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07 Fully bloomed sakura

My first class finishes and I prepare to go back while thinking of what to do after going back.

Suddenly, I noticed a beautiful girl with long black hair is approaching me from the front.
She’s a beautiful girl rivaling my ideal Eri-chan in the middle school.

Slender and well-proportioned, an honor student’s looks, and her long hair which seemed to have a nice smell.
Could she be better than Eri-chan…

No, no no.
There’s no girls who can rival Eri-chan’s beauty. No no, impossible. I’m devoted to Eri-chan. I was born into this world to flirt with Eri-chan. I’m sure of it.

In reality, I was planning to bloom the romance in my high school life.
But that damn blond and beautiful appraiser, sent me into this kind of garbage dump…Really unforgivable. Even if she’s a sexy bespectacled, blond beautiful woman, it doesn’t mean that she can be forgiven for anything…

When thinking of such thing.


My desk was slammed loudly.

When I try to see what happened, the beautiful long haired girl was already in front of me.

And to add more surprise…the beautiful girl said this.

「Serizawa-kun…Can we meet at the back of the gym after school?」

After school?

The back of the gym?

No way! Is this…Is this really that!!!?

Of course, I replied immediately.

「W-With pleasure!!!」

While doing a triumphant pose inside my heart.




Just like that, the present time.
I’m at the front of the storehouse at the back of the school’s gym.
There are many sakura trees planted behind the gym, because of the season, there’s a lot of petals fluttering about.

Ah, the sakura is pretty.
A suitable day to commemorate.

Oh yeah, the girl who I’m meeting is called 「Kirishima Kaname」.
When I was bored in the class, I created a 「Class Beautiful Girl Ranking」, and she ranked in as the top.

I of all people, couldn’t recall her name when she met me at the class because I was flustered. As expected, it’s really good to see a beautiful girl near.

Such girl called me to the back of the gym suddenly.
In a place where no one is seeing, 「she wants to see me with just the two of us」.

In other words, this can only be that.

I didn’t expect that there’s such spring in a carnage country.
I send my gratitude to that beautiful appraiser while waiting for the girl.

After a while, she came.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to go and take something」

Her hand is grabbing a bent pipe-looking thing at her waist.
Somehow, it looks like a katana. Maybe it’s my imagination.

「No, I just reached」

Ah, this kind! This kind of situation!
The feeling to arrange to meet a girl, is so good!

「I want to start immediately. Are you ready?」

Saying that, she unsheathe the katana on her waist.

「Ah, anytime」

I’m already prepared to accept her heart.
Accept her thought fully.

Just a while ago, I told my sweetheart in mind, Eri-chan to break up.
With this, I have no regrets.

「Then…here I come」

She kicks the ground, and accelerates towards me.

「Teihen High School Student Council, Number Six. Kirishima Kaname, coming!!!」

And assaulted me with the katana.

Isn’t this a little different than what I expected?

No, un, I knew it. Actually.
I thought that it was weird when she unsheathed her katana, you know? I’m not lying.

But don’t you think that there’s a possibility of a confession??
I think that it’s important for men to bet on such possibility…

Without time to think so much, the distance shortens, and her slash assaults me.


I see her swordsmanship, and dodged at the last moment.


Her breathing became a little disordered, maybe because she didn’t think that I would dodge in that way.
To tell the truth, I went to the neighborhood’s kendo class when I was in elementary school.

There were only 3 students including my younger sister and me. The class looked to go bankrupt at any time, but Master carefully and properly…taught us. The training always ended when it was midnight. And only me, had a special training menu every day. I clung to my parents in tears that I wanted to stop because it was tough and I was almost killed, but they didn’t comply with it.

Every day of hell torture.
The elementary school student who thought of going to the child consultation center many times.

Compared to that kendo class’ demon (Master)…
How to say it? Her swordsmanship is too simple.
Her gaze and muscle’s movement are telling me where she’s going to slash.

If like that, I can’t let her hit me. No, I seriously can’t let such a real sword to hit me!!
Well, I have time, so let’s try doing something.

I lower my posture and jump to Kirishima-san’s bosom, and sweep her legs.


Along with such satisfying sound, I landed a perfect low sweep, and she dances in midair beautifully while turning one time–

And landed in front of me.

No, let me correct myself.
Such expression is not appropriate. Too disrespectful.
…She landed with her legs spread fantastically.
I can see a beautiful flower patterned pink Pantsu-sama enshrined there.

But you see, I want you to know this.
This is not intentional. It’s an accident.

While worshiping it in my heart, I pressed the camera shutter in my mind.
Thank you very much.

「Ku, not yet!!」

Kirishima-san stands up immediately, and attacks me persistently.
Her form is getting better, maybe because her body has warmed up.


It won’t hit at all. Basically, her weakness from before has not change.
And every swing is somewhat too large.


She continues swinging the katana. Ah, she lost her footing and fell down. I saw it again, Flower Pattern-sama. Really, thank you very much.
Looks like her arms have no strength left.


It can no longer be called as a sword technique, but just practice-swinging.

「Why it won’t hit!」

And what comes next is an obvious large swing. I decide to end it soon.
When I dodge her slash, I strike her hand with a knife hand strike.


I grabbed the katana she dropped, and took a distance.
She’s dumbfounded by the fact that her katana was taken by me in an instant.
Then, I said this.

