God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 2

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Book 1 Chapter 2: Lightning Stamp

The old man said “Yaoyao, take this boar leg..to Auntie Qing.” After someone had given you something, it was basic manners to show your gratitude. Even though a Baoya boar’s meat is not worth much, but it was the thought behind it that counts, and the old man always makes sure to do so.

The little girl hesitated for a while, and showed slight reluctance. However, she still nodded, “Yes grandpa, I’ll be on my way.” Even though she was only 6 years old, lifting a 15+ kilo boar leg was nothing to her.

As Feng watched his sister leave, he looked at the old man solemnly, “Grandpa, do you have something you want to say to me?”

The old man nodded, he was pleased by Feng’s awareness of the situation, “Feng, you are not a child anymore, furthermore, you are turning 16 this year. You have been training since 6 and your foundation is good. However, you need more training. I believe it is time for you to start practicing Lunli.”

Feng did not know what to say, he had been here for about 3 years already. Even as he practiced archery, ways to throw punches effectively daily, and trained his body, this was his first time hearing of Lunli. He asked “Lunli? What’s that?”

He kept trying to understand this world, and the size of it. However, he was stuck on this cliff,where meeting people from the outside was impossible, and he could only stare at the sky and wonder about the world.

The only thing he could be sure of was that this place definitely wasn’t the previous world he lived in, as every night, there would be 7 moons of different colors in the sky. From that, he understood that this was a new world for him, and other than this, he did not know anything much.

The old man replied, “Lunli is a strange power that not everyone can learn. To learn it, you need potential and talent, and I had already tested your body when you were 6. You have both sufficiently, and so you can learn Lunli.”

Feng was once again speechless. He kept doubting himself and his knowledge of the unknown of this world, however the thing called Lunli…really had exceeded his imagination. He asked, “Do the people in Tiger Cliff Castle have Lunli? Who are they?”

“No, only your parents, and now you, have it. Other than you, no living human here has it. Of course, no one here knows that you and your parents have Lunli.”

Since his soul took over Feng’s body, he had never met his ‘parents’ in this world. He had only met his grandfather and sister, so he had not even the slightest idea of who they were, and so he replied simply, “Oh, I see.”

“Don’t underestimate Lunli, once you obtain the power to control it, not even the greatly feared barbarians living in the mountains will be of danger to you.”

The barbarians were also human, but they had enormous strength from birth. The smallest size of barbarians were still at least 2 meters. With coarse, thick hair on their bodies, they were more beast than human. In the mountains, they not only hunt animals, but also hunters and even barbarians of another tribe, and used the bodies as meat sources. They were the biggest enemies of hunters, as they possessed intelligence.

“Wait here, I have something to give you,” The old man walked into the cave and tapped the stone walls. After a while, he finally found what he was looking for. He then inserted a dagger into a crack in the wall, pried it open and took something out.

With his gaze on the old man’s hands, he asked, “Grandfather, what it this?”

The old man gently stroked the item in his hands for a while and handed it to Feng, “This is a stamp, look at it yourself.” Feng was confused, “Stamp?” And looked at it closely.

It was a circular object, with the thickness of a finger and as big as a palm. A pitch black item, with numerous silver lines of varying thickness that looked like the veins of a leaf, some as thin as a strand of hair, and some as thick as a tooth pick. Even though it was a small stamp the size of a palm, it was about 3 to 4 kg (TL: note in the bottom about the stamp)

“What a strange stamp!”

“Look at those silver lines, what does that remind you of?”

Feng looked closely and answered, “It’s like the veins of a leaf, no, like lightning.” He suddenly remembered an image from his previous world, however, there were too much lines, and it did not really look like a picture of a lightning.

The old man smiled, “Not bad, this is a lightning stamp! Your Lunli attribute is lightning, and so you can train in the lightning aspect of Lunli.”

With the stamp in his hands, he called out “Ah, no wonder my hands feel numb.”

Right after he had spoken, a trace of light appeared on the lightning stamp. Feng wasn’t a native of this land, who knew little of lighting. In his past life, he knew that electricity was a thing that could kill, and he hurriedly raised his hand to throw it.

“Don’t move! Don’t loosen your grip, the lightning stamp is activating your Lunli!”

