God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 2

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Book 6 Chapter 2: Strange Enemies (2)

The group of them flew together, practitioners who saw them from afar all ran as far as they could immediately, knowing that this group of people were definitely not people they could offend, with over thirty practitioners with a cultivation of True Wild Yin master or higher.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Senior, who was the one who harmed you?” She was extremely curious. One must know, third senior brother was a man of prudence, no one could harm his easily.

Xin Zhou Lun became embarrassed, this matter was too shameful. He spoke, “I was deceived by a bastard.”

Qi Mei Yun asked, “Who is it? Who’s so daring?”

With an embarrassed yet enraged expression, he spoke, “A woman!”

Qi Mei Yun couldn’t help but shout, “Ah? Aiyaya…….”

Xin Zhou Lun was angered, “I mean…….there’s no reason to fuss about it, okay?!”

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “No wonder you wouldn’t tell master, so you were deceived by a woman, Aiyo, senior brother, that woman……is she pretty?” Her nosy side was riled up, with even XinFeng asking Feng Ying to fly faster while he perked up his ears to listen.

Xin Zhou Lun admitted honestly, “She is, and because she is, I….I was deceived.”

“Wahaha, hahahaha! Hahahahaha!”

Qi Mei Yun suddenly bursted into laughter, inciting XinFeng to do the same, not because of Xin Zhou Lun, but because of her fit of laughter. The surrounding guards all tightened their expression, holding back their laughter, creating a strange expression on their faces.

Xin Zhou Lun’s face was flushed red, how shameful! He spoke, “It’s time to stop, you’re not allowed to laugh, junior sister!”

Qi Mei Yun tried her best to tighten her lips, but laughter kept escaping from the sides of her mouth.

Xin Zhou Lun sighed again, “Ai, this woman almost took my life and you’re here laughing……”

Qi Mei Yun finials stopped laughing and asked, “What’s her background?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “I don’t know!”

Qi Mei Yun was shocked and asked again, “She doesn’t have a sect or master?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “I don’t know!”

Qi Mei Yun asked again, “Where does she live?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “I don’t know!”

With three ‘I don’t know’s coming out, not only was Qi Mei Yun stunned, even XinFeng was too, there was actually three ‘I don’t know’s for answers.

Qi Mei Yun was annoyed, “Senior brother, do you know anything?”

Xin Zhou Lun finally answered, “Her name……”

XinFeng was speechless, this fellow lived for so long but was fooled to such an extent, he actually didn’t know anything other than a name, such a thing was too absurd.

Qi Mei yun asked, “So what’s her name?”

After a bit of silence, Xin Zhou Lun hesitantly spoke, “It could be a fake name……”

At that moment, that group of people started flying unsteadily, some dropped and some flew higher. Holding his forehead, XinFeng couldn’t say a single thing.

Qi Mei Yun lost completely, after a while, she asked again, “Where are we going?”

“To the last place I met her.”

Shouting in frustration, Qi Mei Yun ignored Xin Zhou Lun, she didn’t know what to say anymore.

This time, XinFeng asked, “Senior, wasn’t there a group of people? Do you recognize…..any of them?”

Xin Zhou Lun shook his head, “No.”

XinFeng gave up, “Alright, senior sister, I admit defeat……Ai, I bet that woman must be someone who can cause countries to fall, having absolute beauty. If not, senior brother wouldn’t be like this. Senior brother, what is the cultivation of that woman? True Body master?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “This I know, she has her Third True Ring body, like you……she’s not old, at most thirty, which is an impressive talent.”

XinFeng asked, “Third True Ring body? How did she even come here?” Without a True Ring body, coming here was simply seeking death.

Xin Zhou Lun smiled bitterly, “I brought her here.”

They were all silent, and after a while, XinFeng sighed and whispered to Qi Mei Yun, “Has senior master always been like this?”

Qi Mei Yun snorted, “He’s usually……very shrewd.”

XinFeng mumbled, “Impossible!”

Qi Mei Yun nodded in agreement, “I agree!”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Wei! No need to judge me, I was just muddled, there’s always one point in someone’s life where they get muddled.

XinFeng nodded, “Senior brother has a point.”

Qi Mei Yun could not help but laugh, and after suppressing it, she spoke, “Senior Brother, are we there yet?”

Xin Zhou Lun knew he was wrong, but it’s too late now. Deeply regretting bringing his juniors along, he cursed himself.

After flying for half a day, they came to a crater of shattered stones. Descending, Xin Zhou Lun looked around before cursing, “F*ck, they’re all gone……”

XinFeng smiled bitterly, “Senior brother, it would be a miracle for them to be there.” Before he turned to Qi Mei Yun and whispered, “Senior sister, I bet he did it on purpose.”

