God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 8

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Book 2 Chapter 8: Thunder Snow Storm (2)

He quickly reached the top of the tree, and, with a palm strike, the giant tree fell. He held onto the steel spear piercing a tree branch, looking to the sky. Lightning flashed across the clouds. He held onto the steel spear and used his full power to circulate the Lun Yinli. It was so close. He could almost convert the Lun Yinli to Yinli. At that time he would be able to restore his real power.

Lunli, Lun Yinli, and lastly Yinli: these are the three levels of strength, with Lunli being the lowest level and Yinli being the higher level.

Kacha! Hong!

A bolt of lightning attracted by the old man’s power came down from the sky, instantly hitting the steel spear in his hands.

All of a sudden, the old man lit up like a light bulb, giving off an eye piercing light as a large amount of power entered his body through the steel spear.

Xin Feng used the beast skins to wrap up Xin Yao, and placed her at the corner of the tree hole. Only then did he let her go. He already felt the existence of a strong lighting power, but he didn’t dare to leave the little lady alone in the tree hole. If there was no one standing guard and a beast entered, the outcome would be undesirable. So, he sat at the entrance and started to train.

As he started training, Xin Feng began to feel a little different. His Lei Lunli was increasing speedily. Originally, it only increased by tens, but now, within a minute, he already increased it by hundreds. No wonder Grandpa wanted him to train during rainy days: these kinds of explosive increases in strength would indeed let someone feel extremely refreshed.

Sounds of thunder rang above his head accompanying the lightning strikes outside. Xin Feng’s power increased madly.

Xin Yao had already woken up. She saw Xin Feng sitting at the entrance, emitting a pale silver glow. She obediently stayed wrapped in the beast’s skin, silently looking at her brother. She knew that she must not interrupt her brother. As long as she could see her brother, she would be fine.

The grandson and grandfather pair’s strength was increasing greatly, the only difference being that one was restoring power while the other was gaining it anew. The thunder snow storm was short. The snow storm had already ended when the sky started brightening, but the heavy snow continued to flow from the sky.

Xin Feng sighed. In only a short while, he was already approaching ten thousand Luns. This sort of terrifying speed was not something he had thought possible. However, he still needed refine the Lei Lunli.

The old man rushed down from the treetop, his face emitting a glow of happiness as he walked into the tree hole.

Xin Feng asked, “Grandpa, how was it?”

The old man smiled, “Very good, once more and I will fully heal, haha.”

Xin Feng and the old man sat down. Xin Yao came, and, holding the thick fur, dove into Xin Feng’s embrace and covered herself with the fur. When Xin Feng was training she hadn’t slept at all, which was why, at this time, she was already very tired. She snuggled into Xin Feng’s arms. The scene was like a puppy looking for a home to snuggle in. The warm environment allowed her to fall asleep peacefully very quickly.

The wrinkles on the old man’s face had decreased, his face emitting a rosy glow that only young men have. His back had straightened and his eyes glittered. He was like a changed man.

Xin Feng did not know what kind of strength the old man had, but the old man’s change was something he knew clearly. He was excited: the stronger the old man was, the safer he and Xin Yao would be. This world was far from safe, but, with an expert like Grandpa, he would not need to be worried at all.

“Grandpa, if we leave Tiger Cliff Castle, where will we go?”

The old man smiled. “What’s wrong? Can’t resist anymore? Hoho.”

Xin Feng laughed “Yea, we’ve been in here for so long, I want to go out.”

“I will bring the both of you out. I also don’t want to stay here anymore…” The old man sighed. “Ai, I thought…I thought I would die in this place, but, now, I’ve recovered, haha!”

“Grandpa, I’m still missing the last thousand Luns I need to become a Ten Thousand Lun Master.”

The old man was overjoyed “Good, very good. I’ll teach you another way to practice Lunli called Zou Huan. It speeds up the process of polishing Lei Lunli.”

(Puttty: the literal translation of Zoulun is walk ring. The Chinese characters are 走环)

(Shinjoiu: The “Zoulun” characters referenced by Puttty were translated in the previous sentence as Zou Huan. Zoulun also looks like it could mean “Moving Rings” based on the raws)

“Is it not recorded in the Star Python Record?”

The old man shook his head and started to teach the whole process of the method. This method was very simple. Xin Feng could understand it on the first try. He said “This is Zou Huan? Compressing Lunli and circulating it through the body speedily? This…will this be effective?”

This method was so simple that Xin Feng couldn’t believe it.

The old man sighed. “The easier it is, the more effective it is. For example, I hadn’t expected that directly absorbing lightning would be helpful to training. If I had known about this before I got injured, I wouldn’t have had to hide in this place.”

“Zou Huan is a method that can be used by any attribute. This is my own creation. Other than your sister, do not tell anyone. This is easily learnt and extremely effective, especially while practicing with Lunli and Lun Yinli, this is the best way of purifying Lunli.”