Feng had lived with the old man for 3 years, and had already accepted him as family and as his elder. So, he suppressed his anxiety and tightly held on to the stamp.

Feng’s head started to hurt as the stamp started to emit a slight crackling noise, “Grandfather, is this safe? Ah, pa..pain!”

The old man stared at Feng’s hands, “Don’t be afraid, steady! Steady! Remember, don’t loosen your grip!”

Feng didn’t dare to fling the stamp away. He could only grit his teeth and tightly hold on to it. Along with the slight crackling noise, the stamp emitted flashes of light which entered Feng’s body. That numbing feeling, made him feel very uncomfortable, he stuttered “Grand…..grand….grandpa……when….when can….this……this end?”

“There’s still a long way to go, don’t let go.”

With the flashes of lightning, Feng’s hair, which reached to his shoulders, all stood up. The feeling of holding on to the stamp was not comfortable at all.

“Brother! What’s….what’s happening?” After coming in and seeing such a sight, she could not help but call out.

“Don’t touch your brother! Come to Grandpa! Don’t touch him!”

The face of the girl was entirely white, seeing her brother in the state where his hair was standing up, looking like his head had grown a few times, she ran towards her grandfather, crying, “Grandpa, what’s with Bro?” She had been brought up by Feng, and the relationship between them was very deep. Seeing her brother in this strange state brought uneasiness to her heart.

The old man hugged the girl and softly said, ”Don’t disturb your brother, just keep watching, your brother is fine!”

The sound of the crackling increased.

Feng stood in the middle of the small house. His body was shaking non-stop, stimulated by the electricity, while his face was as red as a tomato, as if he was being roasted.

He finally could not hold on anymore and hoarsely called out, “Cannot….cannot hold on anymore….I….cannot hold it anymore….I…”

“Don’t fling it….you can release your grip!”

Feng immediately released his hands. However, the stamp did not drop as expected, but instead hanged in front of his chest, giving out uncountable shocks of electricity like a web, covering Feng’s body.

Yaoyao bit her nails and shouted, “It… It’s shining……so strange….” Tears were flowing down her face non-stop.

“Hold on! Don’t be afraid, you won’t die!”

Suddenly, Feng started to move.

Following the stamp rotating around his body, Feng also moved. However he did not move out of his own will, but it was the shocks of electricity that pushed his body to move.

Yaoyao stopped crying, as the sight before her was too strange. Watching as Feng raised his hands and feet, shook his body and twitched non-stop, that strange sight cause her to watch in shock, “Grandpa…..what’s with Brother….he…he looks like his dancing…”

“That’s right! This is called the lightning dance!”

In Feng’s heart he cried out, “This shit…is called what? Lightning dance? Convulsion dance is more accurate! I, I can’t even ****ing control my body!”

A big split, followed by a twirl. One foot on the ground, and one foot pointing to the sky, the body twisting out of shape. A lightning strike of a finger thickness hit Feng in the lower back, followed by 7 twirls. (TL: ballerina)

Feng could not even cry out, even his mouth was numb, as he danced the strange lightning dance.

Yaoyao almost bit off her nail, “Wow, brother is so awesome….”

Feng once more cried out in his heart, “Awesome? Shit is more accurate, brother is being hit by lightning, it’s forcing me to do all this, it wants my life!”

As Feng danced, a strange flow of power was circling in his body. His body became stronger as he gave birth to a strange power. Feng understood in his mind, perhaps this was Lunli.

The stamp’s shape was already long gone. It was like a shining sun, giving off rays of light that hurts the eyes of people that saw it, causing the old man and Yaoyao to squint their eyes.

Followed by the sound of a thunder bolt, the stamp pierced into Feng’s chest, disappearing into his body.


Feng’s legs finally gave way, and as he lay on the floor, panting non-stop, the web of light disappeared.

The old man was shocked, he did not expect that the stamp would actually enter Feng’s body. He nervously checked Feng, and after confirming it was fine, he let out a breath, “You little rascal, I didn’t expect your compatibility to be so high, your level of compatibility is really terrifying.”

Feng smiled bitterly, “Grandfather, my body is too numb, I can’t move anymore!”

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