God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 6

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Book 3 Chapter 6: Ancient Lun Passage (2)

The crowd suddenly noticed that they were supported upwards by a formless force, XinFeng also noticed that after reaching about a inch away from the ground, he was shocked, this was his first time seeing such a trick. Xinyao pointed where Xinfeng’s feet was and said “Ya, we’re flying, flying, brother, let me down, I also wanna try!”

XinFeng was scared “Don’t move, girl, don’t move!” Using ‘girl’ was already evidence that he was worried, normally he would call XinYao Yaoyao or little sis, but once he used girl, it meant that it was very serious, Xinyao immediately stopped moving and pouted as she chewed on her fingers, at this moment they suddenly head the old man Lei Bao shouted “We’re leaving!”

Instantly, the crowd floated along the passageway formed by the circle rings.

The crowd was frightened and could not help but all cry out, their shouts accompanied with the hearty laughter of the old man, they were shot out in an instant as if they were bullets.

XinFeng tightly hugged Xinyao, he could only feel blinding, unable of seeing his surroundings, his heart pumped as if a drum, it was very scary.

The feelings brought on by the ancient Lun passage gave XinFeng were similar to a roller coaster, but roller coasters had seats and also safety belts, but there was nothing here, it was even scarier, suddenly jerked up or down, suddenly fast or slow, there were only fluctuations of colors but no clear view of anything.

Blurry views, dazzling colors along with invisible pressure, everyone felt terrified. After about a dozen minutes, suddenly, the crowd felt as though their bodies had became lighter while the view in front of them changed greatly, their first feeling was a wave of hot air that headed towards them.

XinFeng said shocked “The desert?”

The old man Lei Bao had already collected his LunYin, he said “That’s right, this is the borders of a desert.”

Xinyao had already started to shout “Hot, it’s hot!”

It was hot, steaming, one must know that this crowd of people were all wearing thick fur coats as they came from a cold place, suddenly coming into a hot and dry place, it was unbearable for them.

They hurriedly took off their fur coats, at first Xinyao was shocked, but she was instantly elated, she did not like to wear too many clothes, and now she can wear the satin dress she had bought.

In Xi Rong land was also similar Man Huang land, but the difference was that this wasn’t a mountainous area, but a large area of sand, and also countless oases, the oases here are not small, a large scale oasis can be up to ten thousand square kilometers, while countless small oases were spread out.

Qi Xuan said “Old bro, there are a total of 3 big sects in Zi Rong land, one of them is Xi Rong nation, the other is scorpion alliance and lastly the mantra firm, Xi Rong nation occupies the largest oasis and is also the kingdom with the most influence, the scorpion alliance collected dozens of sects, their influence is rather okay while mantra firm are in control of the trading within Xi Rong Land.”

The old man Lei Bao said “These three restrain and unite with each other, their biggest enemy is….the dessert barbarians, hoho, the natives of Man Huang land are originally strong, however, against the unified humans, they were driven out to the edge areas.

Qi Xuan nodded “Yes, the information we gathered were roughly like that.”

The old man Lei Bao said “The place where the Lun Chang space appeared, are you sure?”

Qi Xuan said “En, you know that once a Lun Chang space appears, it will not move, it is only very had to open, Xi Rong nation, Scorpion alliance and Mantra firm all declared their rights to the appeared Lun Chang space, hoho.”

The old man Lei Bao said blandly “Of course, however, one must have the power to back it up, if not then they will only become a laughing stock.”

Qi Xuan took out a map, XinFeng curiously moved closer to look at it, it was a map made of a piece of leather, on it was circles and dots along with a variety of horizontal and vertical lines, XinFeng did not know what to say, he did not understand it at all, this map was too f*cking abstract.

Quickly, Qi Xuan found the place where they were and laughed “We are close to the biggest oasis in Xi Rong land, the place where Xi Rong nation was, hoho, the place we are now, has a very good location, it saves us a lot of time.”

XinFeng laughed “Grandpa, if we get lost, then to return to Tiger Cliff Castle…how long do will it take?”

The old man was instantly laughing “That would be troublesome, if there was a guide to bring you, and if you used waking, then I presume it will take a year or two, en, that is if you did not get lost again, hoho, if you went yourself then perhaps it will take two or three years , perhaps….you would be lost.”

XinFeng could not help but choke “That’s far, Yaoyao, let’s follow grandpa closely, if we get lost….then brother cannot bring you back.” He did not even know the direction of his house, how could he even go back.

