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91 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 3

I ended my blissful skinship with Shiro-chan, and moved to the training with Serizawa-kun.

I try to put a little pressure on him to test him, but it looks like he sensed it.
He has a good perception.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to survive fights.

Otou-san told me to check him.
If he is a man not suitable for Kaname……just 「chop him off」. ……Chop him off. I wonder what he meant?

Leaving that aside, it’s true that I am interested in him as a sister.
I am sorry for Kaname, but I agree to check him. After all, isn’t it unpleasant to let my cute sister go to a weird man?
In addition, I am interested on what made the shy Kaname madly in love with him.
Otou-san and I are basically abusing our powers and being overprotective, but……I will enjoy it to my heart’s content.

「Here I come. Please dodge, okay? 『Tear』」

I put energy in the sheathed katana, and unleash a slash.
He predicted the trajectory of the slash and dodged it without hesitating.
The slash that cut the air, mow down many trees.

Not bad.
Sensing killing intent, and moving before the slash was unleashed.
Otherwise, it’s useless to test him.

「I will increase the number」

I increase the speed gradually.
He deals with that easily.
Although he is pretending to be flustered, it’s probably to invite an opening.
Because he completely knows where the slash is coming from.

I have already passed the easy mode of the training.
I am already in combat mode.
But still, I can’t hit him.

Was there a person who dodged my slashes this much before?
……Then, it’s okay for me to go a bit more, right?


2 slashes in one second. Dodged.
3 slashes. And increase to 4.
But still, he dodges it.

He is faster than expected. Furthermore, he sees very well.

Kaname told me that she snapped out after receiving advices from him. With Kaname’s personality and characteristic, the Kirishima-ryuu was not suitable for her.

Serizawa-kun has learned a completely different style.
You could say that it’s the exact opposite.
If Kirishima-ryuu is 「hard」 then his is 「soft」. Furthermore, a considerably stoic soft.

Never go against the opponent’s flow, and sensing my sword, breathing, movement of muscles, and environment while deciding his own move. And reacting to it to the level that he is unconscious of it.
Otherwise, he can’t react this fast.

That is the result of devoting into harsh trainings for years.
This movement is impossible unless it’s the result of terrifying trainings.

……He can do it at his age? This is not a level of master……




「That was close……!」

I would have died many times already.
This person is really not going easy on me!!!
If I really did nothing, I would have died 10 times easily!!!?

「Fufu, Serizawa-kun, you are amazing. To dodge all those」

Ah, I have no doubt.
That this person is a genuine dangerous person.
A demon wearing the mask of a beauty. I must not be deceived by her beautiful looks.
Otherwise, I will really be killed.

「Serizawa-kun. Can you tell me one thing?」
「……What is it?」

When she starts to speak, her killing intent clamps down.

Her expression is still the same. Smiling as always.
Showing a charming smile.
She can turn her killing intent on and off freely without changing her expression. That difference is actually scary.

「Can you tell me the name of the person who taught you the way to use a sword?」
「Name? The kendo class that I attended was Maezono Kendo class, and if I’m not mistaken, Master’s name is……Maezono Kenji」

While calling it a kendo class, it’s completely not kendo.
It was a dojo that uses golf clubs and steel pipes for practice, and even fruit knives were thrown from the blind spot.
……Come to think of it, I have never gripped a bamboo sword before.

「A name that I don’t know. I thought he would be a famous person because he trained you, but……I think I will try asking Otou-san later」

Satsuki-sensei ponders over something while putting her index finger to her cheek.
Such appearance is also sexy. Although her inside is a real demon.

「By the way……I said that this is a combat form training, right? You can come and attack me rather than just dodging, you know?」
「Ah, yes……but」

Even if she’s the instructor in this training, I have a resistance in hitting a woman……

「Fufu, are you holding back? Then, I will make you attack me」

Suddenly, a cross slash flew towards me.
I slip through it by lowering my posture immediately.
The surrounding trees get cut down by it.

「Fufu, there is still more to come」

……Shit. The slashes became violent.
The surrounding trees has already been cut down completely.
This is bad.
The situation will get worse and worse if I just dodge.
In order to decrease her number of attacks, I have to make a move.

「……Then, I will be attacking too!」

While dodging the slashes, I heat up the air near Satsuki-sensei.

The next moment, it explodes.
However, she dodged it by twisting her body quickly.

……Seriously? That was a zero-range attack that can’t be seen, you know!?
I thought that only the gorilla can dodged it, but……

「Not bad」

But my objective was to break the opponent’s posture with my first attack.
I estimate the moment Satsuki-sensei’s legs separate from the ground, and drive in my real attack, 『Air Burst』.



The explosion of air hits her side cleanly.
Satsuki-sensei’s body bends back and forth, and blows off to the back.

「Ah!? Shit」

Shit. I did it with the feeling as if fighting with the gorilla unintentionally. Because that guy can easily dodge this.
I think I dropped the power considerably, but she flew more flashier than expected.
I can’t see her figure anymore. How far did she go!? ……No, she disappeared?

「……Huh, where did she go?」
「You shouldn’t be careless in a battle, you know?」

I felt a cold feeling on my neck.
The katana was thrust before my neck.
I couldn’t see her movement at all……no, I got distracted for a moment.
I probably lose sight of her at that moment.

