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80 Intruder in the Kurono house 2

I find myself in an unexpected predicament.

After being abused by Shinozaki-san by using her Talent, 【Communicator】, an extraordinary awkward silence dominated this place.

I don’t understand.
Why is she here?
I don’t know what happened here, but I know that this is a very bad situation.
I need to come up with a plan to break this.
For now, I need to confirm the situation.

「U-Um, Shinozaki-san? Why are you here?」


I called out to her beyond the door, but she didn’t reply.
No reply. Well, that’s natural.

「No, I’m seriously sorry. I didn’t know that you were here」


Again, silence. No reply as expected.
As I thought, she’s quite angry, right?
Hmm. It’s completely an accident.
I want her to understand that.

She’s a 【Communicator】, so let’s try talking to her in mind.



As expected, it won’t work, huh.

『……Sorry, the number you have called is no longer available』

A phone call.

『Voicemail blocked』

Ah, thank god. Looks like you can hear me.

『Not at all. I can’t hear you at all』

No, you can, right?

『A~A~! I can’t hear you. I don’t want to hear any excuse』

No. This is really an accident.
I didn’t do it on purpose, or perhaps I should say, it’s inevitable……

『But you saw my body thoroughly, right?』

……Yeah. That I can’t deny, or rather, I couldn’t do anything but to stare.

『For now, can you get out? It’s really embarrassing if you stay there』

……Okay, I’m sorry.




Just like that, I head to my own room quietly, and when I realized it, I was holding the bento all the time, so I placed it on the table and took a deep breath.

「Seriously, what the hell is going on?」

There are too many things that I don’t know.
If I can’t ask Shinozaki-san directly, I can only ask that from Meria-sensei, but I need to wait until tomorrow.

Leave this situation until tomorrow?
No no no……that’s not good.
I need to clear the misunderstanding quickly.

Nevertheless, was she a girl who speaks that clearly?
I knew that her character changes slightly when using telepathy, but was it that intense?
I think previously, her tone was excessively polite……

No, it’s probably because she’s considerably angry.
What should I do……

『……Serizawa-kun, can you hear me?』

……Y-Yeah. I can hear her voice even in a different room.

Ah, right.
Come to think of it, her Talent doesn’t have a range limit.

『Un. It’s impossible if it’s too far, but if it’s in this house, there’s no problem at all』

I see, then we can even talk here.
But still, you finally talked to me properly……

『Sorry, I was surprised just now』

No, it’s not something you should apologize.
Or rather, did your character when using telepathy change?
No, rather than that, why are you in the Kurono house?

『You asked a lot of questions at once, huh……Certainly, it might have changed. Recently, I somehow think that I’m not myself』

Ah, how do I say it…it feels like you’re more frank now……you weren’t like this, right?

『Probably. It seems that my memory is mixed with the person called 「Kurono Yuki」 now』

Your memory mixed?
「Kurono Yuki」?
Don’t tell me……

『「Kurono Yuki」 is Onii-chan’s……Ah, no, 「Kurono Kagenobu’s」 younger sister. My memory is slightly mixed, so I will call the principal like that unconsciously』

……Onii-chan, you say?
When imagining about Shinozaki-san calling that gorilla like that, it can only see it as a crime.
For people who’re on that side, they may feel it’s a reward……I think you should charge him money for that.
No, rather than that, did he have a younger sister?

『Un, currently, I’m……no, 「Kurono Yuki」 is sleeping at a very far place. I should be sleeping, but for some reason, I……mixed with 「Shinozaki Yuria」. And so, they wanted me to move out of the dormitory and stay in this house for a while……』

Okay, I have no idea what’s going on.
I what……?
You don’t even know which one are you?

『Yes, I’m very confused right now. But the reason why I’m like this is probably……because I peeped at your insides』

Eh? My insides?
What’s that? When did you do that?

『The day before the Spring Fes. Before the assault. While I was bored in the class, I peeped out of curiosity』

With such minor reason?

『That’s why, I actually have no rights to say anything just because you saw me naked』

Okay. Certainly, I have a problem with it.
But I feel like seeing you naked is a different thing.

『So that makes us 「even」, okay? We both seen each other』

I can’t feel satisfied with it……

『I’m saying that I’m okay with it, you know? I think you should just accept it』

Hey, are you really that Shinozaki-san?
Isn’t your personality change too much?
Don’t tell me your consciousness was hijacked by something strange?

『Saying it strange is rude. Although various memories mixed into me……I’m still me. I’m sure that I’m speaking with my conscious』

I’m already starting to not know who the I you’re saying, though……
Well, fine. If you’re okay with it.

『Settled. Then, I’m going to go out of the bath, so don’t come and peep at me, okay?』

I won’t.
That was really an accident.
Besides, don’t peep at people’s head anymore, okay?
Because it’s scary that the privacy is being violated without knowing.

『I know. But even if I peep at you, I can’t tell a lie when using telepathy, so you would find out immediately. So don’t worry』

That’s not even helping to make me feel relief. That’s just a report after the event, right?

Just like that, a few minutes after the conversation ended.

「Hawawa!? Hyawawawawawa!!?」

I can hear the usual scream of Shinozaki-san from the bathroom.
Ah, the real her is the same as usual. Somehow it’s a relief.
But it seems that an unexpected situation occurred.

『Eh? What!? What happened!?』

『What’s wrong?』

I can hear Shinozaki-san’s voice resounding in my head when I started to eat my bento, but I confirm the situation calmly.

At this kind of time, there are people who would run to the spot for a 「lucky accident」, but I’m not like those people.
I’m a true gentleman who conduct with composure at critical moments.
Apparently, it’s not like she’s being attacked by an intruder or anything, so let’s assess the situation.
In addition, if I accumulate more losing points any further, my reputation among the girls would become a disaster.

『It’s gone……My……I should have placed it here……?』

『Gone? What’s gone?』


And a silence.
What’s going on? Something missing?

「……Well, for now, let’s leave it」

Since she didn’t say anything, I think there’s nothing I can do. It’s not good to make a move now. At this kind of time, moving in a hurry would cause something like a secondary disaster.

Besides, she said some bothering words.
She would be 「staying here for a while」.
That means she’s free-loading with me in the Kurono house, right?
Then, I don’t want to make our relationship become any worst that this, so I need to move carefully.

Thinking that, I start to set my hands to the bento.

But at that time, I realized that a pink cloth was caught in the tip of my toe.

「Nn? What’s this?」

I take the small cloth and lift it up.
When I hold the rolled pink cloth with my hands and extend it, I can see two holes there.

Perhaps, this is……Shinozaki-san’s……?

Just now, when I get away from the dressing room in a hurry……it got caught in my leg?
Ah, that’s why it’s here.

I see.
And so, this pink object is in my hands.

I see……


This is……

While staring at the thing I’m holding calmly, I take contact with Shinozaki-san calmly.

『Shinozaki-san. By the way, just for reference, can you tell me what you’re searching?』

『……Say, Serizawa-kun, looks like you know where it is』

『……No, you’re wrong. It’s an accident. This is an accident』

『Don’t think that such excuse can go through anymore』

『……Please trust me. I’ll return it right away』

『You, pervert』

Just like that, before she fall asleep, I continued to receive abuse in my head at night.

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