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03 Beansprout guy appears

「Don’t look down on a person’s hobby!!!!!!」

Before I know it, I have already shouted.

「…You, do you know who you’re picking a fight with now?」

Different from the wild laughter, Mohawk-senpai’s tone fell 2 octave, and he glares at me.
Ah, I have no doubt that he’s angry. No, he’s considerably angry.

「Ah, fine. Looks like you want to get minced, eh? You want to die, huh?」

Thereupon, I collected myself a little.
I have said what I want. Now, what to do after this?
The opponent is a Level 2 【Divider】.

It’s obvious that I can’t win even if I fight. Something like fighting is impossible. Seriously impossible!
I am originally, a pacifist.
In this kind of time…Ah, right. Prostrating!

Anyway, I just lost control of myself just now. Everyone experienced such thing before. I’m sure that he would forgive me if I apologize. I’m sure of it! Let’s do it!!!

And when I tried to kneel down skillfully, I caught sight of the doll under his foot.

…Ah, I see. I forgot to tell him one more thing.

「Move your dirty leg from the doll!! You lolicon cock bastard!!!!!!」

Before I can think, my mouth moved.
Mohawk’s face became red instantly.
Ah, this is bad. I totally made him mad.

「Bastard!!!!! I’ll fucking kill you!!!!」

Okay, I have said what I wanted to say.

Now, I just need to apologize with my whole heart!!
At the time when I tried to kneel down promptly.

「Well said!!! You’re cool!!!」

Suddenly, an idiot who add fuel to the fire, appeared.

「I’m Ueki Hitoshi! Let me assist you!!!」

The person who appeared suddenly is a man with black pointed hair.

「You bastards…! Looks like you don’t know about my Talent…」

Currently, Mohawk bastard…no, Mohawk-senpai is very angry.
His face is flushed and his eyes became bloodshot. Very scary.

Something like picking a fight with such guy…This guy is surely crazy.

And, Senpai, please don’t use the plural form.
I’m trying to apologize with all my heart now.
Please don’t group me with this strange guy.

「How about you?…Do you even know our Talents?」

The man who added fuel to the fire, continued to add more fuel.

You, don’t say something like 「our」 without hesitation!!
It would make him think that I’m also picking a fight with him!!
First, I don’t even know who you are!!!

「I’m Ueki Hitoshi, 『【One who grows plants (Plant Grower)】』」

Saying that, Ueki Hitoshi took out a heap of black seeds from his pocket.

「And…do you know what this is? It’s a plant’s seeds. I can grow these in an instant」 In other words…」

And the man threw the seeds towards Mohawk-senpai.

「This is my weapon!! Eat this! 『Grow Up』!!!!!」

Ueki Hitoshi shouts.


A sound as if a bullet shot resounded.


When I realized it, as much as I can see, there’s a mountain of beansprouts.

「How’s that!?」

What how’s that?
Even though Mohawk-senpai is being covered with beansprouts, no damage has been dealt. That’s of course. In addition, he seemed to be quite unpleasant.

「…? Aah…only this? Are you making fun of me?」

Mohawk-senpai is really angry.
To the extent I can hear some kind of snapping sound from his face.

To be honest, I have no idea of what this guy was trying to do.

「By the way, I can only use beansprouts and radishes…Only these two types. Others are impossible!」

No one asked about it.
Or rather, it’s more useless than what I imagined! About the same as my ability…no, mine is better!!! I have no basis, but I don’t want to think that I’m the same as him.

「Now, I’m done introducing! This time, it’s your turn! I’ll leave the rest to you because with your Talent, it’s easy for you, right?」

Ueki Hitoshi looked at me and said something. Ah, you, you only wanted to show off?

But to be honest, I felt relief.
This guy knows someone who 「can even win against Mohawk-senpai」, so that’s why, he was that confident. I’m glad. Sorry, but let’s leave it to that guy.
While thinking that, I turn around.

However…there’s no one behind.


「No, it’s you」


What on earth is this guy saying? To the puzzled me, Ueki Hitoshi asked in a flustered state.

