God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 18

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Book 1 Chapter 18: The Mystery of Thunderbolts (2)

Cangyu hesitated for a while “Feng, hoho, you know, winter is almost here, the amount of stored food is far from enough, you are now the master hunter, everyone wants to hear your opinion on what should we do.”

As the master hunter, his position in Tiger Cliff Castle was entirely different, not only did he need to hunt for himself but he also needs to participate in the planning of the big hunts in Tiger Cliff Castle. XinFeng mused for a moment, he was not truly a 16 year old, adding his age from his past life, his age would not be lesser than the people here.

“Patriarch, everyone, my grandfather had gone out, this period of time I must stay at Tiger Cliff Castle, en, wait until my grandfather returns and then I will once again assemble a big hunt, I will be in charge of hunting bulls, do not worry, I will be sure to then supply everyone with enough bulls, the participants only need to transport the bulls, this winter we will not be lacking in food.” (Feng)

“Also, when we go out to hunt, we still must be careful of the Lead Eagle’s men.” (Feng)

Everyone nodded in agreement,even though the past battles with Lead Eagle had casualties from both sides, it had never been as brutal as the recent battle, with a dozen fatalities.

As for hunting bulls, they did not have much opinion on it, a trip companied with XinFeng’s thousand Lun master level, killing bulls would be an easy task, at that time they could receive many food supplies and surviving the winter would not be a problem anymore.

As the patriarch had seen XinFeng’s true strength before, towards XinFeng’s promise, he excluded joy “That’s good, that’s good.”

He discussed with the others for a while more, at this point, time cannot be wasted, the hunters will still go out, but they cannot stay outside for too long, and they must also stay in the vicinity, so that they can return immediately after hearing a signal.

When XinFeng has the time, they would be available to leave at anytime.

After some more discussion, Cangyu left along with the rest.

XinFeng returned to the small wooden hut and sat there dazed, thinking back to grandfather’s words.

He was not like his past self, not knowing of much, he had now his own opinion on Lunli, especially Lei Lunli, in his eyes, this was a way to use a type of power, but, this power had another use. He may be unfamiliar with his power but he could had great knowledge of electricity from his past life.

If it was other types of Lunli like An Lunli or Jin Lunli, then he would be practically useless. But electricity is something familiar to him as in his past life he was a electrician, which is why his brain was filled with many ideas, but currently had no way to apply it to the Lei Lunli of this world, after all he only trained for a small time, and had many parts he was still not sure about Lei Lunli.
(Putty: An=暗 Means dark. Jin=金 Means gold.)

When Lei Lunli was first produced, it was a as if friable round shape which he could not see, but could feel, after compressing it, Lei Lunli became a Lei ring, at that moment, XinFeng noticed the Lunchang space he had in his body became much bigger, originally the size of a fist became a circular space about 2 meters long.

Actually it had already became the size of a football after reaching a thousand Lun, only his training speed was so fast that before he could notice, he had already reached a thousand Lun.

So, XinFeng noticed the large Lunchang space he had, his heart filled with joy, a space about 2 feet could put many things, rivaling a normal bag from his past life, this means he was constantly carrying a that cannot be seen and is also able to carry items of any weight, this is far too convenient.

XinFeng did not know his Lunchang space was very special, the average Thousand Lun master had at most a feet long Lunchang space, while the most of the Thousand Lun masters had barely a feet long, this was because of Lei Lunli’s rarity and also another advantage of being struck by lightning.

However, even though his Lunchang space became bigger, XinFeng had nothing to store, it was impossible to think of storing food inside.

The old man Leibao chased the thunderclouds, his strength increasing rapidly, also noticing that his Lunchang space had enlarged, this was much bigger than XinFeng’s, reaching the space of about 20 meters, he radiated happiness, his Lunchang space revealed a very small space not even reaching the length of a foot.

