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122 The way to use the excessive power

「Funfu~n♪ Fufu~mu♪ Funfufu~mu♪」

While looking at Shiro humming in the bath at the Kurono house……my heart sunk deeply.


Currently in this Kurono house, there’s me, Shiro, Meria-sensei, and the gorilla who came back hurriedly along with Shinozaki-san. The three of them have something important to talk about, so I was made to take Shiro to the bath.

「Funfu~n♪ Fufu~mu♪ Funfufu~mu♪」

Shiro is swimming around in this pointlessly big bathtub by rotating his tail in the hot bath. While singing a weird hum. He’s always in a good mood.
On the other hand, I……

「……Aah~……I did it……I seriously did it……」

……groaned alone for the whole time.
After the large scale incident that can be called as a real war.
Although it’s good that I cleared up the 『Variants』 desperately, as a result of keeping up my pace to the genuine monster, Todoroki-senpai, I fell flat and fainted at the end.
When I opened my eyes, I was already sleeping on the bed in the Kurono house. I was told that the gorilla who came back from his business trip hurriedly, carried me to here.

……Hence, I haven’t say anything to the other students.

I was prepared to at least kneel down in front of everyone and apologize, but……
I completely lost the timing to apologize.

And naturally, the training camp of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』, was suspended. Regarding the plans hereafter, Meria-sensei did many things busily, and it looks like everyone will be going to school normally starting from tomorrow because the students at the school were safe. However……to be honest, I don’t feel like going to school.
After all, I caused the large scale explosion and hurt everyone. It was fortunate that it only ended with serious wounds.
Normally, in an explosion with the range of 10 kilometers, no matter how you think, people will die. I’m sure that everyone did their best to reduce the damage as much as possible.

「……Aah~……what to do……what kind of face should I show in front of everyone tomorrow……」

In fact, what I did was not a friendly fire, but an attempted murder that could have killed everyone……
When I was worrying about it in the bath, Shiro approached me while swimming like a dog.

「What’s wrong, Atsushi? Is there somewhere pain-nojya?」
「No……it’s not that」

Come to think of it, I kept being saved by this guy too.
The one who brought me back from that weird 『voice』 was Shiro, and this guy also saved me when I was on the verge of dying.
If he wasn’t there, I would have now–

「……Is that so-nojya? But if there’s somewhere hurt, let Mai heal you-nojya! I don’t have the power to heal anymore, you know?」

Shiro is looking as if it’s natural, but upon asking, he did a reckless thing to reached me.
Meria-sensei said 「Don’t do that again. Think that you will die the next time you do it」 to Shiro with a serious expression, but it seemed to be that dangerous. In other words, he came to save me without considering the danger of his life.

「……Shiro, thank you」

While being moved to tears slightly, I stroke Shiro’s head. I just stroke his head so it’s not even a proper way to thank him, but……I can’t think of anything right now. I really owe him a big one.

「Fumu. Atsushi is not happy-nojya……? ……That’s right!!」

Shiro stared at me in worry, but he stood up vigorously as if he thought of something.

Just like that, he throws his chest out, and the flat chest was emphasized greatly–

……No. When I see properly, there’s something strange growing there.
Not something that I’m not familiar of, but something that I have seen before.
Bai~n, something bounces……it looks as if it bounces up and down.

……No. To be more precise–

The two gigantic peaks bounce wildly.


I inclined my head to the side unintentionally.
What is this? And why do I feel like I have seen it before?

「Yuria told me-nojya! That Atsushi likes this!!!」

……Ah, I remembered.
This is–


Ah. I see.
No wonder it looks familiar.


Just like that, I cover my eyes with my palm, and look up at the ceiling quietly.

「–Let’s take a deep breath first」

While staring at the ceiling in the steam, I took a deep breath.
Not only once, but several times. Thanks to that, I can feel that enough oxygen has entered my brain.


–Now. Let’s sort the situation up until now.
I need to start from there.
Currently, there are several mysteries presented in front of me.
I need to deal with it calmly.

……The first mystery.
What is the 『thing』 in front of me?

No, rather than what……that is definitely Shinozaki-san’s thing.
Why……the letter 「B」 appeared in my head suddenly?

