God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 12

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Book 1 Chapter 12: Ambush (2)

To avoid getting shot, no one dared to move, the other portion men of Tiger Cliff Castle protected the women while men of Lead Eagles noticed the large amount of enemies and also did not dare to move.

With archers positioned and ready to shoot, It was a game of patience. DaShan looked behind him, towards his right was Shi, and left, Nanshan. They all understood that what they needed now is for someone to break the stalemate, however unlike Nanshan and Shi, the newly joined XinFeng did not have such understanding with them.

“Where’s Feng?” (Nanshan)

“I saw him rush out, but I don’t know where.” Shi said, the three of them did see them charge in front and followed but XinFeng had suddenly disappeared as he was just too fast.

XinFeng hid behind a boulder with lush shrubs surrounding him and a few trees in front. In such a position, his view was relatively open. He then noticed, with the help of Lighting Lunli, that there is 4 Lead Eagle archers on the trees and about a dozen of people behind the trees or in the shrubbery.

This was a ambushed planned beforehand, XinFeng committed the location of those he sensed into his memory.

Naturally, the men of the castle also hid in a line, no one dared to enter the central zone as they would definitely get hit.

After careful inspection, XinFeng already had confidence of the situation. He quietly sneaked back to Dashan’s side and said softly “Uncle Ke, I need your help.”

“What help do you need? Just say it, I’ll help!” Said DaShan, after seeing Xinfeng’s powerful archery, he had great confidence in Feng.

“Just say it! I’ll also listen to you.” (Nanshan)

Shi did not say anything but nodded to XinFeng, showing his willingness.

Imperceptibility, XinFeng had became the leader.

XinFeng could not help but feel proud, this was the advantage of being strong “I need…all of you to attract the attention, yeah, the best is for everyone to do it, but don’t charge out your task is to only make loud noises.”

“No problem, Nanshan, you go notify the people on the left and I’ll go to the right. Shi, you follow Feng as defense.” DaShan immediately gave orders, within the 3 of them, only Shi carried a shield.

“Okay.” Shi did not say much but as long as he had said it, it would give all his all to prove his words.

After a while, the men of Tiger Cliff Castle made a ruckus the men of Lead eagles started to move, in that exact moment, XinFeng stood up and the black bow created many metallic noises, within seconds, XinFeng managed to shoot out 6 special arrows.

Cries of agony sounded, the 4 men on the trees had been nailed to the trees, not even those that hid behind the trees were spared as the arrows had also shot through the trunks.

It was impossible to dodge, Xinfeng’s arrows were like Death God’s papers, whoever who receives it would not live.
(Putty: this is 死神的帖子, which is literally death god’s stickers but you see we the Chinese have the little thought that if you receive his paper you will die, ya know. I guess it’s a bit weird I could have remembered wrongly but I think this is it.) (puttty: who remembers this from Douluo? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE)

The lead eagles went into chaos, their archers from the trees were al nailed into the trunks of the trees, plus, most of the arrows passed through their ribs from left to right and onto the trees,nailing them with about half their life gone.

This time,the men of lead eagles did not run, but shouted as they charged in front about the total of 20+ men in teams of 3-4 men each. The nearest team each had a shield equipped they charged with a desperate heart while men of Tiger Cliff Castle rained arrows upon them.

XinFeng noticed that the arrows from their side could not kill many people, even if it hits, it is unable to pierce the enemy’s armor, only the face was vulnerable but the brain is the hardest to shoot, especially if the enemy is a experienced hunter.

Three of the Lead Eagle’s men ran to Xinfeng’s position, they had already memorized his location after he just shot.

“Feng be careful!” Shi suddenly appeared in front of XinFeng with a shield in his hand and his 3 edged spear in his other one.

XinFeng laughed coldly “Don’t worry, watch me.” He had boundless confidence in his black bow, loading a arrow, he aimed to the one closest to him that is equipped with a bow.


Every time he heard this metallic sound, Feng would feel a bit of eeriness, this was not a sound a bow would make, it’s more like the sound of a gun that belonged to his past world.

Shi stared shocked at the reckless hunters running in their way, as if punched, a rather small hole appeared in the shield and after half a second a arrow right in the head with only the feather end sticking out would appear, death from a single arrow.

Ping! Ping!

No matter how fast the two hunters dodged, Feng’s arrows were simply too fast, practically impossible to dodge, they fell onto the ground instantly.

Killing three people was an easy task for XinFeng, relying on the black bow’s great strength and the long arrow’s incomparable piercing power, there was almost no ways to block it.

At this moment, both sides had already clashed.

Dashan waved his arm and a short spear flew out, the man on the other side was no fool and also had the same kind of spear on his hand, raising his hand, he managed to hit it away. This attack did not only a fail but also gave away Dashan’s location, that hunter rushed to DaShan.

Beng! Beng! (Puttty: no this isn’t a Chinese name, lel, it’s elastic sound ya know)

A bowstring sounded twice, that man unhurriedly used his spear to deflect the arrow, after a loud shout, he rushed towards DaShan.

Nanshan after seeing how useless arrows were, he threw away his bow and charged out along with DaShan.

