God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 5

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Book 3 Chapter 5: Ancient Lun Passage

The old man Lei Bao could not help but laugh “In the past…..let’s not talk about Boan gong, I even massacred the Great Abacus Yin sect silly, if you anger me, then it’s your own unluckiness, haha!”
(Puttty: direct translation here 盘章大印门. 盘章=Abacus 大印= Great Yin 门=Sect)

Great Abacus Yin sect!

That was a famous and very large sect, however they had been going down hill recently, but still not something Boan Gong can compare to. Chen Zhi shivered, a man who dared to speak like such need not be suspected “Please have mercy on my life, on the fact that I hadn’t done anything yet, let me go once……I, I’ll exchange my entire wealth for my life!”

Everyone treasured their lives to be able to reach the level of a True Lun Yin master meant that they could live up to three hundred years, he hadn’t lived enough yet, he wanted to level up too, if he had died here without anyone knowing, then it would be too sad.

According to the old man Lei Bao’s old personality, he would have killed him with a slap, but after this recovery period, his temper and personality had gone under slight change, he had started to weigh the pros and cons, not just doing things just by his current mood.

“O, your entire wealth? En, alright, take it out for me to see, if it’s satisfactory I’ll let you live.”

Although the old man had a good amount of wealth put aside Lei Bao, to raise his grandchildren, but there are many places to spend it in the future. He definitely won’t reject fortunes that had offered itself to him, this was a thought he only had after having things to worry for, if it was in he past, he would not even listen to pleas, he merely killed them instantly.

An Shi Zi also pleaded for his life, it was a pity that the old man did not care, he knew clearly that Chen Zhi did not have any deep hatred for him, but An Shi Zi had a hatred that would only be stopped after death. He did not want to leave a enemy, who knows if he’ll become a powerful figure in the future, this time he invited a true Lun Yin master with three true ring bodies, if it was a expert with six or seven true ring bodies, then it would spell trouble.

After killing An Shi Zi with a punch, the old man Lei Bao said “Others….old brother Xi, you take care of them.” He did not torture An Shi Zi, his habit cleanly killing his enemies, killing his enemy was his way of venting anger.

After the death of An Shi Zi, his Lunchang space did not appear, which is why in this world, plundering items by killing does not work, perhaps after a hundred years where his Lunchang space collapsed entirely, his items would appear.

The practitioners of this world liked to search for treasure, the aforementioned treasure hunting mainly targeted collapsed Lunchang space, it would often contain good items.

Only deaths threats will let a robbery end in success, as for Chen Zhi using the chance of exchanging his fortune for his life was a popular thing in this world, without wealth, he could still earn it back, but if his life was over, then everything would be gone.

Following his vow, Chen Zhi took out all of his fortune, the old man was very nimble and said after collecting them “This time…..I’ll let you go, but, if you are not happy and come back again, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Chen Zhi’s forehead was covered with cold sweat as he left without turning his head back once, as for his disciple An Danai, he acted as though he did not have him anymore, he actually angered such a powerful expert, he practically harmed himself and his master, even if An Danai had returned alive, he himself would not let this bastard disciple go.

When the old man Lei Bao finished his business, he returned to the room and said “Feng, you need to quickly increase you strength now, the best is to reach Milun master as quickly as possible so that when we go Xi Rong land you can protect yourself and Yaoyao so that I don’t have to worry about you two when I fight, your current strength is too lacking.”

XinFeng smiled bitterly “Grandpa, I’m afraid my foundation is unsound.”

The old man said “Don’t worry about it, after so many days of refining, hoho, you can continue to speedily train, if there is any problems, I’ll remind you of it.”

Xinyao hugged the arm of the old man “Grandpa, grandpa, when can I start training….” This incident had throughly shocked her.

The old man said “Be good Yaoyao, you’re still small and cannot start training yet, you need to wait till you are sixteen, now your main priority is to train your body, you can only train wonderfully with a strong body, if not then even if you’re sixteen, you still cannot train.”

Actually Xinyao had already understood this reasoning a long time ago, it was just that she could not withstand being so weak and small, she sighed “Hai, I know.”

Her torn expression had the old man and XinFeng smiling, this girl was the delight of the three of them and was also very sensible, it was normal for the old man and XinFeng to be spoil her endlessly.

XinFeng asked “Grandpa, so was it settled?”

The old man nodded “En, it is, Chen Zhi used his fortune to buy his life.” He did not mention what happened to An Shi Zhi and neither did XinFeng ask, he knew in his heart what end did An Shi Zi met.”