The old man spoke abnormally solemnly.

Xin Feng nodded. “Yes, Grandpa, I will remember that,” he answered with the same amount of seriousness.

There was no lightning snow storm at night after resting for a day, on the second day, the old man brought Xin Feng and Xin Yao to continue their journey to look for traces of a lightning snow storm.

Xin Feng spent his time practicing with the Zou Huan method. Although his Lei Lunli did not increase, every one of his Lei Lunli had become extremely strong, and, after condensing it into rings, it was very easy to use.

On their journey the old man taught him many ways of using Lunli. These methods were not to be shared easily. In any sect, outside of master and disciple relationships, it was impossible to receive such good teachings. If many sect disciples could get hold of these training methods, they would most likely cause havoc. Only geniuses whose training was focused on by the sect would have access to that information. Of course, those qualified geniuses are mostly the disciples of high leveled experts.

Some things are to be recorded and some are not to be recorded, but instead memorized at night. Not only did Xin Feng need to practice these methods, he also needed to organize the Star Python Record and include some of his own things.

With an expert like the old man Lei Bao, the whole journey was practically safe. They would occasionally kill some of the savage wild beasts and obtain their fresh meat.

When the sky was clear, Xin Feng would let Xin Yao walk on her own and train her. She was still young, and she had not reached the required age to practice Lunli, which is why she needs to train her body. This little girl was very hardworking. She would be very serious when training, which would sometimes make Xin Feng want to give her a break.

Xin Yao did not complain, but happily ran across the snow filled ground. According to Grandpa’s teachings, she would be able to find some of the remaining edible wild fruits left on the branches. In the forest, she was much more adaptable than Grandpa or Brother.

The old man lamented, “Having such a good relationship with nature and forests, it’s understandable Yao Yao has the life attribute. Once she starts practicing, her progress will definitely be fast, hoho. If Yaoyao is able to practice to the level of Milun Master’s, it would be beneficial to you, Feng.”

This was something Xin Feng knew. People who had Green Lunli are handy for refining the essences of vegetation into liquid medicine, which is greatly helpful in boosting the practicing speed of Lunli. Green Lunli was a rarely seen attribute. It normally appeared along with 4-5 “trash” luns; however, Xin Yao was a single attribute Green Lunli. This was something people would go green with envy about if they knew.

The group or horses and humans arrived under Tiger Cliff Castle.

Hong Chen looked up at the hundred foot cliff. “This place is great. The positioning makes it hard to invade. Your Lead Eagle’s positioning is lacking by too much.”

Ying Yu could only nod continuously. His words only caused people to be annoyed, which is why he would rather not speak. Da Fei looked at the cliff, and said after a while. “How do we get in?”

Hong Chen said, “Easy, let Chiya climb up and throw down the rope. Then, the wipe out team will go up, take over the stone fort, and control the movements of the people in the castle. Hey hey, this place is indeed hard to enter and leave, but, once we control both their movements and the rope basket, the people of Tiger Cliff Castle won’t be able to escape.

For the hunters, climbing up a hundred foot cliff during winter was a near impossible task. But, for a Milun Master, this small cliff was nothing to speak about.

The wipe out team from Lead Eagles was not at the fort, but instead was a few hundred meter to the side to prevent being spotted.

Attacking Tiger Cliff Castle was not a practical thing to do. Its position was far too good. Even Hong Chen, who had a Real Master Ring and was a Real Milun Master, would not fly up. He also had to climb up through the cliff. There were even icicles on the Cliff.

Chiya looked carefully under the Cliff. He needed to choose a path up. He was wearing a tight leather shirt. He was not very worried about defense, as he was a Milun Master that could condense a Mi Ring Armor. It is rather similar to Lunli armor, made with compressed Lunli.

After carefully searching for a while, Chiya sighed in his heart. This Cliff is too precipitous. One part of the Cliff was even bulging out. Especially at the upper end, it was practically impossible to climb. Only a small amount of the cliff was better, but that part was covered with hanging icicles.

“Can you find a route up?”

Chiya laughed bitterly. “This lower part is no problem, but, at the middle part, it’s filled with icicles. It requires me to move to the left and follow that crack. Only then would I have hope of climbing up. It’s too steep.” As he continued to survey, his confidence gradually fell.

“Continue to search, there must be a way up. I don’t believe such a long cliff wouldn’t have a way up. How did the residences of Tiger Cliff Castle climb up it at first? Wipe-out team, you go search separately and be careful not to go near the stone fort!”

They gave a sound of agreement, and scattered to find a suitable place to climb.

Hong Chen looked up that the Cliff, and said in his heart, ‘Fuck! If there’s no other way, I’ll climb it myself!’

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