God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 1

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Book 6 Chapter 1: A Strange Enemy

Making a strange sound, Xin Zhou Lun opened his eyes with much difficulty, sighing in relief upon seeing Guqi and the others.

Guqi sighed softly, “Little three, what happened? Who attacked you?”

Xin Zhou Lun seemed to have not reacted, and after a long moment, he finally revealed an embarrassed expression as he slowly spoke, “Master, Master’s wife……senior master is here too……I, I……I’m back……keke.”

Tanya comforted him, “Little three, don’t worry, you’re back.”

XinFeng found them calling him Little three extremely uncomfortable, especially so since the man was an old man, with every call of “Little Three” the discomfort became stronger and stronger.

Xin Zhou Lun smiled bitterly, “My luck seems to be not bad, hehe, it actually allowed me to escape.”

Guqi asked, “Little three, who did it?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Master, you need not worry about this, after I’ve recovered, I’ll take care of them myself.”

Guqi nodded, “Alright, are they strong?”

Xin Zhou Lun cursed, “As if…..they poisoned me, if it weren’t for my swift reaction, I would’ve died there. A bunch of cowardly scoundrels, I’ll take care of those bastards when I’ve recovered!”

Both Guqi and Tanya sighed in relief as Guqi spoke, “If it’s like that, go rest and recover. Senior master gave you a drop of Sky Green, there shouldn’t be any problems, with its abilities it can eliminate any kind of poison. With a few days of rest, you can recover.”

Xin Zhou Lun was appalled, “Sky Green! Senior master, it’s too precious!”

Wuri snorted, “With the way you were just now, I wouldn’t have just left your master worrying, would I? Little bastard, you dare to blame me? Also, I gave you so many guards, why can’t you bring one with you? Now you’ve suffered, I’ll see if you dare to act as recklessly again!”

Xin Zhou Lun quickly spoke, “Senior master, I wouldn’t dare to blame you….Ai, I just find it a pity, Sky Green can save someone’s life in critical moments.” He then continued speaking, “Senior master……bringing around guards is too troublesome, I like to be by myself, I can handle the loneliness.”

Seeing his bashfulness, XinFeng’s entire body was covered in goosebumps. An old man acting in such a way to an ambiguously gendered fellow, getting struck by lightning would be better than this.

Wuri scolded, “Rubbish, am I not saving a life right now? Your master was on the verge of killing someone, how could I just watch?” He then added, “Pei! Enjoy loneliness? What rubbish is that?”

Tanya giggled non-stop, “Little three is just like that, done be angry, master.”

XinFeng watched from the sides, noticing how good the relationships of this group were. This was something that elated him, he loved such atmospheres. A kind master was much better than a stern one.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Third brother, bring me with you to get your revenge, I’ve been laying around for too long. I wanna go play too!”

Xin Zhou Lun did not reject her, “Junior sister, we can go together.”

XinFeng also wanted to go after studying for so long, “Third brother, bring me with you……”

Only then did Xin Zhou Lun notice XinFeng, “This is?”

Guqi spoke, “This is your junior brother, my new direct disciple, treat him well.”

Xin Zhou Lun was shocked, “Master, you’ve taken another disciple?”

Guqi nodded, “En, only recently. He’s seventeen and is already a True Lun Yin Master with three True Ring bodies.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Ah? Ah! How powerful……little junior, you better not go, it’s too dangerous.”

XinFeng laughed, “I’m not there to fight, just to watch.”

Xin Zhou Lun was easy going, and hearing his words, he agreed, “Is that so, then alright, I’ll bring you along.” He did not reject him this time, as long as XinFeng stayed out of the fight, there shouldn’t be any problems, knowing that master would’ve assigned XinFeng a strong guard.

Wuri spoke, “Alright, let Little three rest, I’ll leave first.”

Xin Zhou Lun thanked, “Thank you, Senior master!”

Wuri snorted and spoke before leaving, “There’s nothing to thank about, you little fellows can only create trouble, as long as you don’t let me worry, it’s good enough.”

Xin Zhou Lun smiled bitterly, “How can it be safe outside? Unlike you, an old man who stays safe at home the entire day, of course there isn’t trouble.”

Guqi glared, “Little three, watch your mouth.”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed playfully before speaking, “Hey, little junior brother, how is it here?”

Before XinFeng could reply, Yin Yao arrived, “Third senior brother, you’re injured again? Tell me……who did it, xixi, I’ll get revenge for you.”

Qi Mei Yun laughed, “You? Forget it, with your level, you’ll just get killed, just stay here……”

Yin Yao hmphed coldly, “What about my level? My level’s great!”

Grabbing their heads, Guqi spoke, “Yaoyao, why are you here?”

Yin Yao replied, “To visit senior brother. Senior brother, tell me who beat you……I’ll help you!”

