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123 Declaration of War

In the dark storeroom, two men sat on the ground tiredly. The thin man who hung his tattered suit on his shoulder, and the large man wearing a tank top. Both of them are having wounds all over their bodies as blood flows from their skins, and there are many bruises on their bodies.
Looking down at both of them, a woman said this while squinting her eyes in the dark.

「What an unsightly appearance, Urushibara, Rindou. I saw it. Your whole take flight」

The woman said that without changing her expression. In her eyes, there is no feelings at all as she just tells what was necessary. Hearing her cold rebuke, the skinhead man opened his mouth.

「……Ah, you are right, Randou. Even though we achieved the objective barely……we certainly have shown a shameful sight. In regards to that, I feel ashamed, but–」

As if agreeing with him, the suited man added.

「Well, it’s as you see, but……we somehow managed to achieve the objective. There were some faults, but if you can just overlook it–」

The moment the injured two tried to say the truth of the flee, the boy who stared at them from the deeper part of the room, waved his hand to interrupt them.

「Aah~, no, no. Randou-san was not talking about that」

The small and black haired boy showed an innocent smile, but what came out from his mouth was sharp.

「She was talking about you two came back like an idiot without achieving anything. Even though, the 『Target (Kurono Meria)』 is still alive」

Hearing that, the two men looked surprised.

「……What? That woman is still alive?」

Seeing the two not understanding what the boy said, the expressionless woman, Randou Hitomi added her words.

「Yes, that’s right. She is still alive. You guys came back without achieving anything. There is a limit of how unsightly you can be」

The suited man, Urushibara Shigeru showed a puzzled look.

「No, she should have died. I certainly beheaded that woman. Don’t tell me……she revived from that state–?」

Saying that far, Urushibara recalled about the fire using boy who obstructed them. The boy who revived and stood up despite being cut into two. I surely thought that it was that boy’s ability, but……come to think of it, the Serizawa boy recovered from a dying state because of that 『white fox』.
I see, if it’s that power, then–

–Damn it.

Thinking that, when Urushibara tried to opened his mouth, Randou Hitomi continues.

「No. She didn’t revive. In the first place, what you guys killed was……just a puppet. It was created very detailed, but……both of you were tricked completely and came back like that. It is a extremity of being laughable, Urushibara, Rindou」

「What? Puppet……? You mean that? Impossible–」

「Ah, that’s right. I watched it with her. The part where you cut the puppet and run away in satisfaction」

The boy has approached the three before they know it, and he said this while taking a seat on the chair.

「Well, even though it’s a puppet, it even reproduced the blood splash. An abnormal reproduction ability. It’s understandable that you guys make a mistake……something like that is impossible normally. ……But still, I thought that you guys would realized it. It’s really disappointing」

The boy spoke to them closely while showing a broad smile.

「Then……you mean we came back after being tricked completely? Then, it’s as if we’re……a complete clown」

「Haha, well, yeah」

Saying that, the boy, Takegami Shinya laughs.
Rindou realized his own disgrace as he clenched his fists while looking downwards in frustration.

「How dumb of me……to create such failure despite being provided with that much of 『soldiers』. If like this……」

「Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. You don’t need to feel responsible. Those are just garbage」

Hearing the boy’s light tone, Rindou turned around instinctively.


「10 thousand, wasn’t it? There are still a lot more. The storage was getting full because I made too much. The disposal was also included in this strategy. You guys did a good job in that part. Regarding that, I will praise you」

Urushibara heard a weird part of the boy’s words, and he interrupts.

「……What? You’re saying it as if you’re the one creating those」

「Well, not all, though. On that part, I’m sharing considerably with the 『Original』. Therefore, there’s no need to worry. I don’t need you to feel bad just because of that」

「I see……」

「Well, regarding that, the 『Original』 will be giving your punishment soon. If he’s angry, that is」

The talkative boy shrugs his shoulders, and continues to talk.

「Nevertheless. The question I have is……the 『trump card』 given to you. Why didn’t you use it, Rindou?」

Trump card? ……What do you mean?」

Urushibara looked at Rindou after hearing that unfamiliar word, but Randou Hitomi interjected first.

「It can’t be helped. I saw everything, Takegami. That they were sent flying by that boy without being able to do anything. Well, at the most unsightly appearance. They didn’t have the chance to do anything, Takegami」

Hearing Randou’s indifferent tone, Rindou nodded.

「Ah……before I can use the 『trump card』, we were blown away by that boy. On top of that, we mistook the murder of the target, and prioritized in fleeing. I completely lost the chance to use it」

「……Oi oi……what do you mean? I didn’t hear about this at all」

To Urushibara’s perplexed words, the boy smiled and said this as if ridiculing him.

「……Ah……you didn’t tell him, Rindou? Now, that’s not good. You should have told him」

「I received a message from the 『Original』 saying 『Don’t tell anyone in the strategy』. I have no choice」

「……I was informed that there is something like that」

「Oi oi……then, I’m the only one who doesn’t know about it……?」

「Ah, seems so. But it was an order, so it can’t be helped」


Urushibara felt a very bad feeling in this conversation itself.

