God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 4

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Book 2 Chapter 4: Big Panther Trouble (2)

Sounds of “Ka Cha!” rang continuously. Each branch in the short spear’s path had a hole appear through it. Some hunters shouted “Duck!”

None of the hunters were dumb enough to try to block the short spear, but instead they tried their best to avoid it. As for the strength of the short spear… bang! A hunter standing on a tree branch looked down with a pale face to see a protruding spear head below his crotch, sweat dropping from his face.
(*puttty: I had to choose between below his pants, in between his thighs and below the crotch. crude or misguiding, it’s a no brainer.),

Two barbarians gave off a strange shout and started to climb up the trees. XinFeng shouted, “Block them! Kill!” As he was too high up, he quickly moved lower while shouting and preparing his black bow at the same time.

The hunters attacked from above, shooting their arrows. Some even threw their spears.

The two barbarians immediately became pin cushions. They did not expect so many hunters in the trees, so, with a strange shout, they jumped off the tree.

The hunters felt a wave of chill surge through their hearts upon seeing the barbarians move around perfectly fine. This must be a joke! If a person was poked full of holes by arrows and spears, they would definitely be dead. How could they jump and run like that?


The sound of metal colliding suddenly appeared. Most of the hunters here could tell it was the sound of XinFeng’s black bow’s bowstring — this sound is, after all, unique. Most bows of normal hunters could not produce this sound.


With those two sounds the retreating barbarians fell. Neither their stronger defense nor their stronger regenerative power could save them. Once shot through the head, no one could live. XinFeng had managed to kill two barbarians in a moment.

At that moment the hunters all celebrated with joy. If they could speedily kill the barbarians, they would not need to be afraid anymore. No matter the distance, fights with the barbarians were the nightmares of the hunters. For long distance combat, though the barbarians do not have bows, they could attack by throwing spears. If a spear hit, then there would be no hope for survival. For close combat, it was basically hopeless. The barbarians had not only thick skin and thick muscles but also incomparable strength. Relying only on strength they could already destroy their opponents.

XinFeng did not even dare to stop. He shouted, “Prepare arrows, the best ones!”

In an instant about 30 of the best arrows were brought to XinFeng. Even if he could kill one with an arrow, it would not be enough as there were about 40 barbarians below.

Ping! Ping! Ping!

XinFeng moved among the trees and aimed non-stop at the barbarians.

With each sound of the bow string, a barbarian would fall. XinFeng’s attacking methods were too cruel! He chose to shoot only the forehead and the heart. If the arrow hits, then the barbarians basically can’t survive. Within the short time of a dozen seconds, there were already 7 fallen barbarians.

Meanwhile the other hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle hadn’t killed even one yet. Even with a rain of arrows and spears, they were unable to take a barbarian’s life.

A barbarian with an arrow sticking out of his head suddenly shouted, and about 10 barbarians replied by shouting again and threw their thick spears into the trees.

XinFeng shouted loudly and dodged madly. Luckily he was a Thousand Lun Master and barely managed to avoid the spears, but other hunters weren’t as lucky. In an instant about 3 hunters had their bodies pierced by the spears and fell from the trees.

XinFeng ground his teeth and continued to shoot his bow. Unlike XinFeng, who could kill a barbarian, other hunters could only harm them.

Ping! Ping……

XinFeng did not ask for fatalities, he only wanted to harm the barbarians. It would be enough because the barbarians were starting to avoid his attacks after so many instantaneous deaths.

In only a few minutes, there were at least 15-16 barbarians on the ground, and among them there were at least 10 who were dead.

Barbarians are also human and feared death. Suddenly realizing that half of them were dead, they could not help but be afraid while their leader flew into a rage.

XinFeng continued shooting, the sound of “Ping!” was the sound of death for the barbarians. With each sound of the bowstring’s release, a barbarian was likely to fall. Even if it was not a fatal hit, it would still at least mean a heavy injury.

The leader of the barbarians shouted, and, wielding his giant axe, he charged towards the trees.

XinFeng shot an arrow toward him.

The leader held up the giant axe and directly blocked it. You must know that, only looking at the axe head, it was as big as half of a door, enough to guard his whole body with.

Ding! Pa!

The arrow actually burst, shattering into countless pieces.

The leader actually got pushed back one step by the arrow. Anyone could tell the strength of the arrow was not something they should belittle, but the arrow did not harm the barbarian’s leader, and he could be seen continuing to climb the tree.