Xin Zhou Lun was full of smiles, “Okay, okay, when I’ve recovered, I’ll definitely bring you along.” But his heart was thinking, ‘When I’ve recovered, I’ll leave secretly. Who dares to bring a trouble maker like you along?’

Yin Yao smiled, “Okay, it’s a promise, you can’t go back on your words!” Before she ran away, disliking Qi Mei Yun’s presence. The two of them were enemies that bickered whenever they were together.

XinFeng also left, seeing how fatigued Xin Zhou Lun was, he chose to stop talking and building their relationship, choosing to do it in the future.

Ten days later, as XinFeng was reading in his house, a servant came, “Third Master is here.”

The third master was Xin Zhou Lun.

XinFeng hurriedly went outside to welcome him who entered his courtyard with Qi Mei Yun.

Qi Mei Yun asked curiously, “Hey, why don’t you live in your own house instead of staying here? Your house is much prettier than this.”

XinFeng shrugged, “It’s fine here. Third senior brother, fourth senior sister, why are you here today?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Didn’t you want to go with me to watch a fight?”

XinFeng was instantly interested, smiling, he asked, “Now?”

Xin Zhou Lun nodded, “Immediately, do you want to bring anything?”

XinFeng shook his head, “It’s fine, I’ll just bring two guards with me, I don’t need anything else, since I’m not fighting.”

After calling Ai Shan Er and instructing him a few sentences, XinFeng left with Shihu and Feng Ying, following Xin Zhou Lun and Qi Mei Yun as they left together.

Swiftly, they came to the outside. Both Xin Zhou Lun and Qi Mei Yun brought a gang of helpers, who were all experts in XinFeng’s eyes. There were a total of about thirty men who were probably the underlings of the two of them, or their guards.

Opening a Lun Spot, Xin Zhou Lun led them to leave.

Passing through the Ancient Lun Spot, XinFeng came to a foreign place, with shattered stones laying everywhere on the ground without a single sign of trees, only wild grass growing from the cracks of the shattered stones.

The surroundings were boundless in XinFeng’s eyes, and out of curiosity XinFeng asked, “There’s nothing here, where are we?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “Smashed Stone Origin!”

Qi Mei Yun explained, “This place is a treasure cove, Smashed Stone Origin hides many mineral reserves. You’ll perhaps have to come regularly in the future after you’ve condensed your lightning stamp and when you need to create your own weapon. This place is a must to visit, but this time, you came a bit too early, xixi. Those that come here are mostly True Yin Masters with their True Body that had condensed their stamps and need a weapon.”

XinFeng turned to ask, “Uncle Hu, Uncle Ying, did you two come here before?”

Both of them nodded, “Yes, we did.” Feng Ying even added, “I came here many times, it’s quite dangerous here, fights being extremely common.”

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “I love fighting! Hmph hmph, if it weren’t for third senior brother, master wouldn’t have let me come, I’ll enjoy myself to the fullest this time.” She had an enormous thirst for battling, something her attribute gave her, the commonly seen fire attribute.

Xin Zhou Lun, “You two take care of him.”

XinFeng was extremely bothered, he was the youngest here, yet they called him old.”

(Puttty: For a while now they’ve been calling him old but I thought it was a typo first. If it’s a joke, I don’t get it and it doesn’t really make sense so I left it out.)

Neither of them replied, only nodding in agreement. Ever since they become XinFeng’s guards, their fates crossed paths with XinFeng’s, regardless, they will always follow him in the future. With their strength, they perhaps could become True Ashen Yin masters, but even if they’ve reached the peak and wished to go further, they knew it was impossible, but the two of them knew that with XinFeng’s strength and potential, he could cross that threshold.

Xin Zhou Lun brought twenty guards while Qi Mei Yun brought twelve guards. All of them had been following the two of them ever since the two had recognized Guqi as their master, their strength was quite good, a small amount of them were True Ashen Yin Masters, most of them were experts with their Seventh True Body, with a small minority being True Ashen Yin Masters, their combined strength unfathomable. One could see how deep Xin Zhou Lun’s hatred was, being a man that rarely brought around his guards, he now not only brought so many guards, but even brought his juniors.

Yin Yao wasn’t here not because she had a bad relationship with Xin Zhou Lun, but her presence would bring endless troubles. Yin Yao and Qi Mei Yun would fight each other nonstop as long as they were together, creating sparks and fire, no one knew if they would actually suddenly throw punches. This gave Xin Zhou Lun a headache, both of them were his juniors, he couldn’t be biased, so the best thing he could do was separate them.

This group of people all could fly, the only exception being XinFeng who hadn’t reached the required cultivation needed to fly. However, with his two guards, he had nothing to worry about. Carried by Feng Ying, they followed them without burdening the group.

The strongest one was Xin Zhou Lun, not only was he a True Ashen Yin Master, he was also a step away from becoming a True Monarch, and once he did, he would be on par with the eldest senior brother and would be able to walk freely around the experts of large sects.

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