Other than some Lun rings and Lun stamp rings, he had 5 burst lightning needles, at that time, he could barely use the needles, it was prepared as a desperate suicide method. The rest of his things was sealed away, if he did not regain his true power, this things will forever stay at his Lunchang space, and after his death, onto the ground, becoming a treasure, bringing riches to whoever who finds it.

The items known as inconspicuous in the past, after 40 to 50 painful years, became extremely precious.

The old man sighed, looking at the far away clouds, he did not feel like chasing it anymore, a dozen days had already passed, he was rather worried about his grandchildren and did not have any thoughts of staying in the wild, he was different from his past self, in the past he would do whatever he wanted without any hesitation.

“Now to return home!”

The old man Leibao flew towards Tiger Cliff Castle with speed like lighting, sudden he saw a giant mountain peak, it’s shape as if a eagle preparing to take flight, the old man Leibao slowed down.

Lead Eagles!

The old man Leibao was a tyrannical master in his prime, the amount of people he killed uncountable, his enemies everywhere, with his strength, if he wanted to eradicate the whole of Lead Eagles, a slap of the hand would be able to collapse the whole mountain and murder everyone on it.

After thinking for a moment, the old man suddenly felt bored, silently muttering “Let’s leave this to Feng, that kid is still lacking training.” And speedily flew towards Tiger Cliff Castle.

XinFeng in this period of time trained nonstop, his Lei Lunli still increasing non stop, already reaching three thousand Lunli, this type of rapid increase make him feel extremely pleased and also a feeling of accomplishment, he hoped to quickly reach Milun master level, at that time he would be able to leave Tiger Cliff Castle.

Today, XinFeng and Xinyao both busily focused on cutting the dried bull hide and packing it.

“Sis, you go and check, which houses do we have to give bull hides to.” (Feng)

In Tiger Cliff Castle, the little lady’s fame was not small, in their most hardest time, many people helped them. The both of them decided on giving bull hides, as the armor hunters wore needed it, it was the most practical gift.

This gift would not be rejected as most households kept it for future use, like how auntie Qing gave them a piece of bull hide and that they could not refuse it.

Two whole pieces of bull hide is extremely large, after tanning it, it became very tough, luckily XinFeng had high strength, cutting it was rather easy for him.

While the two of them did their jobs, the door opened and Leibao walked in, smiling “I’m home!”

XinFeng and Xinyao both felt overjoyed, they both expected Leibao to not come back after a long time, and did not expect him to return in ten days.

In a glance, XinFeng noticed that the old man was totally different, the wrinkles much lesser on his face and his aura as if a young man, and the most noticeable was the slight feel of threat, letting people feel rather scared, luckily he was his own grandfather, XinFeng also knew the old man was very good to him, and he would not be in danger, but the feel of threat made him feel uncomfortable “Grandfather, you….”

Leibao leaked a smile, kneeling down, he caught the running Xinyao “Yaoyao, did you miss me?”

“I missed you, I missed you everyday!” (Yaoyao)

Leibao laughed “Yaoyao is the best.”

If it was 40-50 years ago, anyone that noticed Leibao would go crazy at this sight, the old man at that time wasn’t like this, even speaking peacefully was a rare sight, then why would he be so gentle now?

While hugging Xinyao, the old man asked “Did you prepare the bull hide to trade for food?”

“Brother said that those people that helped Yaoyao needs to be thanked.” (Yaoyao)

Leibao nodded “Yeah, they were so kind to our precious Yaoyao, we should thank them, hoho.”

Xinyao asked “Grandfather, how is your……injury?” He always knew grandfather had a problem in his body but the old man was very prideful and so he never asked, seeing the old man’s big change, he could not help but ask.

The old man nodded “This I must thank Feng’s good luck that shared itself with me, haha!”

Then he added “I plan to give you something good.”

XinFeng got excited and asked “What good thing?” The last time the old man gave him a burst lightning needle which strength greatly left an impression in his mind.

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