Whispering back, she asked, “What?”

XinFeng replied, “Not catching that woman……”

Qi Mei Yun nodded, “En, sounds logical.”

Xin Zhou Lun was stunned for a moment before he finally spoke, “Forget it, I’ll bring you two to a fun place.”

Qi Mei Yun was shocked, “Forget it? Senior, you almost died if it weren’t for senior master, and you just want to forget it?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “What if I can’t find her?”

XinFeng laughed, “Senior brother, where are you planning on bringing us?” He understood that since senior brother didn’t want to get revenge, why should he care?

Qi Mei Yun also laughed, “Okay, since senior brother is fine with it, why should I mind. Senior brother, you have to pay me back for running so far with you!”

Xin Zhou Lun mumbled, “Junior Sister, don’t worry, I’ll pay you back for sure, hehe, I’ll bring you out for some fun.”

Qi Mei Yun replied, throwing out some unreasonable demands, “That’s for me to decide, it won’t work if you say it’s fun but I’m not having fun!”

Beads of sweat appeared on Xin Zhou Lun’s face as he celebrated in his heart, thanking God that he didn’t bring Yin Yao over, or it would’ve been more troublesome. He continued, “If junior sister says so!”

XinFeng didn’t speak up for any demands, seeing Xin Zhou Lun’s expression, he felt sympathy for that fellow. He was quite pitiful, fooled half to death by another person yet he did not want revenge. He spoke, “Where shall we go?”

Xjn Zhou Lun replied, “There’s too many people, the guards can return……en, XinFeng’s guard can stay, but everyone else can return!”

A guard spoke up, “Bring us with you too, after staying home for so long, we just want to go out.” The other guards clamored in agreement, their position was different from servants, they had status, especially the guards of direct disciples, they were all of higher statuses.

XinFeng spoke, “Senior brother, let’s just bring them. Everyone listen up, the things that you’ve heard here, bottle it up and don’t spread it, okay?”

Instantly, all of them agreed.

At that moment, Xin Zhou Lun’s expression became better. He was afraid of the guards spreading his information, and with XinFeng’s warning, he believed that the guards would keep their mouths shut. After all, XinFeng was an owner, and an owner’s words was not to be ignored.

Using the Lun spot to go through the Ancient Lun Passage, the group of them came to a flat plain.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “We’re at Huiye Continent, there’s a lot of cities here, I’ll bring you all to the big cities to play, my friends are there.”

XinFeng thought in his mind. He had been living in the Barbarian Gathering Continent, and then he went to Wansee Continent, and now, they’re at the Huiye continent. That meant that he has been to three continents already, both of the previous places he went to were small places with few people, while this could be a big place. Large cities meant that there was a high population and there would be more fun to be had.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Big city, wu, I don’t go to places like that often. It’s fine I guess, let’s go play.”

They flew close to the ground, and quickly, they came to a large road with people walking, who upon seeing them, were all scared to the point where they got on their knees, with their heads on the floor without daring to look up.

XinFeng spoke, “Like this……isn’t this too exaggerated?”

Qi Mei Yun asked, “How so?” In her eyes, this was a normal occurrence.

Thinking back to how Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao’s fight had caused the deaths of close to thirty thousand people and yet they didn’t even blink an eye. Even after master came over, he only stopped the fight, and as for the casualties, he didn’t even care. Now, XinFeng understood, they didn’t care about normal humans, they didn’t interfere with normal humans, and they cared none about their thoughts.

Sighing to himself, XinFeng kept silent.

Quickly, they came to a large city, a city without walls with all sorts of buildings spread out, taking up more than hundreds of kilometers of land.

Xin Zhou Lun landed and spoke, “Alright, let’s go in, we can’t barge into the territory of my friends, it’s better to walk in.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “What city is this? What is it called?”

Xin Zhou Lun explained, “This is Wild City, Tai Meng’s territory, en, Tai Meng is a rather strong influential power in this area.

Tai Meng was not simply strong, but the absolute tyrannical King of this land. Controlling over a hundred sects regardless of size, his land was spread far and wide, more than dozens of thousands of kilometers. Everyone that lives here has to listen to Tai Meng’s wishes.

However, Zhou Xin Lun was not wrong, according to his understanding, Tai Meng could only be fairly strong, as he was stronger. Even the ancestor of Tai Meng, though being an extremely powerful expert at the level of True Heart Yin Master with Eighth True Ring bodies, an absolute power here. However, Xin Zhou Lun was a True Ashen Yin Master, a level above him. Tai Meng’s men, no matter how fierce or strong, would not dare to offend him.

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