God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 20

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Book 5 Chapter 20: A Luxurious Life (2)

Like a rat that fell into a rice pot, XinFeng was completely dazzled, he spent all his time reading, diving into the Star Python Record. This Star Python Record had answered many of the problems he encountered during training, as well as provided tricks for the lighting attribute, one could tell with a glance that this was a Star Python Record specially prepared for him.

Every fifteen to twenty days, XinFeng would visit master with a whole load of questions, and after they were answered he would return to continue working hard, in no rush to practice, but to try his best to remember what the Star Python Record had addressed, hoping to understand.

He had originally wanted to leave for an adventure, but ever since he had gotten this Star Python Record, XinFeng had completely forgotten about it.

As he continued delving deeper, his questions became more and more profound, some so deep, even Guqi couldn’t answer. And at those times, XinFeng would visit senior master. Slowly, not only did he often visit master, he also frequently went to senior master.

Senior master Wuri extremely favored this quick minded disciple, and every time XinFeng came, he would prepare many delicacies for them to enjoy as they discussed, creating a wonderful atmosphere

Today, XinFeng came again. Wuri asked, “What have you discovered this time?”

XinFeng asked, “Senior master, after condensing a True Ring Body, is your cultivation at the peak?”

Wuri burst out in laugher as XinFeng hurriedly looked down, afraid of seeing his senior master laugh. This fellow was definitely a demon, his laughter was enough to enrapture both humans and spirits.

“True Ring Body is the peak? Hehe, little fellow, do you really believe that?”

XinFeng slowly shook his head, perhaps he would in the past, but now, he definitely did not.

Wuri spoke, “After condensing your True Ring Body, your foundation is complete. This step is extremely important, but ten percent of practicers would stop there, without any chance to advance anymore, because……passing this threshold, meant that one had to let go of worldly affairs, it’s extremely difficult.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “After True Ring Body……what kind of world is that?”

Wuri spoke, “True Monarch, however, that’s too far away, something the current you cannot understand, furthermore, learning of it so early won’t bring any benefits.”

XinFeng sucked in a cold breath, there really was one. True Monarch? What was that? What kind of power does that entail?

“Senior master, tell me, what’s after True Monarch?”

Wuri scolded, “Sky Monarch! Ai! Little fellow, you’re thinking too much, you only have your Third True Ring body. A puny True Lun Yin Ring master who hasn’t even converted his Yinli, what are you thinking so much for?”

XinFeng didn’t care too much, “True Ring Body, I’ll reach it soon.” He didn’t know how others trained, but he knew that with just absorbing large amounts of natural lightning from a thunder storm would quickly boost his cultivation, there wasn’t much to worry about.

Wuri slapped him extremely gently, “Brag, continue bragging!”

XinFeng refuted, “Senior master, I’m not bragging……it’s really not that hard.” He wasn’t overconfident, ever since he started training, he never had much problems in increasing his cultivation. It was just that it was so fast he had to suppress his training.

Wuri signed, “I know, I know, I just can’t tell if it’s good for you or not.”

XinFeng replied, “There shouldn’t be many problems, senior master, don’t scare me.”

Wuri spoke, “Who has the time to do so, never mind, you little weirdo, I’ve seen so many shockingly talented children, but never one like you. At just 17 years old you’ve already condensed your Third True Ring Body. F*ck, you’ve only started cultivating for a year!”

XinFeng commented, “Senior master, you cussed!”

“Is that rare?”

XinFeng vigorously nodded his head, “Extremely!”

Wuri burst into laughter, “Little bastard, you haven’t seen me cuss for real, what’s strange about it.”

XinFeng asked, “Senior Master, how many disciples do you have?”

Wuri laughed non-stop, after a while, he spoke, “This senior of yours took in seven disciples……your master Guqi, is the smallest.” (Sheep: smallest = newest)

XinFeng asked, “What about the others?”

Wuri spoke, “The oldest one died at Extraterritorial Star, I had pinned so much of my hopes on him in the beginning. As for the second and third disciples……they had already gone missing a few hundred years ago without coming back, without any news of them or their corpses. The fourth disciple loved fighting and killing, and was killed by an old fellow in the end, though I went there and killed them all, he would never return. En, number five and your master married each other, number six became independent and went to create his own legacy.”

This meant, the total of seven disciples Wuri had, three were left while the others were gone, two of which were married and were presently his master and master’s wife, while the other became independent. No wonder senior master continued to live here, not only was it comfortable, he had two disciples by his side. It must be relieving.