During the 2v1, DaShan shockingly found that the enemy was very powerful. Even though he was fighting 2 men at once, he had done it with ease while surveying the surroundings at the same time.

Within the span of 10 seconds, DaShan already received a wound, his arm had been been cut by a sharp spear, even though it was not heavy, it noticeably slowed down Dashan’s movement. Nanshan was vexed, if Shi was here, relying on their a few years worth of understanding after hunting together, they could have withstood this master.


At that familiar metal crash, that man’s face changed, without even thinking, he raised his spear and with a ding sound, the arrow fell.

“Not bad, to be able to block my arrows, Dashan, Nanshan, retreat!” (Feng)

Hearing this unique bowstring’s sound, Dashan and Nanshan knew it was XinFeng’s and retreated.

That Lead Eagle hunter stared at the surroundings, with a faint voice, he said “Come out, hiding somewhere and shooting isn’t what a real man would do, come out and fight me!”

XinFeng knew that he would not be able to harm this person with his black bow, not only that but he had also ran out of arrows. Throwing his bow to Shi, he pulled out his dagger and walked out.

That man had a astonished look on his face as he saw XinFeng, he did not expect the person that was able to threaten him, was actually a youth, this was too unexpected “I did not expect Tiger Cliff Castle to have this kind of archer, hoho, let’s have a duel, who loses who dies.”

“Bastard! I’ll fight you!” (DaShan)

“Not you! You’ll die so easily.” (Guy)

After XinFeng practiced lighting Lunli, he had great confidence and not only that but his attitude had also changed, influencing his own thoughts “Lei XinFeng! You! Name!”

“What a interesting kid, I am Lead Eagle’s Dafei, hoho, what a pity, you’ll be dying in my hands! Come, let me see, how strong is Tiger Cliff Castle’s next generation.” (Dafei)

XinFeng looked at the dagger in his hands and at the enemy’s 2 meter long steel spear “Die in your hands? Be careful don’t choke! Dashan, give me a short spear!

Dashan had used 2 spears earlier, leaving him with 2, he threw one to XinFeng “Feng, be careful.”

Feng laughed “After so many years, hehe, I should fight at least once shouldn’t I!” If he had not practiced Lei Lunli, he would feel a bit of intimidatation.

Dafei’s face changed “Come! Let me see if your level is able to block my attacks.” He felt as though he had already won, the only difference is how long will it take to kill the enemy, even if the enemy dragged it out, the result would be the same.

Even though the Lead Eagle and Tiger Cliff Castle is still fighting, but Dafei had a rather high position in Lead Eagles, while he spoke, all fighting ceased. The hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle also stopped after seeing Xinfeng challenging the enemy and retreated, deciding to help Xinfeng as after all, he is the Master hunter.

Cangyu had already arrived with a group of hunters.

Ying Dafei’s heart thumped, he did not expect Tiger Cliff Castle to have brought so many hunters, and that he had miscalculated. However, he noticed XinFeng seemed to have a problem as the as the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle held a trace of nervousness, proving that XinFeng is a rather important person “Men of Lead Eagles retreat! Cease fighting!” If they wanted to duel, the needed to first control the situation

Cangyu had also gave the same order before asking XinFeng “Feng, what’s going on.” Without seeing the previous situation, he did not know what is going on, but he felt uneasiness seeing Lei Xinfeng and Ying Dafei’s confrontation.

XinFeng said as though unaffected “He wants to kill me.”

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2 Responses to God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 12

  1. Former Active Duty USMC says:

    I like this story so far, but this battle is pretty immature (as in the author’s writing of it).

    These are supposed to be men who’ve been waging off and on conflict with each other for 100’s of years, but they so woefully lack any kind of tactical understanding at all.

    Modern tactics has taught that to be successful in an assault, you need to have 3-to-1 odds against the defenders. This is an ambush, however, which means it should have been fine with hit and run tactics.

    The ambushers saw that they attacked almost 200 people (the women are non-combatants, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fight) which is 1-to-6 odds AGAINST them. They most certainly would not have stuck around after launching their first attack, and they would not have engaged in melee.

    Also, climbing a tree for combat is literal suicide. It cuts off all of your escape routes. The Japanese climbed trees when fighting the Americans in WWII, but they also had the suicide charges, and if you look at any other theater of war, nobody ever used such tactics anywhere else except the Japanese.

    The Lead Eagle guy told his 12-15 surviving men to back off from the 100+ people they were supposedly engaged with to “gain control of the situation.” What? No matter how strong this “normal human” guy is, they would have all been swarmed and massacred within a minute or two.

    And just to top the icing on the cake, the correct way to deal with an ambush is an immediate assault against the ambushers, which will throw them into disarray and steal the initiative back.

    Before I get anyone debating my tactics, know that this knowledge is from years training in the Marine Corps and from Infantry Officer School. Pretty much the epitome of battle field tactics.

    All that aside, that was just my little gripe about how the author handled a battle field situation. Other than that, I find this story intriguing and will continue to read 🙂

  2. Shreyas says:

    All that aside, the ambushed is saying real men don’t fight while hidden? Wth?

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