God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 13

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Book 2 Chapter 13: Returning Home

DaFei and Ying Yu panicked upon hearing Da Shan’s words. Crazed, Dafei shouted, “You’re lying! You, you……I’ll kill you!” If they denied the fact that there was no Lei XinFeng, and he was not found in Tiger Cliff Castle, then this wouldn’t be just a matter of trouble, but a matter of life and death. If they angered Hong Chen, not only would Ying Yu die, but DaFei would as well.

Suffering from the two holes leaking air from his cheeks, Ying Yu could not convey anything, but instead angrily pounced towards Cang Yu, his palm aiming to kill the patriarch to vent his anger.

How could Cang Yu block? Closing his eyes, he waited for his death. But, who knew that he would suddenly hear a ‘Bang’ sound? Opening his eyes, he shockingly noticed that Ying Yu had been sent flying with large amounts of blood spurting from his mouth with a kick from Hong Chen.

Chiya was also furious, but since it was his master attacking this time, he dare not speak a word but instead clenched his fists silently.

Hong Chen turned to face him and blandly said, “Your disciple…keep him in line!”

Cold sweat appeared on Chiya’s head. He knew that Ying Yu had offended Hong Chen. He was extremely frustrated but power was everything, and he could only keep quiet.

One must know Hong Chen wasn’t vindicating Cang Yu. Cang Yu was the patriarch of Tiger Cliff Castle. There were many things for him to do, and he could not die now. “Let all your residents gather now.”

Cang Yu knew he could not resist and readily agreed, anyway XinFeng’s family of three had left Tiger Cliff Castle, it was impossible to find him “Yes! I will immediately do so.”

This was not a command Cang Yu could confuse. He absolutely hated the people from Lead Eagles, but he understood: opposing them at this time would only be the actions of a retard.

Quickly, everyone gathered at the Green Hill Quarry, a huge stone platform the size of a few thousand squares. It was a place to dry out food during the summer, now it was covered in a few feet of snow with a few thousand people had gathered, standing in the snow.

Cang Yu said, “We, the people of Tiger Cliff Castle, are all here.”

Hong Chen waved his hand and the hunters of Lead Eagle immediately dispersed to check the houses in the residential area. Their purpose was to ensure that there wasn’t anyone hiding, especially youngsters. He did not believe that everyone had come out. Actually, what he did not know was that Cang Yu had indeed asked everyone to come out.

After about a few hours, the hunters of Lead Eagles came out and announced that there was no one left in the houses, other places were searched and no one was found.

All the people of Tiger Cliff Castle were noisy. The reason was that the hands of the hunters of Lead Eagles were filled with many items. This was thievery in broad daylight, this time Hong Chen did not speak. Even though the hunters of Lead Eagles had not contributed much, it was their custom that the winners should have items of the losers.

Cang Yu tried his best to suppress the anger of the crowd, this wasn’t the time to fight it out but to save their lives. He needed to be calm and rational to deal with the opponent.

Everyone had been gathered and ordered not to speak about the existence of the Lei family in Tiger Cliff Castle. The people of this generation were not only simple, but courageous. They were extremely dedicated and had unwavering faith in their groups. This was determined in life: in the mountain areas, if they did not have the ability to join together in groups, then surviving would be a hard thing to accomplish.

Cang Yu said, “We people of Tiger Cliff Castle are all here. Look for the person you are looking for, you should be able to tell with a glance.” He controlled his own emotions, his face full of wrinkles as calm as could be.

Hong Chen glared at Ying Yu and Dafei, “You two come forward, go look for him!”

The two suddenly understood: XinFeng isn’t at Tiger Cliff Castle. If he was, then the people of Tiger Cliff Castle would not be so assured. At that moment the two of them shivered. Lying to De Hong Chen? That is purely looking for death. If they could not find Lei XinFeng, then it would be disastrous. No one knows what an angry Du Hong Chen would do.

A Real Milun Master’s pride was not to be provoked. If XinFeng could not be found and that the people of Tiger Cliff Castle continued to deny knowing that person, then Ying Yu and Dafei would be guilty of borrowing Hong Chen’s power to take revenge on Tiger Cliff Castle. The most important fact was that the wipe out team had suffered a loss of a few Thousand Lun Masters.

Ying Yu and Dafei’s face both paled and the two of them started to look for XinFeng.

After over an hour, they could not even find a trace of Lei XinFeng. Dafei returned and reported that fact, terrified, He said, “Lei XinFeng…he isn’t here.”