XinFeng “Grandpa, you were gone for a long time, what did you do?”

The old man casually said “Nothing much, I only got a few people to pass a few messages to gather some people, we need some helpers for when we go to Xi Rong land, also, I passed a message for your parents to tell them we have already came out.”

This was the first time XinFeng heard the old man speaking of his parents volunteeringly speaking of his parents, he nodded, not speaking.

The old man said curiously “You’re not interested in the news of your parents.”

XinFeng laughed bitterly, he did not have any impression of them entirely, not to mention that in this body, the soul in if was not the original one “There isn’t anything to be curious about, I only need grandpa and little sis.”

The old man also could not help but laugh bitterly, he originally thought that he would die in Tiger Cliff Castle, which was why not long after the birth of Xinyao, he chased the two parents out to go to a large sect and arranged for them to receive his people and items in his past, he did not expect himself to recover.

Lei Xinyao had even lesser emotions for the word parent, since she was young, she was brought up by brother, she did not even have the same closeness with grandpa she had for brother.

The old man thought for a while, he could only wait till they’ve met their parents and slowly grew feelings for them, he felt very guilty to these two children, as he had lived a life of battles, he did not know how to persuade or comfort.

After being busy for about ten days, Qi Xuan had finally stabilized the whole of Hong Tong.

Within this period of time, the old man had accompanied XinFeng and Xinyao to play in Hong Tong, this time without any incidents,

XinFeng had gradually started to understand this world, this world had had a rather developed steel industry, textile industry, ceramic glass industry and large-scale cultivation industry, pity that the motivational levels of this world was lacking, which was why it gave people the feeling that this world was lacking behind, at least the conditions of living in society isn’t bad although it was one without development in science and technology, whether it was steel or textile, breeding or farming, it was very advanced, but Hong tong which XinFeng was at, was still a small city within a mountainous wilderness.

After a bit of analysis, XinFeng knew that this was a world without an energy industry, a chemical industry or a machinery industry, which limits the development of technology of this world.

The only thing that made XinFeng curious was the rich development of the steel and iron smelting industry, most of the stalls and stores had a lot of iron and steel products for sale, no wonder steel was cheap, even the barbarians had enough steel weapons.

Just like that, XinFeng was satisfied, what he was most afraid of was getting stuck in a primitive society, things he wanted not able to be found, that would be terrible, he did not wish for the flourish of his past world or a primitive life where everything he wanted had to be made himself.


“So this is a Lun spot?”

XinFeng asked curiously.

The old man Lei Bao laughed “What did you think it is?”

A group of men stood in an empty space, on it was a abrupt slope that seemed rather natural but it looked to be truly strange, it was like a a huge green stone was inserted diagonally into the ground, a length of a few hundred meters, in the middle of the slope was a deep groove, the groove as if drawn with a ruler, extends straight up.

Beneath the slope was a empty space, the old man Lei Bao said “Let’s go up.”

Other than the old man Lei Bao, XinFeng, Xinyao, Qi Xuan, Hong Chen and his disciple was a small team of ten, all of them were ten thousand Lun masters or Milun master, in total there were sixteen of them.

There was also two big horned bulls that carried large amounts of supply baggage, of course everyone had brought their own items, which they placed into their respective Lunchang spaces.

A group of men stood at the flat surface under the slope, and under the instructions of the old man, stood in their positions.

All of them looked curiously at the old man Lei Bao, wanting so see how he would open the Lun spot, the ancient Lun passage.

The old man Lei Bao raised his hands, a lightning glow flying out from his palm followed by a Lei Yin and sounds of thunder, the Lun Yin’s might made everyone tremble in fear, only XinFeng was unaffected as he was lightning attributed, hugging Xinyao, he used his own Lei Lunli to protect the little girl, not letting the might of Lei Yin affect her.

Using Yinli he can open the ancient Lun passage, Lun Yin Li can also be used, but it required a lot of strength and also cannot be used to go to a far away Lun spot, it needed to move forward one Lun spot by one Lun spot, but using YinLi it did not matter as Yinli was a higher grade power.

The old man Lei Bao could clearly feel far away Lun Spots, he quickly searched for Xi Rong land and he found 4 Lun spots all within the ranges of Xi Rong land, slightly scanning them, he found the Lun spot he needed and through Lei Yin and connected with it.

They shockingly noticed that the groove in the middle of the slope had started to give of sliver light, circles of Lun circles lighted up, from the bottom to the top appeared about a few hundred ringed circles that alined with the grove.

The old man said “Keep your balance steady, it’s starting!”

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