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78 Daily Life of Students  Ueki Hitoshi’s case

「A~Ah, boring! I’m bored!!」

Ueki Hitoshi is bored.

Serizawa Atsushi who he usually talked to in the class, is absent due to the treatment of the wounds, and Midou Suguru is also not here because he said 「I’m going to visit my grandfather」. In other words, there is no one he can get involved with today.

In addition, there is hardly any lessons due to the repair. For him, whether there is lesson or not, not much of the contents entered his brain. The planned school hours ended in the morning, and it is already after school. There is nothing he can do anymore.

Therefore, he was really free.

「Yo, the two of you. You look bored」

Then, he decided to talk to the two people who he doesn’t talk to usually.

「Ah? Who’re you? I’ve no business with a small fry」

「Hey, Otoi. You should really try harder to fit into the class……」

They were the students transferred from Takasei Academy, Otoi Tsutomu and Hiraga Genichirou.
Because Hiraga has a sociable personality, he fit into the class relatively quick. As for Otoi, at first, people approached him in curiosity, but due to his arrogance, he is now a lone wolf.
Hiraga who couldn’t just watch, is helping Otoi to fit into the class by staying beside him. Such situation continues, people stay away from Otoi and at the same time, Hiraga who is always with him, attracts people naturally.

Therefore, these two were also free.

「Ha! Small fry, you say? You really don’t know, huh. Between you and me, you might be the one who’s overwhelmingly weaker」

And Ueki Hitoshi instigates Otoi as if it is natural.

「You bastard……」

「Hey, Otoi. Stop it. Don’t cause a problem for such a trivial thing right after transferring」

Hiraga try to soothe Otoi.
The other students have already left the classroom to go back home.
He is the only person with common-sensei right now.

「Hey, are you scared? Of this me?」

But Hiraga’s efforts of extinguishment were fruitless as Ueki instigates him further.
Hiraga placed a hand on his head, and sighed.

「Bullshit. I won’t forgive you even if you cry. Come in front, Small fry bastard」

「He! Some nerve. A match right away. I’ll pick the battlefield」

「Fine. No matter what kind of handicap you apply, I will win. No problem at all」

Just like that, Ueki Hitoshi starts walking to the entrance of the classroom.
Otoi and the worried Hiraga follows him.

「Then, I’ll lead the way. That place is a battlefield where there are bombs, projectiles, guns, etc…… A suitable place for our duel」

「He……sounds interesting. Try guide me there」

「Don’t cry, okay? Because I’m a regular customer there. Follow me」




Just like that, 10 minutes later.
The battlefield has many sounds resounding there.



Dogaan bababababa
Gyuiin Doon


「Come, we’re here. This is our battlefield」

「This……Isn’t it a game center!!」

Although they suspected it a little on the way, they followed Ueki Hitoshi while thinking that it would be it. The two of them stared at Ueki Hitoshi with a stunned expression.

「Yeah, so? Can’t you see that? Don’t tell me you have never played games before?」

「Are you fucking with me!? Of course I have played before! How foolish……Hiraga, we’re going back!」

Otoi’s fighting spirit was completely dampened, and he tries to go back the way he came from.
Hiraga who followed silently, tries to go back with him.

「Haha~n. Are you running away, Otoi?」

「…………What did you say?」

Even at here, Ueki Hitoshi instigates Otoi.
Piling up more instigations.

「Ha! Are you scared? That this me will utterly defeat you? Fine, I won’t chase after a person who accepts defeat……Let’s enjoy ourselves, Hiraga」

「Hey, wait a minute. I didn’t say that I’m staying」

Hiraga showed a reluctant face upon hearing Ueki’s words, and Otoi turned around.


Otoi sits on the seat of a fighting game next to Ueki who is grinning.

「Oh? You’re doing it?」

「I’ll show you the difference of level」

「Wait, Otoi. Have you played this game before?」

Hiraga asks Otoi with a worried face.

「No. But still, I can’t lose to this guy」

「Ha, that’s some nerve you have. Don’t think that you can easily win against the top-ranker in this game center」


Just like that, 5 minutes later.

You! Win!

「Ha! How does it feel to get beaten up completely by a first-timer, you Small fry bastard!」

「Impossible!? The cheesing move that was invincible against the elementary schoolers, didn’t work!?」

「Ha! With that cheap move, you’re 100 years early if you want to defeat me!」

「Ah, I quit! Even if I win with this kind of shitty game, I can’t even brag about it! Hey, let’s play another game」

「You, cut it out……Nn?」

Jararajya~! Jajyaan!
New Challenger!!

「Hey, what’s this? Hiraga, the game’s screen suddenly froze」

「A challenger. Other player challenged you」

「Challenger? Some nerve he has. I’ll beat you up」

Otoi and Hiraga ignore the bored-looking Ueki, and decide to accept the challenge from another player.

「The character is Sage Shin. A character suited for pro……What!? The player name is “Tutti”!?」

「What, Hiraga? Do you know him?」

Upon seeing the surprised Hiraga, Otoi asks the question.