The crowd packed their things and lead the two bighorn cows, stepping in the soft and hot sand, they walked unsteadily towards the oasis of the Xi Rong nation.

Xinyao was the happiest, this was her first time seeing so many sand, she played around as she ran, occasionally she would scoop and throw up some sand, watching it fall as she giggled.

After walking until sunset, they finally caught sight of a oasis, the dry air had a hint of dampness, although Hong Chen had entered the range of True masters, he had never left the area of Hong Tong’s influence, similar to everyone this was his first time coming to the desert, he said “Look! Is that a oasis?”

Wen yan said “Master, I see it too, it seems to be green.”

Qi Xuan said “We haven’t reached yet, that should be a normal oasis, we need to go past this one to reach Xi Rong land.”

Hong Chen could not help but shake his head “We’ve walked for half a day and still hadn’t reached?”

The old man Lei Bao said “The desert is very big, the distance we walked is counted as small already, walking for about a dozen of days and still hadn’t seen a oasis is a normal thing.”

Hong Chen said “We can see a long distance from here, not like there, everything hazy, our vision poor.”

The old man said “That is because it isn’t windy, once it becomes windy here, then it would be like our snow storms, not being able to see anything…..en? What sound is that?” He tilted is head to hear better.

The crowd also listened carefully, but none of them noticed any noise, they only saw the old man Lei Bao suddenly giving off an eye piercing glow from his body, in an instant he flew up to the skies, Qi Xuan’s mouth was open in shock, only now did he know that the old man at least had 5 true ring bodies, an True Bao Lun yin master expert or even more that that, as only True Bao Lun Yin masters can fly to the skies.

Hong Chen, his disciple, the Milun and ten thousand Lun masters were all similarly shocked, they understood that he old man was truly a terrifying expert.

After a few minutes, the old man Lei Bao descended to the ground “Go, there’s a battle in front of us?”

The crowd was shocked, XinFeng immediately waved his hand for the currently running amok Xinyao to come over, his current task was to keep the little lady safe, upon hearing about the battle in front of them, he immediately called her over “Is Yaoyao tired?”

Xinyao breathed out loudly, after crazily running and playing, she was actually very tired “Brother, I’m tired.”

XinFeng said as he squatted “Come, brother will carry you.”

The little lady quickly climbed onto XinFeng’s back and giggled “I’m done!”

The group walked faster towards their front.

Without even five minutes passing, the crowd heard sounds of killing from afar, and their expression became serious, they were all fighting experts, in the area of Hong tong’s influence, there are countless barbarian tribes, every year they would do a crackdown on the tribes, and Hong Togng would send out experts, they frequently went to battle, which was why killing was not something they cared much about.

The reason was for why they became serious was that they were still unfamiliar with this place, fighting in a completely foreign place as such, they felt a bit of worry.

This group of men and horse climbed onto one of the towering dunes and saw a group of desert barbarians surrounding a groups of people, the group of people were protecting a dozen of sand boats, along with a dozen of desert camel beasts.

XinFeng said “E, this is the desert barbarians?” They were similar to forest barbarians, all of the, had thick and tall bodies, but the difference were that almost all their body**, except for a piece of skin at their crotch, their skin had all kinds of patterns on it, who knows if it was temporary or permeant, anyway it was colorful.
(Puttty: the raw gave me ** and I have no idea what ** is censoring, and forgive me if the sentence is weird for this.)

These people from the area of Hong Tong’s influence fought a lot with the barbarians, which was why they were too familiar with them, they closely inspected the differences.

The powerful barbarians can even fight with thousand Lun masters, one must know what humans have many mortals among them, the amount capable of reaching the level of a thousand Lun master were actually very small, a thousand Lun master in a sect may be belittled but in the world of the mortals, they are terrifying battle machines, hundreds of experienced mortal fighters may not even win against a single Thousand Lun master, which was why the naturally gifted barbarians are powerful fighters.

Upon careful inspection, Wenyan said “There are about a hundred twenty to fourthly barbarians, the surrounded group have about five hundred people those capable of fighting……their numbers definitely do not go past the two hundred mark, those that are practicers…..there are at most ten of them, not bad, with these ten people, they are holding on, but….I don’t think they will be fine.”

The old man Lei Bao said “Not bad, little guy’s inspection is very detailed.

Wenyan immediately raised her head, a smile on her face, to be praised by such a expert made her elated, even Hong Chen had a smile, he always loved this disciple, seeing her get praised made him very happy too.

XinFeng said “The desert barbarians had noticed us!”

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