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67 Talent School Assault 4

There’s a guy among the evacuees who gathered in the Teihen High School’s nuclear bomb shelter.

『『Please calm down and evacuate.
No intruders can enter the shelter.
After evacuating, please stay calm and wait inside』』

While listening to the repeating announcement, the expressionless man looked at his watch silently and……muttered this softly.

「It’s almost time」




「There she is! That brat is a 『Target』! Capture her!」

It’s good that we entered the school building, but I was pressed to handle with the intruders one after another while protecting Kagura.
Each one of them are not that strong. If I take some time, I can manage it somehow or another.

「There are too many……」

The problem is the number. Because they often use firearms, there’s a need to knock off all of those. If I dodge, Kagura will get shot.
Even if I use a high firepower attack, Kagura may get hurt. Anyway, there’s no other way than defeating them one by one, but they keep on multiplying. Up until now, I defeated five, but the number of them standing in front of me now is seven. Where do they come from?

「Brat…don’t think that you can last forever!」
「Stop wasting time! It’s only a brat, so just attack all at once!」

Fireballs and stones were fired from the seven men all at once.

「Tch! 『Fireball』!」

I fire several weakened fireballs instantly to shoot down the approaching fireballs and stones. But the stone that slipped through my fireballs, head towards my back. No, behind me is…!
I try to shoot it down, but it won’t make it in time. The stone bullet head towards Kagura.


But the next moment, a dark shadow spread out suddenly, and swallowed the stone.

「……Fuhi, how unfortunate. I won’t let you do that」

A hunchbacked male student with long bangs stood there.

「……You, huh. Kurasaki」

「Fuhi…sorry that it was me, Normie Knight. Or do you want me to go over there?」
「No, sorry. In this situation, I alone is impossible……please help me」
「That’s right, humans need to be honest. Well, for me, this kind of weaklings are easy」

While being taken aback by Kurasaki who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I can see the opponents showing their discomfort by his words.

「Brats……don’t get conceited……!!!」

And footsteps resounded in the hallway, and the number of intruders became ten.

「Kurasaki. Can I entrust Kagura to you? And also, please stop my flame」
「Fuhi. Offense and defense allotment. Ro~ge~r. But I don’t like it when it’s very hot, okay?」
「I’ll try my best to adjust it. 『Firewall』……!」

Gou…while making such sound, flames rise up from their feet.

「H-Hot!? This brat!? Stop him right now!!!!」

While being burned, the intruders shoot the fireballs and stones at me once again.
But before their attacks can reach me, it gets burned to nothing, and even when it manage to slipped through the flame, it’s swallowed by Kurasaki’s darkness.
And I deal with them one by one with 「Fireball」. Just like that, it ended in just 10 seconds.
A mountain of fainted men can be seen nearby.

「…Fuhi. Finished?」

「Ah. Thanks to you, Kurasaki. You saved me」

When I thank Kurasaki, he stares at the fainted intruders quietly.

「…………No. Not yet. Something is moving」
「………Tch……I was careless again……I really don’t grow」

Just like that, when I turn towards the men…


Several humanoid monsters covered with rocks and several humanoid monsters covered with fire, screamed in agony.

「…………Kurasaki, are they your relatives?」
「………Well, unfortunately, I don’t know who they are」




The passageway connected to the west gate.
At the passage as if a path through forest, I was fighting against 20 intruders alone.



I reap their consciousness one by one by shooting handheld chalks at their head at an unavoidable speed. Just like that, just when I made the last one faint, suddenly,


A strange roar can be heard from the west gate, and when I look over there……
I saw a huge humanoid rock monster squirming.

「That’s……a 『Variant』!?」

Why, in this kind of place……and also it’s huge. I have never seen such size before. At least equal to the high ranks of Level 3, no…what if it’s even higher…

Perhaps, this attack is…!!!
I felt a bad feeling and looked back, and stared at the fainted intruders. Just like the bad feeling, their face and arms. Some were covered with flames, some were covered with minerals. The human clothes of those who unleashed slashing attacks, started to get torn by the blades, and the skin started to grow something like fins.

「As I thought, they also……」

That’s a figure that I know by sight. The disgusting figure that I feared the most. Because if one step wrong, I might have became like that.

