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88 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 1

Author note: My main job got unexpectedly busy, so the last update was quite long ago.
I am sorry……I’m completely in Urashima Tarou’s state……!
Because I managed to wrote to a certain extent (About 30 chapters), I will resume updating.
The novelization project is in progress. I plan to announce various things soon……!

「Well then, Major Kirishima, please introduce yourself first」

We who became the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』 trainees, were in the woodland near the crater that was made during the war. It’s on top of a mountain. Because it’s a national training spot for the military, ordinary people are not allowed to enter. As a training spot, it’s the most suitable. It seems that Meria-sensei prepared it.

Akai, Hikawa-kun, Kurasaki-kun, Takasei’s Hiraga and Otoi are in this training spot now. As for the girls, Yumino-san, Yomohira-san, Tsuchitori-san, and Kagura-san. And also, Kazato-san and Hiuchi-san. As for Kirishima-san, it looks like she has something to do in her home, so she’s not here.

Although we’re not lined up, Meria-sensei is standing in front of us, and beside her is a black haired woman wearing a tight military battle suit. This woman seems to be the instructor in this 『training camp』.

「Okay, then I’ll introduce myself! I am Kirishima Satsuki, 22 years old! I am a Major in the army! In these few days, I will be training you all. Yoroshikune!」 (TN: I think from now on, I will leave every “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” as it is because it has so many meaning to it)

The peerless beauty emitted an excessively light greetings. While smiling. Her smile is dazzling. When I heard that the instructor is a military personnel, I was scared, but what……isn’t she kind-looking?

「Before we get into the training, I will explain about the job of the 『Talent Police』 briefly. Please feel free to ask anything that you don’t understand, okay~? Ah, and also, you can sit down and listen」

Upon hearing that, I almost ask 「Then, please tell me your bust size」, but as expected, I stopped myself.
According to what Meria-sensei said before, she’s a Talent User of 【Divider】S-LEVEL 4. An outstanding talent that there’s only about 10 of them in the country. A person considered as the threat of several shots of nuclear weapon.
Just beside me, there’s Hikawa-kun who’s sitting down quietly, so I feel like it’s not that rare anymore.
Well, it’s also because she’s Kirishima-san’s elder sister. Either way, I can’t do anything stupid.

「First, Talent Police’s job can be divided into two. The first one is the elimination of the Talent Users who commit crimes, the 『Dark Side』 . This has gotten into the news, so you all know about it, right?」

We sit on the spot while nodding and listening to Satsuki-sensei’s talk.

「The other one is eliminating the monsters called as 『Variants』. A job not known to the public. This will never be revealed to the public, and ordinary people can never obtain information about it through media. For now, I will explain this part」


「Yes. It’s a word you hardly hear, but you all should have already witnessed it. As the people who attacked you all」

The Teihen High School assault. The ruin of the assailants.
Although having the shape of a human, that was not a human anymore.

「What are those?」

Because she accepts questions, I decided to try asking a question right away. It has been in my mind the whole time, but I couldn’t find any information about it. Despite such a flashy incident happened, none of the media touched about the monsters at all.

「To put it simply, 『Variants』 are humans consumed by the Talents」
「Humans consumed by the Talents……??」

「It might be better to say them as former humans. After turning into a Variant, a person’s internal anatomy will transform into something non-human. At that point, consciousness and intelligence have already gone」
「……Something like zombies?」

I try saying the word with a vague image.

「I don’t mind if you take it that way. If you like, you can think that it’s a state of a corpse walking around with Talent」

When thinking that, they are more nasty than the swaying guys who only know how to bite. Well, in terms of the looks, it’s a relief that it’s not that disgusting.

「Hey, wait a minute. Humans consumed by the Talents means that……!?」
「T-Then, we are also……!?」

Kagura-san and Akai get flustered. Oh, even he can get flustered, huh. How rare.

「Fufu, I think you don’t have to worry about that」

But Satsuki-sensei denied it while smiling gently. When looking at her like this, she really is a beauty.
Kagura-san throws another question.

「Eh, why is that?」
「『Variants』 are basically caused artificially. A phenomenon that occurs due to the result of forcing the power of Talent into a 「vessel」 that has insufficient volume. It can be called as 『Extrafication』」

「Artificially, a Talent……? Is such thing possible?」
「Yes. Although it’s not made public, there is a 『copy technology』 for Talents. To put it simply, it can 『copy』 someone’s Talent and plant it into another person」

「Eeeeh!? Then, they can make as many Talent Users as they like」

Kagura-san shows a surprised reaction.
Yeah. But if such thing is done, the supply of Talent Users will be excess and the price will fall.

