God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 5

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Book 1 Chapter 5: Burst Lightning Needle

“It feels as though there’s a circular hole in my body, I can feel it very clearly…. Is it really there? So strange!”

“Not bad, not bad, after about 10 Lihuais, it is possible to generate that. Feng, this is called the Lunchang space, don’t be that surprised, so how big is it?”

After silently thinking for a while, he replied, “About the size of a fist. What is Lunchang space?”

“For you, it has currently no use, but after you’ve reached the 1 thousandth Lihuai, then would it be useful. After reaching the diameter of about 2 rulers, you can already put items inside, and once the Milun level is reached, it can reach one meter, allowing many items, hoho, so don’t be so surprised.”

Feng was shocked, internal storage? It was out of his imagination, “A whole meter….wouldn’t that break your body?”

With a laugh, the old man replied, “That is impossible, there is no physical shape.” And after thinking for a while, he added, “But actually, it still has a bit of use. For example, you can store a bit of Lunqi.” (Putty: The Qi in Lunqi means device/machinery, Lun device sounds weird, this is like a made up name so it’ll be in PinYin!)

Feng, hearing yet again another new term, asked, “Lunqi?”

“Lunqi is a weapon for people that have Lunli. Of course, it is also categorized according to your attribute. For example, for Leilun, you need to use the lightning Lunqi, and not the fire Lunqi.”

“Having Lunli itself is not enough, there are many ways to put it to use. The 2 most important types are, one, which is to directly use Lunli, and though the combination of power, it will increase its valiance. Two, is to use Lunqi. Lunqi can contain Lunli and increase its power.” (Putty: this makes no sense ;-; I have no idea what it means, I’m sorry)

“Grandfather, where can I get a Lunqi?” Feng looked at the old man excitedly.

“Lunqi, it is a thing you must use your Lunli to create. This is not hard, anyone who has Lunli can create their own Lunqi, but you must find the suitable materials. There are many creation methods, simple ones and hard ones, the hard ones…..require a certain amount of luck, and you also have to look specifically for the materials.”

“For example, this is a type of Lunqi.”

A black needle appeared in the old man’s hands, “Lightning burst needle, not reusable, used with Lunli.”

Feng reached and grabbed the thing. Looking at it curiously, he saw that on the black body of the needle, there were a few silver awe sandwiched in between. This little needle was quite heavy, Feng asked, “How do I use it?”
After a few sentences from the old man, Feng was shocked, “So simple? Only that? Can I kill a bull with it?”

Bulls were good things to hunt as its body was a walking treasure chest. Its horns can be carved, its meat was particularly delicious, and the most important part, its hide was the important ingredient for a hunter’s armor.
However, it was hard money. With its sturdy body, it could weigh up to several tons, and once agitated, it could knock over the thickest trees. For bulls, only when one has a team, would they dare to attack it.

For the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle, if they do not have a few hunters and a prepared trap, they would never try. To Feng, bulls were a type of very savage monster, even though it was herbivorous, it was not to be trifled with. Even though in this world, he had great strength and was able to leave a fist mark on a very hard stone, he still understood how fearsome the animals here were.

The old man shook his head, “You are already different from normal people, bulls are not a danger to you. If you use the Burst Lightning needle, it would be a waste instead. Here are 4 of it. Keep it for emergencies, unless you are really in danger, do not use it. I cannot coagulate the needle anymore.”

Feng held on to the needles, “Can these be placed into my Lunchang space?” Even though his space was small, he thought that these four needles should be no problem.

“You can try.”

Staring at the needles in his hand, his heart skipped a beat, and the needles disappeared. Then, he clearly felt the needles in his Lunchang space, he could not explain why, but he knew it. The needles then appeared in his hands again, he familiarized himself with the feeling and laughed, “This is great!”

Even if he was captured, no one could ever find the needles. In critical moments, this could save his life, “How do I control it?”

“Burst lightning needle….you cannot use it yet, don’t even think about it. After a hundred Lihuais, you can create your own Lunqis, but at this moment, you still cannot use it. But don’t worry. With your training speed, a hundred Lihuais should not take long to achieve.”

“A hundred Lihuais, is a small Lun master’s first of the many hardships to pass, but you need not worry.”

Feng did not really care either way, “Grandfather, winter is coming soon, if I do not go out and hunt…..this winter….we need to start preparing, I have decided to go out and hunt with some hunters.”

“Ah yes, for your first time, you can go out with a few hunters, but after that, you should hunt alone, because you are already a small Lun master and not an ordinary human, you must have your own dignity.”

Feng nodded, he understood what the old man was conveying, “I need to first learn the ropes of hunting. I will hunt alone after that.”

“Let’s go, next time when you want to train, train here.”

The main two surnames of Tiger Cliff Castle were He and Hu, with the exception of Feng’s family, these are the big two.

In Feng’s family, their surname was Lei, Feng’s full name was Lei XinFeng, the old man was LeiBao, and the young lady with the name of Yaoyao. Actually, the old man wanted to name him Lei XinFeng, however, due to his father’s refusal, they decided on Lei XinFeng, a good child named XinFeng was too abnormal.
(Putty: There are many words with the same pronunciation, the Feng in the old man’s mean crazy and the father’s one is peak)

There are a few teams in each hunter group, at least 3 members each.
After a few days worth of training, Feng achieved the 30th Lihuai. At about 10 a day, his speed was indeed very fast, he could not wait until he could find Uncle Ke, as he wanted to join his team.

Uncle Ke, also known as Ke DaShan, his hunting ability was known throughout the castle, with his team of 3. As he had always taken care of Feng, Feng wanted to join his team.

The team was very familiar to this area, especially Uncle Ke, and Feng had always held great respect for him.

These few days, LeiBao, along with his granddaughter and XinFeng, hurried to finish the armor.

After Feng wore the armor, he seemed to be another person with a malicious feeling, Yaoyao picked up a dagger and slid it into a scabbard on the side of his boot, looking relatively satisfied, she fixed his long hair.

The old man had a bag in one of his hands, and a bow in the other.

Feng was shocked “I’ll use this bow?”

This black bow was created by the old man. In Feng’s memory, this took at least 4 years to create. As long as he had materials, he would make it, and he had finally finished it last year, but at that time, Feng had not practiced Lunli, and could not even pull the string of the bow.

“The last time you practised, you were too weak and could only shoot some normal animals, not beasts, but now, you can finally put it to good use.”
Feng was overjoyed, “Grandfather, you think I can use it now?” He used to think that the old man had wasted his time and spirit, but now, he was filled with anticipation.

Lei Xinyao bit her finger, “Brother….try and see if you can pull the string?”
Feng nodded, this bowstring was made with the combination of the thread of a spider’s net and the muscles of a bull. Feng knew the big change in his strength. The previous times he tried, it took all of his energy to pull it, but now, he could easily do it.

Gently pulling on the string, it gave off a small stringy sound. Feng had practiced archery since 6 years old with a small practice bow, and his skill was not to be belittled. Now, he could finally practice with a real one!

With the smallest movement, the string was pulled, and once he released it, there was a sound like metal colliding, “Ping!”

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