「No…you, was it Serizawa? You have the prospect of victory, so you were that confident, right?」

What are you saying?
Do you have bad eyes?
All this time, I have been trying to beg for forgiveness by kneeling down.

「Eh? My Talent is 『Thermo-Operator』, a Level 1, you know? There”s no way I can win against that Mohawk bastard」


Ueki Hitoshi is clearly confused. Then, I tried asking the thing that I’m curious of.

「Say, you…Ueki, don’t you have any winning prospects?」

「Fu…there’s no way that I have. I just came out to ride the winning horse with the intention of being conspicuous…because I thought that you have some winning prospects!」

Ah, I see. This guy is a refreshingly bad thinking person.
In other words, what we can do now is…prostrate…it’s too late already.

Mohawk-senpai has been quiet for a while.
But his eyes is bloodshot, and his face is now dark red. He looks like the red ogre during the setsubun. Ah, when a person is angry, it would become like this. How interesting.

「Say, Serizawa. I want to confirm something. You don’t have a trump card at all, right?」

「Ah, no such thing」

Because my final hidden art, 『Prostrating Extreme』 was sealed by you just now.


Mohawk-senpai’s face is no longer dark red as it’s now violet. An incarnation of hatred and anger. I think there’s a charm for things like this.



We exchange glances.
The next moment, we reached the same conclusion without speaking.

「「Let’s run!」 」

And at the same time, we run away from Mohawk-senpai.

「You bastards!!!! Stop!!!!」

Obviously, Mohawk-senpai chases us with the form similar to the ogre.

Un, we would get killed if he caught up with us.
I mean, he’s already lauching slashing attacks. The slashing attack by the Talent, cuts the concrete wall like a butter. Ah, he really want to kill us.

If this goes on, we would be in the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper!

「Serizawa!!! Give me back my expectation!!! Look, now I got involved in this!!!」

「Don’t joke with me!!! You’re the one who added fuel to the fire!!!」

The entire cause, Ueki Hitoshi and I diss each other while running desperately.

「Shut up!!! You should just warm a hot bath!!!!」

「Useless!!!! This beansprout bastard is useless!!!!!!」

After a while of running at the hallway, it seems that Mohawk-senpai is faster. The distance gradually shortens. This is bad.

「Try plant some seeds again, Beansprout bastard!!!! I’ll run during that opening!!!!」

「Don’t joke with me!!!! He’s accelerating further!!!」


In desperation, I took the fire extinguisher from the side of the hallway.

「『Warm Up』!!!」

And I threw the 「warmed」 fire extinguisher to Mohawk-senpai.
Mohawk-senpai cuts the thrown fire extinguisher–


As a result, it exploded.
The extinguisher’s substances scatter, covering the surroundings with white mist.

「Okay, now!」

We jumped into the room called the science preparation room. Mohawk-senpai should lose sight of us. This should buy us some time…

「Zee, zee」

「Haa, haa」

I calmed my breathing a little, and think.
What to do? We manage to run, but we can’t fight him.

As expected, should we apologize? If I use my apologizing skill…
No use. I can’t help but to see the future of being beheaded by the red ogre when we are kneeling down.

What can we do…Upon thinking that much, my eyes stopped at a certain chemical in the shelf of the science preparation room.

「Growth promoter?」

When I look at it, there’s a large quantity of ampoules containing the nutrients for plants. Why are there horticulture supplies in the science preparation room?
When I see properly, there’s the words 「Handle with care! Powerful medicine!」. Looks like it has some kind of dangerous components in it. Ah, no wonder it’s in the science preparation room…

I mean, if you have such a dangerous medicine here, you should at least lock the door!! Though we’re saved by that!!!

Nn? Growth promoter?

At that time, I got an idea.

「Hey, Beansprout bastard…」

「It’s Ueki Hitoshi! Call by my name, Serizawa」

「This, what would happen if you soak the seeds you have into this?」

I threw the nutrient ampoule to Ueki Hitoshi.