It seems that this boy, Takegami Shinya is the 『Original’s』 favorite.
In the current 『Board』 member, Randou is said to be the longest-serving member, but at present, this guy is clearly close to the position of a boss. While we don’t know about the whereabouts of the 『Original』, this guy seemed to be doing something with him.
Compared to that, Rindou and I were brought into the 『Board』 a few years ago, and we are still newcomers among the members, but–
But this difference in treatment. It’s too direct.
What is this guy thinking……?

「By the way, what can it do? I mean, the trump card」

「I don’t know. I was not told. But I was told to use it when it is hopeless and it will save us from the situation. Hold on to it until that time」

Urushibara felt a chill on his back upon hearing that answer.

–Ah, as expected.
That’s the reason why the 『trump card』 was given to the diligent Rindou.
Don’t know what’s its purpose? Not informed about the details?
That’s probably the trump card of the type that must not be used.
……The bad feeling from that time, was……this for sure.
That bad premonition at that time, was this 『trump card』.
We’re on the verge of being dismissed right now.
Rindou didn’t realize that.

「Well, leaving that aside……Hey, Urushibara」

The black haired boy called Urushibara with a very pleasant tone. As if he found something good.


Urushibara turn aside Takegami’s stare with a grim expression, but upon hearing the boy’s next question, his body stiffens.

「What is that? Something interesting is in your pocket」


Urushibara searched the suit’s pocket, and an unfamiliar geometrical object inside it. I don’t remember putting this in my pocket.

「–I seen that before. If I am not mistaken, one of the Teihen High School teacher used it……」

At that time, the geometrical object vibrates in Urushibara’s hand.
And a woman’s voice resounds from there.

『……I have heard everything』

The voice spoke to everyone on the spot in a calm manner.

「This voice is Kurono Meria, right? ……Nice to meet you, I guess」

The owner of the voice didn’t reply to Takegami’s question, and continued speaking.

『You all are……people on the side of Haba Ryuuichi, am I right?』

「Ah, I guess you can say so. You seemed to know about us very well」

『……I have read all the papers you all left』

「As expected. I guess that you already know what we are as you’re referring us with 『you all』, right? That’s amazing. You arrived to that far with just fragmentary information? If the 『Original』 is here, he would love to take you as his assistant~……how about it? Why not abandon the faction over there, and join us? We will welcome you with the best reception」

Without showing any reaction to the boy’s words, the young woman’s voice–

『Please don’t make a move on Teihen High School from now on』

only said that with a strong tone.

「Hahaha……what an interesting thing to say. Of course, that is an impossible proposition. As you know……that place is filled with very interesting things. It’s in fact a treasure chest. Knowing that, I don’t think we can do something like not making a move on you guys~. At least, the 『Original』 doesn’t allow such thing」

『Is that so? I have warned you……Then, any interference from this point–』

「I don’t care of such thing. The war has started, right? Then, see you later

Interrupting Kurono Meria’s words, Takegami says that and breaks the object.

「Tch……she’s really alive……」

Takegami turned towards Urushibara who has a sour look.

「Well, there’s no problem at all. It doesn’t matter even if she’s alive」

「……What do you mean? Wasn’t it you who planned this murder after receiving the orders from the 『Original』?」

「Ah, yeah. But the 『Original』 was not fixated to the murder, you know? Just that it would be slightly better if she died. It’s not like it would trouble us even if she’s alive」

「……Then, Takegami, why did you make such plan? It is incomprehensible」

Seeing Randou who doesn’t understand the aim, Takegami answered while smiling.

「I might have said this to Randou-san before, but……the moment this attack started, the objective has been achieved. No matter what the result is」

「……What? The objective is there to be achieved」

Rindou presented a question, but Takegami continues in a calm manner.

「Rather than the result of the attack, the fact that Kurono Meria herself was 『being attacked』 is more important. Therefore, no matter what they do, they will be forced to protect her. Being cautious of everything, they will need to scatter their forces. After all, they don’t know where to attack us and where we will be attacking them. They have no ways to know about our scale……well, as long as no one did such a blunder like just now, though」

Saying that, Takegami stared sharply at Urushibara.
But he quickly averted his eyes, and showed a cold smile again.

「……Well, that’s another amusement. I don’t mind giving them a handicap of that much. At any rate, they are aware of the threat. Therefore, they have no choice but to make a move. Let’s observe how they will move from now on. And then……we will attack when they are short of hands. What we are doing is just a simple game–」

Takegami stops for a second by his own words, and–

smiles broadly.

「That’s right. This is a game. A life-or-death survival game. Let’s have some fun. We have to prepare for it after all. And about what we should do after this……」

The boy’s eyes distort–
and said this with a beaming smile.

「I have a very good idea. Will you guys cooperate with me?」

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