「……I lost」

「Fufu, giving up already? I prefer you struggle a little more, but……well, you passed」

Am I being graded for this?

「Ah, nothing. Don’t mind it. You don’t have to worry about it」

If you say that, I will only be curious of it.

「Are you alright after taking that?」
「Fufu, worrying about me? I am fine. The military impact absorption suit is considerably superior. It breaks the damage considerably. It hurts a little, though」

I see. I really felt scared that I hurt Kirishima-san’s sister, but looks like she’s okay. Even though it’s a training, it’s a little uneasy to make her sister wounded.
However, it’s also possible that I would be the wounded one……

「By the way, that slash just now, what will you do if I didn’t dodge it?」
「Well, that is of course…………」

Satsuki-sensei tries to say something, but after thinking for a while.


She bumps her head and puts out her tongue slightly.

「Sorry, I was unintentional……the battle with you got really fun」

No, that’s not something to joke about at all.

「Forgive me, okay?」

Not everything can be forgiven just because you’re a beauty, you know?


Satsuki-sensei who begs for forgiveness with upturned eyes.
Even if you do that, this is really something that can’t be forgiven.

Just like that, when I glare at Satsuki-sensei, she brings both of her fists to her cheeks and winks lightly while

「Forgive me, nyan☆」

saying that. The next moment, something burst inside me.

「……I……for……give you……」

Naturally, those words came out from my mouth.
When I realized it, I arrived at the point of Buddha zone where I can forgive everything.

I forgot what I was angry about, but I will specially forgive her because she’s cute.

「Thank you-nyan☆」

Geez……does this person not have the feeling embarrassment?
I can’t see any embarrassment in her current actions.
I can only see cunningness.
But cute.
I can’t deny it.

……Hmm. I feel like I’m being controlled.

「……Up until now was just a warm-up」

Satsuki-sensei who returned to her normal suddenly, smiled while straightening herself, and sheathed her katana.
Huh, did she hold a drawn sword all the time?
No, I think she really did.
I think she was holding it even during the 「Nyan☆」 part.
……Was that a terrifying psychological induction?

「Yes, the next will be the real training」

Hearing those words, I felt a chill running through my spine.

I did my best to dodge all those slashes up until now, though.
That was a warm-up. So what am I going to go through after this……?

「Fufu, it will be fine. The next opponent is not me, so you don’t have to be nervous」
「What do you mean?」

Only Satsuki-sensei and I are here.

「I think they will reach soon. Because it’s time……Ah, looks like they are here」
「Eh? Time?」

I can hear the sound of the airplane’s engine from a distance.
When I look at the direction where Satsuki-sensei is look at, I can see a big airplane flying in the distant sky.

「Looks like they are coming by plane. What a luxurious appearance」

It’s a large cargo plane seen in the movies.

「Is that perhaps the Air Force’s plane?」
「No. That is probably a private plane. His family is more rich than mine, so he should have many of that. And of course, it comes with a pilot」

「Having many of that for private?」

How rich is that guy’s family?

「I am pretty sure you know this person very well」

The guy who have such big airplane for private use?
I don’t think I know such guy……?




「Well then, Young Master. Is this area good for you?」

The boy with blond silky hair who is called as Young Master by the pilot, instructed the landing point.

「Can you see the two people there? That place would be fine. And I want you to send the said materials to them directly. The place is probably……around her」

The boy drew on the map, and gave it to the pilot.

「Then, I’ll count on you, Gramp」
「Certainly, Young Master」




Only two familiar people came down from the cargo plane that landed at an open place nearby, and the plane flew back to the sky.

「Is that, really……」

「Oh, found you! Heey, Serizawa!!!」

There’s a very familiar man who waving his hand while raising such a ridiculously loud voice.
The other one is also someone familiar to me. A man who brushes his silky hair.

Those two guys walk towards me, and upon facing each other, the pointed hair said this.

「Yo, Serizawa! Today, we will be your instructors!! We will train you without holding back, so you better be prepared!」

At that time, I only have a question mark in my mind.
These guys are my 「Instructors」……???

「Fufu, it’s an honor to participate in a training with you, Serizawa-kun」

Leaving aside the pervert, isn’t the Beansprout bastard getting too excited today? No, not just today, but I think he was like that since a while ago.
In the first place, this should be the training camp of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』.
I didn’t hear anything about these two joining at all.

「Satsuki-sensei, what on earth is this……? Is this some kind of mistake……?」

While feeling puzzled, I turned towards Satsuki-sensei.

「No, it’s not. Midou-kun and Ueki-kun. These two will be your 「instructors」 for today, and also your opponents for the real training」

「Ufufu, now that everyone is here, let’s start right away!」

「Fufu, very well. Come at me anything」
「Yossha! I’ll beat you utterly like usual! Come at me wherever you want!!」

Against the three person who are highly excited, I stood there dumbfounded for a while with question marks in my head.



『Smiling Demon (Laughing Ogre)』: A combat demon who cuts opponent while smiling and cut down mountains while laughing. Owning the commanding sense of making use the allies’ trait to the maximum and always outsmart the enemy with cunning tactics. The reason why she gotten promoted to Major quickly is because of her ability rather than her father’s connection. Because of the anecdotes of her, everyone fears her and calls her 『Laughing Ogre』.

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