A few hunters tried to block him but the leader hacked off the tree branches they were on, causing them to fall to the ground to be killed by the barbarians.

Cangyu shouted, “All of you! Climb up!” After continuous injuries and fatalities to the hunters, Cangyu’s heart swelled with pain. He gave instructions non-stop.

XinFeng also shouted, “I’ll handle them! The rest climb higher!” He knew that he needed to stop the barbarian’s leader, if not the consequences would be very serious.

The feeling that the barbarians gave him was much stronger then what Dafei, the Hundred Lun Master, gave him. Not only could he not use Lunli to attack, he also needed to bear responsibility.

“DaShan, help me find a spear and stick it on the tree branch!”

DaShan nodded, took a spear with the best quality, and shoved it into a tree. Climbing up the tree, he said, “The spear is already stuck in the tree, Feng, be careful!”

XinFeng did not dare attack the barbarian’s leader anymore, but continued to shoot at the barbarians below the trees. The hunters that fell from the trees were surrounded and killed by the barbarians below. These barbarians were his targets.

After only a few minutes, in XinFeng’s vision, the barbarians on the ground all hid after being shot by him other than the climbing barbarian leader. He hung his black bow on a tree branch and took the spear DaShan left before heading towards the barbarian’s leader.

The branches below were very, very thick and broad enough for a person to stand on and had enough strength to support them. Soon XinFeng and the barbarian clashed.


XinFeng circulated Lei Lunli through his spear. The whole spear had countless sparks dancing on it, but this attack let him deeply experience the barbarian’s strength. As the spear in his hand bent a whole ninety degrees and flew away, XinFeng’s thoughts became a mess. As he moved to the side he avoided the barbarian leader’s axe which cut into the tree behind him, leaving a heavy impression in his mind.

However, the barbarian’s leader also did not have a good time, not because XinFeng’s strength was greater than his, but because when his axe collided with the spear, a surge of electricity entered his body, causing his whole body to tremble.

All of the hunters stared at the two men’s fight, their heart beats like drums. Everyone knew that if XinFeng lost, their side would lose many people.

XinFeng climbed up speedily and shouted, “Get me another steel spear! I want the spear the barbarians shot up!”

There were a few spears that the barbarians had thrown into the trees. Cangyu immediately ordered a group of hunters to pull out a spear and a few of the strongest hunters joined together to barely manage to pull out a barbarian’s spear, but the hunters could not help but feel shocked. The spear was really far too thick, as thick as a bowl: a normal human’s hand could not even hold it properly.

Cangyu instructed “Pierce it here, we’ll continue to climb up! Give them some space!”

At this moment, the remaining barbarians also started to climb upwards.

The barbarian’s leader ground his teeth and glared at XinFeng. He knew that this guy was the culprit.

XinFeng climbed to where the barbarian’s spear was and pulled it out, shocked. ‘This thing is far too thick!’ Even though he could wield it, it was very inconvenient.

Jumping onto a thick branch, XinFeng saw the barbarian leader following him. XinFeng’s arm swung down with the spear in his hand.


The spear gave off the sound of splitting wind, the leader cursed loudly. He hurriedly countered with his axe because he hadn’t managed to get close enough yet.


The barbarian leader slid down the tree from the impact, while XinFeng jumped to another thick branch, swinging down with the spear in his hand again.

At this moment another 4 barbarians climbed up the tree. The barbarian leader shouted a few sentences and the few barbarians that had climbed up immediately surrounded XinFeng.

In this moment XinFeng was flanked by 5 barbarians in the trees. This was not a good situation: he could only continue to hack away. If he didn’t, the barbarians would climb to a place higher than where he is. The hunters higher up were also an issue, they couldn’t do nothing and let a child fight the barbarians. DaShan said with a deep voice, “No, I can’t Feng fight by himself. I’ll go help him!”

DaShan climbed downwards with about 10 hunters following him.

Cangyu’s mouth opened, as if wanting to say something, but closed eventually. He contemplated for a while. “Gather some people and rope. Even if we can’t kill them, we can tie them up…it’ll be helpful to XinFeng!”

Immediately a dozen hunters gathered all their string and climbed down to help.

XinFeng breathed heavily. He was already very exhausted. Even though he was strong, compared to the barbarians he was too lacking.

The barbarian leader was at a position a bit lower than XinFeng’s. The other barbarians also climbed up. XinFeng could not do anything to stop them. With his hand holding on to the thick spear, his eyes darted around to look for a way to escape.

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