Ah–I see.
Shiro. You did it, right? Of course. There’s no need to think.
This guy took a bath with Meria-sensei and Shinozaki-san before.
At that time, he learned. And he reproduced it with his ability.
……It’s appropriate to think that way.


……It’s obvious. It’s Shinozaki-san’s breasts’ shape.
And……it doesn’t look different than the original. A complete reproduction with abnormal precision.
Similar shape, gloss, and elasticity.
The details reproduced completely that no one can tell it is a fake one. The item, no, items equipped with high quality that even Midou Suguru will groan, were enshrined there.

「How is it!!! Atsushi, cheered up now-nojya!?」

In the corner of my eyes, I can see Shiro jumping, and the two sharp deadly weapons are bouncing up and down.

–Say, Shiro?

I don’t know why, but……it’s not like that. You got it wrong.
A guy who gets cheered up by that is either a pervert or an Oppai Seijin (Boobs Alien). Why on earth did you reach that kind of idea?

Nevertheless, my eyes are attracted to the weapons right now. ……This is inevitable. This is the nature’s dispensation. The law of universal gravitation. But I fight against that gravity at any cost. Because it’s unforgivable for the Homo sapiens to surrender to the fake Holy Grail made by a fox.

–However, there’s a limit to it.

The wall called reasoning of the Homo sapiens is very……fragile. Before it gets bitten by the beast–or before it gets trampled by the law of universal gravitation. I need to think as much as possible to solve this mystery before that.

The second mystery.
In other words, the problem whether the boobs are there or not.

Regarding this, a hint has already been given.
Shiro said this.

–『Yuria told me-nojya! That Atsushi likes this!!!』

…… ……I like it?
No, that’s……not wrong, though.
But I’m not the kind of master who gets excited with just that.
……Or rather, in Shinozaki-san, I’m being considered as 『He likes this』?

That’s completely a harmful rumor…… But based on that information, Shiro judged that I 『like it』.

Hahaa, I see……in other words–when I put the information together, it’s like this.

Shiro showed 『what I like』 in order to cheer me up because I looked depressed.

–I see, I understand now.
If that’s the case, I might need to thank Shiro. At any rate, he did it to cheer me up.

–But in this situation?

The current Shiro somehow has some kind of crime smell.
If I say 「Thank you very much」 in this situation, it really looks like a crime, right?
But…… But still.
I have to answer that no matter what right now.

「……Ah, right. Thanks, Shiro」

If I don’t, this guy won’t calm down. In addition, I know that Shiro is trying to cheer me up in his own way.
But the method is completely towards the wrong way. I need to tell him that later.

「Then, let’s get out……Shiro. Come」


Thinking calmly, as expected, we soaked in the bath too long. Due to my Talent, I won’t become dizzy at all no matter how long I stay, but my skin has became wrinkly right now.
I feel like I have been worrying in the bath for more than two hours. But thanks to Shiro, I gotten over it at the end.
I don’t know whether I have cheered up or not, but……at least, my head is blank due to the unexpected happening. To the extent that I have forgotten what I have been worrying about.

–That’s right.

I was thinking of what kind of face should I show to everyone at school.
There’s not much I can do after doing such thing.
Then, I can only apologize with my whole heart. I have been polishing my apologizing skill during elementary school and middle school. During elementary school, I caused a dust explosion (just a small prank) and seriously damaged the gym. During middle school, I challenged the high school delinquents who tried to make a move on my little sister, and they all ended up getting wounded. At that time, I went to all of their houses, kneeled down and apologized earnestly.

This time, I overdid it, but……there’s no point of the idiot me to think of it. The decision is always entrusted to the other party.

Thinking that, I gotten over it.

「Thanks, Shiro. You really……saved me」

「Then, it’s fine-nojya!!!」

When Shiro said that while jumping happily, I saw the two peaks bouncing under his innocent smile.
……Well, I need to tell him that this is not good later, but……I won’t tell him that for a while and leave him like this. This weird appearance is the result of him being worried of me.

–By no means.
By no means, that I’m thinking that it’s a waste to put away this work of art……Definitely not like that.

「–Fumu. But……hmm」

But it’s just for future reference. It’s……just a meager gratitude to Shiro’s concern. I’m not that reluctant to at least review the reproduction quality……I guess. I have no ulterior motives. I don’t have a guilty conscience.
It was when I moved my eyes in order to check the feel of the twin peaks that were completely reproduced with the heart of charity and benevolence.

