Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made

Alternative Name: クズ異能【温度を変える者】の俺が無双するまで, Until I who possessed a trash Talent 【One who changes temperature】, become matchless
Author: Nabeshiki
Category: Japanese Web Novel, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Status: Ongoing
Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7345eq/
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Turb0
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20 years ago, 「Talent Users」 appeared suddenly in the world. Due to the Talent Users who possessed mighty power, the world's power balance collapse, and every large countries fight in the 「World Talent Great War」. After the long war which lasted for 10 years, the world map was redrawn due to the geographic changes and also the international treaty. It was rearranged from the world without Talent Users to the world with Talent Users…No, to 「the world ruled by Talent Users」.

Before one knows, Serizawa Atsushi, the protagonist awakens to his Talent and he dreams to be a hero. However, his Talent evaluation is 「【One who changes temperature】」. The lowest level of the 5 level evaluation, 「S-LEVEL 1 」. The level which the country treats the Talent as trash.

Introduction: Talent Appearance

【Prologue 1.00】

First Arc: Awakening of Talent
01 Do you want me to heat it up?
02 Entrance ceremony day
03 Beansprout guy appears
04 Classmate
05 Homeroom
06 Kurono Meria’s appraisal report
07 Fully bloomed sakura
08 You have the shadow of death
09 The market value of 『Healing Power』
10 Third Faction《Dark Side》
11 A hero always arrives late
12 Ominous sound of blades
13 Kurono Meria’s confession
14 Kirishima Kaname’s secret training
15 My ideal high school life
16 The view of Teihen High School’s lessons
17 Sakura-colored galaxy
18 Cloudless starry sky
19 Determination
20 School Selection
21 For now, until my limit
22 One who uses and being used
23 Excessive power
24 The night in the meeting room
25 School War participants announcement
26 Training days
27 『Talent School War』
28 Block A  Pleasant World
29 Block B  Losing Something Important
30 Block C  Battlefield Ristorante
31 Another war
32 Block D  Dragon’s Fury
33 Participant Exhibition 《Preview》
34 Representative Battle 1  Akai Tsubasa vs Kurasaki Yuuki
35 Before dawn
36 A certain Air Force lieutenant’s testimony
37 Beloved Body (Person)
38 Representative Battle 2  Kirishima Kaname vs Kongou Minae
39 Final Representative Battle  Serizawa Atsushi vs Hikawa Takeru
40 Final Representative Battle  Conclusion
41 Assault Unit
42 Winner of the fierce battle
43 Final destination
44 Weekly Talent
45 Monster of the hot spring《Behemoth》
46 Rival
47 What I wish, what I don’t wish
48 Kurono and Atsushi
49 Emperor《Mikado》
50 DATA【Character File 001 – 045】
Third Arc: Source of Talent
87 End of War Arbitration Committee (The 9 Committees)
88 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 1
89 Convening
90 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 2
91 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 3
92 The boss whose face cannot be seen
93 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 4
94 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 5
95 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 6
96 Night in the Forest 1  At the encampment
97 Night in the Forest 2  Difference in ability
98 Night in the Forest 3  Girls-only gathering in the forest
99 Visitor
100 War in the Forest 1  Morning Attack
101 War in the Forest 2  Crowd of Corpses
102 War in the Forest 3  Each Encounter
103 War in the Forest 4  Operation in the Fort
104 War in the Forest 5  Encounter 2
105 War in the Forest 6  Difference in Power
106 War in the Forest 7  Limit of Power
107 War in the Forest 8  Limit of the Power of Flame
108 War in the Forest 9  Teihen High School Attack
109 War in the Forest 10  Confrontation
110 War in the Forest 11  Awakening
111 War in the Forest 12  Objective accomplished
112 War in the Forest 13  Kurono Meria
113 War in the Forest 14  Light in the Forest 1
114 War in the Forest 15  Light in the Forest 2
115 War in the Forest 16  Running Thunder God 1
116 War in the Forest 17  Running Thunder God 2
117 War in the Forest 18  Running Thunder God 3
118 War in the Forest 19  Running Thunder God 4
119 War in the Forest 20  Running Thunder God 5
120 War in the Forest 21  Running Thunder God 6
121 Devastated Forest
122 The way to use the excessive power
123 Declaration of War
Fourth Arc: Threat of Talent

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