「Fufu, that’s what you think. But it can’t go that way. It is not such a convenient thing. Rather, it is a technology with an outrageous fault」


「Everyone has the 「vessel」 to handle a Talent, but when the copied Talent is powerful, it might destroy the vessel itself」
「……In other words, the power exceeding the vessel can’t enter, right?」

Akai who’s sitting beside Kagura-san, asks Satsuki-sensei casually. You really won’t waver in that part.

「Yes. And what we know is that the size of the 「vessel」 「cannot be known until the Talent is planted」. To copy a person’s Talent, requires a proper risk」
「That’s just like gambling」

Hikawa-kun who was listening quietly beside me, opened his mouth.

「Yes. A gamble using human lives as the tokens. No matter how you think, it’s an act out of what a human would do」
「……Why is there such a technology?」

This time, it’s Otonashi-san who asks the question.

「Well. I think Meria-sensei knows it better than me……can you explain it?」
「……Yes, I will explain it」

Meria-sensei who listened to Satsuki-sensei’s talk behind her, steps forward and starts to explain.

「Originally, the technology……『Talent User Production Technology』 is said to be created from a military technology laboratory that existed somewhere in this country during the war. After the war, the technology was leaked to the 『Dark Side』, and currently, they are using the technology in order to gain power」
「That’s just the worst. Both the creator and the user」

The usually sharp Yumino-san said such words. Upon hearing that, Satsuki-sensei smiled slightly and nodded.

「……That’s right, I also think that way」

「Therefore, there are quite some number of 『Variants』, the products of the technology in the world. It is just that it is not made public. The country itself is concealing it completely. That is as simple as it can get for the explanation」
「Thank you, Meria-sensei. It’s indeed accurate」

When Meria-sensei finished explaining, she stepped back and passed the baton to Satsuki-sensei.
I see. Well, the cause is the experiment during the shady war. I can understand why the country want to conceal it. But won’t it be dangerous to know about this information?

「Um……is it okay to tell us about such thing? Isn’t it a quite important information?」
「Yes. The country’s highly classified information. An information that must not be made public. That’s why, we are telling it to you all now」

I have no idea what Satsuki-sensei is saying.

「I say it, didn’t I? This is something that must not be made public normally. But you all have already know about it. Even if it’s an accident. You can never go back anymore. By the way, if you simply leak this information, you will be chased by the country, so be careful, okay?」

「…………Ah, yes」

I see……we got involved forcibly. I understand.
I don’t want to know about such thing at all, but……no, I guess I can’t say that anymore. A nasty guy targeted Kirishima-san. And even Kagura-san. I guess I need to know what those guys are thinking.

「It’s not like we are forcing you all into military service. We just want you to secure your own safety now that you know about it……This is such an information disclosure. You don’t have to take it as a heavy responsibility」

Huh, she’s quite neutral. I thought that she would recruit us aggressively, but……well, I can only take it as a heavy responsibility after being said that I would be chased by the country if I leaked it.

「However, both Talent Police and the army are overwhelmingly lack of people now! You all’s enlistment to the Talent Police and the army is voluntary, but I would be happy if you take this chance now! I do have such motive when disclosing that much information, but……but it really is not compulsion at all!」
「……I-I see. I will consider it positively」
「Fufu, I will look forward for it!」

It looks like the latter reason is overwhelmingly true. I feel like I’m being enclosed in various ways. Even if Satsuki-sensei is a beauty, you can never trick me anymore.

「Ahaha, Tarou, wait-nojya!」

I can hear the voice of a dog and a child playing from the forest.
This time, we will be staying overnight for a few days for this 『training camp』, so our Shiro and Kagura family’s Akita breed dog, Tarou followed us. It looks like Shiro the fox and Tarou get along well, so they have been playing in the forest since a while ago.
Therefore, the atmosphere is like having a carefree picnic in the forest rather than a training camp.

「Then, that ends the simple lecture. From now on, I want you all to split into teams and train. Please split according to my instructions」

Just like that, the 『training camp』 of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』 trainees began.

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