「If Motomiya-sensei and Yukimichi-sensei are here……」

When I think of that, they start to stand up, and raise an inhuman voice.
I quickly switch to combat mode. Just like that, I glare at the moaning intruders…


Aiming at the gap between brow and nose. Shooting the center of the cranium.
With a hole opened in its head, it collapses.

「I’ll pity you……at least, I’ll let you die while you are a human」





The large rock monster raises a loud roar.

Ridiculously huge. Even surpassing the height of the 3 floors school building. Where did such mass stored in that suited man? No, because he shot stones from nothing just now, is it a mysterious theory of the Talent’s origin?

「So how are we suppose to deal with that?」
「I don’t know. I wonder what really is that…?」

I thought that Hikawa-kun’s eyes were certainly sparkling, but he stared at the monster with a serious face.


When we were bewildered by the sudden change, the opponent mass produces large rocks, and shoots it to us. Faster, bigger and more than before.

「For now, looks like we’re resuming battle. 『Ignition』」
「Ah, that’s easy to understand. 『Ice Fly』」


While sticking to the ground, I slipped through the rain of rocks, and when I approached the 「Rocky monster」, I tried my new move. I don’t know what happened to his real body, but in the first place, he was the one who tried to harm us. Even if he’s chopped by me, it’s not my fault.

「『Heat Cut』」

The rocky giant’s right arm fell to the ground…and sunk into the ground. However……

「Uwa, it can regenerate……!?」

The arm which was amputated from the root, regenerates as if it’s rising up from the root. Somehow, it looks bigger and tougher than before.
Just like that, the rock monster raises both of its hand, and creates another rain of rocks. And those fly towards us all at once. A homing version.
Shit, his handling is getting better. But…

「『Heat Cut』」

I see through the trajectory of each rocks, and dodge it with the minimum amount of movement while blocking the bullets that are going to hit me. The training (torture) by the Demon of the kendo class and the training (torture) by Kurono house’s gorilla, are fusing inside me right now.
Mysteriously, I have no feelings of gratitude for them, but only grudges. I wonder why???

「『Ice Shield』」

Hikawa-kun creates a large ice shield, and dodges it skillfully by warding it off. His movement is getting better. And, what a nice smile. I’m glad that he’s having fun, but……we can’t continue play like this.

「『Heat Cut』」

I heat up the surface, and cut the giant’s body. But immediately after cutting it, it starts to regenerate, restoring it into a bigger size than before. I’m sure that the results would be the same even if I do a 「steam explosion」.

「Dammit!! It won’t end!」

「Cutting is useless, and freezing it is also the same……」

Certainly, his attacks can’t hit us. But our attacks don’t work on him. In this kind of situation, the situation would get worse and worse gradually. It won’t end. Continuing the same offense and defense for a while, both sides received no damage while the terrain gets hollowed out.

Just like that, the moment when it’s going stalemate, the giant stopped attacking suddenly, and raised its hands up. We looked at the giant for a while, but it’s not moving at all.

Why? What is he trying to do?

Perhaps…banzai? No, impossible. Is he 「giving up」?
Perhaps, the opponent is trying to call a truce because the battle won’t end?
I see, but was he a guy who can understand words?
While thinking of such thing, I look up at the rock giant’s banzai figure…

Suddenly, I realized that it gotten dark.

Why? Is it a rain cloud?
Thinking that, I look up at the sky………

And there’s something huge covering my whole vision.

No, when I look at it properly, the surface is scraggy, it’s certain that it’s a rock surface.
That’s probably a few kilometers size, huge rock. I saw that it’s falling towards here from the far skies.

「……You’re kidding, right……!!!!!」

If he drops that kind of thing……rather than this high school, this town would get destroyed. Shit!!!!


I have no idea of how I can stop that thing.
But I know for sure that if that thing drops here, it will end.
Everything here will be destroyed.

Anyway, I need to hurry.
Faster, I need to reach that huge rock quickly!!!

「Aah!!! Enough!!! Dammit!!!!」

Without able to think of anything, while receiving the shock as if crushing my body, I flew up to the sky with all my power without knowing what I’m doing.

TN: In chapter 65, author stated that Chihaya-sensei was heading to the east gate, but in this chapter, it clearly says west.

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