Anger flashed through Hong Chen’s eyes. Keeping down his anger he said, “You come here!”

Cang Yu took a step forwards and said, “We originally never had this person…”

Dafei said, “That person must have left! If not…then it was you all who hid him…it should be that you purposely let him leave to avoid us…” His words become more and more messy.

Cang Yu laughed coldly. “You people of Lead Eagles sure are despicable! We did not know you would return or that you were looking for anyone, how do we hide? If there was such a person, in the winter…..where can he go? Ridiculous words! You are only using an excuse that there is a person you want here to attack us!”

The old man had a sharp mouth, causing Dafei to be unable to reply.

Dafei became extremely unjustified while Ying Yu’s eyes turned red. These people of Tiger Cliff Castle were too detestable. But, why was Lei XinFeng not here? The two of them wanted to kill them all. Only after exterminating Tiger Cliff Castle would they feel better.

This time even Chiya felt Cang Yu’s words were reasonable. “Ying Yu, Dafei, is there really this person? Tell me honestly!”

Hong Chen was personally invited by Chiya because there was a youngster with Single Lightning Attribute in Tiger Cliff Castle. However, with this person gone and the denial of his existence by Tiger Cliff Castle… was there even a worse situation? Even he wanted to strangle both of them.

DaFei and Ying Yu unconsciously started to tremble. Ying Yu’s words could not be understood, so DaFei was tasked to speak. Trembling, he said, “There really is such a person…how would I dare to speak nonsense…I, I…you, you!” He furiously charged towards Cang Yu. Gripping Cang Yu’s neck, he shouted loudly, “You, You hand him over! You hand that kid over!”

Cang Yu could not breathe and struggled. A few hunters tried to step up to stop DaFei but were kicked away by him. He shouted, “Where is he? Hand him over! I want to massacre all of Tiger Cliff Castle!”

At that moment, the people of Tiger Cliff Castle became a mess. Groups of people moved about, and the hunters of Lead Eagles wielded their weapons pointing to them, readying to slaughter them at any time.

Hong Chen was deep in thought. He actually half suspected and half trusted. He did not believe that Chiya would lie to him. The result of such a lie wasn’t something a normal person could handle, but the people from Tiger Cliff Castle front of him stubbornly denied the existence of this person. Where was the problem? He was a bit confused.


Finally Hong Chen spoke up, only then did DaFei unwillingly let go.

Cang Yu grasped his neck, breathing roughly. DaFei’s was very strong, and almost took his life. A few hunters charged forward to pick up Cang Yu.

Hong Chen coldly said, “I’ll give you all a chance. If there is a Lei XinFeng, then I will spare your lives. If there isn’t…then all of you will die!”

Cang Yu’s heart skipped a beat, but he understood instantly. Hong Chen was lying. Before he could speak, he heard a sharp whistle from afar informing the people of Tiger Cliff Castle that someone had returned. That was a whistle meaning they should send down the basket.

Da Shan and the rests’ faces changed along with Cangyu’s. At this time, if a person were to return, it would definitely be Lei XinFeng.

This simple whistle was something Lead Eagle’s men also knew.

Da Shan took out his whistle, readying to blow it. The originally watching Ying Yu immediately pounced, and, with his fist, he hit the whistle away. DaFei’s reaction was not slow either, he shouted, “Whoever who announces him, I’ll kill that person!”

DaFei immediately ran in front of Hong Chen. “Whistle…that means someone has returned. It could be the person we are looking for!”

Hong Chen smiled, “Good, raise him up!”

Someone immediately ran over.

Cang Yu silently sighed. He could not prevent this, their difference in strength was far too high. Holding on to Nan Shan, who tried to run out, he shook his head.

At that moment, an old man, a youngster, and a little girl walked over.

XinFeng looked at the surrounded people of Tiger Cliff Castle and the watching hunters of Lead Eagles, who were accompanied by another 10 people, each of whom he deemed experts. The old man gave him an especially indescribable feeling. He turned back to Grandpa, who only nodded, signaling to XinFeng not to be afraid.

DaFei rejoiced. Running next to Hong Chen, he said softly, “That young man is the person we are looking for, his name is Lei XinFeng!”

At that moment Hong Chen smiled. This time he did not waste his time.

Wen Yan swore that even master had not used such a warm tone to speak with her before.

Hong Chen was full of smiles. XinFeng suddenly felt that this man was a fox, a fox that secretly thought of eating a chicken.

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