「……That’s right!! I will go and show this to Yuria-nojya!!!」

「Eh, wai……? Shiro……?」

When I was dumbfounded, Shiro left the dressing room while being naked.


Shit. I forgotten. That guy. Despite taking the form a human, he’s originally a 3-year-old wild fox. He doesn’t have the habit of wearing clothes, and the clothes he wore have always been created by his ability. That’s why, he will go out of the bathroom immediately without wearing anything. Meria-sensei and Shinozaki-san always be at loss with him.

Even though it’s not like I didn’t know about it……and the current situation.
Shiro is expected to be entering the bath with me.
On top of that, Shiro has mountains with him.
If he appeared in front of everyone like that, what will happen?


「……Isn’t this a very bad situation?」

Just as I thought……I can hear Shinozaki-san’s voice beyond the door.

「……Hey, Shiro? What is wrong…………that breasts?」

「Doing this made Atsushi happy-nojya!!! He cheered up-nojya!!」

Towards Shinozaki-san’s question, Shiro replied briefly.
Just like that, after hearing noisy footsteps outside, I can hear Meria-sensei’s small scream. I can also hear Shiro’s squealing voice. ……Probably, she’s explaining the same thing.


I once again covered my eyes with my palm and looked at the ceiling.


The answer you derived is surely not wrong.
Thanks to you, I gotten over all my worries.
Regarding that, I’m thankful.

……But, but.
Humans has the thing called TPO. And depending on the combination, it can bring unwanted misunderstanding. How can I tell him that it’s bringing the worst situation to me right now?

When I was thinking of that, someone knocked the door.

「Serizawa-kun……Can we talk for a second?」

It was the owner of the breasts, Shinozaki-san.


As I was standing with the feelings of being executed, Shinozaki-san opened the door and entered the dressing room.

「……U-Um, Shinozaki-san……?」

I hurriedly cover my lower body with the bath towel and call her, but there’s no response.


She’s looking downwards and I can’t see her expression due to her bangs.
But I know that her voice was shaking just now.
Isn’t this means that she’s very angry?
No, I think that she might be crying.
Her shoulders are shaking–

–And there are traces of tears on her cheeks.

……Ah, shit. This is bad. This won’t be a joke.

She walks towards me just like that, and when I realized it……she’s already in front of my eyes.
……Only half a step to touch bodies. Her face stopped after approaching about a few centimeters to me.
……Close. I can’t run or hide anymore.

Will a knee strike come? Or perhaps, an uppercut?
I don’t think that I can complain of what’s going to be done to me.

I need to somehow attempt to explain.
I need to clear the misunderstanding as quick as possible.
When I was being flustered while wearing only a towel–

「……Hey, Serizawa-kun……」

She raised her face and looked at me quietly.
Tears accumulated in her eyes, and there are traces of her crying.
As if……she has been crying for a long time……it was such swell.

「……When someone do something bad……what do you think the person should do to be forgiven?」


A sudden question.
The question can be taken as how I should apologize to Shinozaki-san for her to forgive me, but judging from her voice, it doesn’t feel like that. It’s not like she’s blaming me, but rather–Shinozaki-san herself is asking for forgiveness. It sounds like she felt sorry for someone–

「You see, I……seemed to have done unrecoverable things……to many people. ……Something, that will never be forgiven, no matter how I apologize」

Shinozaki-san said that to me with a trembling voice. The vanishing voice–that can only be heard at this close range.

「Say……what should I do? How…………How should I live on, at this time……? I already know……that I must not……continue to live」

As she speaks, tears flow down her cheeks, and drop to the floor.

「……Shinozaki-san……? What on earth are you saying……?」

I have no idea what she’s saying. But her tone sounds very serious as if she’s afraid of something and she looks downwards again and cries.

「Sorry, saying such thing……I know I should, consult this to you. I know that, but…………I am really sorry. ……Even though I know that, I must not drag anyone into it……」

And with a very sad voice–

With the weak voice as if it’s going to vanish–

「Please……kill…………me. ……I am surely there is no other way anymore」

While shedding tears, she certainly……said that.

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