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107 War in the Forest 8  Limit of the Power of Flame

「……Good grief, this boy does dangerous things」

Urushibara muttered that while looking at the boy who was split into half.

「I almost die due to lack of oxygen……that was a little dangerous」

As far as the eye can see, it is a sea of flame all around. The trees are burning right now, spreading the fire to the forest. Even if there are several approaches for that, that way was a little dangerous.

「Stop wasting your breath. Let’s go already」
「Ah, I know. But my cigarette burned out. Let me have a smoke」

Turning away from the skinhead man who is trembling in anger……Rindou, Urushibara takes out a cigarette from his pocket, and ignites it with the flame in the surroundings.

「…………Hey, Boy. Don’t you think that the reality is a little too cruel?」

While looking downwards at the half-bodied boy, Urushibara smoked.

「Enough, Urushibara. Let’s go. What do you think of this strategy……!!」
「……Ah, I’m coming now. Don’t be angry just by that」

Just like that, when Urushibara takes his eyes off the boy’s corpse.
The scattered pieces of meats shine faintly……and squirm.


The corpse, the flesh is moving.
I have seen countless of corpses. The figure of people turning into Variants is also burned into my memory. But……what is this? I have never seen a corpse of such state.
The flesh, the intestines squirm on its own while trying to return to its original location. Not only that, but even the blood on the ground, floats in the air as if watching a reversed video……returning to the boy’s body. ……What is going on?

「……What is this……?」

Is this also the boy’s power? I don’t recall any ability with such conduct. I can’t even find it in the memory of 『Haba Ryuuichi (Original)』. ……What is this? What is happening to this boy right now?

When Urushibara thinks that way, the body of the boy that was split into half, return to normal……and he stands up unsteadily.

「Hey, Urushibara……Kill him……!!」

Rindou calls me out from the back.

「I don’t know what’s happening, but……sorry. Just die」

Saying that, he cuts the boy into half once again with his Talent.

「……Ga……!? Argh……」

But the moment I thought that he was cut into half, his upper body returns to normal, and the boy stands there again. The boy only raised a sound of pain for a moment.

「……What is going on……?」

I certainly cut him. I severed him. But what is this? How can this boy still stand there? And why is he glaring at me with the eyes full of vigor? Are you telling me that he revived? You think……『Haba Ryuuichi (Original)』 won’t know about such ability?

「Urushibara……go. This guy is……troublesome

Rindou who was hurrying, looks at the boy with a change of 「plan」.
The two of them don’t usually have the same opinion despite sharing memories, but at this time, they agreed to each other. That this boy in front is dangerous.




When I realized it, I was lying down on the ground.
There’s no wound. When I touch my stomach, it’s connected.
Was that a dream? No, impossible.
I remember that pain and suffering.

In addition……this faint warm light covering my body. I know this very well. It’s the light when she used her Talent to heal my wounds.

「……Kagura……is that you?」

I stand up slowly. My body condition is very good. Way better than before. I can feel power overflowing in my body.
……Am I alive because of Kagura’s power? She shouldn’t have such power right now. Since that day, she lost her power.
……But the power of returning me from that state. Such power……I don’t know anyone other than her. Because I have seen it myself. She gathered Tarou’s scattered flesh, and returned him back to a puppy. Then, did she do the same thing just now? Did her power return? How……?

When I’m thinking in confusion, my body was cut again.

「……Ga……!? Argh……」

I was careless……! Again, I……!!
Just like that, I was flustered for a moment, and my body returned to normal and the pain reliefed. The man wearing a suit mutters something, and looks at me. It’s him. The one who did that just now.
……That’s right, he’s still here. Now’s not the time to be engrossed.

「……I won’t……let you pass through me……!!」

I burn down the surroundings once again. The previous firepower is not enough. It didn’t have a single effect on them at all. The more I increase the firepower, the more my body will get burned. But now’s not the time to care about that. And fortunately, there’s no need to care about it.
The flame burns my body as usual, and my skin carbonizes. There’s no change in that. But my cells are being recreated one by one.

「……It hurts……This sure hurts……It hurts to the extent of dying……but」

There’s the pain of burning skin. But not to the extent that I can’t endure it.

「……I will definitely not let you guys pass through here……!」

Usually, I save the power of 「Fireball」, but now, it’s full power.
Originally, I can make the fireball very big. But upon exceeding a certain size, it will start burning my hand. That’s why, my best was about 1 meter in diameter. I decided to use it that way. But I can’t be holding back against these guys. Even if my arm is slightly burned, my hand is destroyed by fire, and my skin is carbonized until my knees, my body will regenerate for some reason right now. If I can use a great power in exchange to some pain, I will do it without hesitation. ……If I can protect Kagura with that.


And without minding that my arms and face were burned, I shot the 10 meter class of fireballs continuously. The surrounding trees that became cinders, blow away, and the sound of explosion resounds. Although my vision became slightly bad due to the blast, I continued to shoot. I don’t think this is enough to defeat them.
That’s why, I will observe their movements. When I open my eyes, the strong flame burns my eyes. The blast singes my eyes. But it regenerates immediately. That’s why, I open my eyes wide to observe their movements.
Right now, I don’t even need to blink.

「……I see it」

They dodge the blast and run to the same direction. I can see that they are getting away from me at an absurd speed.
But I won’t let them. Because right now, I can use the high speed movement that I can only use it for emergency dodging. I don’t even care of the pain of burning skin and carbonizing flesh.

And I burst flames at my back to accelerate, and catch up with them. I accelerate at the speed as if being hit by a bullet train, without caring about the breaking bones and rupturing organs. Because they will heal right away. If I can catch up with them by paying that much, it’s cheap. I have already gotten used to this pain.

「I won’t let you……You guys are going nowhere……」

「……As expected, this is troublesome. Urushibara……leave this to me and go ahead」
「……I’ll take you up on that offer」

One person is trying to get away from here. ……He disappeared. I looked to have disappeared. But in the corner of my eyes, I saw him running into a distorted space. Just like that, I saw him appearing faraway. I chase after him immediately. And the moment I caught up with him and I tried to fire a fireball directly at him, something stopped me.


When I look in front, the skinhead man stands in my way with a translucent wall created in front of him. I can see the man in suit running away behind him. That direction is where Kagura is. Not good. I can’t let him go there. But I can’t go forward due to the wall made by this man.

「……Akai Tsubasa. Stop there. I will be your opponent」

The man somehow knows my name, but let’s ignore that.
This guy is……strong. That other guy was also unbelievably strong, but this guy is also the same. I don’t know what kind of ability he has. But I can’t withdraw. If I withdraw, who will protect Kagura?
It’s not whether I can do it or not. I need to do it with my full power. I have no choice but to eliminate this guy with all my power. Thinking that, I make the flame covering my body to the maximum size. He’s not an opponent that I can defeat with some moderations.

「……But it’s really hot…………from here on, it’s an unexplored zone……」

With the resolve of turning my whole body into cinders, I pull out the maximum power of the flame. I have never pull out such power of the flame. If I do that, I would have died by my own flame. The reason why I can do this now is because of Kagura’s power. She is giving me power.

I need to finish him quickly and chase after the man who ran away.
Because a threat is approaching her.
It’s my role to do something about it. I can’t afford to stop at this kind of place.

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