At this moment, XinFeng could feel the frustration of Wuri. In an attempt to comfort him, he spoke, “Senior master, perhaps second and third uncle master is still alive, even without news of them, there are still chances of their survival.”

With Wuri’s experiences in life, of course he knew XinFeng was trying to comfort him. Shaking his head, he spoke, “They have their own fate and fortune, whether they live or die, it doesn’t matter.” He had already knew what was in store.

XinFeng smiled bitterly, knowing that he couldn’t persuade him. After a whole, he asked, “Right, what’s Extraterritorial Star?”

Wuri answered, “That……don’t worry about it, with your cultivation you can’t go. To go there you need at least your eighth True Ring body, or its just suicide.”

XinFeng replied, “I don’t want to go, I’m just curious.”

Wuri snorted, “Then don’t think about it, only once you reached a True Ashen Yin master with nine True Ring bodies, perhaps you can go to the outer areas, but I don’t recommend going too deep. Actually, it’s fine staying here, there isn’t too many strong people with the strongest experts only having their seventh True Ring body, if you bring your guards, no one would dare to do anything to you, it’s the safest.”

XinFeng spoke, “Aiya, isn’t that just a greenhouse flower, without experiencing rain and wind, how can it mature?”


XinFeng rubbed his head, “I’ll get beaten silly!”

Wuri scolded with laughter, “Pei, what flower, what rain and wind. With absolute strength, rain or wind can be overcome, don’t believe in that rubbish. Many talented children died like that, without the chance of maturing, do you want to die?”

XinFeng vigorously shook his head, he didn’t want to die, he hadn’t lived enough yet. This world was spectacular, much more interesting than his past world. Experiencing such a world alive was the best. He spoke, “Okay, okay, I know……”

Wuri spoke, “If you become a Monarch, then even true masters who’ve condensed their True Body, even they would similarly be destroyed! Therefore, grow stronger first, that’s what is important. Also, remember that if you can’t beat someone, just run. There’s a lot of experts here, you can always call someone to fight them, it’s much better than risking your life, it doesn’t matter if your shameless if you keep your life!”

XinFeng listened with his mouth gaping. He couldn’t say that senior master was wrong, but it sounded extremely shameless.

Aiba suddenly walked over, “Ancestor, something happened!”

Wuri’s mood dampened, “What?”

Aiba spoke, “Little three was beaten, he was harmed heavily……”

Wuri stood up, “Let’s go check, little fellow will go with me.”

XinFeng knew the aforementioned little three was his third senior disciple Xin Zhao Lun, someone he hadn’t met before. Ever since he came here, Xin Zhao Lun was always out.

Quickly, they came to Guqi’s garden. XinFeng had followed Wuri on the way here. In master’s house, he met Xin Zhao Lun for the first time, he was an old man with a face full of wrinkles, his head on the verge of going bald, there was only a ring of white hair at the back of his head. The most eye catching feature of his face was his large nose. Currently, his eyes were shut, his lips were purple and his breathing was faint, seemingly on the verge of death.

Guqi and Tanya both stood up to welcome their master.

Wuri asked, “What’s wrong?”

Guqi replied, “Poison, after using up his strength in a fight….the poison spread. He had barely reached our communication point and was sent back, almost losing his life.” His face was gloomy with uncontrollable killing intent.

Wuri spoke, “Let’s save him first.”

Tanya took out a small bottle of medicine, pouring it into Xin Zhao Lun’s mouth, speaking, “This antidote may not be useful but it’ll help keep it under control, but I don’t know if he’ll wake up, only then can we diagnose what kind of poison it is.”

Wuri kept silent for a while before flicking his wrist, in his hands appeared a small water crystal bottle, there was only an inch’s height of green medicine inside. He spoke, “Give him a drop first, it’ll preserve his life.”

Guqi spoke, “This…….alright!”

XinFeng asked softly, “Uncle Ai, what’s that medicine?”

Aiba laughed bitterly, “Sky Green! That’s Sky Green, as long as there is a single breath remaining it can help preserve one’s life. This medicine’s creation method is gone forever in this world, ancestor only has a small bottle.”

Guqi carefully poured out a small drop into Xin Zhao Lun’s mouth, before carefully returning it to Wuri. This kind of medicine was something even he did not have, it was far too precious.

In a few minutes, Xin Zhao Lun spoke, “S h e n  y i n ” as he opened his eyes with difficulty, seeing Guqi and the others, he sighed in relief.

Guqi spoke, “Little three, what happened? Who defeated you?”

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