealed a surprised expression. XinFeng asked, “Are they the disciples of Hugo?”

Wu Zhen laughed, “Why would they wear masks?”

Tanda spoke, “They don’t, this is my first time seeing it, they didn’t wear these masks last time……strange.”

Seeing the dozen of them enter the room, the three of them didn’t really care much. There were too many strange people in this world, they didn’t really care.

XinFeng laughed, “It seems that Hugo has quite the few visitors.” before his voice could be heard, a tragic cry could be heard followed by a large impact sound. It seems that the entire wooden house was bombed as it exploded, wooden boards flew in all directions as angry shouts could be heard.

The three of their faces changed instantly as they retreated, as seventy to eighty masked men appeared from all directions. Each of them carried weapons in their hands as they killed their way into the town, some of them even carried torches in their hands as they set houses aflame, causing sounds of pain to be heard as the mortals ran around randomly.

Within a few minutes, the air was filled with a bloody smell.

The three of them were stupefied.

Tanda reacted the quickest as he shouted, “It must be revenge!”

Wu Zhen was shocked, “We, I……what do we do?”

XinFeng’s face changed for the worst, he couldn’t take this kind of reckless killing, especially the reckless killing of mortals. He could tell every of these murders were low leveled practitioners, they killed mercilessly, no matter whether the victim was male or female, old or young, they were all targets.

Tanda spoke, “We probably got pulled into this!”

Two masked man wielding spears charged over, their targets were undoubtedly XinFeng and the three others who stood defenselessly in the middle of the road, they were the most obvious targets here.

Puttty :  Nnnnnn. Can they just die they’re so weak. NNAJDJRJE

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