「It’s the famous gamer who ranked 3 fingers (3rd) in the online gamer ranking. He even beaten pro gamers many times. You can watch some of his great matches in the internet」

「Hee, sounds interesting」

Otoi looks at the game screen, and grins.

「……By the way, I’m ranked 15 fingers (15th) in this store」

「Humans don’t have that much fingers!! I’m not interested in the first place, and I don’t even count that way!!」

Before her knew it, Ueki Hitoshi has already go around, and entered the conversation. However, his remarks were cut down by Otoi, and Otoi and Hiraga look at the game screen.

「Accept it, Otoi.」 It looks interesting」

「Ah, of course. That’s how my opponent should be」


5 minutes later.

You! Lose!

「Tch……my movements were all read. He knew all of my attack patterns, and he dealt with it calmly……What an unpleasant bastard」

「But……I think it was a great fight, Otoi」

「Was it? He already lost 3 times in a row. He can’t even win at all」

Hiraga who praises Otoi’s adaptability, and Ueki Hitoshi who criticizes him mercilessly.
It looks like he has already forgotten that he lost to Otoi just now.

「Tch! One more time! I snatched a win just now……Next time, next, I’ll……!」


……And 15 minutes later.

10th challenge.

You! Win!

「Ha! Serves you right! 2 wins 0 loss! A straight win. You predictable counter bastard!!」

「Otoi……You’re amazing. To win against a country ranker on your first day……」

「Ha! The quality of our brains are different! It’s different than an ordinary person! Did you see it, Small fry bastard?」

Otoi turns around with a satisfied look.

But Ueki Hitoshi was not there.
Ueki has already gone to another seat and amused himself with a different game.


Jararajya~! Jajyaan!

「Oh, another challenger. What!? This name is!」

「Nn? Another famous guy, Hiraga?」

「This person is the unprecedented 「Undefeated」, invincible king……”MLA”. Even when every pro gamers assembled and challenged him, no one stand a chance against him. The legendary amateur player. I can’t believe that I can see his name here……!」

「Hee……interesting. Pro gamers don’t stand a chance? I’ll test him whether that’s the truth or not」

Just like that, Otoi accepts the challenge from a new player.


Just like that, one minute later.

You! Lose!

「Impossible!? My movements are all read!? He reacted instantly to all of my movements!」


5 minutes later.
4th challenge.

「I haven’t land a single hit yet? Can such thing happen……」


Just like that, another 5 more minutes.
12th challenge.

You! Lose!

「This guy……is he a human? Isn’t it an AI or something?」


Just like that, another 5 minutes.
20th challenge.

You! Lose!

「……It’s no use. No matter what I do, I can’t win. What’s this guy?」

「As expected, the undefeated title is not just for show. I feel like I saw an amazing thing. Are you done, Otoi?」

「Ah, I can’t win against such human. Ridiculous」

Just like that, Otoi and Hiraga gave up and exited the game center.
Ueki Hitoshi who was left behind, somehow exited with them naturally.

「Okay, then, let’s go to the batting center next!」

It looks like Ueki still wants to play, but it is already evening.

「Bullshit. We’re going back. We can’t go along with you」

「Hou, running away? Ah, you’re not good at it, huh? If you feel that striking and missing is embarrassing, then I don’t mind. Let’s go, Hiraga」

「No, I didn’t say that I’m going……」

「You bastard. Fine, you small fry. I’ll beat you up until you’re satisfied」

Just like that, Otoi got on the cheap provocation again.
Ueki grins broadly.

「Then, let’s go. To the new battlefield……!」

「I’ll make you realize that you’re just a small fry」

「Haa, you guys are really……」

While holding his head, Hiraga has an amazed expression.
He is starting to think whether he should leave Otoi and go back by himself.

「Nn? That’s」

Then, Ueki happen to saw Serizawa Atsushi.

He was going out of the cafe with Meria-sensei and the principal.
He should be resting due to his wounds, but he is walking as if he is healthy.

Ueki Hitoshi who thought that he was just playing truant, calls him out with a loud voice.

「He~y, Serizawa!! You too, come to the batting center!!」


Realizing Ueki’s voice, Serizawa Atsushi turns around with a very unpleasant expression.
Ueki Hitoshi approaches him.

「Say, Serizawa. You’re coming, right?」

「I’m not going. What time do you think it is now? It’s almost dinner」

「Haha~n. You’re also scared, huh. That you would be striking and missing. Fine by me if you’re embarassed」


Serizawa Atsushi stiffens upon hearing Ueki’s words.

「I won’t chase after those who run away. Let’s go, Otoi, Hiraga!」

And Ueki Hitoshi turns back, and gets away from Serizawa.
But a voice calling him to stop came from his back immediately.

「……Hey. Wait a minute, Beansprout bastard」

Just like that……
Surrounded by 3 playmates who are very easy to catch, Ueki Hitoshi head to the next destination while feeling satisfied.


「How was the previous opponent, Yomo-chan?」

「Well, he was pretty strong」

「Then, let’s have a FPS battle in Yomo-chan’s house next time~」

「O~K~, 10 kills is a piece of cake」

「Please don’t be hard on me~」

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