「This is…!!?」

And not even a few seconds, I can hear someone running at the hallway…and stopped in front of the science preparation room.

「Shit!!!! He’s here!!! Did you lock the door!?」

「I locked it, but it won’t buy us time, you know!?」



He’s trying to open the door roughly.

Mohawk-senpai kicks the door open and appears.

Senpai’s face which was dark reddish just now, is now salmon pink after being neutralized by the fire extinguisher’s substances. Un, this is something that can be seen sometimes in a comedy show. I somehow feel a little fun now.

「Pufu. Senpai, I’m really sorry (lol)! As an apology, you can have this!!!」

Along with the apology from the bottom of my heart, I sprinkled the boiling water in the beaker towards Senpai in order to wash away the fire extinguisher’s substances.

「Hot!!! Ouch!!! What are you doing, you bastard!!!!」

Mohawk-senpai replied like a comedian’s reaction, but he didn’t get splashed much by the water. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to wash away the stains. Tch.


「That’s all the time I can buy, Beansprout bastard!!!」

「Ah, it’s more than enough」

Then, from the inner part of the science preparation room, Beansprout bastard…is far!?
That bastard, when did he run that far!?

「Eat this!!!!」


Beansprout bastard, Ueki Hitoshi flicks a bead of seed with perfect control, and the seed lands at Mohawk-senpai’s feet.

「Aah? What is this? Again a beansprout…」

As expected, Mohawk-senpai felt disappointed with that, and his anger has turned into exasperation. But…

「『Grow Up』!!!!!」

The thing that grown two times the size of a human’s arm from Senpai’s feet is a beansprout.
It’s soaked thoroughly in the growth promoter, a special-made doping beansprout.

And, it grows at the speed of a bullet, and the thing above it…in other words, it hits Mohawk-senpai’s crotch.


Mohawk-senpai raises his voice as if a fur seal in mating season, and he couldn’t move due to that. Ah, this, no matter what he do…

「Y…You bastards…!!! I definitely will not forgive you…」

While pressing his crotch and standing pigeon-toed, Senpai still curses. I was worrying about his son being crushed, but it looks like it’s fine. What a tough boy.

「Do you know what will happen if you make enemies of us, the public morals committee…Wait, what are you doing!?」


「Not the back one! It’s you!!」

Before I know it, I have snatched the doping beansprout seeds from the Beansprout bastard, and sprinkled the seeds on Mohawk-senpai. My body moved unconsciously. How terrifying.

「Now!!! Ueki!!! Do it!!!」

「Uooo!!! 『Grow Up』! 『Grow Up』!! 『Grow Up』!!! 『Grow Up』!!!!」


Along with the thick sound, a very thick beansprout hits Mohawk-senpai, and teases him persistently.

「Nuooo!!! 『Grow Up』! 『Grow Up』!! 『Grow Up』!!! 『Grow Up』!!!!」


Huh? Wasn’t there a weird sound?

「Muooo!!! 『Grow Up』! 『Grow Up』!! 『Grow Up』!!! 『Grow Up』!!!!」


「Wait!! Stop!!! It’s enough!! It’s enough!!!」

I stopped Ueki Hitoshi’s cultivation in panic. Mohawk-senpai has already lose grip of his consciousness.

…He didn’t die, right?
Ueki Hitoshi who was at the corner of the room a while ago, approaches the foaming Mohawk-senpai, and opens his mouth.

「Mohawk-senpai…………You made a mistake. Which is a very simple mistake……!」

Ueki Hitoshi points his finger down…………and declares.

「You underestimated beansprouts too much!!!!」

Character File 003

NAME: Ueki Hitoshi

CLASS: 【Plant Grower】 S-LEVEL 1

An ability that can sprout radishes and beansprouts in an instant. Although he possess the most prominent sprouting and growing speed among the plant manipulators, for some reasons, he can only manipulate radishes and beansprouts.


Grow Up

Radish Wall

Beansprout Hammer

Beansprout Gatling

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