「Why not we stop here, Kirishima-san? It’s getting dark soon」

Your uniform is covered in mud, and I also worshipped what I wanted…


Huh, what’s wrong?


S-She started crying?

What’s wrong!? Was my knife hand strike that pain!?
No, is it that? Did she hate that I saw it!?
No! T-That was only an accident…!

While shaking her voice and body, Kirishima-san covers her face–


Her voice that may vanish soon–

「Am…I that powerless…?」

Saying that, she shed tears.

I stand stock still as I don’t know what to do…
Onlookers started to gather around maybe because they heard the commotion.

In the focus of their eyes, there are the girl crying with mud covered uniform and me standing in front of her holding a katana.

This…somehow, isn’t I look like the bad one…???
Isn’t this becoming that I bullied her arbitrarily?

Sensing a social danger, I took her hand, tell them 「Well, it looks like sand entered her eyes…!」 to appeal that I’m innocent, and ran pass the onlookers to the emergency stairs at the back of the school building.




Not knowing what to do, I sat down with her on the stairs for now.
After sobbing for a while, she seemed to have calmed down a little and she apologized softly.

Because I don’t know why she assaulted me with a sword, I tried to ask her for now. Then she

「I heard that you defeated that「Kirisaki Noboru」. So I wanted to try fighting you」

said that.

……Kirisaki Noboru?

Who is that?

Second year student…?
Ah, him. Mohawk-senpai. Because there seemed to be a little misunderstanding, let’s clear it.

「No, you misunderstood it. The person who did that was that Beansprout bastard…the guy called Ueki Hitoshi. I only happened to be there. First and foremost, my ability is 『【Thermo Operator】』, a Level 1, you know? It’s useless in a fight.」

That’s right, I’m a victim who got involved because of that idiot. Well, I did help him a little, though.

「You are also a Level 1…I…I see. I’m really sorry that I caused trouble to you…」

She apologizes with a voice that almost vanished.

「…「also」 that means Kirishima-san, too?」

「Yes, I have the same ability as Kirisaki Noboru, 『【Divider】』. But it is only Level 1… The weakest Level 1 that can’t even cut a pebble」

Ah, come to think of it, she said something like that during the introduction. But not her level.

「But just now, you didn’t use your Talent, right? As expected, you went easy on me, right?」

「I said it, didn’t I? I can’t even cut a pebble. The size limit of my blade I can use is just as big as a sakura petal」

Come to think of it, that Mohawk-senpai cut a concrete wall like a butter. Compared to that, it may be said as weak.

「And I was serious just now. It was my full power and spirit… It didn’t do anything to you at all, though」

She said that while looking down.

「I…I wonder why am I this powerless」

「Powerless, huh…」

I can declare that she’s 「not」 if you say that she’s powerless. Her sword technique, for me, it was quite some thing for a girl of her age. But I’m curious of something.

「Kirishima-san, the one that you used a while ago was the strong sword that’s used to sever opponent forcibly, right? Don’t you feel uncomfortable using it?」

「…What do you mean?」

It’s probably not a suitable type of sword technique for girls. She used it. But it didn’t mix with her qualities very well.

「Apart from military man who are well trained…a powerless person’s sword must 「hit」 the target no matter what. Even if the damage is low, you must continue hitting it.」

This was something taught to me.

「I think that Kirishima-san is better that way. Even if the power is low, you hit the opponent many times while seeing through the opponent. Then, I’m sure that one day, you can scrape a rock」

I tell her the words Master told me.

A gust of spring wind pass through us, and sakura petals dance down.
And a short silence.

…Shit, did I sound like lecturing?

Unable to withstand it, I asked another thing that I’m curious of.

「B-Besides, Kirishima-san’s Talent…can produce more than 「one」, right?」

This reaction…did she never try it before?

「Why not you try it?」

Holding her hands out in front of her chest, from her hands, a small flower petal flies out.
One more.

「One more time」

And next, two simultaneously, flew out.

「…I did it」
「You really did」

She shakes her shoulders…

「I-I did it! I did it! Serizawa-kun!」

She thought that she could only produce one, but she managed to produce two.
She was really delighted by that.
She hugged me in delight. Something soft is touching my arm.
I’m also…very…happy.

「Ah…S-Sorry! I was too happy…」

You don’t have to apologize.
I must be the one thanking you.
If you hug me a little longer, I would have to pay a reward to you.

「…Sorry…No, Serizawa-kun. Really, thank you…!」

She’s crying again… Is she a crybaby?
Suddenly the wind blows, a sakura petal sticks on her tear on her face.
Although it’s a little silly, her smile covered with sakura petals, was really pretty.

Character File 010

NAME: Kirishima Kaname

CLASS: 【Divider】 S-LEVEL 1

The daughter of the head of Kirishima Group which reigns the empire. The youngest among the 3 Kirishima sisters. Due to her father, the Empire Army Commander’s training policy called 「Human grows in adversity」, she enrolled into Teihen High School. Her ability is 『【Divider】』, but actually, it was inherited in an 「artificial way」by using absolute secrecy high-technology. However, it is the weakest Level 1. Her elder sisters who inherited the same way, manifested Level 3 at initial state. Kaname is considered as a 「failure」 by people.

However, that evaluation is an evaluation of 「only one blade」. Kaname who can now produce many blades, is incomparable.

When she realized the fact, she starts to move on the path of a matchless blade user.


Thousand Edge


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